So in the trailer for The Jungle Book we see King Louie…and through an article John Favreau states that he is in fact not an orangutan but an extinct ape by the name of Gigantopithecus. 

This was done because orangutans do not, in fact, live in India. But  Gigantopithecus did. 

I love the idea of this giant living fossil leading a community of monkeys who view him as a god. 

If Apes Go Extinct, So Could Entire Forests

Bonobo poop matters. Well, maybe not the poop itself, but what’s in it.

You see, bonobos eat a lot of fruit, and fruit contains seeds. Those seeds travel through a bonobo’s digestive system while the bonobo itself travels through the landscape. A few hours later, the seeds end up being deposited far from where the fruits were plucked. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where new trees come from.

But what if there were no apes? A new study published February 27 in the journal Oryx found that many tree and plant species in the Democratic Republic of the Congo rely almost exclusively on bonobos for seed dispersal. In the LuiKotale forest, where the study was conducted, 18 plant species were completely unable to reproduce if their seeds did not first travel through a bonobo’s guts. According to the paper if the bonobos disappeared, the plants would also likely go extinct.

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Source:  Bräuer, J., Kaminski, J., Riedel, J., Call, J., & Tomasello, M. (2006). Making inferences about the location of hidden food: social dog, causal ape. Journal of Comparative Psychology, 120(1), 38.

Does this surprise you?

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Parrot Brains More Efficient Than Ape Brains
New cognition research suggests that bird brains are actually more efficient than our significantly larger mammalian brains. Researchers said the latest findings may finally reveal why some birds like ravens and parrots, found to be smarter than most mammals, are equally as clever as apes despite having much smaller brains.
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