aperture cosplay


After about six months of making (and keeping it a secret), my Mel cosplay is finally here! The portal gun and boots were made from scratch using EVA foam and a few other materials like the wires and lights, and the suit was a boiler suit altered by my mum and I :).

Portal Stories: Mel is honestly such an important and meaningful game to me, and I’ve never seen a cosplay of Mel before so I decided to do it myself. I’m really excited to finally be showing this to you guys, because I’ve been keeping it a secret for so long! The community I’ve met (and become a part of) since I finished playing the game is so lovely, so I’m sooo happy to share this with you all.

Honestly, I could talk for a lot longer about what the game means to me, but I might make that a separate post instead! In the meantime, I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did while making it :).

(please don’t repost or remove watermark/caption! thank you!) 

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GLaDOS puppet beta test from Oni-con 2017! Audio is a little rough but you can catch a glimpse of her in action at last!


Second day at Belfast Comic Con, had a blast meeting so many amazing people


Long post is long but I’m trying to get some more commissions lined up STARTING AFTER AFEST (beginning of September). if you are looking for someone to make a costume for ya, YOU MIGHT HAVE FOUND SOMEONE! I work relatively quickly but cannot afford to underpay myself. So this might help gauge pricing. I’ve included a bunch of costumes I’ve made and included in the captions what it’d cost for a costume similar. Included in the price is the cost of materials as well as the cost of labor. Obviously things that take me longer to make will be more expensive. BUT if they sound reasonable to you go ahead and shoot me an e-mail! cosplaykikala @ gmail.com (Without spaces obviously) If you want to make sure it got to me and that I’ll check it message me here too. I am desperately trying to afford paying back my student loans and it’s not workin out so well by myself. So why not do something I love?