“Chlorine & Wine” interior art, picture disc & YouTube video art for @yourbaroness “Purple” album. Baroness currently on tour in Europe, make sure you see them: one of the best live bands out there. Also John Dyer Baizley @aperfectmonster is doing various flash/pop up events on this tour, selling @brlsq screenprints from us both & @phillyfuzz pedals, check his and baroness’s IG to see the locations.

“Wake up” YouTube video-, shirt- and front kick head- & more(?) art for @yourbaroness Today is your last chance to see all the art John Dyer Baizley /aperfectmonster & I made for “Purple” at CO exhibitions or go online to: desperationburns.com Baroness on tour in Europe right now, make sure to see them: 1 of the best live bands!