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A Perfect 14 is a film that exposes a world which people know very little about, a world of women fighting against traditions and obsolete standards, a world of women revealing beauty through diversity, a world of models representing a large group in society that has been neglected and forgotten for years by the fashion industry and the mass media.

This film follows the journeys of three plus-size models as they struggle against the distorted perception of body image that is being perpetuated in people’s minds. These women share their personal experiences of challenges and successes to help empower themselves and others to eradicate the currently held standards of beauty. In addition to being successful models they are also driven to make a positive impact in the world.

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A Perfect 14 - you can see the trailor now on fb!
I follow each of these models and they are a true inspiration!
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A Perfect 14

I never ever do this (share stuff like this). 
Watch the teaser trailer for the documentary.

These glorious people sharing their professional and personal lives to help make the world a more tolerant and inclusive place for ALL women.

Things like this need to be seen. 
And, remember fatshionistas: When one of us shines… we all shine! 

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Work never stops when you are your own business … It was wonderful to sit down and chat with the crew from @aperfect14. Thank you @kanessat for setting us up with the amazing location ❤️😘🙌 #teamwork #denisebidot #aperfect14 #nycneversleeps #happy #blessed #modernmusesnyc #hustlemode #girl #redbottoms #louboutin #leather #sexy #loveyourbody #beyou #behappy #beheard #thereisnowrongwaytobeawoman

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