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Percy walked into his apartment and could feel his body relax as it smelled like home. It was a long day at school and he just needed a few minutes to relax. As he looked around, he noticed that Annabeth was able to clean up the breakfast dishes before going to work.

He went to their bedroom and saw that there was a new package of socks on the bed with a note. 

I noticed your socks were full of holes so I got you some new ones. -A

Percy sighed as he took the package. It was the second gift Annabeth got him in two weeks. His socks were fine, yes they had a few holes in them but they were still wearable. 

He put the socks to the floor before laying on the bed. It’s not that he hated the socks, but he hated that Annabeth was getting him gifts. Percy didn’t buy himself stuff unless he absolutely needed it. He would have worn the same pair of socks over and over again until they were completely destroyed. But having a few holes in his socks? He didn’t need eight more pairs. 

He heard the door open followed by, “Percy? Are you home?” before the door close.

“Bedroom.” Percy replied as he sat up. 

Annabeth came in and smiled at him. Her eyes found the package of socks that she bought on the ground. She looked back at him a little confused. 

“Did you not like your gift?” She asked. 

“I did, but you don’t need to buy me things, especially stuff I don’t really need.” Percy told her. 

“You needed the socks, Percy. Yours are basically ruined.” Annabeth told him. “I should know, I did your laundry.” 

“They’re still wearable.” He argued. “Don’t buy me things.”

“You can’t tell me what to do, Percy.” She said. “You needed socks and I got you some. You deserve to have some nice socks.”

“I don’t need them.” He replied. “So please stop buying me gifts for no reason.” 

Annabeth went to pick up the package of socks. She looked at the ten dollar package of socks she got for him. 

“How could you not like the gifts I get you? I got them for you because you needed them. Your undergarments are really old to the point where they’re barely wearable.”

“But that’s the point. They’re wearable.” 

“Percy, they’re just barely making it through the wash now. You needed them. And you should spend some money to buy things.”

“Annabeth, you don’t understand.” Percy looked at her. “I never could afford anything and I wore everything out until it was faded and unwearable. That’s how it was so my mom could afford for me to go to boarding schools.” 

She gently touched his shoulder. “Percy, you don’t have to worry about that as much anymore. We’re on our own and working and going to school. You got an internship next semester. They won’t let you work in some of the clothes you own.”

“It’s not just clothes, Annabeth. You got me razors, deodorant, and some of my favorite snacks.”

“That’s because I love you and care about you.” Annabeth told him. “You deserve some little gifts, especially since you need them.”

“But I don’t get you anything.” He said. “You get me all these gifts and I don’t get you anything.”

She chuckled a bit. “Percy, you give me a lot of gifts. You get me coffee when I’m studying all night. You make me breakfast every weekend while I’m still asleep. That one time you took care of me when I was really sick by watching movies with me and made me soup. You took me on a date at night to see the stars on the beach at Montauk. You give me some amazing gifts. I just want to help you out with some basic necessities.”

He looked at her. “You know I don’t pay for those things. Everything we did was on a very small budget.”

“So? Your gifts make me really happy. And I just want my gifts to make you a bit happier. Even if it’s just some necessities I notice that you need.”

Percy smiled a little bit. “Thanks Annabeth. I do appreciate your gifts. They are really helpful.” 

“You’re welcome.” She smiled back. “So, I was thinking, Chinese food tonight? I just got paid.”

“Sounds good.” 

Great. I guess that means we have to share a bed!

“Are you sure that You’re okay? You don’t have a headache or anything?” Scott asked, as I made my way to the stairs.

“Honestly, I’m fine guys. You can go home now.” I said, turning to face the two boys.

It was now Stiles’s turn to voice his concern for the millionth time tonight,“ I don’t think getting knocked unconcious for fifteen mintutes, qualifies as fine. Someone should stay with you.”

I lightly shook my head,“That’s completely unnessasary. I’m just going to head to bed anyways. So I will be okay.”

The look on Scott and Stiles’s faces told me they thought otherwise. I ignored it and turned to head up the stairs. As I lifted my leg to step up, I suddenly found myself falling backwards. Thankfully Scott had fast reflecxes and caught me before I could fall to the ground for the second time that night.

“Sam, are you sure you’re okay?” Scott asked again, carefully helping me to my feet.

I stood there for a second, regaining my balance before I answered, “Yeah. I just got light headed. I’m okay now.”

“Like hell you are! If Scott hadn’t caught you, you would have falled and probably hit your head again. You can’t be left alone tonight.” Stiles yelled, crossing his arms agaisnt his chest, to signal his mind was made up.

As I opened my mouth to protest, Scott interjected,“ Sam. Stiles is right. You really shouldn’t be left alone tonight.”

I sighed. There was no use trying to agrue anymore. Once they both made up their minds, it was hard to convince them otherwise.

“Fine, but I’m so not happy about this.” I muttered, looking away from them.

“Great! I guess that means we have to share a bed.” Stiles said, causing me to forget being mad and smile.

This was a regular thing that Stiles did, when he stayed over. He would always find some elaborate excuse as to why he had to sleep in my bed. It’s not like my parents didn’t try to make his sleep on the couch. It’s just never worked, so they’ve given up. Plus they know like everyone else that he’s harmless.

I looked at him with rasied eyebrows,“Okay. What’s your excuse this time?”

His eyes lit up with excietment,“ Well you see Sam, that couch isn’t nearly as comfortable as your bed.”

Scott knwoing this game very well, joined in,“ How would you know? You’ve never actually slept on it.”

“Yeah well… Who’s side are you on anyway?” Stiles asked, causing Scott and I to laugh.

Scott shook his head, still smiling,“ Look I’ve got to get going. My dad’s been getting all kinds of suspicious latley. And me being home late again this week, isn’t going to help any. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

I gave him a quick hug,“ Okay and thanks for everything, I aperciate it. Even though it may not have seemed like it, I do.”

“It’s okay, I understand. And you..”, Scott said, turning his attention to Stiles,“Wait until tomorrow if you can to lecure her. She need her rest tonight.”

I laughed,“Yeah we both know that’s not gunna happen Scott.”

“Yeah, but I had to try. I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow.” And with that Scott left.

As soon as the front door shut, Stiles immidiatly opened his mouth. I quickly raised my hand,“ Not yet. Let me at least be comfortable before you start. Now please help me up to my bed.”

He didn’t have to be asked twice, he quickly rushed to my side. This time I acutally made it all the way up the stairs and into my room without almost falling. I made my way over to my dresser and pulled out my pjamas. I also tossed Stiles a pair of his pjamas that he kept here. When we had changed and crawled into bed, I gestured that he may now begin his long stream of questions.

He took a deep breath and looked at me,“Why were you so against me staying here? It’s not like I’m not here most nights any way.”

I sighed,“ Because Stiles, I’m tired of feeling like everyone feels like they need to protect me. Like I can’t take care of myself.”

“By the looks of what happend tonight, someone needs to. What were you even doing there?” He asked like it wasn’t obvious.

I looked at him like he was stupid for not knowing,“I was trying to help out Derek like everyone else!”

“Yeah and look at where that got you! You’re lucky the Berserkers didn’t hurt you worse!” He yelled, flaling his arms around. Showing just how mad he was.

Well he wasn’t the only one that was mad now,“ Well I don’t see you yelling at Scott or Malia. They got hurt too!”

“First off they aren’t my girlfriend. Second of all they have super healing. Which in case you have forgotten you don’t. You’re human Sam!”

“Take a look in the mirror sometime, cause in case you have forgotten Stiles, you’re human too.”, Angry and hurt, I turned away from him.

It was quiet for a while, then I felt a arm wrap around my waist,“ I’m sorry Sam. It’s just I hate how you are constantly putting yourself in danger. I don’t know what I’d do if something were to actually happen to you.”

I slowly turned to face him, gently resting my hand on his cheek,“ You don’t think I’d lose my mind if something were to happen to you? The only reason I put myself in constant danger is because we told each other, where ever you go, I go.”

He smiled at the memory,“ I love you, you know that?”

“I love you too. Did you know that?” I asked, already knowing that he did.

He nodded, his lips slowly moving in for a kiss. Which I happily met with my own.