#18 Hyperventilating about AP Scores:  Well this is the first post of APScienceproblems… Well anyways our time is almost near to see how good…or how bad our ap scores are, as for me, if my score is bad… i knew i was going to get a bad score on the AP Chem exam ( but still hoping for a good score on my first ap exam), my teacher has a 83-90% record of 1’s and no record of a 5 or even a 4. Eh, i dont mind retaking chem 1 in college.. Btw, expect my reaction video on the 8th. 

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#21 Learning things that end up ruining your life.  Well the only thing i learned in AP Environmental Science is how much the world is going to S-U-C-K in the future. Oh btws did i mention that my teacher thinks he is preparing us for the exam when reality he is only preparing us for like 1 of the FRQ ( that part where its a newspaper). So how much is it going to suck?… The water that we see contains traces of drugs. The water in the dams are actually reducing. We are losing usable water. The only viable solution is to recycle waste water…problem is getting people to drink it ( btw de-salting the water is only going to cause pollution and energy problems) oh and that the plastic that we use can end up in the ocean…. in the middle of the ocean. so yeah rant over.

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