Fluffy Sastiel -  ace!Sam/librarian!Cas AU 
for  glitter-lisp and apentomyheadandimdead based off this prompt:  http://queersamdaily.tumblr.com/post/114253085474/librarian-cas-thinks-that-sam-must-be-some-sort-of

Castiel put the last book from the “Returns” pile on to the shelf behind his desk and turned back round. He was here again. The tall, handsome man with the long hair. Cas couldn’t deny he found him attractive, but the man did have an odd habit: he would come in a couple of times a week and casually peruse books in the erotica section, occasionally taking a couple to one of the little tables in the corner where he would proceed to diligently take down notes in that little leather-bound book he kept in his inside pocket.

Cas found it strange to say the least, he often wondered why he was doing it. Was he picking up tips to surprise his girlfriend with? Was he some sort of nymphomaniac with a strange kink? Why did he make the effort of coming to a public library when there was abundant porn he could access anywhere with wifi? Cas had discussed the endless possibilities with his friend Gabriel who ran the coffee shop next door at great length, and as their theories got more and more absurd, Gabe had been begging Cas to find out the real reason once and for all.

Cas watched as the tall man put two books from the pile he was holding back on the shelf and carried the third with him to his usual table. With little else to occupy himself on a quiet Tuesday afternoon, and his curiosity finally reaching breaking point after weeks of watching, Cas decided he could bear the mystery no longer. With the pretext of re-stocking the shelves Cas wheeled the Returns out from behind his desk, choosing a route that would take him right past the end of the tall man’s table.

“Hi,” Cas said in what he hoped was a friendly voice as he drew level with the table and its sole occupant. “You’ve been in here quite frequently over the last few weeks, are you working on a project? My name is Cas, by the way.”

“Sam,” replied the tall man, with a shy smile. Cas couldn’t help but notice the way he subtly shifted his hand to shield his notes from view. “Nice to meet you… and no, not exactly.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, what are you working on? I might be able to point you in the direction of some helpful books.”

“Uh, thanks. But I’m ok.”

Was that a faint blush creeping into Sam’s cheeks? Cas wondered. For such a big beefy guy, Sam seemed surprisingly shy and sweet, like a cute little puppy. The incongruity was somehow very endearing, and not at all what Cas expected from the man who’d spent the last couple of months taking copious notes from the raunchiest adult novels.

At that moment Sam’s cell phone vibrated against the table. He picked it up and quickly typed out a reply to the message with dextrous fingers, a little crease appearing between his eyebrows as he frowned.

“Someone interesting?” Cas asked, determined to keep the conversation going until he got his answer, and also attempt to find out if Sam did indeed have a girlfriend or wife.

“Uh, just my brother,” Sam replied, his cheeks flushing a little pinker, although as he looked up at Cas a small smile formed on his lips.

Thinking how Gabe would never forgive him if he found out that Cas had managed to strike up a conversation with Sam, but not got an answer, he decided to throw caution to the wind.

“I’m sorry,” Cas began. “It’s none of my business, but I can’t help but wonder what such a sweet guy as yourself is doing taking notes from what is essentially literary porn?”

“Um…” Sam lowered his eyes to the table, his cheeks now completely red.

Cas already felt kind of bad for asking.

“I, er…” Sam stuttered, his eyes slowly travelling up Cas’ torso, where they stopped on what Cas knew must be the rainbow Pride pin he always wore on the lapel of his trench coat. Sam’s guarded and mortified expression softened slightly, as his eyes reached Cas’ once more, the small smile returning to Sam’s lips.

On some instinct, Cas sat down in the chair opposite Sam to listen.

Sam took a deep breath, as if working up the courage to admit something difficult. “Well, the thing is I’m panromantic asexual,” he began.

That explains why seeing my Pride pin made him decide to talk to me, Cas thought.

“And well, I haven’t exactly come out to my brother and he’s a real ladies’ man, always asking me about the chick’s I’ve banged, and I have no clue about sex. So I just figured I’d do a bit of research about what’s considered good and stuff so I’d have something to tell him, only he keeps asking, so I have to keep coming back and reading other encounters to tell him about.”

Cas smiled as he held back a chuckle. Out of all the things he and Gabe had contemplated, he’d never expected the answer to be so innocent!

“You know, I think that’s got to be the most adorable reason for reading porn I’ve ever heard,” Cas smiled at Sam.

Sam chuckled. “Yeah, I guess it is. I hope it’s not weird?”

“Not at all,” Cas reassured. “I know how hard coming out can be, most of my family have no clue I’m gay, but that’s alright.”

“Yeah?” Sam smiled softly, his expression growing more confident. “Maybe after your shift I could take you to coffee and we could talk a bit more? I never have anyone to discuss this type of stuff with.”

“I’d like that,” Cas grinned back, laying his hand on top of Sam’s. “I’d like that a lot.”

The Best Fanfiction I Know

This is a (very) late birthday gift for my best friend Aims: kenzistilinski. This is a list of all my current favorite fanfictions from the Supernatural, mainly Destiel, fandom. All except I Was Afraid When I Met You which is Sam/Castiel and also uniquely includes Castiel as an asexual main.

All of these stories are very unique and brilliantly written. I love them all very much. What I love even more is that they are nice, long, and almost all complete. So go check them out and enjoy! Leave these great authors some kudos!

Clipped and Unbound by garrisonbabe


Grey by Valyria


I Was Afraid When I Met You by APenToMyHeadandImDead


Bratishka by Valyria


Exceptional Circumstances by manic_intent


darknesswings124-deactivated201  asked:

Hey! I just started a blog for helping with the anon-hate, 'against-anonhate'. Can you give me a list of blogs you know need a lot of love so I can put it there? I'm trying to help as much as possible and I'm getting people to run it in shifts so we can go around the clock as well, so you can get some sleep without as much worry c:

Thank god, some sleep, haha!

The blog: against-anonhate

People who need help: 

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And many more, probably! #affectedbyhate