apennine colossus


Shrouded within the park of Villa Demidoff, in Medici Villas (Unesco World Heritage List, 2013), Tuscany, just 7 miles north of Florence, there sits a gigantic XVI century sculpture, 14-meter-tall masterpiece - known as the Appennine Colossus. The brooding structure was first erected in 1580 by Flemish sculptor Giambologna, pseudonym of Jean de Boulogne (Douai, 1529 - Florence, 1608).

The Colossus once had rooms, caves and inner passageways, and even a hydraulic system that connected the head of the giant to the various water sources in his body.


The Colossus and the Dragon da Sil
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The Colossus of the Apennines (1579-1580 by Giambologna) in Villa Demidoff outside of Florence. It is 11 meters/36 feet tall.