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Apeman | The Kinks

I realize this song is probably poking fun at the people it’s about, but the more I hear it, the more I feel like it’s my theme song lately.

I don’t feel safe in this world no more

I don’t wanna die in a nuclear war

I wanna sail away to a distant shore

And make like an apeman


The Apeman of the Amazon

Could these pictures dated from the 1930s of a supposed apeman found in the jungles of Brazil be proof for the much sought after missing link? His giant lips and furrowed brow and awkward monkey-like gait appear to be simian, and the Dutch magazine Het Leven, which published them in 1937, certainly seemed convinced, describing the pictures as those of a ‘mystery apeman.’

However, in spite of any excitement at the zoological and anthropological find of the past one hundred years, many online observers have cast a keen eye onto the pictures and found the tell-tale signs of prosthetic make-up on the face of the apparent monkey-man. Rather than changing the perceptions of scientists across the world, it appears that the apeman’s mouth and brow are stuck into place using rudimentary make-up. Visible in one picture is the line of the prosthetic mouth which covers the chin up to the bridge of the nose.

And other observers have pointed out that the forehead will always be covered with hair in any make-up situation to blend in the prosthesis. Another shrewd onlooker has pointed out that for a man recently found wild in the jungles of Brazil, he is remarkably well shaven and has a particularly neat, if unfashionable haircut.

Others online have made the sad claim that this apeman is most likely an unfortunate individual born with birth defects and exploited to wear the make-up and prosthetics to pose and pretend to be a newly discovered apeman.

So this was a really interesting project for me. I had a client inquire about having me draw up an “old school” comparative anatomy chart, comparing the anatomical differences between two creatures… after much discussion and sketching we both agreed that it would be really cool to do a comparison between Homo Sapiens & Gigantopithecus. All of the parts laid out for comparison here are ones specified by the client. 

I really enjoy this sort of comparative anatomy illustration, especially when it pertains to extinct/prehistoric wildlife. I hope to do a lot more of this as part of my career one day.