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Sometimes Hollywood gets remakes/reboots right. And by “sometimes” and “things” I mean the Andy Serkis Planet of the Apes trilogy. And by “right” I mean a mutherfrickin masteriece

i just have a lot of feelings about peter and mj so here we are. (part two can be found here)

  • peter is not looking forward to junior year
  • he somehow ended up signing up for like 3 different AP classes that he definitely did not remember signing up for
  • but being spiderman, he barely sleeps so his memory has been out of sorts lately
  • anyways so the first day of school rolls around and his first class is AP bio, and ned was his partner in regular bio but Ned is taking environmental science this year
  • and ned is peter’s only friend
  • so our spidey boy is without a lab partner, until michelle walks in right as the bell rings, drops her bag right next to Peter’s laptop on the lab counter, and begins reading catcher in the rye
  • she’s read it multiple times, just fyi
  • peter is shook
  • because he and michelle are friends now? i mean she’s caption of decathlon now that liz is gone and he’s sort of one of the best on the team and they are sort of partners there too
  • so peter rolls with it
  • and michelle ends up making AP bio fun, for example she and peter come up with names for everyone else in their class since they sit at the back of the room
  • flash is named: “dumbass”.
  • not original, but it works for them
  • AP bio is usually after lunch, and so often if there is a quick decathlon meeting during lunch, peter and michelle find themselves walking together
  • it’s not until peter realizes he’s low on webs that he realizes the problem
  • Michelle is sort of his ‘other ned’ if you will
  • basically, she never leaves him alone
  • and she doesn’t know he sneaks into the labs to make more webs
  • this is a situation, because how is peter supposed to distract her long enough to sneak into the chem labs?
  • cue ned the chair guy
  • peter gives ned one job, JUST ONE JOB, to keep michelle distracted during lunch so he can sneak into the chem lab, test out his new webs, and get out.
  • but the only thing ned can talk about is his new lego millennium falcon
  • and michelle is not into hearing ned talk about that for more than 5 minutes because he isn’t peter
  •  so somehow she escapes and finds herself wandering around the halls when she realizes where the hell is peter?
  • eventually she finds herself downstairs and she hears a strange noise from a nearby door. 
  • so she peeks into what looks like the chem lab and low and behold peter parker is shooting webs out of his hands
  • it clicks
  • the bruises, the sudden disappearances, decathlon, why spiderman was in DC out of all places…
  • next thing peter knows, michelle is in front of him, and she’s pissed
  • like, REALLY pissed
  • peter doesn’t catch much of what she’s saying besides the occasional “you could be killed” or “NED knows and i DON’T?” or “is this the damn stark internship?”
  • and peter is staring with his mouth open because even though she just found out his deepest darkest secret in the most obvious place (did he learn nothing from the aunt may incident?) her eyes are a gorgeous shade of brown and she’s kind of adorable when she’s mad
  • but that’s not that point
  • it takes peter the rest of lunch period to calm her down and to convince her not to tell anyone, not that she would, but you never know
  • and it takes him even longer to reassure her that he is perfectly safe and that the suit is very, very, reliable
  • she demands to see it, and peter refuses because they’re in the damn chem lab for god’s sake
  • eventually they head to AP bio, and Michelle doesn’t ask anymore questions. In fact, she doesn’t ask anymore questions for a while
  • peter thinks she forgot, or that she doesn’t care that much, but then a major accident happens in downtown in the middle of the night a few days later and spiderman is seen pulling people from a burning building, but no one saw spiderman come out before it collapsed. 
  • he skips school the next day because he’s “sick” and ned brings him his homework. he doesn’t ask about michelle, because he thinks that if she really doesn’t care after all, it’s better that he doesn’t know
  • he’s proven wrong – because when he does go back to school and walks into AP bio, Michelle launches herself into his arms in front of the whole class. 
  • and while afterwords she makes some joke about how peter saved their project that isn’t due until the end of the semester, peter starts to feel butterflies in his stomach. 
  • and maybe, just maybe, michelle feels them too
every time fall out boy releases new music
  • y'all in the first few weeks: i hate this tbh... like its so different, they don't even sound like fall out boy anymore.
  • y'all in a couple of months: OOPS I, DID IT AGAIN, I F-
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German-English Transitions

Erstens – first of all

Zweitens – second

Drittens – third

Nicht nur…, sondern auch… – Not only…, but also…

Je…, desto… - The…, the… (the more, the better)

jemand – someone

niemand – no one

überall – everywhere

nirgendwo – nowhere

irgendwo – somewhere

ab und zu – now and then

endlich, zum Schluβ –  finally

schlieβlich – after all 

nachher, danach –  after, after that

auf jeden Fall, jedenfalls –  at any rate, in any case

zuletzt – at last, lastly

wenigstens, mindestens – at least

damals – at that time, back then

gleichzeitig, zur gleichen Zeit – at the same time

vorher, früher – before

übrigens – by the way

endlich, am Ende, zum Schluβ –  finally

zum Beispiel, beispielweise – for example

zum ersten (zweiten, dritten, …) Mal – for the first (second, third, …) time

auβerdem – furthermore

doch, jedoch – however

daneben, auβerdem – in addition 

zukünftig, in der Zukunft – in the future

stattdessen – instead of that

eher – just as soon, more likely

gerade, eben – just now

trotzdem, jedoch –  nevertheless, in spite of

im Gegenteil –  on the contrary

auf der eine Seite, einerseits - on the one hand

auf der anderen Seite, andererseits – on the other hand

im Groβen und Ganzen – on the whole, overall

einmal – once, one time

sonst –  or else

vor kurzem, neulich – recently

seitdem, seither – since then

bald, zunächst – soon

noch –  still

dann – then

also, deshalb, deswegen –  therefore (for that reason)

bisher –  up to now

With AP tests coming up this week in the US, here’s a list of really good transitional words to use in the persuasive essay portion of the German AP test.