ape love

Tag Yourself as 18th Century Art Movements


  • read Percy Jackson & now thinks they know everything abt Ancient Greece
  • probably owns a sword or two
  • really dramatic but like. silently.
  • likes to stand on things to be impressive


  • runs a pastel fashion blog
  • probably a secret weeaboo??
  • snapchat story is full of the dog filter and pictures of picnics
  • adorable but hella fragile


  • *dramatically looks into rainstorm* Life… is meaningless
  • didn’t get the memo that being emo isn’t in anymore
  • probably an english major
  • claims to like thunderstorms but will 100% hide under the bed when it thunders


  • that loud and obnoxious kid in your class. u know the one.
  • claims to be the perfect christian
  • really dramatic and definitely not silently
  • will climb onto dangerous things just to be taller than Neoclassicism
I don’t necessary want a love like that in movies or romance novels. I just want to wake up to your arms wrapped around me years from now and I want our kids to look at us and think, “Love can be forever”, yeah, that’s what I want.
—  future, Rida Aamina

Mura Masa - Love$ick ft. A$AP Rocky

Kissin' Pink
  • Kissin' Pink
  • A$AP Rocky & A$AP Ferg

She’s all that I want.. She’s all that I need, I’m filling your cup up with Sprite and codeine. She get me so high but I’m down on my knees. Was it your desire? Your life or that lean? Wait a minute. Cause ain’t shit changed, just a different day. This the kinda pain I just couldn’t take away..