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The existence of an alleged Australian version of Bigfoot, the Yowie, is an intriguing prospect compared to the potential existence of its cousins on other continents. This is due to the fact that the Australian environment is deemed to be barely capable of sustaining a population of large omnivorous primates.

Nevertheless, sightings of the Yowie still occur – one of the most prominent belonging to former Queensland National Party senator Bill O’Chee. In 1977, when O’Chee was still in school, during a two-day excursion near Springbook, he and his fellow students were apparently harassed by a 10-foot (3 meter) creature with a gorilla-like face, which tore saplings from the ground with incredible ease. The group spotted the creature on several occasions during those two days, and to this day O’Chee has not changed his mind regarding the events he witnessed. To him, and to many Australians who sighted the creature, the fabled Yowie is real- and lives in the remote mountainous regions of Australia’s Gold Coast.


Cryptids → Skunk Ape

The skunk ape, also known as the swamp cabbage man, swamp ape, stink ape, Florida Bigfoot, Louisiana Bigfoot, myakka ape, swampsquatch, and myakka skunk ape, is a hominid cryptid said to inhabit the U.S. states of Florida, North Carolina, and Arkansas, although reports from Florida are most common. It is named for its appearance and for the unpleasant odor that is said to accompany it.

Reports of the skunk ape were particularly common in the 1960s and 1970s. In 1974, sightings of a large, foul-smelling, hairy, ape-like creature, which ran upright on two legs were reported in suburban neighborhoods of Dade County, Florida. {x}

Would You Like To Stay Forever?

The Other Slytherin (Series)


Newt Scamander x Reader

Summary: You ask Newt an important question.

It had been a few weeks now and you’ve played with the idea for a while. You’ve tried to convince yourself that it was the right thing to do, especially since Newt kept coming back. Now some of your neighbors, who’d seen this young man come and go every day without fail, had suspected you and Newt were in a relationship and even congratulated you on your new ‘boyfriend’. However, they were completely mistaken. 

The only reason Newt kept coming back to your flat every day was because of your Demiguise, Dougal. Dougal was just a baby, and Newt, who had never seen such a creature before, was completely enamored. He’d been coming frequently to study the baby Demiguise and had become quite attached to him. As every day passed with Newt coming to visit, it became harder and harder to get him to leave, which brought you to your current dilemma. 

Newt was over at your flat again and as always he went straight for Dougal’s nest, cooing at the infant ape-like creature. You watched him as he tried to entertain the Demiguise but Dougal was only interested in studying the man’s freckles. Newt laughed as Dougal touched his neck, you could only assume Newt was ticklish there.

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Bigfoot (also known as Sasquatch), is a cryptid humanoid ape-like creature that is said to inhabit the Pacific Northwest region of North America. 

After five years of research, scientists now claim Bigfoot does exist

Appearance & Etc 

  • 2-3 meters tall.
  • Around 43cm footprints.
  • Weighing about 220 kg.
  •  It is typically covered in dark brown or dark reddish hair.
  • Very strong, unpleasant odour.
  • Teeth similar to human teeth.
  • 15x stronger than humans.
  • Able to run at speeds of 35mph.
  • Large eyes.

Scientists argue whether Bigfoot’s diet is vegetarian, carnivore, or omnivore. 


  • Early Native American tribes saw Bigfoot as a spiritual being, depicting it on totem poles, and had a name for the creature in their own language. They saw Bigfoot as a protector of the woods.

  • The British explorer David Thompson is sometimes credited with the first discovery in 1811 of a set of Sasquatch footprints.

  • Since then there have been many sightings of the creature in Western Canada, and in many states of the US, especially the Pacific Northwest, Ohio, and even as far south as Florida, where the swamp-dwelling beast is known as the Skunk Ape.
  • In 1965, Bigfoot was officially put on the endangered species list in Russia. Germany and France followed suit in 1967. 

Skunk Ape

Location - Florida, North Carolina & Arkansas, USA.

Species - Hominid Cryptid

Habitat - Swamps

The Skunk Ape (also known as the Swamp Ape, Florida Bigfoot and Myakka Ape), is a cryptid that is said to inhabit Florida, as well as North Carolina and Arkansas, although reports from Florida are more common. Reports of the Skunk Ape were particularly common in the 1960’s and 1970’s. In the fall of 1974, numerous sightings were reported in suburban neighbourhoods of Dade County, Florida, of a large, foul smelling, hairy, ape-like creature, which ran upright on two legs.

In 2000, a mysterious woman sent two photos to the Sheriff’s Department in Sarasota County, Florida and wished to remain anonymous. A letter was received with pictures from the unnamed woman, who claimed the picture was taken in her backyard after the creature snuck in to steal apples. Professionals later discovered the photo was taken next to the Myakka River.

Above is one of the photos the woman took, and to this day, the photographer remains unknown. Sightings of the Skunk Ape are still being reported.

by Sarah Knapton

The history of human evolution has been rewritten after scientists discovered that Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa.

Currently, most experts believe that our human lineage split from apes around seven million years ago in central Africa, where hominids remained for the next five million years before venturing further afield.

But two fossils of an ape-like creature which had human-like teeth have been found in Bulgaria and Greece, dating to 7.2 million years ago.

The discovery of the creature, named Graecopithecus freybergi, and nicknameded ‘El Graeco’ by scientists, proves our ancestors were already starting to evolve in Europe 200,000 years before the earliest African hominid.

An international team of researchers say the findings entirely change the beginning of human history and place the last common ancestor of both chimpanzees and humans - the so-called Missing Link - in the Mediterranean region.

Read Sarah’s full article HERE

I was thinking of ideas of Urban Legends for characters that weren’t in ULiL, and wanted to share:

Cirno:  The Yeti/Abominable Snowman- A very famous legend of an ape-like creature inhabiting the Himalayas. It’s very similar to bigfoot. I considered the Yuki Warashi or Yukinbo, but both of those didn’t seem like they’d fit Cirno’s idea of being strong.

Remilia Scarlet: The Jersey Devil- The story behind this legend is as follows: “It was said that Mother Leeds had 12 children and, after finding she was pregnant for the 13th time, stated that this one would be the Devil. In 1735, Mother Leeds was in labor on a stormy night. Gathered around her were her friends. Mother Leeds was supposedly a witch and the child’s father was the Devil himself. The child was born normal, but then changed form. It changed from a normal baby to a creature with hooves, a goat’s head, bat wings and a forked tail. It growled and screamed, then killed the midwife before flying up the chimney. It circled the villages and headed toward the pines. In 1740 a clergy exorcised the demon for 100 years and it wasn’t seen again until 1890.” The creature is said to emit a blood-curdling scream, and is supposedly responsible for livestock attacks.

Letty Whiterock: Yuki-Onba and Yukinko- The ghost of a mother who appears in snowstorms. Similarly to the ubume ghost, she begs passersby to hold her child, and should one take it, they would be frozen on the spot and made into a meal for the Yuki-Onba and her child, the Yukinko. Given her motherly sort of appearance, this one fit Letty quite well. However, there are many legends, such as the Tsurara-onna, that are similar to or based on the yuki-onna that could have fit her well.

Yukari Yakumo: Teke Teke- The ghost of a woman who was bisected by an oncoming train after being pushed onto a railroad track. As a spirit, she carries a scythe and crawls. The sound of her body being dragged is said to make a “teke-teke” sound, for which she received her name. A legend like this could easily fit into Yukari’s “Trip to the Old Station” spell.

Keine Kamishirasawa: Kokkuri-san- Essentially, the Japanese Ouija Board. The board is written out by hand, and requires a coin. One can ask Kokkuri-san any question, though, some say he only answers questions about death. Supposedly, ending the game incorrectly (i.e. not saying goodbye to Kokkuri-san, not spending the coin used, or not using the pen that was used to write the board within a certain time limit), can be fatal. As this is a game/legend popular among school children (and since the other school-based legends were swiped by Marisa), I felt like this one could fit Keine.

Aya Shameimaru: Vanishing Hitchhiker- The story of a hitchhiker who asks for a ride, then suddenly disappears when the driver looks in the back seat for them. Similar to the Japanese “Fatal Fare” legend, in which a passenger will enter a taxi cab, send the driver on a crazy route, and then disappear as the driver looks back at them, sending the driver off a cliff. I chose this one for Aya because she’s incredibly fast. Disappearing in the blink of an eye is something I wouldn’t put past her.

Yuuka Kazami: Kunekune- A ghost said to appear across fields on hot summer days, with an appearance similar to long strips of white paper. Touching it causes death, and looking too closely can make one go insane. I figured such a legend would fit Yuuka. I considered Minoriko as well, but the ghost is said to appear on summer days, whereas Minoriko is mostly associated with fall. However, this legend is also based on a legend of living scarecrows, which could fit Minoriko instead.

Kanako Yasaka: Lizardmen- The notion (or rather, conspiracy theory) that certain people (usually with some sort of power or notoriety) are actually human-like lizards in disguise, with their own mysterious agendas. I figured this would fit Kanako best because of the many Moriya Shrine conspiracies and her association with snakes. Another fitting legend would be the Illuminati.

Kogasa Tatara: The Bogeyman- It’s hard to explain what the bogeyman really is to someone that doesn’t know. There aren’t any particular rumors about it, other than that it’s “the monster under your bed or in the closet.” Still, it’s meant to scare children, and scaring/surprising is Kogasa’s game. Though, I’m not entirely sure if the Bogeyman would really qualify as an Urban Legend.

Minamitsu Murasa: The Flying Dutchman- An infamous ghost ship doomed to sail the ocean for eternity. The ship is said to be a harbinger of doom. Being a ghostly captain, and having a ghost ship of her own, the most infamous ghost ship is an excellent fit for the captain. While it is an older legend, it has been said to be sighted as late as the 1940s.

Nue Houjuu: Cow Head Story- The Cow Head story is a tale so horrifying that anyone who hears it will become so scared that they shiver until they die. The problem is, no one knows what the story actually is. Some claim this is because you immediately die after hearing it, but some say it causes people to lose their memories. Because no one knows what the story is, its mysterious and terrifying nature is perfect for Nue.

Yoshika Miyako: Tomino’s Hell- A poem that, once read aloud, either kills the reader, or curses them. Yoshika can’t exactly die, so she could somehow twist the legend against her opponent. I chose this one for Yoshika because it’s suggested that she was a poet before she died.

Kagerou Imaizumi: Jinmenkin- A dog with a human’s face that is supposedly very fast. They’re not really terrifying; so much as they are a little disturbing.

Raiko Horikawa: Lavender Town Syndrome- There was supposedly an increase in suicide rates of children ages 7-12 following the initial release of Pokemon Red and Green in Japan. This is said to be caused by a tone in the original Lavender Town theme that would drive players to sickness or madness. In reality, there was no significant increase in the suicide rates, but there was a tone in the theme that caused headaches, prompting it to be changed in later releases. Naturally, Lavender Town is under copyright, but the notion of a particular tone that can drive someone to suicide is probably fair game.

Got anymore? I’d like to hear other people’s ideas as well, if you’ve got them!

‘The Kimberly Story’ Ed Hermanski, transcript by tumblr user johannwei

Months back, ‘The Kimberly Story’ gained it’s fame on tumblr. For those who don’t know, it’s an apparently true horror story by a teacher in the USA. An audio file was accessible but has been since taken down. Many people didn’t get a chance to listen to it, didn’t have the patience to listen to it (it’s about an hour long), or were too scared to listen to it because of what others have said.

I have just completed a transcript for the audio which i downloaded before it was taken down. (although I think it has resurfaced)

I think the scariest part of this story is listening to it. The teller makes it scary. In certain scenes (like the cop truck scene and the phone call scenes), he pulls this terrifying voice, very high and doesn’t seem right. It’s not an overly scary story, but certainly will frighten some. People, after listening to it, often describes creepy experience, but i have listened to it through twice and a bit while writing this and nothing bad has happened to me. This story is very long (over 10000 words).

I don’t think I can put much trigger warnings  on here but:

-Very minimal but still present gore

-Might mess with some peoples scopophobia

-I personally have major issues with bathrooms/mirrors, so for just the smallest part of the story, that’s here too.


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(if my theme makes it hard to read, shout me a message with your email and I can send you the file or read it off a blog that has reblogged it.


Story under the read more. Enjoy 

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Amanda always loved cats but earth felines could never survive well on Vulcan. When she found out Vulcans were evolved from feline like ape creatures she found it rather amusing. And when they got Spock his selaht she may have been quite fond of it herself. She even has a cat mug which Sarek got her as a Chanukah gift that she treasures dearly despite how chipped and worn it is.

imagine Amanda taking Spock on a trip to Earth to meet his grandparents and they have a cat. And Spock is undeniably polite to his grandparents but he spends the whole time with the kitten. If he isn’t carrying the cat around, it’s following him or he’s following it and taking detailed notes on its behavior to present to his father when he returns. Spock (who is only six at the time) cries when he has to leave the cat, and Amanda promises not to tell Sarek.

I’ll trade you a headcanon for a headcanon

Reincarnation, Karma & DNA

Reincarnation is a difficult concept to understand for a lot of people. Also, not everybody agrees on just how karma and reincarnation work or if they even exist… The simple fact is that so far as we know nobody has come back to tell us what happens. Is there a soul which starts with a one celled organism and evolves through incarnations into a Buddha but always remaining the same soul?  How exactly does any creature other than a human being acquire “good karma”? Maybe this idea of karma and rebirth was just a myth perpetrated by the ruling Brahmin to keep the lower castes in line with promises of rebirth into a higher caste if they are good in this life?

The simple idea of each of our incarnations being a testing ground kind of like the army. Do well, get promoted, even make general someday. Do poorly, busted to private and spending your life mopping latrines. It has a simple elegance to it.

Too bad it doesn’t really make sense if we ponder it.  Where did we start? As Homo Sapiens? As Neanderthal? As primitive ape like creatures? How did these creatures acquire positive karma if they had no knowledge of the Dharma? Was a primitive hunter held to the same standard as a modern man? Also, who exactly makes these judgments if there is no personal God?  Does this mean that there are universal unchanging moral principles to which all men and women must adhere to progress spiritually?  

What to me makes far more sense is to look at this through the eyes of modern science. Who are we really? The sum total of our memories? No, we are far more than that. We are the sum total of all of our ancestors back to the beginning of time. Our DNA is not a fixed structure the way we used to view it. We now know that our DNA is a code, a record. Only a tiny portion of this code is a blue print for our physical being. The rest consists of information. Some of this information takes the form of genetic switches. These respond to outside stimuli and switch on characteristics which are necessary for survival without requiring a thousand generation of random mutation. If you had suggested this in the 1990s as an geneticist or evolutionary biologist you would have been shunned by the scientific establishment. However, now we know it to be true. We know that cuddling babies switches on certain genes which allow them to deal with stress as adults. This is amazing because for the first time we can prove that our genes are altered not just by mutation and natural selection but by environment, even, in the case of babies, by a mother’s love and attention.

What does this all have to do with reincarnation? Well, here it is. We are our genes. The code, the “selfish gene” as Dawkins described it is our true form. Within that DNA helix is encoded the past lives of our ancestors and we are recording information now as we live our lives. To what purpose? Consciousness my friends, consciousness. Self awareness. Sagan said we are a way of the universe to experience itself and he was right. Life is self awareness. All living things are self aware right down to the cellular level.
Consciousness, this awareness of the separateness of self, does not require senses or a brain. Watch a video of a white blood cell go after a bacterium sometime. The white blood cell chases it and the bacterium flees and zig zags and hides to evade it just like a one celled roadrunner and coyote cartoon. 

Yet, all without brains, senses or nervous systems. They know each other exist. They know they are separate. The bacterium knows its life is in danger and the white blood cell knows the bacterium is a harmful invader. But how do they know?

Consciousness. Consciousness is the purpose of life. Meditation is a means of focusing consciousness. The ancient sages didn’t have our modern vocabulary but they KNEW. That is where they talk of the “One” and the joining, Samadhi.

The Buddha didn’t answer the question “what happens after we die?” for a very good reason.

It. Doesn’t. Matter.

We are not this mind. We are a greater interconnected being. Growing and progressing upward toward total consciousness. This life seems so important because it is all we know on a conscious [thinking] level. Yet, in our dreams, in meditation we glimpse the truth. This bundle of impressions, memories and sensation is a temporary thing like a rain drop falling into the sea.

๑ Samsaran ๑

The Enfield Horror

On April 25, 1973, 10 year old Greg Garrett was playing in his backyard when he saw something unidentifiable. He ran back into his house screaming and crying, declaring to his parents that a grey creature had emerged from the dark to attack him. Police who were called to investigate found no trace when they set out to find the creature.

About an hour later, a man in the same neighborhood, Henry McDaniel, heard a ruckus happening at the side of his home and went outside to scare the animal away, assuming it was a stray dog or cat. McDaniel did not see a dog or cat though, he confronted an animal he described as otherworldly. It had three legs, a short hunched body, two large pink eyes, with grey skin, which stood about 4 ½ feet tall. After realizing the danger he was in McDaniel retreated into his house to retrieve a pistol. He returned to his back door and shot three rounds at the creature, after allegedly hitting the animal it bounded away covering 50-75 feet with each leap. When the police searched the area around McDaniel’s home they discovered bizarre tracks and scratch marks at the side of the house.

It seemed the creature was not done with harassing McDaniel though, as it returned to his house about 10 days later. It was early morning when McDaniel awoke because of frantic barking coming from his neighbor’s yard. When McDaniel went to investigate he spotted the creature standing near the railroad tracks near his home. It lingered near the tracks before lumbering away into the night.

The last, considerable sighting of this creature was reported by a group of four men investigating an abandoned house in Enfield. They claimed to see a grey. ape-like creature which ran from them faster than a man could possibly run, and quickly disappeared into the forest. This strange story has never been explained.

anonymous asked:

You know God is real right? We are not from monkeys so you really need to stop telling people this..

My favorite misconception about evolution.

If you are going to deny the fact of evolution you need to understand how evolution actually works first.

The quick answer is that humans didn’t actually evolve from monkeys. But we did both evolve from a common ancestor who happened to look more like an ape than a human.

So where did the ape-like ancestor go? Why did this ancestor evolve into humans and modern apes?

This is where evolution comes in. Evolution is a natural process that changes all living things over many generations.

Evolution requires at least two things. First, we all have differences in our DNA, the instructions for making every living creature. These DNA differences lead to various eye colors, skin colors, blood types, and all of the other variation that exists between each of us.

Some of these DNA differences don’t matter. Others can be bad and cause diseases and even death. And some of these differences in DNA can help a person to live longer or stay healthier. For example, one DNA difference seems to make people more resistant to HIV and maybe also smallpox and the plague.

Second, evolution requires that DNA be passed from one generation to the next. This way, any survival advantage can be passed from parent to child.

Combining these, evolution works because animals (or other living things) with beneficial DNA differences usually survive longer and are able to have more kids. And those with bad DNA changes often die before they can have kids. Over time, more and more animals have the good DNA, and fewer have the bad DNA. This is called natural selection.

So now that we understand evolution and natural selection, how can this explain why we have humans and apes?

One way natural selection can work to evolve new species is if the old species gets split into two groups. The two groups have to be separated in different environments for a long time. This is what might have happened to cause modern apes and humans to appear. The story probably went something like this.

Sometime between eight million and five million years ago, Africa had more rain and was covered by forests. During this time, an ape-like species (our common ancestor) lived in these forests. They were quite successful and spread all over the continent.

Then the climate began to change, the land began to dry out, and the forests began to disappear. Some of these ape-like creatures continued to live successfully in the woods. But others were forced to leave the woods and go into the open fields of grass.

What works best for survival in the grasslands is different than what works best in the forest. Once our ancestors found themselves out of the woods, they couldn’t hide from predators as well, and food was not as plentiful. Many of these ape-like creatures living in the grasslands could not survive.

But some of these creatures did survive- those that could walk on two feet, for example. Walking on two feet may have helped them to run for longer distances to get away from predators. It also may have helped them to find food from further away and have free hands to carry it back home. Whatever the reason, those that could walk on two feet were surviving more often.

The ape-like creatures that could walk on two feet had kids that were also more able to walk on two feet (this is controlled by one’s DNA). So every generation, more and more of the surviving population could walk on two feet. The others got killed off by predators and/or starved to death.

Over many generations (and a few million years) living in separate places, we ended up with two different species. The ones in the grasslands walked on two feet, learned to make tools and work in groups, and eventually evolved into us. Those that stayed in the forest evolved into modern apes. Of course, those in the forest also changed after many years to survive better in the forest.

So there you have it. We didn’t evolve from apes; rather, apes and humans evolved from a common ancestor. Natural selection doesn’t care about whether a species is smarter or more progressive. It only cares about whether a species can survive long enough to find a mate and have kids.

Thus, the reason that modern apes are still around is that they have been successful at surviving in their environment. And we are still around because we have also been successful at living in our environment. Perhaps the most amazing thing is that after 5-8 million years, we still share 98% of the same DNA with our distant cousins, the modern apes!

Sources: Dr. Kim Matulef, Stanford University, PBS.org, Berkley.edu, me:)

Writing Lessons from DBZ: Exceeding Expectations

Plotting Technique #5

At the beginning of your story, and even throughout, you’re making promises to the reader on a subconscious level. You’re setting up the reader’s expectations for what kind of story this will be and what’s going to happen. Chekhov gave this example, if you have a scene with a gun in it, you’re setting the expectations that it’s going to go off by the end of the story. When it does in the last scene, you’ve delivered on your promise. When we don’t keep our promises, the readers are disappointed. When we meet expectations, they’re satisfied.

But there’s a third option. You exceed the expectations you’ve set up. And nothing is more fulfilling than that.

Dragon Ball Z not only delivers on its promises, it exceeds them.

Let’s see this in action. In the Android Saga, we meet Trunks, a 17-year-old from the future who has come back in time to warn Goku that soon two androids will appear and kill all of the heroes and wreck havoc on the whole planet.

Promise to the audience: two androids are coming to take over the world.

In Trunks’s time, most of humanity has already been wiped out and all of the survivors have to live underground to survive.

So, future Trunks leaves, and the heroes train and prepare for these two androids, 17 and 18. Years go by and eventually two androids do show up. And the heroes are faring well against them. They soon find out, however, there aren’t just two androids, there are six! As an audience, we’re just as shocked as the heroes–we were only expecting two. So It exceeds our expectations.

Throughout the series, Dragon Ball Z sets up expectations and exceeds them, either going beyond what is promised, like the Android example, or by fulfilling that promise in a surprising way.

In an earlier saga, when heores Goku, Gohan, and Krillin are pitted against villain Frieza, there is some foreshadowing about someone becoming a “Super Saiyan.”

Promise: by the end of this saga, a Saiyan, is going to become a Super Saiyan.

Frieza and Vegeta are under the impression that to become a Super Saiyan, a Saiyan has to transform into a giant, powerful Ape-like creature. Sort of like how a werewolf goes from human to wolf. None of the character have actually seen a Super Saiyan; they’re an old legend.

So we’re expecting something like this:

However, when Goku finally transforms into a Super Saiyan, we get this:

Physically, all Goku gets is blond hair, blue eyes, and a whole lot of power.

It’s not what viewers expected, yet the story still delivered on its promise, in a surprising way.

If you deviate from a promise, it’s tricky to pull off for the audience. A problem that arises is that you might not meet their expectations. So, if you do deviate from your promise, like Goku as a Super Saiyan did, you have to find a way to make the deviation more fulfilling than what the audience expected. Otherwise they’ll feel cheated after all that build up.

Even though Goku’s Super Saiyan form wasn’t what we expected, once he starts fighting Frieza, it doesn’t take long for viewers to realize his Super Saiyan form is even better than we could have imagined.

We Bare Bears is not transphobic

I am so upset with tumblr honestly. The we bare bears episode “Charlie” was really good and had a great message but of course it was over looked because of a TV trope that has been used so many fucking times before. Honestly, this poor creature (who has been heavily implied to be bigfoot, a hairy, tall, unattractive ape-like creature) is constantly being followed in order to be exposed for publicity just because he’s kind of funny looking. And of course, tumblr has to bastardize him and the show just because he dressed and pretended to be pandas girlfriend in order to not be hunted down, and was called ugly when dressing as such. Have you ever thought that the people hunting him down probably didn’t find him attractive before he put on the damn outfit? Did you ever think about how he created the get up really quickly? For God’s sake, he had a mop on his head, cheeto puff dust on his mouth and some sort of sack for a dress. What made you think the characters were gonna find that attractive? And he has a furry mustache too. Honestly, I’m disappointed in you guys. I thought people were above trying to find any reason to hate a show that has just recently started.

According to my brothers insta, ankh nigs is on ten today.

Like fareal y'all are a detriment to the movement. And why truth about black origins of the human species gets confused with this reactionary desire to black wash all history because we learned white washed versions of our history.

Imma say this in chronological order, as a person who collegiately studied art, art history and socio-anthropology.

Earliest evidence of upright standing hominids that evolved from a common ancestor with non upright standing apes (chimps) dates as far back as like 7.4 million years ago.
That is when humans officially stop being apes like chimps and gorillas. And it happened in Africa 7.4million years ago.

There were many species of upright standing ape-like creatures. Homo habilis and erectus along with australopithicus afarensus and anthrolopithicus were upright standing apes that left Africa and depending on their migratory paths interbred with each other.
700,000 years ago. This is basic anthropological data. Its what is taught in the most basic pass fail anthropology classes. This is what’s most widely accepted and agreed on by all the scientific and academic communities. Out of africa theory (the most recent widely agreed upon one) spans multiple out of africa waves.

Science is literally only unclear as to why there is only one species now after so many existed side by side.

Which is easily answered by interbreeding and isolation, and dwindling resources. Again the whys and hows are the vague parts science doesnt know.

I just named 3 different upright standing apes that lived along our ancestors in africa for multiple millennia and eons. Now some of these hominids screwed and became neanderthals and denisovans.
200,000-70,000 years ago.

Mind you the genetic cocktail of soon to be human had branched out from africa with neanderthals in the middle east and denisovans moving toward russia. This is the time of archaic humans. Cave men start at the decline of our more chimp like relatives in africa around the birth of homo erectus in africa.

Homo erectus, the architype archaic human that fucked neanderthals and denisovans was still in africa fucking other upright ape people. Refining its form and leaving africa in waves.
The first wave left africa and stayed along the equator and became melanesians/ aborigines
The second wave fucked stayed in the areas neanderthals and denisovans shared and fucked both, 100,000

the third wave fucked neanderthals in the middle east and progressively moved along with their half neanderthal children deeper into europe creating europeans.
100,000-70,000 years ago

This is not a hard concept.

So for you problack people grasping at straws.
The upright standing apes that made humans as a category of apes came from africa.
700,000 yrs ago
But neanderthals and Denisovans and other upright standing apes lived all over.
100,000 yrs ago
Our early black humans fucked the cave men and made different races.
70,000-yrs ago-30,000 yrs ago.

And now we have the beginnings of human tools post stone age written history and the different “races” exist
20,000-5,000 years ago.


That is different than saying all indigenous people where originally black. But at the same time similar.

Evolution doesnt stop. And what people from those groups pass as black, do so because they have direct lineage to the upright ape cocktail that created Bantu people. Who have the largest concentration of dna that actually makes us HUMANITY by academic definition.

Their blood lines have concentrated expressions of those ancient lineages where as everyone else in europe and the northern parts of asia have a much higher concentration of neanderthal and Denisovans dna; and through xenophobia, geographic isolation, and strategic incest, bred them selves for certain traits.

This shouldn’t still shake your notions on black being the origin of the species as all hominid genetic lines come from africa, but evolution isn’t restricted to our continent. And neither is the advancement of culture. Also the part of Africa that holds the genetic codes for the whole world is the horn of africa. Bantu people are from the west side in the rich rain shadow of the mountains that cut africa in half. Meaning people left the horn of africa and went through the desert and the grass lands of south africa to get to the west coast. Infact the pygmies of the congo along with the ones on the andaman islands of india, and native australians have the oldest unbroken/mixed genetic lines.


Yes there are small black peoples in every country. But being black isnt specific to africa. Being BANTU (west african ethnicity) is, just like northern asians and europeans are a clear sign that cold temperatures almost inherently breed people who xenophobic-ally invade, rape and pillage people from equatorial countries.

Whiteness and blackness are north vs south.
The whole word isn’t white, neither is it black.
Its brown and pale mother fuckers cant stay in their own countries and leave southerners alone because they decided to live in places with winters and annually migrate to other places and take their resources.

This is basic history. Look at the huns, the hans, all of european colonialism/feudalism, the feudalist period of china, korea and Japan, the erasure of jamon people in japan, the aryan harrapan civilizations subjugation of earlier blacker indian peoples indigenous to south india.
Hell the Polynesians inadvertently did it to Melanesians before north east asians tried fucking over Laos and Vietnam.

Pale cold people seasonally move south and fuck over black tropical kingdoms. That is the summary of all human history.
There is no need to fucking make up dumb shit like original native americans were black and built up america as the first egypt before egypt.
Thats stupid as fuck
Also its more accurate to say egypt was a nubian/sudanese colony made to trade down river with Mediterranean populations.

Truth is better than fiction go research shit. And i mean from credible scientific sources, where the researchers in the field are credited. primary and secondary sources research. You are already on the internet you are half way there.

Confused about a word i used or a ape i mentioned, copy and paste exists. But please stop reposting these faux pseudo black supremacy memes and articles that are purely conjecture.

I get you mad at seeing black folks celebrate st. Patties instead of black history month. But the Twa people of central africa are not the basis of the goblins and dwarves of celtic lore.

Dwarfism is a human genetic trait that becomes dominant when populations spend extended isolation on island nations.
Western european lore is based on main land neanderthal blooded big bodied Saxons (Danish, and Germanic peoples) and Gauls (latin french) going to england and ireland and meeting with the varyingly dwarfed populations of celtic/ gaelic people with even higher neanderthal blood concentrations becoming dwarfed through island life and interbreeding with them.
Bottom line period.

Fake woke ass ankh mutha fuckas.


“The Yeti is an ape-like creature. It can walk like a man and has long white or brown hairs covering its whole body. They come in different colors: reddish brown, bluish gray, cream, coffee, light gray, white and light brown. The Yetis are fearless fighters and also hard workers. They are loyal and friendly.”

i think we often imagine intelligent life from other planets will look so strange and bizarre, but even on our own planet itself there are plenty of animals that to our eyes look strange and alien enough already. if we someday make contact with intelligent aliens maybe we’ll find out that one of the animals they regard as utterly strange-looking on their planet is a hairless ape-like creature