ape dress

anonymous asked:

So I want to start making my own dresses and I've been getting my inspiration from Angelic Pretty's designs. Would it be wrong if i basically copied the construction style of an AP dress but the fabric was completely different so it's not technically a replica? Like for example if I used a generic floral fabric but the construction is identical to one of AP's dresses. I'm not planning on selling these dresses or anything I would just make them for myself.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. As long as they are just for your personal use and you aren’t claiming them to be brand items that’s perfectly acceptable. Most issues with replicas are in cases where someone is making a copy of a print (which implies stealing a brand’s original artwork and using it for profit.) Or in cases like the whole thing that just happened with Simplicity where they’re making money on designs that aren’t theirs. You’re just using a brand’s design as inspiration for a piece that’s just for you and there’s nothing wrong with that.