#18 Hyperventilating about AP Scores:  Well this is the first post of APScienceproblems… Well anyways our time is almost near to see how good…or how bad our ap scores are, as for me, if my score is bad… i knew i was going to get a bad score on the AP Chem exam ( but still hoping for a good score on my first ap exam), my teacher has a 83-90% record of 1’s and no record of a 5 or even a 4. Eh, i dont mind retaking chem 1 in college.. Btw, expect my reaction video on the 8th. 

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#14 Cramming for the exam:  Well Chemzombies our end is near, and we must prepare ourselves to fail or pass if you are one of the lucky ones, if so HELP A ZOMBIE OUT >:I  Anyway, if you haven’t been preparing you either 1. Are Insane or 2. You live in California ( like me ) and the requirement to take AP exam is now voluntary instead of required and you decided to save yourself the trouble. 

Oh and if you submitted your request hasn’t been ignored, i just need to post this. 


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#15 Having to learn on your own:  Well like my on lectures they are timers when my teacher just screws around and expects us to learn everything by the end of the unit tests. Reasons why I almost fail first semester is because my teacher just posted videos and expected us to know what to do come next class. I basically got the point where I just skipped learning and just google everything ._.

Submitted by:abstractangels

This persons reason: Self-explanatory? Haha

#12 Tests marked out of x Sigh, i really hate it when my teacher puts his tests out of some weird number, it makes it harder for me just to get a passing grade ._. the odds are not in my favor ( hey i had to make a hunger games reference sooner or later ;D )
Idea Submitted by: theselittlethings

This persons reason:You get four wrong and you’ve got a low mark already.
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#13 Lectures, no notes Oh where do i even begin, oh i know, i hate it when my teacher puts up videos and expects us to take notes, im like there isn’t even anything to take notes on. Oh and when he tries to lecture, he just goes off on a tangent.

Submitted by: r-e-c-l-u-s-e
This persons reason: My chem teacher does this and I’m one of those people who needs to have some sort of neat notes to take, whether they put it on a slideshow or on paper or SOMETHING ugh. He has days where he stands there and LECTURES and I’m just like PLEASE CAN YOU NOT. Just wondering if anyone else has this issue lol

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