Dexter, American Pit Bull Terrier by Petra B.
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17. Jänner 2010

This dog is so punk rock omfg I love it


A Place Beyond the Sun [9xRose AU]

[a fully illustrated fanfiction by ruebella-b]

Chapter One | Part One: After quite a bit of nagging from Jackie, Rose agrees to go shopping in the city but their day trip takes a turn when Rose notices an unusual call for help.

Friends I need some help!!!

Castle Rock (my city) is considering lifting the BSL and are basically gathering people’s opinions this week, and so I’m going to write a letter to the city council about why they should lift it. Soooo… if you have any sources on why BSL is unnecessary/ineffective then pleeease send me some! I would love to help with lifting it in at least my little town. And please share/reblog to get this around to as many people as possible. Thanks everyone!

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Thank you SO much for anyone that has any advice/info or shares this, I appreciate it so much!