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a Nori-chan moment from Kiznaiver by gurikajis via officialprinzeugen

kyaw (kyaw yonder anime world) #56 /iam (info about me) #56 ~ this expression . .

. . ever since forever now. the same empty look of apathy, the same weary head leaning on powerless hands, the same heavy sigh of disappointment. i am not Nori-chan, but i’m this Nori-chan.

~ a.k.a.cross kiss naive her

p.s. *sigh*

“We’re walking with our eyes on everyone else, ignoring the screams that come from the people buried alive underneath our feet. Yet we say we’re here for each other and say we care. And we hypocritically wonder why everyone is walking passed our own screams as though we don’t do the same.”  
  ~ Caitlyn Paige 

   ~ Art by Adam Martinakis

~ Precious Animation by George RedHawk ( DarkAngelOne )