But picture this: Percy Jackson working at his mother bakery, he is a little sweaty because of the oven heat, his hair has flour on it, icing on his cheek and he is wearing a face full of concentration as he makes the birthday cake that was request for someone called Annabeth Chase. 


“Ooji isn’t coming. A while ago i met with him. He said he’s heading to Tokyo, he has decided he’s going to change schools. (…) If you hurry, you’ll reach him.”


I fiddled around with some makeup and I accidentally Cassandra Pentaghast. Can’t go back now and not cosplay her, knowing I have a chance to hopefully do her justice.

[Disgusted noise]

Preview: Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods


Why is Zeus always first?

Seriously, every book about the Greek gods has to start with this guy. Are we doing reverse alphabetical order? I know he’s the king of Olympus and all – but, trust me, this dude’s ego does not need to get any bigger.

You know what? Forget him.

We’re going to talk about the gods in the order they were born, women first. Take a backseat, Zeus. We’re starting with Hestia.


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