Sunday Serman Recap!!!

The summer is almost here and it began in Harlem, well for me at least! This past sunday was full of fly friends, good food and DANCING for ya life. Bevy Smith knows how to bring a party and needless to say that women is GREAT in my book. My girl Mash always bring ‘A Party in My Mouth" realness to any occasion and it’s always good to kick it with Madam Joanne Petit-Friere of Tresse Agoche and her many many looks. New faces included “You Can Touch My Hair” star Maliha of @lovelymali and her gorgeous partner Nikki whom I am ever so fond of. Pretty awesome day. 

I didnt do Badu in Brooklyn cause frankly, I’m just over the scene and I wanna stay fresh, and current not late and expected! Oop that was not shade just a small read, #readingisfundemental!!! 


Queer Brunch with my soul stars Dynasty of Brze and Masha of A Party in the Mouth. Gotta send my love to my boo Marlita aka LES Marla, thanks for inviting us out!!! Thanks to the new boo Tee for kicking it with us as well. She is such a doll. Katra is dark and dry but they know how to do a brioche French toast! The hummus and naan is awesome as well as the potatoes. I guess this just became a food post lol. Anyway, the mimosas we’re HORRIBLE… thanks to the host Nun for rectifying that and getting us better drinks. Blah blah blah I hate blogging but yes good time with the peeps, decent food minor shade but whats new?!? All in all, glad I came out (figuratively of course)