and here i bring you yet another kara/lena au that nobody asked for but that i’m sharing with y’all anyways because what else do i have to do with my life at 12:00 am.

  • james wins two tickets for the upcoming lakers game in national city but comes to find out that he can’t go because he has another important thing to do that night (i don’t know what thing exactly but the point is he can’t go), so he’s left with two tickets for the lakers and he’s not sure who to give them to, so of course he goes to kara: “i know you don’t like basketball, but seeing it live is such a different experience, you’ll enjoy it!”
  • problem is that kara doesn’t know who to ask to go with her, alex has a date night, winn is not going anywhere near a basketball stadium (highschool trauma), j’onn says he has no time for games. lena is one of her first options, but main reason she doesn’t want to ask her is fear of rejection. she’s a ceo! she probably has no interest in spending a friday night with her.
  • alex tells her she’s being ridiculous, lena’s her friend and she’ll enjoy spending time with her regardless of the activity, she pratically drives kara to l-corp so she can ask lena to go with her.
  • lena knows nothing about basketball, for a second she actually confuses it with beisball, but kara looks so cute and how can she say not to that face? so she agrees and kara pulls her into the biggest hug.
  • because lena has never, ever gone to a basketball game she shows up to kara’s apartment with a tight dress and high heels, her makeup on point as always and a big ass valentino black bag, meanwhile kara’s wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, maybe even a snapback if you want the complete Gay™ look.
  • lena is so confused the entire time, she watches as the players pass the ball to each other and hears the crowd roar when they make a triple. kara is no better, but she at least knows the basics because james explained them to her prior, so she gets into it after the first ten minutes, she claps with the audience, screams in chorus with the other people. she asks lena if she’s having fun, if she wants to leave but lena says no and kara probably buys her popcorn or something, popcorn that by the way kara ends up eating. 
  • halftime rolls in and lena takes the opportunity to answer all the messages that are unread on her phone, “i’m so sorry i swear i’ll only take a minute,” kara smiles and tells her to go ahead. 
  • lena is answering to one of her business partners when she hears kara choke on the popcorn and everyone around them whistling and clapping, so she turns to see what is wrong to find kara looking at the enormous screen in the middle of the stadium with a pink blush on her cheeks and wide eyes. the camera is focusing both of them with a heart around their silhouettes and “kiss cam!” written on pink letters just above their heads. 
  • everyone in the stadium starts cheering for them, “kiss! kiss! kiss!” over and over again, the damn camera doesn’t seem to find anybody else as interesting and though kara wants to laugh and write an enormous sign that reads that hey, they’re just friends! she catches the way lena’s heartbeat speeds up and how her breathing becomes uneven and okay, maybe a little kiss won’t hurt, after all they’ve become close after the recent events and what’s wrong with maybe platonically kissing your friend on the lips? a little peck and that’s it. 
  • however, once they turn around to look at each other kara notices just how green lena’s eyes are and how pale her skin looks and also how her red lips part to meet hers and when they finally kiss the screaming and whistling, all the noise around them disappears and kara can only focus on how soft lena’s is and how her lipstick tastes like strawberry and oh, god, when she feels her tongue caressing her bottom lip kara is sure she’s going to pass out. 
  • they’re both a little breathless when they break apart, a young lady sitting next to them gives kara a high five and then the second half of the game starts but kara can’t focus on anything anymore because she still tastes lena on her tongue and she realizes that shit, she wants to kiss her again. and again. and again. 
  • the lakers win by three points and lena’s driver is already waiting for them outside the stadium when the game ends, but the crowd is huge and she fears she’ll lose lena in the sea of people so she interwines their fingers together and walks them towards the exit ignoring the warmness that goes through her entire body at the feeling of lena’s hand against her own.
  • the car ride is kind of awkward, neither of them speak, they’re on each side of the car struggling on how to break the silence. lena sometimes catches kara looking and her and viceversa until it’s too much and kara blurts out: “i really liked it, the game. and also kissing you” and lena laughs before sheepishly nodding and saying “me too. i mean i liked kissing you, i didn’t understand the game at all.”
  • they make out until they get to kara’s apartmet. (。♥‿♥。)
  • before kara falls asleep she receives a message from lena that says “thank you, i had a great time.” with maybe a smiley face and two hearts and kara hides her face on her pillow.
  • the next morning when she wakes up and goes to work, everyone’s looking at her and whispering behind her back and kara’s afraid she might have a mustard stain on her white cardigan (it wouldn’t be the first time that happened). and then james sees her and before she can even say hello and ask what the hell is going on with everyone, he motions to the screens where a video of her and lena kissing is projecting, the entire internet has gone wild about it. the video that was originally uploaded to youtube has for title “lena luthor kisses cute stranger @ bball game.” kara wants to die on the spot.
Secret Companions

Character: Credence Barebone

A/n: This was a request but whenever I post it the text got all messed up and I had to delete it but thank you very much to whoever requested it!

Ever since you graduted from Ilvermorny and moved to New York City, you were always weary of the New Salem Philanthropic Society. Keeping a considerable amount of distance whenever you saw them protesting in front of whatever building they could get find throughout the city.

But one day as you were walking back your apartmet, you caught sight of the young man who always stood off to the side as the NSPS lady gave her usual speech, timidly passing out flyers to the crowds.

You debated on wither not to say hello, but didn’t see any harm in a minor interaction with him. Unlike the main lady of the group, he didn’t give you the same vibe as she did.

So you plucked up the courage and jogged across the roads to where he was standing, walking up to him slowly so as not to startle him.

“Hello.” You said quietly once he was in earshot, even though it wasn’t your intention, he jumped and turned to look at you with wide eyes, hands flinching upward so as to defend himself.

You put your hands up. “Woah there, I’m not gonna hurt you. I just wanted to say hello, you’re usually at those protests with the New Salem people aren’t you?”

He stood there for a minute or two, just eyeing you curiously as if trying to decipher to why you were speaking to him. “Yes.” His voice was very quiet and shaky, but you heard him nonetheless. “My mother’s the one that does most of the talking.”

“Ouch.” You muttered under your breath, but knowing it was too late to just duck out of the conversation. “That so? Well she seems very…passionate about what she does.”

He nodded, eyes casting downward as he held his hands tightly together. When he didn’t say anything you decided to push the conversation yourself. “What’s your name?”

“Why do you want to know?” His tone sharpening ever so slightly.

“Easy there.” You said tucking your hands into your coat pocket to warm them a little. “Just seemed like a common thing to ask for a person’s name, considering we’re having a conversation and all.”

“Credence.” He said simply.

“Credence.” You repeated, nodding at the sound of it. “My name’s (F/n) (L/n). Nice to meet you.” You said, offering your one hand to him.

He stared down at it, eyes meeting yours for a fleeting moment and then returning to your hand.

“You shake it.” You said, your tone slightly amused that you had to explain it him, gently taking his hand and placing it in yours, moving them up and down.

Once you released his hand, he continued to just stare at you curiously. “You never said why you were speaking with me.” His voice had gotten louder, but the shakiness still obvious.

“I wasn’t aware I had to have a reason, if I’m bothering you I can always leave.” You offered, making your way to do so but he stopped you.

“N-No, it’s not like that. People don’t tend to talk to me unless they need something or just want to insult me.” He explained.

“Oh.” You said, his responce taking you back a little. “Well I was only saying hello because you don’t give off the same vibe as your mother.”

“You think?” Credence asked, his tone raising ever so slightly.

You smiled at him and nodded. “I know.”

The two of you continued to meet every now and then, stopping to chat whenever you managed to see each other out on the streets. You still kept your distance from NSPS gatherings, but if you ever caught yourself in the crowd of people, rest assured Credence would manage to find your face and hold your gaze until you left the scene.

However this changed once you noticed Percival Graves started meeting with Credence every now and then.

For awhile now Graves gave you the wrong kind of feeling, his aura felt off and you tried to keep your meetings with each other as scarce as possible.

You had always suspected he had the wrong intentions with Credence, but this was further confirmed whenever you managed to listen in one of their private meetings.

This lead to an internal struggle for you, you wanted to tell him about your recent discoveries, but this would mean revealing yourself as a wizard.

Your decision came rather quickly because the next day you ran into Credence again, taking notice of the troubled look in his eye.

“I have something I need to tell you.” You started, keeping your eyes anywhere but on him.

He eyed you curiously like always, but this time it was more out of intrigue than anything. “Tell me.” He encouraged softly.

You really couldn’t figure out how to word the sentences you needed, so instead you carefully looked at your surroundings and took your wand from your coat pocket, placing it in his hand.

Credence’s eyes went wide and his hands slowly wrapped around the wood. “You’re a witch.” He said, looking up at you whenever you nodded for confirmation. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

You shot him a look. “Do you really need to ask that question? It’s not like you’re family is part of a fanatical group that wants to expose and exterminate my kind.”

“I’m not like that.” He argued, his voice becoming bitter and quiet. “I don’t really have a choice.”

You sighed and took the wand from his grasp. “Well I know that now, I just had to be sure I could trust you. But that’s not it, I know Percival Graves has been seeing you lately.”

“What about him? He’s my friend.” Credence said almost defensively.

You nodded. “I know, and I’m not gonna tell you what to do. But take my advice and be careful around him, he gives me a bad vibe.” You warned, meekly smiling at him before you turned in the other direction and walked away, feeling his eyes on you.

While you desperately wanted to tell him that Graves only wanted to use him for whatever plan he had in his head, but Credence was a fragile man and you feared the reaction you would have gotten had you told him the full truth.

However, you would keep a very close eye on the two of them from now on.

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A/n: In honor of the first day of Halloween~

You stood in the living room of your apartment, gazing down on the carpet where you had several strands of decorative lights set up in rows so you could look at them all and make a decision. Your fingers were pressed to your lips and your eyes narrowed in thought over which ones to put up.

It was overcast outside and the air had quickly gone cold once the sun was hidden from the sky, not that you minded of course, always taking a fondess for chilly air over the heat.

Now that it was October, you wanted to make the apartmet as festive as possible. Holiday seasons were always your favorite so you tended go all out very quickly.

Lost in thought, you barely noticed your girlfriend sneak up behind you and wrap her arms around your waist, pulling you into her as she placed her chin on your shoulder.

“Whatcha doing?” Jillian asked curiously into your ear as she stared down at the lights.

You smiled, welcoming the warmth and company she brought. “Deciding what lights should go where.”

Jillian glaced at the array of small lights ranging in all color of red, orange and yellow. “It’s only a suggestion, but we always could start with the bedroom.” She said happily, snuggling into your neck with a smile on her face.

You scoffed and pushed yourself out of her grasp, turning on your heels to see a very pouty Jillian. “You know I like get ahead of decorating.”

Jillian whined and latched herself to you again. “You have weeks to do that, besides it’s late and I’ve been very deprived of your love lately.”

You raised an eyebrow at her and placed your elbow on her shoulder, using her as an arm rest and simultaneously bringing your face closer to her’s. “It that so?”

Jillian nodded, eyes locked onto yours. “Quite.”

You led out a breathy laugh and leaned foward to kiss the end of her nose. “Well then I guess we’ll have to something about that, won’t we?”

Jillian’s eyes lit up and tapped the side of her glasses with her fingers, causing them to wobble slightly. “Leggo” She said, eagerly grabbing your hand and pulling you towards the bedroom door.

You halted slightly. “Hang on, gotta unplug the lights. Don’t want a repeat of last Christmas.”

“Hey! That was not my fault.” Jillian said defensively.

You laughed, pulling the chords out of the sockets. “Oh yeah? Then how do you explain the burnt circle on Abby’s carpet?”

Jillian scoffed. “And I bought her a lovely rug to cover it.” She said quickly, pulling you away from the lights again.

“Besides we have more important things to be doing.”

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i can't believe i have to stay alive for another three weeks at least until ep7 of s2 of sh has aired? after those new pics? (also .. where in magnus' apartmet are they in those pics where alec suddenly doesn't wear his jacket anymore? 👀👀 wasn't this the episode that was filmed during matt's takeover? when he was in magnus' bedroom for some reason? and told us they'd go "hard and fast" 👀👀) anways i can't believe malec is the reason i die and the only thing keeping me alive ..

k so liv and i are talking and we’re thinking and:

1. they go back to magnus’s apartment
2. alec surprise magnus w a gift
3. its thoughtful and a way of saying thank you for listening and helping him
4. magnus is taken aback and is taken aback cus nobody ever thinks to thank him
5. they get closer and this happens

6. they start makin tf out and magnus takes off alecs jacket cus ya know why tf not
7. this is where the beardburn is from
8a. then after theyve made out and maybe alec is leaving?? this happens and they have a soft ass moment

8b. theyve just madeout and they start giggling and alec is like “shit sorry i can usually control myself” and magnus is like “babe tf you dont have to worry”

Holtzmann Imagine

Jillian huffed as she stared at the time blinking in the corner of the television. It was 11pm and yet again you weren’t home, working late at the firehouse for the hundredth time this month.

You were an astronomer, and you had your whole setup on the roof of the firehouse, with the skies finally clearing up you could spend  time star charting an getting back into your usual groove.

But of course that meant most nights Jillian went to bed, cold and very unhappy she didn’t have you to cuddle.

She was incredibly proud of your work, and wouldn’t dream of holding you back from it. But sometimes she just wanted a night where you both could stay inside in bed and just be with each other.

With a determined nod, Jillian hopped out of bed and changed back into the clothes she had worn that day, not bothering to redo her hair, leaving it in a fluffy cloud of blonde waves.

If you couldn’t come home, Holtzmann would just have to come to you.

So she shrugged on her grey coat, grabbed one of the picnic baskets you guys kept for springtime and threw some miscellaneous snacks in for the both of you.

Just as she was about to leave the apartmet Holtzmann paused, running back into the kitchen and plucking a bottle of wine from the counter before she leaped out of the apartment.

You gazed into one of your many telescopes situated on the roof, a bundle of warm blankets wrapped around your shoulders and a notepad resting in your lap as you marveled at the sky.

It was well past the time everyone left to head home, so you were very surprised to hear the roof enterence creak open.

Turning your head you smiled brightly as you saw your girlfriend saunter over to you, a basket in her hands and her hair in complete disarray.

“Well if it isn’t the lady of the hour.” You said, looking up at her while she bent down to peck your lips.

“I got tired of going to bed by myself so I came here.” She said, sitting right up against you and placing her head on your shoulder.

You placed your head on hers. “I know I know, I haven’t been home but I just loose track of time when I’m up here.”

Jillian smiled, sitting upright and beaming proudly as she placed the basket in your lap. “That’s why I brought this.”

You laughed, digging through the assortment of snacks and pouches of juice. “You really did all this?”

Holtzmann nodded, you could see strands of her hair bounce as she did, making your laughter return. “And…I brought this.” She declared, placing the bottle of wine in your hands.

“You really wanted to see me didn’t you?” You said, placing the bottle down beside you.

“Uhuh, I figured since you have work here that I could just tag along and spend time with you this way, so when you’re done we can drink and talk.”

You shook your head. “No no, I’ve worked enough. I can take an hour or two off now.”

Holtzmann smirked as an idea came to her mind. “Well in that case I mean we could always go to the spare room and have fun.” She suggested.

“No that would be awkward, Kevin and I have sex in there all the time.” You deadpanned.

The smirk immediately fell off her face and she stared at you with an unamused expression.

You busted out laughing. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding!” You jested, placing your hand on her shoulder.

Jilian shot you a look before she joined you in on the laughing. “That wasn’t funny.”

You poked her cheek. “Then why are you laughing?”

“Hush, you’re ruining the moment I worked very hard to set up.”

You nodded, ceasing your laughter as you draped your blanket over her shoulders. “You’re absolutely right.”

“Well of course I am, it’s me after all.”

“Don’t push it.”

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Kurt reached over and turned off his alarm, getting up and stretching. He went over to his dresser and grabbed a pair of jeans and a button down, going into the bathroom to shower. His apartment was tiny, really jsut a big closet, but it was his. He moved to New York when he was 19 after working at the Lima Bean through the year between his graduation and moving. He’s done a bit of community college, but gave up to move, deciding to worry about school later. He got settled in the city, getting used to living alone in his studio apartmet, before starting school at Parsons.

He got out of the shower and got dressed before grabbing his bag for the day, locking up and heading down to the subway, stopping a few blocks from the school at his favorite coffee shop. He was planning on killing an hour and a half, and taking advantage of their free wifi, before class.