fuckfuckfuckidk what to do i left my key in the lahndru room an d someone stole the key to they main doors theu legt the one for my apartment but not the dokrs leading to my apartmet im so scared tk tlel my mom i cant afford a replacemebt

Dear blog, 

I have lived alone now since 9th of february. Its special. More freedom I guess. I like it so far. On Friday Im moving to my new little apartmet. Its really small, but suitable for one person and it has all that is requested for a girl. I was there today so I fixed some stuff, packed up my clothes and cleaned a bit. My boyfriend J and his friend Oskars helped me bring all my stuff from my old apartment to the new one. So increadibly thankful! Would have been hard to do it all by myself. Later I went and bought some candles to decorate with. I’ll also buy some flowers, pillows and cute stuff to put in the room. I want to make it an area which is my place of happiness…I know it sounds so dreamy but I am tired of where I used to live, and its boring decoration, and all the negative energy which it was surrounded by. I feel I want to start a new era, a new period of my life. I want to start over, and I think this is a good way.  

I think in general february month has indulged alot of changes. January as well. Its been a good month, and I have become stronger in myself. Im far away from negative people, and being in my own company makes me clueless about others, which is good. I hated to be part of the center of attention which I was forced into, due to the person I lived with before. Now it feels like the storm has calmed down. I am no longer associated with her, and that makes me happy. 

I forgot to write, the sudden Ed Sheeran concert which came my way. I had no ticket, but a girl in my class got sick, and gave her ticket randomly to me. So there I was a couple of hours later, standing just a couple of meters away from Ed Sheeran. I am not a hardcore fan, like most of the audience there, but I truly enjoyed it, and he is a great artist. 

Here’s a couple of pictures from this month: 

Pictures from when we we’re moving all my stuff, pictures from Ed Sheeran, and a crazy club here in Riga and snapchats! So obsessed with it …. just like 5 years after it actually was popular :P