It just kind of hit me yesterday that Delphox has a really cool design and I went on drawing spree because damn, it’s so much fun! I love how the fur mimics a wizard’s robe, giving a fantastic flow to the design. Not to mention the contrasting elements, like big ears / small nose, wide ‘sleeves’ / small hands.


finally… my character design final!! a three stage final boss + environment. the hypothetical game would be about evil crystals that corrupt people and take over their bodies and you, an immune human, go on a mission to find the source crystal and destroy it.

when you get there, the source crystal makes an attempt on your life, but one of your friends jumps to your defense and takes the blow for you. this results in the source crystal itself corrupting and taking over your friend, who you then have to fight as the corruption gets worse and spreads and he grows more powerful. (when you destroy the source crystal in the end, your friend reverts back to his human form, so he is ultimately ok!!)