👋🏾 Hey all! I’m trying to move out of my NYC apartment and I need to sell a few of my things to be able to do so.

Up for grabs is a Canon Rebel T5. I’ve only had it for a year so it’s basically still brand new. I’m selling it for $350, but willing to negotiate on the price.

Next up: A Nikon FM2. I’ve had it for just shy of two years and it’s in really great condition. I’m selling it for $415 OBO. Also, I’m throwing in a whole big box of color film for free with the purchase.

Lastly, I have a 4th generation (16GB) iPad for sale. It’s like three years old but in really great condition and still works wonderfully. I would like $119 for it but would also be willing to negotiate the price.

I’m just trying to move so if you could reblog this or tag anyone you know who’d be interested in these items, I’d really appreciate it.

Sometimes I like to think about the fact that if Genos ever did a TV interview, he’d spend the whole damn thing talking about his sensei.