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One week apart.
6 days of workouts.
More water. Less sugary drinks.
Feeling less bloated.

Still working on finding foods I’ll enjoy that are actually healthy for me without doing a complete 180° on my normal eating habits. Trying to ease into it and enjoy it.

The Undeniable Offer

Summary: Chris gives an offer that she cannot deny, which has something to do with saving water 

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Warnings: None this is very very fluffy 

Word Count: 639

A/N: This was requested by @m-a-t-91 , #40 with Chris Evans. Here you go love, hope you like it! 💕

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The sun shining through the curtains is what woke you up, as the warm breeze flowed the curtains around. You rubbed the sleepiness from your eyes and stretched your limbs, hearing a soft chuckle coming from your left. Looking to where the sound came from, Chris was staring down at you in such a loving way that it made you blush. He whispered a good morning and ducked down for your lips only to have you cover your mouth, leading Chris to leave a devastated sigh.

“Sorry, I forgot.”

You narrowed your eyes at him and said, “You didn’t forget,” you cleared your throat,” you wanted to try your luck. Well, let me tell you something you ain’t lucky this morning.” Chris’s response was a simple chuckle, knowing you were right. It was complete silence between two, just staring at each other; wanting to memorize the others face. Chris suddenly looked up, remembering he had something as he jumped up and looked at the time. Different types of curses flew out of his mouth as he rushed into the bathroom, quickly washing up and went back straight into the closet.

“If only your mother could hear you right now!” You called after him shaking your head, despite him not being able to see you. “Where’re you even going?”

“Ha ha ha. You’re too funny, I rescheduled my workout time to now so I can have dinner with my amazing girlfriend.” Chris told you as he emerged from the closet; shoving his workout items in his gym bag. “I’ll be back in an hour, do you need anything?”

“Mmm, nope,” you said making a popping sound, making your way towards Chris giving him a kiss on the cheek but of course he turned his head just in time for your kiss to land on his lips.

“Looks like I’m pretty lucky,” Chris said flashing you a smile while you rolled your eyes at him.

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It’s possible to garden on a low budget or in an apartment. I saved old candle pots that I used up, went to the dollar store to get a bag of dirt for 3$ and I asked my parents to spare me a couple seeds of cucumbers, lettuce, beans, etc.
It makes me happy because I love gardening because I get fresh veggies, herbs, fruits, etc. And it’s good for the environment.
I’ll keep you guys updated on my mini garden :)

French Braids

Request: lol nope

Type: fluff as always

WC: 351

AN: firstly, im so sorry that this is so short. secondly, im sorry i haven’t posted a story in like two months. also, i wrote this a whileee ago. anyways, enjoy, who knows when ill write something else. 


You walked out of the locker room, and into the seemingly empty community gym. Every night, at ten o’clock you would go the gym in your apartment building, workout for a bit, and then go to bed. Since it was so close to closing, you were normally the only person in the gym. This gave you a certain freedom, to listen to whatever music she wanted to. As you were cycling, you began to sing Bet on It, from the High School Musical, at the top of your lungs. You made it through most of the song before you heard a voice behind you say, “having fun?”

You turned around and your eyes met with a pair of warm brown eyes.

“Yes, actually,” your replied breathlessly. “Who are you? I’ve never seen you around here before.”

“I’m Lin Manuel Miranda,” he says, shaking your hand, “what about you?”

“(y/n)(l/n). How long were you standing there?”
“Longer than you’d like,” here replied with a chuckle.

You blushed a bit as you responded, “ Sorry you had to see that, normally i’m alone at this time of night.”

He laughed and ran a hand through his hair, his eyes sparkling. Damn, you thought. He’s really attractive. And he has better hair than me. That’s not fair.

“So, i just might be in love with your hair,” you informed him sheepishly.

“Well, i’m in love with your voice,” he responded happily.

You two talked for a while, getting to know each other quite well. You chatted while you exercised, until the receptionist kicked you out of the gym. As you were standing in the stairwell, he giggled and said in a funny voice, “so, what the heck i gotta do to be with you?” it took a second for what he said to sink in, but when it did, you blushed and responded, “watch high school musical with me, and let me french braid your hair.”

He laughed and confirmed the plans, as you wondered how you got so lucky. What you didn’t know, was that he was thinking the same thing

Morning workout 📷 Anike Akwokwo

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Cassey Ho is making apartment friendly workout videos! Please check her out if your apartment is preventing you from getting the body you want. I’ve been doing her videos for 4 years and I swear by her! ✌

Glasses (C.C. Imagines

Word count: 879

Pairing: Cody x Reader

A/N: Simply because my Instagram timeline is filled with pictures of Cody in glasses at SDCC. Since then, I’ve been having strong feels.


If there was one thing I loved on my boyfriend at the moment, it was his glasses. Prior to when he purchased them, it was always the sunglasses that consumed his handsome face. Whether the both of us were taking a stroll in the sunny weather or attending an event, Cody always carried his sunglasses with him.

But now? Cody wore the clear, large lens surrounded by the thin frame.

In all honesty, I didn’t know what to do with myself when he made his presence known in a room with those glasses. Some times, I felt intimidated and always shrunk away from him in a shy manner. Other times, I would pinch his cheeks and call him names like Honeybunch or Shnookims because he just looked so adorable behind the lens.
Today in particular was a day where I was a mixture of both.

I was getting frustrated with the assignment I was attempting to complete in my Economics course. The anger was so real, I was ready to toss my laptop out of the window.

“Breathe YN, breathe.” I pushed the electronic device away from me, fanning my face as I started to sweat from frustration.

Cody knew how I got when it came to this course so he purposely distanced himself from me. He would either leave the apartment to workout or just relax in the living room quietly. But at this moment, I knew that I needed his help.

Huffing, I gathered my laptop in my sweaty hands and made my way towards the living room. He had the volume low on the television, a sign that he knew I was studying. What a generous boyfriend he was.

“Babe,” I sighed, “I need your help.”

He muted the volume completely now, all attention focused on me now. “What’s wrong?”

“Everything.” I plopped down next to him, criss-crossing my legs Indian style. “I can’t figure everything out about this freaking lesson and I’m getting so mad about it.”

He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to his warm figure. “Aw, is my lovely Princess about to cry?”

“No.” I laid my head on the back of the chair, closing my eyes. “But I think I’ve burned most of my brain cells. Can you see what I’m doing wrong?”

“Yes.” He pecked my cheek.

For a minute or two, he mumbled the directions displayed on the screen of my laptop. Silence passed as turned to see him glancing over my work so far.

That’s where I got lost. I stared at him with those glasses adorning his face. He licked his chapped lips, adjusting his seating to a better posture for himself. His usual scruff covered his defined moving jawline.

“Babe?” his voice made its way back into my thoughts. “Are you listening?”

I could feel my cheeks heating up in embarrassment. “Um… no. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.” said. “Here, I’ll explain it again. It’s a mistake you made, a little one. Nothing big.”

He commenced his explanation again, my mind wandering other places again. Only this time, I let me eyes stay on his glasses. He was my poindexter in disguise: handsome, sweet, and just beautiful in general.

Before I knew what was happening, my hands were reaching out to pull the glasses off. Coming back to reality, he stopped talking to look at me as I held them in my hands.

“What’re you doing?” He attempted to sound accusing but a hint of a smile graced his lips.

“Nothing.” I playfully answered. I maneuvered myself around to face him so I was sitting on my folded legs. “I really like these.” I said as I pretended to study them.

“Of course you do. Were you even paying attention to what I was saying?”

I tilted my head sideways as if I were thinking deeply. “Now that I think about it, no.”

“Then why’re you here?” He removed the electronic device from his legs and set it on the coffee table. His hands made a patting motion, a gesture suggesting for me to envelop his legs.

“I don’t know.” I answered as I straddled him. “I needed help with homework but… something else interested me.”

“Oh really?”

“Mmhm.” I was losing it internally. So, I set the glasses on the table before wrapping my arms around my sexy boyfriends neck. “And it’s such a huge turn on for me.”

In a millisecond, we were making out. Our lips were battling for dominance while our hands were all in each others hairs. Cody’s hands slid out of my hair and down my back, inching its way to my bum. Once they reached their destination, he squeezed my bum lightly which caused a moan to slide past my slightly open mouth.

“You wearing those glasses does things to me.” I said in between our kiss.

“Well maybe I should continue wearing them.” he smirked. “So I can get this kind of treatment more often.”

I giggled as he squeezed my bum again, only a little bit harder.

He was right about wearing them though. In the time that I would spot the Dexter glasses adorning his features, I would pounce on him just for a quick make out. Sometimes, it was something more.


If you guys want, you can send in requests of yours. Personal or not, it’s up to you!


These tips just might allow you to have a better workout at home!

Imagine #37 Fishing (Tyler Seguin) *requested*

“To be completely honest, I’m kind of tired of doing the typical dinner-and-a-movie thing with you. We should do something different this weekend,” Tyler said over the phone. He was on his way back to our shared apartment from his morning workout.

Tyler and I had been dating for a year, and it seems that we always did the same thing. We would always go out to dinner and hit the same spots downtown. We were just both really busy for our jobs, we didn’t have much time for creativity.

“I agree, we’re getting kind of boring. What should we do?” I responded.

“Hmm” he thought. “Why don’t we go fishing? I haven’t gone since I was in high school, and I know you haven’t been in awhile.”

I smiled at all the memories that popped into my head. I had grown up on a huge farm in Oklahoma, but since I moved to Dallas to work, I didn’t get much time to do those outdoorsy things.

“Yes! That would be so much fun. Let’s go when you get home?” I asked, really excited.

“Sure thing, babe. I’ll be there in like 15 minutes, I’m going to go steal some fishing stuff from Jamie’s house.” Tyler responded.

“Okay, see you soon. I love you! Can’t wait.” I said, knowing that he could hear my smile.

“I love you, beautiful. I can’t wait either!”

45 minutes later

Tyler and I were driving in his black Jeep Wrangler on our way to the nearest lake. His right hand was resting on my thigh. He was wearing a Costa hat backwards and a long sleeve Realtree shirt. I loved how my Canadian man could pull off that rugged country boy look.

“You know,” he began, looking over at me. “You’re kind of killing me right now in the flannel and shorts. Looking like a little Daisy Duke over there, baby.” I smiled. I was wearing an oversized flannel button down, torn up jean shorts, and a white tank top. My brown hair was down in messy, beachy waves.

“Is that a compliant, Seguin?” I asked. He squeezed my hand and laughed. “Because… we can always turn around and I can put some sweats on?” I said, teasing him.

“Well my girl looks good in anything, but I’m kind of loving this look right now.” He winked.

We pulled up to the lake and unloaded the jeep. “Babe, you should put the top back on the car. It’s kind of overcast outside, I don’t want it to rain inside your car.” I suggested.

“Good thinking, babe.” He said, as he put the top back on the jeep.

Luckily, the clouds in the sky had deterred others from coming to the lake that day. We walked down the dock and sat on the end, baiting our hooks.

After about five minutes of sitting and waiting, I had a bite. There was a lot of pull from the other end, so I stood up to keep from falling in the water. Tyler pulled his line out of the water and set it down, getting up to help me.

“Can my country girl handle it?” Tyler asked with a smile.

“I think so-“ I started, but then I got pulled forward by whatever was in the water.

“Woah there. I think this fish is trying to steal my girlfriend!” Tyler said, coming up behind me and putting his hands on my hands to help me pull the fish out.

We finally were able to pull a huge catfish out of the water. Tyler was still standing behind me and helping.

I turned around into Tyler’s arms, thinking he would let go of me and help me with the fish, since it was still flopping around on the dock. But he didn’t. His hands gripped my waist tightly when I faced him, and he leaned in to kiss me. As soon as our lips met, it started to pour.

I dropped the fishing pole, and my arms wrapped around his neck. He was pulling me closer and closer into him, our kisses getting longer and French. His tongue felt warm and comforting inside my mouth, and the way he sucked on my bottom lip aroused me just enough to let out a small moan.

I dropped down from my tip toes after about five minutes. Tyler took that as a hint, and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist, my center growing more and more warm and wet.

Tyler pulled back. “I guess it’s a good thing we put the top up on the jeep, huh babe?” He looked up at the sky, referencing the torrential downpour. I laughed and he began to kiss up and down my neck, causing me to tip my head backwards and moan. “Let’s go home” he said. “No, babe.” I said firmly. “I can’t wait that long”. A sexual look developed in his eyes. “To the jeep.” He said.  


New video up on my channel! 🙌🏽 the second instalment of my fitness series on my YouTube. I’ve basically been trying to get my ass in gear after 2 months of holiday and travel earlier this year. This episode is an apartment/condo gym workout for upper body. Simple yet effective 💪🏼 let me know what you guys think 👀😍

Total Divas: Dean Ambrose x Reader

(1) You and Dean are starting your own chapter on the show Total Divas. 

—When it is in italics like this it is you talking to the camera with the green screen behind you (if that makes sense…).—

The episode starts off showing you in the kitchen of your apartment. You are wearing workout clothes and your hair is in a high ponytail. You are washing some dishes when your cell phone starts ringing. You wipe your hands off on a towel and pick up your phone. “Hey babe.” you smile. It was your boyfriend Jonathan Good. “How are you this morning??… That’s good I just got back from my morning workout and had some breakfast… Yeah… Can’t wait to see you… Yeah… I will see you around two then… Bye love you too.” You hang up and lean against the sink smiling. 

“It is no secret that me and Jon are dating. We started dating during our NXT days. We became fast friends and that blossomed into an amazing relationship. We have been dating for close to two years now. Since we are both so heavily involved with the WWE, what with me being the Divas Champ and him being the United States Champ, we decided to take our relationship to the next level by living together.” (Through out your little monologue clips of you and Jon are shown. You and Jon previously on Total Divas working out together or having dinner together. Clips of you two each in the ring during NXT and WWE. Clips of you two getting your championships. And a clip of you two goofing around, him picking you like he is about to slam you.)

Next you are seen in your bathroom touching up your makeup when your apartment buzzer goes off. You smile brightly and bolt out of the bathroom to go to your intercom. “Who is it??” you say in a sing song voice. “Here’s Johnny!!” Jon says in his best Jack Nicholson impression. You roll your eyes and laugh while you buzz him up. 

We decided to stay in my apartment because it has a free gym downstairs… and its already decorated to my liking… I don’t think Jon wanted me to redo his whole apartment in (your favorite color).” 

You open the door for Jon when he knocks. He steps in and puts down his boxes just in time for you to jump on him wrapping your arms and legs around him. You cling to him like a spider monkey as he closes the door. “I can get use to this every time I come home.” Jon laughs and kisses you. “I am so excited… You sure your’re going to be able to handle me all the time??” You tease with a sly smile as he sets you down. “I hear its good cardio being run up the walls 24/7.” He teases back earning a smack on the arm from you. 

“Jon was pretty hesitant at first to live together because of the show and all but he warmed up to it… just don’t expect him to do a lot of talking.” 

Later on in the episode it shows you and Jon laying in your shared bed. You two had spent the whole day unpacking all of the stuff he had brought that day. You two were ready for a good nights sleep in order to start all over tomorrow with unpacking the rest of the stuff. Jon rolls over on his side and wraps his arm around you. You kiss him on the nose and smile. “I love you Jon.” you smile and he kisses you. “I love you too darlin’ but shhh time to go to sleep I am exhausted.” He sighs and pulls you closer to him. You start to say something else when he rolls completely on top of you. “Shhhhhh no more words.” You giggle and try to push him off while he pretends to snore.

“This new chapter is already starting out as the best one. Jon is my best friend. Being able to share everyday with him now, on the road and at home is going to be like a dream come true. We always have the best times together whether its out on a date or just staying in and being quiet… We are so comfortable together.”

Your part of the episode ends with you and Jon cuddled up in your bed completely comfortable with each other and in love. 

(I had this idea the other day when I watching some YouTube clips of Total Divas. I am thinking about either doing a series if enough people like them. I will also do a few for other wrestlers as well. If you have a request please send it in and I will work it in. Thank you so much for reading. Feedback is appreciated.)

This Time Around-Chapter 1

A/N: I did not plan on this chapter getting to be this long, oops! Not sure when I will get to update, but hopefully it isn’t forever. Anyway, please let me know what you think so far; it has been so long since I have written anything, feedback is greatly appreciated!

Life had been going great for 18 year old Lucas Friar and his 17 year old girlfriend of almost 3 years, Riley Matthews. They had an amazing group of friends and could not wait to start their senior year at Abigail Adams High School. He had a 3.5 GPA, she had a 4.0 GPA, he was captain of the baseball team, she was co-head of the drama department, he had a part time/weekend job at a local animal hospital, and she had a flexible part time job at her mom’s bakery  

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