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One week apart.
6 days of workouts.
More water. Less sugary drinks.
Feeling less bloated.

Still working on finding foods I’ll enjoy that are actually healthy for me without doing a complete 180° on my normal eating habits. Trying to ease into it and enjoy it.

The Undeniable Offer

Summary: Chris gives an offer that she cannot deny, which has something to do with saving water 

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Warnings: None this is very very fluffy 

Word Count: 639

A/N: This was requested by @m-a-t-91 , #40 with Chris Evans. Here you go love, hope you like it! 💕

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The sun shining through the curtains is what woke you up, as the warm breeze flowed the curtains around. You rubbed the sleepiness from your eyes and stretched your limbs, hearing a soft chuckle coming from your left. Looking to where the sound came from, Chris was staring down at you in such a loving way that it made you blush. He whispered a good morning and ducked down for your lips only to have you cover your mouth, leading Chris to leave a devastated sigh.

“Sorry, I forgot.”

You narrowed your eyes at him and said, “You didn’t forget,” you cleared your throat,” you wanted to try your luck. Well, let me tell you something you ain’t lucky this morning.” Chris’s response was a simple chuckle, knowing you were right. It was complete silence between two, just staring at each other; wanting to memorize the others face. Chris suddenly looked up, remembering he had something as he jumped up and looked at the time. Different types of curses flew out of his mouth as he rushed into the bathroom, quickly washing up and went back straight into the closet.

“If only your mother could hear you right now!” You called after him shaking your head, despite him not being able to see you. “Where’re you even going?”

“Ha ha ha. You’re too funny, I rescheduled my workout time to now so I can have dinner with my amazing girlfriend.” Chris told you as he emerged from the closet; shoving his workout items in his gym bag. “I’ll be back in an hour, do you need anything?”

“Mmm, nope,” you said making a popping sound, making your way towards Chris giving him a kiss on the cheek but of course he turned his head just in time for your kiss to land on his lips.

“Looks like I’m pretty lucky,” Chris said flashing you a smile while you rolled your eyes at him.

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this isn’t the usual type of post that i make but: 

if you’re like me and you’re super out of shape but struggle with exercising out in public because you’re chubby and self-concious but all the routines you can find online don’t help because they’re jumping and loud and you live in an apartment: 

I STRONGLY recommend you check out blogilates’ apartment friendly workout series. I’ve done a couple of them and they are amazing. the workouts are (reasonably) easy to do even if you’re not in shape and there’s minimal jumping/thumping around and you don’t need any equipment (at least in the ones that I’ve done so far). Cassey’s also super sweet and supportive throughout the videos so they make you feel great by the end of the exercise rather than shitty (also no shaming for sweating/being out of breath! yay!) 

seriously folks, it’s making me start to hate exercising a little bit less. 


30-Minute NO EQUIPMENT Total Body Workout #MFitChallenge

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You're writing is to die for btw. Your characterization of both frank and karen is so on point. You write them so elegantly! I have a Kastle prompt for you. Karen gets attacked and before Frank can get to her she stabs her attacker but before he dies frank shoots him in the face so later when karen is having a panic attack franks like "technically I killed him" as he patches her up or something

(Alkshdflk thank you!!) ANGST. ALERT. But that’s kind of expected from the prompt, isn’t it? Lol. Hope this works for you! <3

The blood won’t wash off.

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164, 172, 193 w/ Luke please? (All 3 in one fic if that's ok?) Also hey you're pretty cool and I love your writing!!

Kitchen Aerobics

Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Luke Alvez x Reader
Prompts: “Stop teasing me so much…”, “The food looks great but…there’s something much more delicious I’d like to eat right now.” and “Good girl.”
Warnings: Smut, Oral Sex

This is my first ever smut/borderline smut, so I apologise in advance for how awful it is! I hope you enjoy it anyway!

You exhaled slowly, focusing hard on controlling your breathing. The pride you felt at being awake so early on a Saturday morning was immense. You’d even beaten your early bird boyfriend Luke who was usually up at the crack of dawn.

He returned home late last night, collapsing in bed beside you. You could tell the case had taken it out of him. Luke had been so tired that he’d only been able to snuggle up to you, draping a protective arm over your waist as he pressed a soft kiss to your neck.

Normally, you would welcome him home with an enthusiastic celebration. But, his exhaustion had resulted in a peaceful night of slumber, rather than an explosive bedroom session.

Maybe that was why you’d clambered out of bed so early this morning. A brief morning workout was helping you to channel your energy and slight frustration productively.

Usually, you’d be perfectly content to remain in your boyfriend’s loving embrace. However, this morning the sexual tension had been unbearable. His warm breath and soft touch had only exasperated your frustration. So, you’d decided to get up to avoid feeling depraved.

A quiet shuffling broke your concentration. Apparently, Luke had woken up. A moment later, he stumbled into the kitchen looking slightly confused.

You hid a smile as you took in his rugged appearance, amusedly noting that he’d pulled on your pink dressing gown to cover up with. His warm eyes were still heavy with sleep as he gazed at you in bemusement. He ran a hand through his hair, ruffling his short dark curls, so that it became even messier.

“Good morning.” You greeted happily, turning your attention back to your exercises.

“Morning.” He replied gruffly, his voice thick with sleep. He still looked slightly dazed. “What are you doing?”

You froze, finally realising how strange the sight that greeted him must be given that you were stood in his apartment in skimpy workout clothes at 07:00AM.

Perhaps, the kitchen wasn’t the ideal setting for your exercises. But, the prospect of being frozen outside in the rain wasn’t appealing.

“My exercises.” You told him, grinning at his bewilderment. You tore your gaze from him as you spun around, your back facing him as you stretched down to touch your toes.

You groaned slightly at the feeling, still feeling relatively stiff from the awkward position you’d slept in last night.

“There’s some breakfast on the table for you.” You informed Luke, not moving from your fixed position – completely unaware of the effect your exercises were having on your boyfriend.

The food looks great…” You heard his quiet voice approaching closer as he fully entered the kitchen.

You assumed that Luke was preoccupying himself with the bacon, eggs and toast that you’d dutifully prepared earlier. There was a momentary pause of silence as you concentrated on stretching your muscles. But, a sudden pressure behind you caused you to jump.

Luke pressed up behind you, one hand groping your rear as his arm wrapped tightly around your waist – pulling you closer to him. You gasped in delighted surprise as you felt his stiffness press against you.

This was exactly what you’d desired last night, the feeling of him gently probing your sensitive heat.

But, there’s something much more delicious I’d like to eat right now.” His soft murmur caused an explosion of warmth to flood through your body as he bent down to press a lingering kiss to the back of your neck.

You decided to tease him. It was always fun to make Luke unravel and you knew exactly how to drive him crazy.

“I’m trying to exercise here Luke.” You whispered quietly, pretending to care more about your stretches that the temptation of his body.

You decided to extend your stretch, seductively grinding your hips back into his eager body as you allowed him a perfect view of your form. You felt him inhale sharply and smirked, you knew that Luke’s weakness was your rear end. His hands were always roaming down your back to grip at your tender flesh.

“How about we do a more…vigorous workout?” He asked softly, his voice piquing with eagerness. “You know how much I love seeing you in workout clothes.” He slowly trailed a hand up your arm, gently brushing against your chest causing your eyes to flutter shut in pleasure.

You might have started the torment, but Luke always gave as good as he got.

“They’re definitely sexier than the pink dressing gown you’re wearing.” You gasped as he flicked at your bra strap, the slight sting exciting you. He pressed a light kiss to the area as he gently tugged the strap down.

“You’re a pest.” You told him, your voice slightly strained as you were distracted by the softness of his lips against your skin. You decided to return the favour, pushing back into his hardness provocatively. You heard him groan in desperation at the delicious friction that it sparked between your two bodies.

You knew he’d break first…and you were right.

Suddenly, his hand gripped a handful of your hair as he gently, but firmly, tugged you upwards. His heavy breaths were hot on your neck as his hands trailed down your body, his fingers clenching onto your exposed flesh.

“Just for those comments, and for leaving me all alone in bed this morning, you’re in for a severe punishment Y/N.”

You just smirked victoriously at the hunger in his voice. Luke could sense your smugness and decided to swiftly press you up against the breakfast bar. You moaned softly as he roughly spread your legs apart using just his leg, his hands were too preoccupied with roaming across your chest.

He suddenly dropped down, pinning your hands to the worktop, as he hungrily tore off your skimpy shorts. He lifted your legs with ease as he slipped you out of the garments, working his way back up your legs with a trail of sloppy kisses.  

You gasped loudly in delight as he ran his tongue along your inner thighs, squirming desperately under his hold as you tried to push yourself closer to him.

He was so close to where you needed him to be. You felt as if you could implode from the heat rushing through your body.

But, he wanted you to plead for it…for him.

He paused his ministrations, his warm breath teasing your heat as he trailed his fingers gently over your bundle of sensitive nerves.

You wished you could deny him the satisfaction of your desperate pleas, but you needed him so badly you couldn’t control your begs for mercy. They spilled from your mouth, almost subconsciously as he moved his mouth ever closer to your glistening core.

Stop teasing me so much Luke.” Your voice cracked under the raw passion you were experiencing. You needed him now.

“Ask me politely Y/N.” He growled, his breath tickling your sensitivity.

“Please.” Your voice was just a hoarse whisper now, your thoughts incoherent and body weak under his attentions.

Good girl.” Luke praised, before greedily delving into your heat. As much as he enjoyed teasing you, it was nothing compared to finally giving you the attention you so desperately needed and deserved.

Your legs tightened around his head as soft moans of pleasure poured from your mouth at the intense sensations his tongue sent rippling through your body.

Luke’s idea of kitchen aerobics was definitely superior to the workout you’d initially planned.

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hey is there any quiet workouts i could do in my room to burn calories? i don't have access to a gym and there's not enough room to do it outside :/ also, do you think you'll post more boy thinspo? thank you love!

Found some: https://greatist.com/move/quiet-home-workout





I’ll see what I can find for male thinspo. Stay safe, darling <3

Glasses (C.C. Imagines

Word count: 879

Pairing: Cody x Reader

A/N: Simply because my Instagram timeline is filled with pictures of Cody in glasses at SDCC. Since then, I’ve been having strong feels.


If there was one thing I loved on my boyfriend at the moment, it was his glasses. Prior to when he purchased them, it was always the sunglasses that consumed his handsome face. Whether the both of us were taking a stroll in the sunny weather or attending an event, Cody always carried his sunglasses with him.

But now? Cody wore the clear, large lens surrounded by the thin frame.

In all honesty, I didn’t know what to do with myself when he made his presence known in a room with those glasses. Some times, I felt intimidated and always shrunk away from him in a shy manner. Other times, I would pinch his cheeks and call him names like Honeybunch or Shnookims because he just looked so adorable behind the lens.
Today in particular was a day where I was a mixture of both.

I was getting frustrated with the assignment I was attempting to complete in my Economics course. The anger was so real, I was ready to toss my laptop out of the window.

“Breathe YN, breathe.” I pushed the electronic device away from me, fanning my face as I started to sweat from frustration.

Cody knew how I got when it came to this course so he purposely distanced himself from me. He would either leave the apartment to workout or just relax in the living room quietly. But at this moment, I knew that I needed his help.

Huffing, I gathered my laptop in my sweaty hands and made my way towards the living room. He had the volume low on the television, a sign that he knew I was studying. What a generous boyfriend he was.

“Babe,” I sighed, “I need your help.”

He muted the volume completely now, all attention focused on me now. “What’s wrong?”

“Everything.” I plopped down next to him, criss-crossing my legs Indian style. “I can’t figure everything out about this freaking lesson and I’m getting so mad about it.”

He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to his warm figure. “Aw, is my lovely Princess about to cry?”

“No.” I laid my head on the back of the chair, closing my eyes. “But I think I’ve burned most of my brain cells. Can you see what I’m doing wrong?”

“Yes.” He pecked my cheek.

For a minute or two, he mumbled the directions displayed on the screen of my laptop. Silence passed as turned to see him glancing over my work so far.

That’s where I got lost. I stared at him with those glasses adorning his face. He licked his chapped lips, adjusting his seating to a better posture for himself. His usual scruff covered his defined moving jawline.

“Babe?” his voice made its way back into my thoughts. “Are you listening?”

I could feel my cheeks heating up in embarrassment. “Um… no. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.” said. “Here, I’ll explain it again. It’s a mistake you made, a little one. Nothing big.”

He commenced his explanation again, my mind wandering other places again. Only this time, I let me eyes stay on his glasses. He was my poindexter in disguise: handsome, sweet, and just beautiful in general.

Before I knew what was happening, my hands were reaching out to pull the glasses off. Coming back to reality, he stopped talking to look at me as I held them in my hands.

“What’re you doing?” He attempted to sound accusing but a hint of a smile graced his lips.

“Nothing.” I playfully answered. I maneuvered myself around to face him so I was sitting on my folded legs. “I really like these.” I said as I pretended to study them.

“Of course you do. Were you even paying attention to what I was saying?”

I tilted my head sideways as if I were thinking deeply. “Now that I think about it, no.”

“Then why’re you here?” He removed the electronic device from his legs and set it on the coffee table. His hands made a patting motion, a gesture suggesting for me to envelop his legs.

“I don’t know.” I answered as I straddled him. “I needed help with homework but… something else interested me.”

“Oh really?”

“Mmhm.” I was losing it internally. So, I set the glasses on the table before wrapping my arms around my sexy boyfriends neck. “And it’s such a huge turn on for me.”

In a millisecond, we were making out. Our lips were battling for dominance while our hands were all in each others hairs. Cody’s hands slid out of my hair and down my back, inching its way to my bum. Once they reached their destination, he squeezed my bum lightly which caused a moan to slide past my slightly open mouth.

“You wearing those glasses does things to me.” I said in between our kiss.

“Well maybe I should continue wearing them.” he smirked. “So I can get this kind of treatment more often.”

I giggled as he squeezed my bum again, only a little bit harder.

He was right about wearing them though. In the time that I would spot the Dexter glasses adorning his features, I would pounce on him just for a quick make out. Sometimes, it was something more.


If you guys want, you can send in requests of yours. Personal or not, it’s up to you!


These tips just might allow you to have a better workout at home!

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I’m 5’7 and currently weigh 166 lbs and my dream is 141 lbs maybe even a littler lower. Can u suggest any quiet exercise that I can do in my room. I can’t go for a run or something like this ‘cause I have asthma.😅 I also wanted to say that I love ur blog and how u encourage others to stay healthy. 💕

Thanks for the love! I love how you’re goal weight is healthy!!!

Some quiet exercises: https://greatist.com/move/quiet-home-workout 

Stay safe, darling <3

Total Divas: Dean Ambrose x Reader

(1) You and Dean are starting your own chapter on the show Total Divas. 

—When it is in italics like this it is you talking to the camera with the green screen behind you (if that makes sense…).—

The episode starts off showing you in the kitchen of your apartment. You are wearing workout clothes and your hair is in a high ponytail. You are washing some dishes when your cell phone starts ringing. You wipe your hands off on a towel and pick up your phone. “Hey babe.” you smile. It was your boyfriend Jonathan Good. “How are you this morning??… That’s good I just got back from my morning workout and had some breakfast… Yeah… Can’t wait to see you… Yeah… I will see you around two then… Bye love you too.” You hang up and lean against the sink smiling. 

“It is no secret that me and Jon are dating. We started dating during our NXT days. We became fast friends and that blossomed into an amazing relationship. We have been dating for close to two years now. Since we are both so heavily involved with the WWE, what with me being the Divas Champ and him being the United States Champ, we decided to take our relationship to the next level by living together.” (Through out your little monologue clips of you and Jon are shown. You and Jon previously on Total Divas working out together or having dinner together. Clips of you two each in the ring during NXT and WWE. Clips of you two getting your championships. And a clip of you two goofing around, him picking you like he is about to slam you.)

Next you are seen in your bathroom touching up your makeup when your apartment buzzer goes off. You smile brightly and bolt out of the bathroom to go to your intercom. “Who is it??” you say in a sing song voice. “Here’s Johnny!!” Jon says in his best Jack Nicholson impression. You roll your eyes and laugh while you buzz him up. 

We decided to stay in my apartment because it has a free gym downstairs… and its already decorated to my liking… I don’t think Jon wanted me to redo his whole apartment in (your favorite color).” 

You open the door for Jon when he knocks. He steps in and puts down his boxes just in time for you to jump on him wrapping your arms and legs around him. You cling to him like a spider monkey as he closes the door. “I can get use to this every time I come home.” Jon laughs and kisses you. “I am so excited… You sure your’re going to be able to handle me all the time??” You tease with a sly smile as he sets you down. “I hear its good cardio being run up the walls 24/7.” He teases back earning a smack on the arm from you. 

“Jon was pretty hesitant at first to live together because of the show and all but he warmed up to it… just don’t expect him to do a lot of talking.” 

Later on in the episode it shows you and Jon laying in your shared bed. You two had spent the whole day unpacking all of the stuff he had brought that day. You two were ready for a good nights sleep in order to start all over tomorrow with unpacking the rest of the stuff. Jon rolls over on his side and wraps his arm around you. You kiss him on the nose and smile. “I love you Jon.” you smile and he kisses you. “I love you too darlin’ but shhh time to go to sleep I am exhausted.” He sighs and pulls you closer to him. You start to say something else when he rolls completely on top of you. “Shhhhhh no more words.” You giggle and try to push him off while he pretends to snore.

“This new chapter is already starting out as the best one. Jon is my best friend. Being able to share everyday with him now, on the road and at home is going to be like a dream come true. We always have the best times together whether its out on a date or just staying in and being quiet… We are so comfortable together.”

Your part of the episode ends with you and Jon cuddled up in your bed completely comfortable with each other and in love. 

(I had this idea the other day when I watching some YouTube clips of Total Divas. I am thinking about either doing a series if enough people like them. I will also do a few for other wrestlers as well. If you have a request please send it in and I will work it in. Thank you so much for reading. Feedback is appreciated.)


The Most Effective Tiny Apartment Workout | Class FitSugar

When it comes to getting your sweat on, does your studio apartment feel like a prison cell? Inspired by Orange Is the New Black, we’ve created a workout designed for cramped spaces. You can work your entire body with very little elbow room in just 10 minutes. Press play, and get ready to burn big calories in your small apartment.


This Time Around-Chapter 1

A/N: I did not plan on this chapter getting to be this long, oops! Not sure when I will get to update, but hopefully it isn’t forever. Anyway, please let me know what you think so far; it has been so long since I have written anything, feedback is greatly appreciated!

Life had been going great for 18 year old Lucas Friar and his 17 year old girlfriend of almost 3 years, Riley Matthews. They had an amazing group of friends and could not wait to start their senior year at Abigail Adams High School. He had a 3.5 GPA, she had a 4.0 GPA, he was captain of the baseball team, she was co-head of the drama department, he had a part time/weekend job at a local animal hospital, and she had a flexible part time job at her mom’s bakery  

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so i’m pretty casually into fitness these days, and by that i mean i won’t join a gym, but i will fill my tiny apartment with as many workout accessories i can get my little protein powder dusted hands on. like today, man, today i bought a single dumbbell. i don’t think that’s a thing people do, buy just one dumbbell. it feels wrong, like buying one shoe. or five shoes. i went to the fitness stuff store and i looked at the rack of dumbbells and i picked one up and i felt like i was buying an avocado. like i felt it in my hand and squeezed it and then picked up another one and felt that like, “yeahh okay, this one’s…ready.” basically i had no idea to pick one out. i was over thinking the concept of, “lift a heavy thing, repeat.” the way dumbbells are supposed to work, to my understanding at least, is you buy a dumbbell and workout with it, and then after a while you move up to a heavier dumbbell. but dumbbells are expensive, they’re like a dollar a pound. that’s more per pound than like, really nice bananas, i mean, to bring it back to the produce section. anyways i’m not about to start buying dumbbells or shelling out for a fancy adjustable set so i just bought one that i thought was decently heavy and figured that would hold me over for a while. but like, i had to pick it out in public with people around, so of course i bought one heavier than i thought i should just to impress the middle aged guy ten feet away buying a knee brace. 35 pounds. does that sound heavy? yes? no? no frame of reference? well it is heavy when you have to carry it back uptown 130 streets and the only bag you have is a mesh drawstring backpack you got free from your cable company. like a god damn cinder block in saran wrap. it was so ridiculously form fitting there was no way to hide the fact i was just carrying around a dumbbell. i got on the subway and i was like, “will it look bad if i sit down? i clearly deserve the seat, or do i? my weight is literally just a weight. there’s a guy with six bags of groceries, that woman is holding a baby, i have a big heavy piece of metal, the purpose of which is to be heavy. i bought it to carry it, please allow me to sit and cradle it on my knee like my son.” i’ll be honest though, it makes you feel kind of powerful, if anyone tries to attack you, you just hurl it at them. 

Jeonghan was a pretty light sleeper. Any crack, cough, movement could wake him easily.

His roommate, Minghao was up practicing his martial arts late and managed to break one their vases. Jeonghan made a rule that he goes to the apartment workout room for that.

Jeonghan likes things soft and quiet, so when he hears a soft guitar strum across their apartment. He can’t help but stay awake and listen.

It was a song he didn’t recognize, but man did he love to listen to it. The mystery singer was soft sounding, a voice like silk. But the guitar was loud and soulful. A complete contrast that Jeonghan couldn’t help but love.

Jeonghan felt his eyes grow heavy, falling to the music. Jeonghan realized that was the best sleep he’s ever gotten in awhile.

“Hyung, were you playing music last night?”

“Nope, I think we have a new neighbor Minghao.” Jeonghan mummers with a small smile.

The next night, Jeonghan awoke to the mystery singer once again. A new song, more soulful than the last. Jeonghan could feel the heart in his voice.

“This dude is gonna keep me awake, should I say something?” Minghao whispers out to Jeonghan.

“Don’t. It helps me sleep,”

Weeks and weeks go by, Jeonghan wakes to the singer next door singing his heart out putting him right back to bed.

“So, you like the boy who sings next door?” Wonwoo asks confused, Jeonghan shrugs.

“He has a really pretty voice, Wonwoo! It’s so unique. And soothing. It really helps me sleep. And they’re all love songs, some in English and Korean and one was in French I think? It was so beautiful. I really like listening to him sing.” Jeonghan flushes, covering his cheeks with the back of his hands.

“You’re swooning over somebody you’ve never seen, hyung. You might wanna meet him first? What if "he” is a she? How do you know it’s a boy? A girl? A man twice your age?“

"Shut up! I can tell who he is a he. The way he sings, Wonwoo. It’s different!” Jeonghan whines gripping his friends hand, “It’s beautiful!”

Wonwoo can’t help but laugh at his smitten friend. Jeonghan remains anxious throughout the day awaiting the night till he hears him sing.

Jeonghan stays up this time, he can hear the rustling next door. The bumping of his guitar being pulled from the stand. His shuffling to sit near the wall, his head pressing against the shared wall.

Jeonghan closes his eyes to the enchanting strumming, it was a song he recognized. Love is a Losing Game by Amy Winehouse.

Minghao was asleep, so Jeonghan decided to sing along. Being sure to harmonize quietly and not cover up the boys vocals.

The strumming stops mid song. Jeonghan wonders what made him stop, was he tired? Was he sick of the song? Did he hear Jeonghan singing?

Jeonghan hears the familiar shuffling, then a knock settling against the door.

Knock. Knock.

Jeonghan continues to stay still, hoping he’d run off.

Knock. Knock.

Jeonghan sighs as he crawls out of bed tip toeing to the door.

Jeonghan looks through the peephole, he sees a boy with a black SnapBack on pulling his chocolate brown hair back. He was wearing a white pullover with a black logo across his chest and athletic shorts.

He couldn’t really make out his face, but he dressed cute.

Jeonghan opened the door widely, with a smile.

“Hi, um. I heard you singing along? Did I wake you up? I just want to apologize if I did. I can quiet down.”

He was really cute. Tender brown eyes wide open with sincere, pink plush lips caught between his white teeth. His nose crinkled with nerves, he was rocking anxiously against his feet awaiting an answer.

“Yah, no no. I was already up. I just really liked your song choice, tonight. I love that song.” Jeonghan smiles, hoping to ease the boys nerve.

“Tonight? Do I wake you up any other night!?” The boy screeches, his eyes wide in shock.

Jeonghan shrugged a little, “I am a very light sleeper. You could breathe and I could wake up. But no, usually if you do. You put me right back to bed, you’re like my own little radio.”

‘Own little radio? Way to go, nice one’ Jeonghan thought to himself.

The boy flushes, “Ahh. I didn’t get to introduce myself. I’m Hong Jisoo. But you can call me Joshua, if you’d like.”

“Yoon Jeonghan. You can call me, your angel.”

'REALLY JEONGHAN?’ Jeonghan screams to himself mentally regretting everything that’s happened in the last 5 minutes.

“Cute. Do you sing too, Jeonghan? You sounded really good from the bits I heard.”
Jisoo said.

“A little yeah. I don’t sound as good as you do though, especially at 2:30am.”

“I just do it cause my roommate has bad times sleeping. So he likes to hear me sing, it helps him sleep.” Jisoo smiles, “He really likes to hear love songs.”

“That’s really sweet of you, Jisoo. My roommate likes to practice Martial Arts at 3am. He says its when the world calls him to reach his inner peace.” Jeonghan says, getting a laugh out of Jisoo.

Even his laugh was cute.

“I’m gonna let you go to bed, Jeonghan. I’ll finish this song up so you can sleep real well, okay?”

“Okay. Sing another love song. I like them as much as your roommate does.” Jeonghan says confidently before Jisoo says goodbye with a flushed face.

Jeonghan couldn’t help but fall asleep with a smile on his face that night.

Minghao rushes to Jeonghan next morning with a piece of paper.

“For you, Yoon Jeonghan.” Minghao says with a cliche bow.

Jeonghan stares confusingly with his toothbrush hanging from his lips.

“For, Angel Jeonghan.
You said you love love songs. Right?
Here’s the names of songs I’ve been singing for the past month. Enjoy. And there’s also my number. Call me and I can sing for you anytime you want. A personal session. Just you and I.
The "very cute boy with puppy dog eyes singerb boy from next door”
Your friend Wonwoo is friends with Soonyoung (my roommate) thanks for talking so highly of me. I’ll repay you.“

Jeonghan didn’t know if he should be thankful for Wonwoo, or kick his ass.

But, he couldn’t hide how happy he was that Jisoo was going to sing to him. Only him.