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shoutout to the 10-11 year old kid who lives in the apartment complex behind the store i worked seasonally at. I helped sell him a phone right before christmas (he wanted to play pokemon go and had been doing chores for his neighbors to earn the money) and sometimes, because his phone is wifi only, he just comes in and connects to the store wifi and runs around playing pokemon go, and when he happens to see me he recognizes me and chats to me about his game and plays the claw machines for stuffed toys to give his dog and he’s just a neat kid and also didn’t get frustrated when I didn’t have the exact phone he wanted in stock.

One of these buildings is the fourth tallest skyscraper in Asia. Hidden amidst Jamsil’s cluster of apartments, stores and offices, it might be a bit difficult to spot, but if you look closely, you’ll notice one building is slightly taller than the others.

With sunrise more than an hour away, eight police officers from the Cook County state’s attorney’s office crept to the front of a tattered two-flat on Chicago’s West Side. Another six officers were at the back door. Inside, nine people slept in the first-floor apartment, where 19 guns and more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition were stored. This apartment, at 2337 W. Monroe St., was a stronghold of the Illinois Black Panther Party, a branch of a national group known for revolutionary politics.

About 4:45 a.m., Sgt. Daniel Groth knocked on the front door. When there was no answer, he knocked with his gun. The next seven minutes of gunfire became one of the most hotly disputed incidents of the turbulent 1960s. After the shooting stopped, Illinois Black Panther leader Fred Hampton, 21, and a party leader from Peoria, Mark Clark, 22, were dead.

The Chicago police department and the FBI murdered Fred Hampton.

Some Place In Time

When I was a little girl, I believed in fairy tales, and happy endings. I believed in a knight in shining armor, riding in on his stallion and saving the damsel, falling in love, and riding off into the sun set.

As I grew up, a part of me kept that believe, always hoping to find my knight. It’s what led me into opening my store Some Place In Time.  I sold antiques: books, jewelry, clothes, books, everything really. It was set up in the historic downtown (Y/H/T), I lived in an apartment above my store.

I looked out the window, watching it rain, knowing the weather was keeping the tourists away. The rainy day was meant for curling up with a good bug, and a mug of tea. I resisted the urge, and went to unpack the boxes of things I had bought at auction last week.

I’d take advantage of the day, and get some things done. I needed to change out my display window. As well as move around some jewelry cases, I had bought a beautiful wedding set.

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Fingers danced across the keys of the piano as she sang along to ‘Gravity’ by Sara Bareilles. “ But you’re neither friend nor foe though I can’t seem to let you go, the one thing that I still know is that you’re keeping me down..” Ariel sang along, too focused on singing to notice anyone, until finally finishing the song and chewing on her lip as she placed the portable piano down and subconsciously fiddled with her necklace.

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(yeah i know max lives in an apartment store but just hear me out.) so max is just chilling out in his room. nothing much goes on. suddenly his phone gives a buzz. someone texted him. max checks his phone to simply see a text from Johnny that says "Look at your backyard". max, clearly confused, looks outside his window to the backyard and sees Johnny standing excitedly next to burnt grass that reads "You're A Nerd". johnny looks proud. max sighs eternally.



hey guys, ive been feeling waaaaaaay better emotionally thanks to my fixed sleep schedule and new job at the deli apartment at the grocery store. ive only been talking with my irl friends lately through skype and me and one of them actually got into the premise of slices of pie down (we just need to get the script and art style down too and well be set to go) i also have been working on update designs of some of my universal truth ocs and other ones that ive made a long time ago but never had a design of or even mentioned on here, when i feel mentally well enough to stay on the computer for 4 hours to work on them, until then i will try and keep updating concept or wips on my instagram. ive been playing pokemon go again and taking scout out for walks in the morning too so im exercising a little bit more too. i also got into the adventure zone podcast sooooooo if i do come back when im caught up with it i might actually some fan art on that. i did thought of returning for spring break but i decided to extend my hiatus on here until after A-kon due to having possible plans with friends that whole week so thats about it for now, laters!

wyatt thomas caldwell // weird twin #1
twenty-five // vinyl + used books store owner // nightfall ›› aaron taylor johnson

everything in wyatt’s life is a ruin. his family, his childhood home (where his family still lives), his first love. never really seemed to work for him, things always seem to slip away and shatter. he doesn’t quite fit in with his family, they are all cunning and ambitious and he’s perfectly happy with his small apartment and his store that doesn’t make that much money. he’s quite reclusive and even though he can enjoy being around other people and talking and being social but when things seem to get intimate he gets nervous and can be quite awkward and even come out as rough or rude. his whole life has become the store and most of his friends are probably the few people that still want to buy vinyl or used books.

needs: his friends/clients that can even just go there to meet him and buy a 2 dollar book and maybe one or two to help him out in the store, like i imagine there’s no position, they all just do it all because it’s such a small establishment and not a lot of work

indigo garrett ferro // secret hopeless romantic 
twenty two // motel receptionist // twilight ›› kit butler

indie was raised only by his father and since his father never talked about his mother, he never really asked. they moved around a lot and finally stopped only because his father inherited an old motel from his grand-aunt. the motel had been out of business for years and a lot of work had to be done and even so it’s far from ideal. the life of moving around a lot and seeing his father in various relationships made indie crave something more special and meaningful but he wouldn’t know how to do it and probably eventually fucks things up.

needs: everything?? he needs some friends because he has moved to east eerie a few years ago like seven/eight. his father is very sketchy so he probably ended up befriending the wrong type of people even though it’s not his ideal crew, he’d make it work.

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She don't believe in shootin' stars , but she believe in shoes and cars , wood floors in the new apartment , couture from the store's departments

flashing lights by kanye?

Commissions are OPEN!!! 10$ Headshots 15$ Chibis

I recently got a job for the fall and I am going to start my career. (yay)  I’m going to move pretty far away and I want to draw commissions a lot this summer in order to pay for things in my new apartment, so I can make it into a home.

I’m going to accept only 8 slots for commissions

Flat Chibis are 15$ each

Cell shaded Headshots are 10$ each

Once the slots are filled up, commissions are closed.

For more info, click here!  My email and my commission rules are there.  If you are serious about getting a commission, email me and we can talk details.  After both parties agree, I’ll send you my paypal email and we can get started.  Thank you!!!

Something is Wrong

Here on AO3

Rated: T ; approx. 2k

(Basically is just sick Coliver. Hope you enjoy!)

Something is wrong with Oliver.

When Oliver doesn’t respond to any of the texts Connor sends him during class, Connor brushes it off with a confident shrug. Even though Oliver always texts him back. Even if it’s just a quick “Can’t text now.” He’s probably in the middle of a meeting or on a call or something.

When Oliver doesn’t respond to any of the emails Connor sends him while walking across campus to grab a sandwich, Connor figures it isn’t anything to worry about. Even though Oliver always emails him back. Even if it’s as simple as “We’ll talk tonight.” He gets a ton of email everyday so what if one message (or six) got lost in the shuffle.

When Oliver doesn’t respond to the Facebook messages Connor sends him in the middle of his second class of the day, Connor rationalizes it’s no big deal. Even though Oliver always messages him back. Even it’s as meaningless as “Why do you send me messages here? You know I hate Facebook.” He’s just being a good employee. Not checking in while still at work. Being responsible.

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