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Witch Tips for City Witches

City Witch Tips for all of my fellow witches stuck in apartments, dorms or other city areas.

  • If you can’t burn incense you can make your own sprayable incense by mixing alcohol (usually vodka or rubbing) with essential oils and a bit of oil, spray in the air to act like incense
  • If you are unable to go outside for whatever reason to get rain water (in my case just no where to collect it safely), fill a jar or glass with regular water and keep it near a cracked window to charge it with the wind, sound and scent of the rain outside. Same goes for storm water
  • Trapped in city and unable to get ocean water? Sea salt mixed with rain/storm water can be an excellent substitute
  • To continue on with water substitutes, if you can’t collect snow crushed ice from your fridge will suffice
  • Low key warding/protection you can use: spray moon water, salt water or sprayable incense about your apartment or dorm, place sigils under doormats, furniture, inside cupboards, etc; place crystals about hidden or out in the open, sweep and dust out the door or towards windows
  • If you need melted wax to seal a jar or for any other magical purpose, but can’t burn candles, by a wax melter and melt that wax and imagine the light from the burner acting like a flame (plus they are rather cheap, I got mine for 25 bucks)
  • Need stars in your craft but too much light pollution? Glow in the dark stars on your ceiling or wall can work just as well for visualization. Print out pictures of your favorite constellations or planets and place them up on your walls or on your altar. Live video feed of the night sky can also be easily found on the internet
  • Bath magic is amazing for low-key ‘in the woods’ witches. Use teas, milk, oils, herbs, bath bombs, bubble baths, salts, etc that relate to your intent. It is also a good place to meditate if you have roommates or family around that would disturb you otherwise
  • If you do for whatever reason need to burn a candle, birthday candles are small, melt fast, and don’t create a lot of smoke or smokey scent
  • Sigils are another great low-key form of magic. To boost them up, use color magic related to the color you draw them in, write them using quills made of feathers related to your intent, use colored paper, rub a drop of essential oil on them, charge them with crystals or in your windowsill
  • You don’t have to burn sigils to activate them, which is hardly an option when you are in a dorm or apartment. Other options are: Shredding them, erasing them, soaking them in a bath or shower, using body heat or your own pulse, etc
  • Miss having the outdoors and plants around? Windowsill gardens can really help. Small plants you can consider keeping in your windowsill or counter-tops: succulents, cacti, bamboo, lemongrass, basic, rosemary, mint, rosemary, mosses, aloe, snake plant, pothos (and other vines), carrots, beets, shallots, lettuce, spinach, garlic, chives, parsley, oregano, thyme, and marigold
  • Open your window to let the wind and air from outside to help energize you and clear out negative energies inside
  • Fun places to put sigils: under furniture, carved into soap, onto shampoo/conditioner bottles, on your make up, inside phone cases, in shoes, under bandages, sewn into pillow cases and blankets, behind pictures in frames, underside of nail polish, carved into wax squares for your wax melter, keys and keychains, behind mirrors or in medicine cabinets, on bookmarks, on or in binders and pencil cases, on medicine bottles, and water bottles/travel mugs
  • Easy to make and dispose of poppets: carrot sticks (one of my personal favorites), apples or other fruit, clothe, paper, popsicle sticks, paper towels/napkins, toilet paper rolls, eggs, celery stocks, and cotton balls
  • The internet is an amazing thing. Need some sounds to help you focus or meditate? Easily look up the sounds of rain, storms, wind, ocean waves, jungles, forests, etc
  • Christmas lights are fun and great way to use discrete witchcraft. Select ones in the colors you wish for them to bring ie green for growth, yellow for inspiration, white for protection, purple for psychic abilities, etc. 
  • Some everyday things you can use for discrete witchcraft that don’t cost much at all or that you most likely already have: water, table salt, black pepper, paper, crayons/pencils/pens/markers, vinegar, milk, tea, highlighters, make up and beauty supplies, shampoo and conditioner, rubber bands, paperclips, thumbtacks, computer/phone/tablet, music/music player, playing cards, dice, air freshener, perfumes, toothpaste, rice, flour, sugar, honey, and all kitchen herbs and seasonings.
  • Can’t afford gemstones or crystals on college budget? Crackle and dyed quartz you can find super cheap at craftstores and online. I bought a whole bag for 4 bucks. Use them based on their colors and shapes. Can’t afford that but still want to use rocks in your craft? Find some rocks you like outside, again use their colors and shapes to determine their correspondences. Want to use them for a specific purpose? Paint sigils on them in the color that corresponds with what you want! Charge them in your windowsill or with your own energy and intent. There you go!
  • Pocket mirrors are cheap, easy to carry around and great for glamours and on the go magic. 
  • Seriously though, glamour spells are going to be a good option for you. use your make up, skin products, hair care products, brushes/combs, perfume, mirrors, toothbrush/toothepaste and intent. Good to do while you are getting ready for your day
  • Dream magic is another friend of the city witch! Use crystals, sigils, herbs, etc near your bed before you go to sleep, drink some chamomile, get yourself a dream journal (mine is literally a notebook with construction paper on it), keep it and a pen near you. In the morning write down your dreams, your thoughts, how you feel (tired, refreshed, groggy, etc), and interpret them. 
  • Can’t afford tarot cards? Print out some, you can usually find them online and they won’t last as long as a real deck but it is a good temporary solution. Want a Ouija board but can’t keep one or need it to be easily hidden? Print one out, draw on one on paper or cardboard, fold it up and store it once you are done. Want a pendulum but can’t afford one? Use your favorite necklace, bracelet or keychain!
  • Tea and coffee magic is great, make your own tea blends with the herbs you like. Or just buy simple green or black tea and add sugar, milk, etc depending on your intentions
  • As I said before, crock pot magic. The Modern Cauldron: brew and cook all day with it, fill your apartment with the scent of the herbs and food to fill it with the energies they correspond with and you get a delicious meal to come home to! Most dorms allow them. Rice cookers also work well.
  • Can’t afford fresh food? Have to survive on ramen, canned soup, and microwaved meals? That is okay! They even correspond with things! Tomato soup for love, beauty and passion. Beef ramen noodles for strength, courage and longevity. Microwave mac n cheese for beauty and feminity. Look at their ingredients and what they correspond with. Sure its not as glamorous as a making a huge made by scratch traditional meal but its kitchen magic none the less. Stir it with your intent while you cook. It isn’t fancy but it works just as well!
  • Use a notebook or binder for a nice grimoire, decorate it as much as you want on the inside. Print out pictures of nature, animals, planets, stars, places, crystals, etc that you cant’ access/afford and use them in your craft. Spell books and grimoires are powerful tools
  • Don’t have a wand? Use a wooden spoon. Tie a colored string or ribbon to it to correspond with what energy you want it to have and move and flick it as you would a wand. 
  • Knitting, crocheting, and knot magic is very apartment friendly. As well as sewing and embroidering plus it is super calming.
  • Glitter, sequins, and beads are great in witchcraft! Use their colors to determine their correspondences. Put them in spell jars, sachets, bottles, etc. Glitter tip: if you spill any don’t fret, get some packing tape, wrap it around your hand with the sticky part outwards and dab at that glitter spill. You will literally pick up all of the glitter in seconds!
  • Enchant and charge your pots, pans, skillets, and other cookware to make every meal magical
  • Make moonwater in your windowsills. Use it for cleansing, beauty, divination, clarity, protection and purification
  • Take walks. Even if it is a city there is still nature about. Pigeons flying about, potted flowers outside of stores, grass growing in front lawns, etc. Enjoy yourself, even if it is not some wild, vast forest you can still connect with your local nature.
  • Pick up litter or garbage you see outside, being in the city we all see it. The natural world around you will appreciate you helping out. Bring a bag with you when you take your walks or travel and fill it with wrappers you see on the ground.

I hope this was helpful to all of my fellow city and dorm witches!

About a Girl [1]

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Namjoon: dad!au & CEO!au

Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 /Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Final / Epilogue 

Meet the new nanny.

You stared up from the slip of paper that you held in your hand, an address scribbled on it. This was it. This was the building that your newest employer resided in. You took a deep breath before pushing into the buildings revolving door. 

Upon entering you noticed a security guard at a desk a few feet away. Whoever had hired you sure lived in a nice place to warrant security in the building. The man gave you a slight smile, “Can I help you ma’am?”

You nodded, “Yes please. I’m here for Kim Namjoon. He lives in apartment 441.”

The man grabbed a clipboard, flipping through a couple pages. “Could you tell me your name?”


“Ah, yes. Miss Y/LN.” He put down the clipboard as his smile became a little more sincere. “You’re the new nanny to little miss Jangmi I hear. She’s a good girl, I can’t imagine she will give you much trouble. It’s her father you’ll wanna watch out for.”

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anonymous asked:

You don't offer any realistic changes to health insurance. All your claims are idealistic and I understand the emotion behind your points, but no real change that people can push for can occur from it.

‘Idealistic’ I literally live in a country that has a publically funded national health service where we do not have to get insurance, like this is the reality I am in, I don’t need to come up with alternatives for you, they already exist lmfao what planet are you on

We Can Feel So Far (From So Close) (1/2)

Waiting until your best friend left for a cross country tour was a fine time to realize you’re in love with him. Captain Swan.

This is the first of a two shot that I finally decided to post after having it sit in my Google Docs since last summer. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this first part!

Rated T | Word count: 8139 | Also on AO3 and FF.net

There’s an old quote that says something along the lines of “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” That you don’t realize just how much you love someone until they’re no longer around.

When Emma would come across phrases like that a few years ago, she would typically roll her eyes and mutter some kind of sarcastic remark, all while trying not to dwell on the fact that there probably would never be someone for her to love like that.

But of course, that was before she met Killian. And everything changed.

They meet on a Thursday night, under unusual circumstances. Emma had moved into her new apartment that afternoon, a simple one bedroom in Boston that was more than enough space for her and the small amount of items in her possession. The whole day had been a disaster from the get go. First thing that morning, her previous landlord accused her of not paying the last month’s rent, and threatened to sue if he didn’t get it immediately. (The look on his face when he realize he was in the wrong was priceless. And he wondered why she was moving out of his crappy building.) Then, the movers she could barely afford to hire wound up taking her furniture to the wrong apartment complex on the other side of Boston. By the time the fiasco had been taken care of, it was nearly the end of the day. Saying she was exhausted was an understatement.

Emma stands in the middle of the living room, observing the chaos that was now her new home. She may have brought a small number of things with her, but most of said things were still in boxes, scattered around on the floor and waiting to be put away. She’d unpacked a box of clothes solely to dig out her favorite Batman pajamas, leaving the rest piled up in the corner of her bedroom. Just something else that could wait until tomorrow when she wasn’t both starving and sleep deprived.

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“Supreme Leader, we have someone in position with easy access to Jong-nam, awaiting orders. The only matter left is how to dispose of him. A suppressed firearm while he’s alone in his apartment is the easiest option, however-”

“Nerve gas.”

“I- I’m sorry?”

“I want you to rub nerve gas on his face.”

“But that’s-”

“Nerve gas.”

i just wanna play an MMO or sandbox game or something where you can set up a shop or tavern

fuck combat I just wanna sell things

make them or buy wholesale from artisans, use profits to pay entertainers to busk at my place

set up a quest noticeboard so people can post Wanted ads

have people come by to chat and hang out and meet others

tell fortunes maybe

why is that so hard

|| Dangerous ||

{summary: “it’s like i’m fighting against fate when i’m with you.”}

yoooo who wants another dick grayson/nightwing x reader?

I’m just going to hope for the best and post this 。゚(TヮT)゚。 I’ll return to writing something new a peter parker x reader or work on that remus lemon later on in the week

warnings: none.

**don’t plagiarize/repost this story. reblogs are fine.**


You should seriously reconsider working overtime since being alone in the streets of Bludhaven at 2 am was not an ideal situation for you.

The skirt of your suit ruffles within the cold wind, whipping your hair around your face as you shivered, stopping your movements as you tried to warm up a bit. Normally, you would have no trouble at all walking home to your apartment, since you usually got home around the hour when the city was still buzzing with activity.

Since it was close to the hours of dawn, the vast majority of people were asleep, and those who were usually awake at this hour were the shady characters your mother had warned you about. So far, your trek home was uneventful with only the sight of the half moon in the sky keeping you company, and you hoped that it would remain that way until you were in the safety of your apartment.

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Admin Marie

A/N: This took me ages to post, but I am finally back! sorry I have been so inactive lately. But I am coming back so I will be posting regularly! I am always willing to write another part!

Requested:  can i request like a kinda angsty fic where you and jungkook slept together one time but now you kind of have feelings for one another but neither one wants to make it weird?? you don’t have to write the smutty part you don’t want! thanks!! xx

Word Count: 4000 (It’s really long)

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Member: Jungkook (BTS)

Summary: It only happened one time! You and Jungkook made a mistake and slept together, but in your defense you were both drunk and had no idea what was going on. But what happens when you two grow feelings?

Originally posted by sugutie

Too much alcohol led to really bad decisions. You knew that and Jungkook knew it, yet here the two of you were, half naked and making out. The skin on skin contact you were receiving was almost too much, sending your certainly not sober brain into a state of euphoria, but did you care? No, you didn’t.

Jungkook is your older brother, Yoongi’s best friend. You were off limits to Jungkook as far as Yoongi was concerned, but you two were still about to have the best sex of your lives. The feeling of Jungkook’s hands on your bare waist was enough for you to disregard Yoongi’s strict warning to stay away from Jungkook relationship wise. You had just come out of a long term relationship a couple months ago and you sure as hell weren’t looking for a relationship. Jungkook wasn’t either, he enjoyed the freedom that came with being single.

The morning after you and Jungkook had broken every rule Yoongi had inputted, you felt sick. You just disobeyed everything you brother had told you, and you wanted to leave before Jungkook awoke. There was one major problem, Jungkook was in your bedroom, in the apartment you shared with your brother. Yoongi had spent the night with one of his other friends, Jimin, but you knew it was seconds before he would return. You knew one thing for certain, you didn’t want him walking in and seeing you and Jungkook naked in your bed.

Not thinking twice, you reach over and gently shake Jungkook. He groans and buries his head deeper in his pillow. You sigh exasperatedly, repeating your actions. He doesn’t budge though, only moves closer to you and pulls your body against his toned chest. You realize you don’t want to wake him up anymore and just stay in his warm embrace, but you’re snapped back to reality as you remember your brother will be home in less than 10 minutes.

“Jungkook. Jungkook, come on. Wake up, Yoongi will be home soon,” You whisper, half hoping he just hugs you tighter. He doesn’t though, your words snapped him to reality.

“Oh shit!” He exclaims. He sits up and hops out of your bed, throwing on his clothes messily. You follow suit, throwing on a new change of clothes, not wanting your brother to be suspicious of last night’s activities. “He can’t know,” Jungkook says to you, following you into the kitchen.

“Of course he can’t,” You reply. You walk into the living room, grabbing a pillow and blanket from the bin in the corner of the room. You place the pillow at the end of the couch and messily throw the blanket on the rest of the couch. “If he asks, which he will, you didn’t have enough for a taxi home from the club so we came back here and you slept on the couch,” You inform him. He nods.

“Smart thinking,” He compliments, causing a light blush to fall on your cheeks. You turn away from him quickly, lightly hitting yourself in the forehead. Why are you blushing? You brush off the thought and walk into the kitchen.

“Want something to eat?” You ask. Before he can reply, keys jingle in the lock on the front door and you tense up, going over the lie you composed seconds ago. The door swings open and Yoongi is standing there. He smiles at you warmly but when he sees Jungkook his face turns suspicious.

“What are you doing here?” He asks Jungkook pointedly.

“Jungkook didn’t have enough money for a taxi but I didn’t have enough money to get me home and him home, so he just stayed overnight here,” You reply, smiling innocently and hugging your brother.

“Where did you sleep,” Yoongi asks Jungkook.

“Couch,” Jungkook says. Yoongi peeks at the couch and nods approvingly.

“Thanks for respecting my wishes,” He says, hugging you again. You feel a pang in your heart, lying to your brother the way you and Jungkook were. You knew Yoongi would be furious if he found out that you and Jungkook slept together and his anger would be heightened if he knew the two of you lied to him. That was a rage neither you nor Jungkook wanted to face, especially at the moment when the two of you felt awkward being in the same room.

“No problem, hyung,” Jungkook says. “I am going to take my leave. I will walk from here,” He says.

“Don’t be silly, I can lend you enough money for a cab,” You protest.

“No, I will be fine,” He says. He bids Yoongi goodbye and winks discreetly at you as he walks by you, Yoongi not noticing.

“I am going to go take a shower,” Yoongi says, but then he spots something on you. “Y/N? What’s that?” He asks.

“What’s what?” You reply. He pulls your hair back, fingers gently landing on the side of your neck.

“Is that a hickey?” He asks. You curse internally for not wearing something that would cover the mark Jungkook left on you.

“Yeah, some guy at the club did that,” You lie, forcing your voice to be as steady as it can be in your current predicament.

“Gross,” He replies, turning on his heel and walking off, presumably to the bathroom. Once you hear the door shut behind him, you sigh in relief. You turn and clean up the fake bed you made for Jungkook and your lie. You fold up the blanket and grab the pillow, placing them back in the bin you got them from minutes ago. Turning around, you take a couple minutes to process what you and Jungkook did last night. On one hand, it was bound to happen. The amount of sexual tension that was radiating between the two of you was outrageous and you two sleeping together was a long time coming, you both knew that. Maybe it was the fact that Yoongi had forbidden it so harshly, the aspect of doing something against the rules was exciting, maybe it was because you two were attracted to each other, no one would know.

You sigh to yourself, falling onto the couch unceremoniously, already uncomfortable with the lie. If it was for Jungkook though, you weren’t going to tell Yoongi a thing. You sure as hell didn’t want to be yelled at as if you were three years old and unaware of the consequences your actions would have and you were sure Jungkook didn’t want that either.

The funny thing is, you and Jungkook were actually close as kids. He and Yoongi had met years and years ago at school. Jungkook was in the same grade as you but he was always hanging out with older kids. You on the other hand had friends your own age and was quite content to talk to whoever approached you, but Jungkook was never one of those people.

You were actually the one to approach Jungkook first when you two were in the eighth grade and he hung around your brother and their other friends almost every day. He was seriously scared when you talked to him, a common theme for him. He seemed to be scared of every girl in the school and was creepily quiet at school but really loud outside of school when he thought you couldn’t hear from your bedroom. After you started talking to you, the two of you never really left each other’s sides at school. Your brother liked that you had found such a close friend but as you and Jungkook grew up, he was more protective over you.

When you and Jungkook hit the second year of highschool and it was less socially acceptable to hang around people of the opposite gender, you two split ways. Right now, you two consider each other a friend, but no where to the extent you used to be. In more ways than one, you were seriously regretful that you two grew apart, but looking back at it now, you wouldn’t change a thing because it allowed you to make the friends you have today.

You snap out of your reminiscing when Yoongi sits down beside you. He helps distract you for the rest of the week from the nagging thoughts at the back of your head. Exactly a week later, Yoongi invites all six of his friends over, which includes Jungkook. You know that it is unfair to not want to be in your apartment when all your brother’s friends - all of whom you love deeply and are basically your older brothers - are going to be there but you want to not be there when Jungkook is. You called up one of your best friends, Wendy, and the two of you are going to hang out at your apartment. You would have gone to hers, but her roommate is having her boyfriend over and neither of you want to hear that all night, so naturally your apartment was the better option.

Even though you wanted to get out of your apartment, the fact that Wendy would be there would give you an excuse not to be around your brother and his friends soothed you. Wendy gets held up at her apartment though, so Yoongi’s friends start arriving before she gets there. At the start, just Hoseok and Jimin arrive, so you’re quiet content to lay out in the living room with them and have conversations with them. When Jungkook arrives though, you get up and walk to the kitchen, grabbing a glass of water and hanging out in the kitchen, not wanting to look to suspicious or eager to leave. Soon enough though, you’re dragged back into the living room by an eager Hoseok. He seats you beside Jungkook on the couch. You gently shift away from him by a centimeter, a shiver shooting down your spine at the memory of his body on top of yours, your legs wrapped around his waist and-

“Earth to Y/N, are you alive,” Jimin asks, launching a pillow at your face. You catch it and nod.

“Just waiting for Wendy,” You reply. Jimin nods but eyes you suspiciously. Great, the last thing you need is Jimin to question why you’re acting strange. Your phone buzzes and you eagerly grab it, reading the text message written out on the screen.

Wendy, the greatest: Fam I am so sorry, my roommate is having a melt down cause her boyfriend broke it off, I can’t leave her. Rain check?

Y/N: No problem, Wen! Tell her I am rooting for her.

You sigh to yourself as you realize you have nowhere to go and no excuse to leave. You don’t blame Wendy though, she’s trying to keep her roommate sane.

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” Seokjin asks, concern lining his handsome face.

“Wendy’s roommate just went through a breakup so she’s not coming over,” You reply.

“Can’t say I am sorry! Now you get to spend time with us,” Namjoon offers. You smile.

“Me either,” You say, only half lying. You really do genuinely enjoy spending time with Yoongi’s friends, but you have no idea how to interact with Jungkook after what happened. You place your hands down on the couch to stand up at the same time Jungkook does and your hands brush each other’s. You quickly retract your hand, your heart racing like mad.

Of course, your heart racing at this simple touch sends you into a flurry of confusion. You’ve never had your heart race while touching Jungkook. You clutch your hand to your chest and walk to the kitchen, sitting on the counter and refusing to speak. You had such conflicting feelings about Jungkook, that you didn’t know how to react to him. You knew sleeping with him was irresponsible but you didn’t have all of your sense when it happened. Besides, the sexual tension between the two of you was killing you before you slept with him.

You decide to fake sickness and you tell the others you’re going to sleep it off. Yoongi watches you with a curious stare and Jungkook regards you with such sad eyes it hurts you. You turn and walk to your bedroom, shutting the door and turning off the lights. You lay on your bed, slipping your earbuds in your ears and turning on music really loudly.

Tapping your finger along to the beat, you start to wonder what Jungkook is thinking right now. Was he as upset as you were? Did he hate you now? The biggest question was: Why did you care? You never cared so much about one of Yoongi’s friends before, even though they were older brothers to you. You cared about them a lot, but you didn’t lose sleep over them. Not like this.

You see your door open and you take your earbuds out and sit up, seeing Jungkook walking in. He sits on the end of your bed and smiles at you. You return it, wondering why he is here.

“Y/N,” he says, the name rolling off his tongue so easily and smoothly, it makes a chill run down your spine. You remember how your name sounded on his lips that night, and it wasn’t the same.

“Yeah?” You reply, waiting for him to give you the answer you desire.

“I’m sorry that night happened. It was a huge mistake and let’s put it behind us and not talk about it again,” he says. Your heart breaks a little, leaving you wondering why the hell it hurts. A mistake? Is that all he thought you were?

“You want that?” You ask, keeping your voice steady and your face void of any emotions.

“Yes, I want that,” he says.

“Fine. Done. Now leave please,” you say, suddenly feeling empty.

“You’re acting like I just broke up with you,” he argues. You sigh, laying down.

“How could you break up with me? All we did was make a mistake,” You reply, an edge to your tone. He watches you like a predator watching it’s prey, with deadly precision. “If that’s all you wanted, you can leave now,” you reply, trying to get him to leave before you start to cry. He doesn’t budge or speak, just watches you. “I will call for Yoongi,” you threaten, not knowing how to get him to fuck the hell off.

“You won’t,” he says. “I know you won’t.” You sigh and put your ear buds back in, not paying attention to him anymore. You don’t see him move but you feel the bed shift. Within seconds, someone is overtop of you. You stare into Jungkook’s eyes in shock, wondering what the hell he is doing. He leans down, pressing his lips to yours. Your stomach does a flip and you tangle your fingers in his hair, completely weak for this boy overtop of you.

He pulls away, smiling down at you. He pulls your earbuds from your ears and chuckles. “You try to act like you don’t feel anything,” he says. Anger bubbles in the pit of your stomach.

“What would I feel, Jeon Jungkook. You’re the one saying to put it behind us,” you counter. He nods and sits back.

“Why are you being so hostile? I am doing this so we can still be friends,” he exclaims. You shake your head, eyes brimming with tears. That’s when you realize, you don’t want to be Jungkook’s friend. You want to be so much more than that. You don’t want that night to be a one time thing, you want it to be a regular thing. You want to be able to feel his hands trail over your bare skin as he drives you crazy by sucking marks onto your neck and chest. You want to hear him calling you corny pet names because he loves you.

“I’m not hostile,” you reply after a long period of silence. “I don’t want to do this right now. I feel sick and I want to go to sleep,” You say.

“Liar,” he replies. “I know you’re lying,” he clarifies.

“Listen, I don’t care whether you think I’m lying or not. Leave,” you say. He abides this time and leaves your room hesitantly. As soon as he’s gone, a tear slips out of your eye and you wipe it away quickly, hating the way you feel.

For the next month, things are more than painful. You see him all the time and things are only getting worse. You know your feelings for him will go away if you ignore them, but you feel so inferior to him. Your mission became for him not to find out how you feel, because he obviously doesn’t feel the same.

You didn’t know how to face him, and you didn’t know how to react around him. Yoongi suspected something was up, but he couldn’t put his finger on it and for that, you were glad. You considered telling Yoongi about the whole ordeal, but you decided against it because you didn’t want to start shit between him and his best friend. You weren’t the kind of person to go around forming conflicts for your own enjoyment.

You weren’t sure when you had developed such strong feelings for Jungkook - but you knew it happened. Maybe you had always felt that way about him but you didn’t realize until sleeping with him. Maybe sleeping with him was the reason you got the feelings. You didn’t know, and you weren’t going to waste your time. Jungkook didn’t feel the same, you knew that. So you bit your tongue and got over the fact that you were lusting over him.

You occupied yourself with your part time job and your university work. You were too busy studying and working at the pizza place to even begin to think of Jungkook. Well, that’s what you liked to tell yourself at least. Of course you still thought of him, but not to the extent you did before. He came over more frequently and you basically lived at Wendy’s house. Her roommate moved back to the Philippines where she was born and raised to pursue a degree in language studies. Wendy got lonely without her roommate around so you took her place, much to Wendy’s happiness.

She ended up inviting you to live with her permanently which you accepted. So this week, you were moving out of Yoongi’s apartment and into Wendy’s. Wendy was bouncing off the walls with excitement; Yoongi, however, was brooding. He wasn’t so sure about you moving out, he loved you and really didn’t see the need for you to leave. You weren’t sure how you felt about leaving; you were somewhere between Yoongi and Wendy. You were happy about living with your best friend but not so happy about leaving your beloved brother.

Brushing off any feelings for Jungkook was better in your mind. It was also easier said than done. You decided that Yoongi would never let you and Jungkook even think about having a relationship together, so what was the point of accepting your feelings? Yoongi aside, he thought that night was a mistake and most likely did not have feelings for you. Removing yourself from the situation was easier than getting hurt trying to fit in.

You are in the middle of packing your last box, when a knock on your bedroom door snaps your train of thought. You place the shirt you were about to fold on top of your bed and walk to the door, twisting the knob and opening the door, expecting your brother. Instead of your slightly short brother, a very tall Jungkook is there instead. You stare at him, raising your eyebrows at his presence.

“Hey,” You say. He smiles.

“Hey,” He replies. You open the door wider, gesturing for him to enter your room. As he walks inside, you realize how messy it is. Clothes are thrown everywhere, packing lists scatter the floor underfoot and your bed is barely visible.

“What can I do for you?” You ask, cleaning off a spot on the bed and telling him to sit down there. He does and you feel less short around him.

“Why are you moving out?” He asks. You shrug, knowing he knows Wendy’s roommate moved back to the Philippines. “Is it because of me?” He asks, his words rushed. You glower at him, wondering if he was right.

“Don’t give yourself so much credit,” You reply jokingly.

“Y/N, I am serious,” He says. You smile at him softly. Knowing in your mind that he is right.

“I am too. Why would I leave because of you?” You ask, deciding to play dumb.

“Y/N, you know exactly why. Do I make you uncomfortable now? Do you hate me?” He asks, eyes sad. You shake your head instantly, grabbing his hands in yours.

“Jungkook… It… It’s not like that. I don’t hate you, much the opposite actually.” You say.

“Are you saying you like he?” He asks. You nod.

“Of course I like you! You’re Yoongi’s friend I am obligated to like you,” You joke.

“No Y/N, I mean, do you like me like me,” he asks. His question suddenly makes sense and your face turns red.

“I… What if I did?” He smiles in return at your question.

“Then we would feel the same,” He says. In that moment you were happy, truly happy. You realized you were stupid for trying to suppress all of your feelings instead of growing up and confronting them head on. Even if he didn’t feel the same way, you made a mistake not telling him.

He snaps you out of your train of thought by pressing his soft lips to yours. Everything else disappeared suddenly and it was just the two of you standing alone in your room. You forgot about moving, you forgot about Yoongi and you forgot about everything else that didn’t have to do with Jungkook. For once, you two sleeping together didn’t seem like such a mistake. One question still remained, How would Yoongi react?

before the time comes

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Title: before the time comes

Pairing: Lee Taemin/Reader

Summary: Waiting for a flight wasn’t ever as nostalgic, beautiful and fun as it was that day for Taemin.

Six hours. Taemin considered himself a fairly patient person, he could wait a few hours for anything that he really wanted to do, even distracting himself with his own thoughts or simply doing anything as using his phone or writing down on a piece of paper whatever thought came to his head. However, he doesn’t think that the delay of his flight that would last six hours was one of the things he thought he could be patient about. Surely, if it was under another circumstances, if he needed a well deserved break and the mere thought of sitting alone with his manager on said airport was the only way of getting it, but he really needed to leave as soon as possible, his duties filling his mind like a disease, lingering with stress and frustration. Taemin immediately plops down on a seat, his longish legs stretching in front of him as a yawn leaves his plump lips. Six freaking hours.

Immediately, Taemin groans quite loudly, making his manager click his tongue as he looked at the younger male. If anything, Taemin wanted the comfort of a first class flight, with nice seats and even nicer food so he could clean his mind and purify his body –since relaxing in his apartment wasn’t an option at this point-, but he’s helpless as he looks down at his phone, checking the time only to see that five minutes had gone by and it seemed like hours. Taemin fixes the cap over his head, running his hands over his thighs quickly to create some warmth in the cold airport before hearing the voice of his manager ringing through his ears.

“You’re acting like a kid,” The manager starts and Taemin feels out of place. Surely, he was always the youngest of his group, but he was never childish. There was a cute aura to him, that was something everyone knew and accepted, but he wasn’t someone who whined and acted egocentric. Perhaps, it was the amount of things that were on his agenda that made him so stressed out, or the sound of another flight going off that made him feel so stuck. “Do you need coffee, a jacket, anything so you can finally stop whining?” There was some teasing lingering on each word, but Taemin sighs as he stands up, placing his hands inside his pockets before shaking his head.

“I’ll go for a walk around the airport.” Taemin announces and his manager only nods his head, leaning back against the seat as Taemin walks away, his hands instantly reaching for his pockets, peaking out slightly from his sweater paws that made him look effortlessly adorable.

His black hair moves against the wind as he steps inside one of the small shops that were there, something like a convenience store or so. Taemin plays with the necklace around his neck, gold and shining brightly as he remembers the time his mother gave it to him, promising that she was always going to be with him as long as he used it. He starts considering buying something, whether it was a sweet, chocolate bar or energy bar, whatever could please his craving for anything sweet. At that moment, his eyes catch the packaging of his favorite chocolate bar, instantly smiling to himself as he stops playing with his necklace to reach for it, trotting towards the attendant so he could pay with the biggest smile over his features.

When he turns around, chocolate bar on hand –and a few sweets and snacks on a bag on his other hand-, he looks at someone that was checking out a few snacks on the small convenience store. Her hair was messy on the ends, humming a small song to herself as her oversized shirt made her look effortlessly stunning but comfortable at the same time. At that moment, she turns around to look at the small books that were on a shelf near the store, short enough to read on a quick flight if you read fast enough. Her eyes instantly trail over the books, picking up one that Taemin describes as the ‘one with the red cover’ and as he smiles to himself, he walks towards the shelf, taking the last bite from the chocolate bar when he picked up another copy of the book she was looking at, pretending to read through the pages to see if he should buy it, but instead he was stealing a few glares towards her way, amazed by the way the girl he met at the airport could be so –breathtaking, like a pair of eyes in the moonlight with the most beautiful of shining lights that he could compare with the busiest of cities around the world.

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this week is possibly the most stressful week of my life and i am Dying

A Savior among Others

Ohmlirious |Word-Count: 3,000+

(This is a new idea I have that I want to make into a some kind of series, if you guys enjoy it)

Every person in the world had a savior. An angel. And it’s their job to keep their assigned human out of harms way, until death comes to take them personally.

Unlike others, however, Jon didn’t have a guardian angel. He wasn’t even sure if he had a savior, there were never any signs and the savior hadn’t made it known in any way. He was clumsy as all hell; sometimes he truly and unironically wondered how he still managed to stay alive with his great ineptness.

His mother tried to convince him every time he talked with her, “Oh, your champion will find its way to you eventually; you’ve always been a late bloomer anyways Jonathan.” And he’d roll his eyes and scowl as she laughed and told him to be patient.

But when? That was the million dollar question. The question he’d asked for years, but received no answer to. He was going to get an answer one day, if it was the last thing he’d do. 

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Pairing: Damian Wayne X Reader

Words: 750+

Summary: The reader is scared of storms 

Warnings: None

Ever since you were little, you had been afraid of storms. Mainly the thunder, but storms none the less. You knew full well that storms, minus the lightening, couldn’t actually harm you. This knowledge didn’t change the fact that they terrified you to no extent. When you were scared as a little kid, you would cling to your parents during any storm. In your teenage years, when you could no longer cling to them, you cuddled your dog or cat. Petting them and having them near helped a great deal. You were no longer living with your parents though. Now being twenty-two and in your own apartment, that wasn’t an option anymore. If it was during the day or a rare night, your boyfriend Damian would come over and cuddle with you while watching a movie or show on Netflix. But when he couldn’t come over, you would lay fully covered by layers of blankets on your bed with music blasting loudly through headphones.

Tonight, there was a particularly bad storm ravaging Gotham. You had texted and called your boyfriend multiple times, trying to see if he would come over. The calls went unanswered and the texts unread. Coming to the conclusion that this was not going to be one of the nights that he would protect you from the cause of your panicked and terrified state, you grabbed three extra blankets from around the house to add to the two you already had on your bed. Grabbing the pair of headphones that you kept on your bedside table, you plugged them in before covering yourself, including your head, with the blankets. You started playing some music to try to keep your mind off the thunder that was demanding to be heard outside, but no matter how much you turned the volume up, the claps of thunder was louder. Both though, were louder than the rasping of knocks on the door that separated a small balcony and your bedroom. Your phone went off, interrupting your music. Looking at the screen, you saw a text from your boyfriend that told you to open the door that lead to the balcony. Uncovering yourself, you looked to the door in question. On the other side was the vigilante you knew to be Robin. Confused and scared, you slowly made your way to the door, unlocking it before you finally opened it. Robin pulled off his mask as he stepped inside, revealing the face of your boyfriend.

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The B Team Part 3

You know, you know, you love the way I linger and you keep me wrapped right round your finger. But you say, you say just wait a little longer, and in time I could be the right one. Please, I’m the B Team.

Eliot was expecting a few things to happen. Either A: Quentin would push him away with disgust, storm out of the cabin back to never be seen again, or B: Quentin would push him away, an awkward essence would in habit the space between them until the end of time, slowly pushing them apart. There was also option C, which was the best option that Eliot’s mind had come up with: Quentin would pass out, and not remember a thing in the morning.

What Eliot was not expecting was for Quentin to lean into the kiss. He was not ready for the other man to lean forward and grab the back of his shirt in desperate fistfuls. He was not ready to held on to like a lifeline, or for the electric shock that spread through his body lighting his blood on fire and singing through his veins.

Quentin’s lips were soft against Eliot’s tongue as he flicked it inside Q’s mouth and against his teeth. Quentin moaned into Eliot’s mouth, and Eliot placed one hand behind his head, tangling his fingers in the long hair and pulling slightly, causing Quentin to unclench his teeth. He quickly darted his tongue in and over Quentin’s. Eliot wrapped his other arm around Q’s back and pulled him close enough that he could feel Quentin’s heart pounding against his chest. Eliot’s longs were burning, demanding air, but he was scared that if they broke apart that the illusion would be broken and he would awake to find that it was all a dream.

After a few blissful yet fleeting moments, Quentin pushed Eliot away. They sat staring at each other and panting heavily. Eliot moved in to kiss him again, but Q put a hand on his chest.

“No Eliot wait.” Eliot wondered if Quentin could feel his heart breaking beneath his chest. “I’m not sure if this is what I want.”

Only Quentin could have an erection straining against his pants and be unsure of what he wanted.


“No El, don’t ‘Quentin’ me right now, because I know what follows that. Some off the wall speech with your deep, smooth tenor voice that makes it sound like you’re the all knowing God of the universe.”

“Q.” Eliot reached out to try and grab one of Quentin’s hands but Quentin stood up and backed away.

“No Eliot. I just…” He ran a hand through his hair and over his face. “Give me some time.”

With every step that Quentin took toward his room, a new part of Eliot cracked. He swallowed the burning lump in this throat and wiped away the rebel tear that dared to fall with the palm of his hand. He had been so close, he could still taste Quentin on his lips, and then it all went up into smoke.

He got up and stalked down the hall to his room. As he passed Quentin’s he saw that the door hadn’t been shut all the way. He peered through the opening and saw Quentin sitting on the edge of the bed with his fingers to his lips.

Some ember in very depths of Eliot’s heart began to burn a little brighter. He quietly padded the rest of the way to his room. He stripped down to his boxers and climbed into bed, reaching out and clutching a pillow to his body.

“Fuck you Quentin Coldwater. Fuck you for being everything you are.”

Eliot played back every moment that he spent with Quentin that day, up to the terrible ending to the biggest risk he had ever taken.

“Fuck you for being my worst vice.”


anonymous asked:

I'm really considering getting a pidge after watching your blog. I've had a love for birds for years and I've always really wanted one of my own (I've held off cause I'm not at the place yet to have one, but ALMOST O:). Are Pidges quiet? Like I've always wanted a parrot (and eventually I'll probably rescue when I can afford my own home) but parrots scream! Pidges seem like a good option for apartment living? Especially if they're quiet. Or would you recommend against that?

Pigeons are even quieter than Ringneck doves!

Their cooing is very low and soft, and contented grunting is very quiet.

Pigeons make wonderful house pets, and can live quite happily in an appartment.

You need to train them to freeroam safely, and for that you will need an appropriately sized crate.

I’d be happy to walk you through house training.

You can also follow @tinysaurus-rex to see examples of a healthy free-roaming hen

And @skuttlebutts for their fantastic set ups if free roaming isn’t a safe option in your household.


Part 1 here
Part 2 here

You still tried to understand everything that was happening after the others told you what was going on.

All the stories were true? Vampires, Werewolves, Faeries, Warlocks and Demons? Your head still hurt from all the information. Especially the one where you are one of them. Shadowhunters… half angels with the power to create runes on their bodies to become stronger and protect the humans… mundanes… This was all crazy.

It couldn’t be true but you had seen it with your own eyes. It wasn’t a noise that made you alerted, more of a feeling, that let you turn around… and looking right in the face of a young man with vampire teeth.

You screamed.
First the demon, now that!

Jace said you would be safe in this institute but obviously he was wrong. Your brain needed a moment to realize that the vampire wasn’t attacking you. He was just standing there, a proud smirk on his face, when the others came in the room.

“Well that wasn’t acted. Clearly. Her fear was real”, the vampire explained and you looked to the others confused, while your heart was still racing.
Jace nodded.
“So she really didn’t know that she is one of us.” It was Isabelle who explained it out loud and you finally understood.
“This was a test?” You couldn’t believe that it was true but all their faces told you. None of their faces showed at least a little bit of guilt.
“We had to be sure”, Jace explained but something snapped in you.

“What the hell is wrong with you?”, you screamed while tears were wetting your eyes.
Your whole life had already been hell for you, just to slowly understand that you weren’t crazy, like people had made you believe, but that it all was true. You had a demon attack you, just to get tested by those people who claimed you were one of them.
You always felt like an outcast but never was it so scary.

“I trusted you! My whole life turned upside-down and you had to be sure?”
“(Y/n)…”, Jace started  but you pushed his hand, which he was holding up to you, away.
“No! Don’t tell me to calm down or that this was necessary! Just leave me alone!”

You started to run off, just to realize that you had no place to go to.
As angry as you were, going back to your apartment wasn’t an option. Crazy or not, demons were real and if you would go back, they would probably kill you. A first sob escaped your lips, when your legs were giving in.
You crushed to the floor but didn’t even feel the impact. All you did was cry.

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