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No Regrets

An Adrienette one-shot

“Girl, why are you in such a rush?” Alya asked, watching her best friend gather her things in a hurry.

“I forgot about something!” Marinette fretted, dropping her bag in the process. Which caused all the things she’d gathered to spill out.  “Shoot,” she muttered under her breath, “I’m such a klutz!”

“Whoa, girl, relax.  What could you have forgotten about that can cause this much panic?  I haven’t seen you this scatter-brained since high school!” Alya astonished, joining Marinette on the ground to help her clean up.

Marinette sighed, putting the final piece in her bag again and looked at Alya.  They were both knelt down on the floor and Marinette blew a piece of hair from her face.  “I—Well… I’m meeting Adrien.”

Alya gave her a deadpanned look.  “With whom you’re married to… what’s the big deal about meeting with your husband?” she asked.

“It’s not the meeting with him part, it’s just—ya know.  We’re looking for a house… and… I dunno,” Marinette dug through her bag for her keys, mumbling something about needing a brighter keychain.  

Alya looked at the table they had been sitting at to see her friend’s keys lying there.  She picked them up and jingled them in front of Marinette’s distracted face.  “Here,” she said, hearing Marinette utter out a “Thank you.”  Alya crossed her arms and stared curiously at her friend.  “What’s the big deal?  You’re looking for a house.  Something every married couple does… Haven’t you dreamed about this for like, your whole life, or something?” Alya asked.

Marinette shrugged and looked away from her friend, “Well, I mean, yeah.  But, like, it’s still a little soon, isn’t it?”

Alya furrowed her brows, “You’ve been married for 3 months.  So no, it’s not ‘too soon.’  Getting a house is good.  You’ve been crashing in his mouse-sized apartment, which, if I do recall, doesn’t allow for a roommate.”

Marinette bit her fingers, “Yeah, we’ve been ignoring the calls about that…”

“What’s the real issue here?” Alya asked, reaching out for Marinette’s shoulder, “Are you alright?”

Marinette slid from her grasp, looking worriedly at her phone.  “Y-you’re probably right!  I’m just crazy.  This is Adrien,” she said as she lifted her phone, “Gotta take it!”

Alya watched her friend go with a wild expression, “Oh…kay… see ya later, then?”

Marinette pushed the coffee shop door open with her shoulder, holding her phone in one hand and her drink in the other.  “Hey, hon,” she said, “Yeah, I’m on my way.  No, I didn’t forget, I’m just running a bit late.  Yeah, bad traffic.  Uh huh.  Okay.  Yup, see you in a few.  I love you too.  Bye.”  She hung up and stuffed her phone in her purse, grabbing her keys and hopping into her car.  

“Alya’s right,” she told herself, “This is good.”


“Okay, on to house number three!” Adrien said enthusiastically, buckling up his seat-belt.  “That last one was cool, though, huh?  What did you think, Mari?  You were pretty quiet in there…”  He looked over at his wife to see her staring numbly out the window.  “Marinette?”

She blinked and turned to him, looking dazed, “I’m sorry, I was zoned out.  What?” She asked.

Adrien frowned, “I asked if you were okay,” he said, reaching out to touch her forehead.  “Are you sick?  Do you have a fever?  Maybe we should go home…”

“Oh no, I’m not sick,” Marinette brushed him off.  “Tired is all.”

“You sure?” he asked.

“Positive,” she smiled at him.

“Alright.  So, what’d you think of the house?” he asked.

“It was okay,” she said.  “It’s expensive, though.”

Adrien shrugged, “Well, money’s not an issue, so don’t pay attention to the price tag, okay?  We’ll get whatever we need and whatever works.”

Marinette looked at her husband with a clumsy smile, “The money you got from your father is suppose to be for retirement, isn’t it?  That was your plan, right?”

Adrien looked at her with a gentle smile before looking back at the road, “Plans can change.”

Anxiety squeezed Marinette’s chest, “You should save it.”

“Mari, don’t worry.  Even if we went all in and bought the whole house now, I’d still have plenty left over.  Besides, I’m gonna put what we don’t spend in a retirement plan.”  He reached out to touch her knee gently, “Your worried, and it isn’t about the money…”

“I’m not worried, it’s just an expensive house—“

“Marinette, what’s wrong?” he came to a stop at a street light.  

“Nothing,” she said, crossing her arms stubbornly.

“Come on, Mari, what’s eating at you?” He pushed.

She nodded towards the windshield of the car, “The light’s green.”

He huffed, “I’m not going until you tell me what’s wrong.”

“Adrien you can’t—there’s people behind us,” she turned around in her seat to see a frustrated wave from the car behind them followed by a honk.  “Adrien, seriously!  Go!”

“Not until you tell me what’s wrong.  Normally I wouldn’t push because I don’t need to know sometimes, but this is clearly about us, and that I should know.  So what’s wrong?” He pushed the car into park to prove his point.

“Adrien, we don’t have time—“

“Are you having regrets?” he blurted out, his voice calm.  Marinette knew this voice, but she’d never personally experienced it.  It was his business voice.  The voice he used at professional parties, or conversations with co-workers.  It was his father’s voice.

“…Regrets?” She repeated numbly, looking him in the eye.  The angry honks and yells began to fade out.

He nodded, “Yeah, regrets.  About us,” his eyes and face stoic; he was like a wall.  But Marinette could see clearly behind it.  He was hurt.

“N-no!  No, of course not!  I could never regret this,” she gestured between them.  “It’s just…”


“Will you?” she ask carefully.  Looking away from him.

“Will I what?” He asked, tilting his head.  His once calm voice became lathered in frustrated confusion.  A car swerved around them, giving them a pleasant curse and honk as he passed, followed by more cars.

“Will you regret this?” she asked.  He didn’t respond.  “Maybe not now, and maybe not next year or the year after that, but… maybe in ten years.  When I’m older, and less exciting.  Maybe you’ll look back at it all and realize that it was when you decided to marry me that things started to go wrong.  That, in ten years you’ll regret loving me and how you bought a fancy house and used up your money,” she hadn’t noticed until now, but she was crying.  She could tell because a tear had fallen onto her hand.  “After all, you said it yourself!  Plans change, and I don’t want you to regret this—“

She felt large hands envelop her own small ones.  She didn’t dare look up to see the man who was holding them though.  She couldn’t.  

“Hey,” he said gently, leaning over to kiss her wet cheek.  “I could never regret this,” he said, but she looked unconvinced, offering him a lazy shrug and a mumbled, “Maybe.”

“I love you,” he said, baffled.  She didn’t move.  He huffed, thinking of what to say.  “Now, if I remember correctly,” he began, “I had a crush on you first,” he said.

“You had a crush on Ladybug, not Marinette,” she pointed out.

“And you had a crush on a model, not Chat Noir,” he countered.  “I agree, things can change.  We changed, but it was for the better, right?”  


“For better or worse,” he repeated their wedding vows.  “Now, I take that seriously.  Even if there comes a ‘worse,’ I’ll never regret it.  Because I love you.  We chose each other.”  He gently pulled her chin to look her in the eyes.  “The only thing I could ever regret would be not marrying you.  To not share a life with you.  To have kids and grow old with you.”

She blinked and smiled at him, “Kids?” she asked.

“Kids,” he nodded, glad she was smiling.  “I’m serious, Mari.  About you.  About this.”

She leaned in to kiss him.  Soft and sweet, short and simple.  “Thank you,” she mumbled.  

He kissed her nose and leaned back.  “But,” he said, putting their car back in drive and looking to see the light had turned red again.  “If Nino confesses his love to me, I may just run into the sunset with him,” he said, acting serious.

“Oh my gosh,” Marinette shoved him with a laugh, “You’re a dork.”

“But you love me,” he winked at her.

“Maybe…” she rolled her eyes playfully.

“And I love you.”

“Yeah,” she smiled.

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Why VLD does an amazing job in foreshadowing and predicting their audience’s emotions

So, I saw a lot of people complaining that Keith leaving the team at the beginning of season 4 came out of nowhere. I felt similar when I watched the season for the first time. Not only do we only learn that he has been training with the Blades in s4ep01, he also decides to leave his team to stay with them. This seems very suddenly, doesn’t it? Well, I think there were actually several ways in which they foreshadowed this to happen. In s3ep1 we see the grey-blue mouse (which I think is Keith’s mouse) sitting apart from the others.

In s3ep06 Lance talks to Keith and first we get this obvious change in Keith’s expression and posture when Lance calls him “the leader”.

And then Lance suggests that he could step down from the team. I don’t think that Keith stepped down in season 4 to make sure Lance stays on the team, this probably was a nice side effect. But maybe this conversation gave Keith the idea that stepping down from the team was one option for him to get out.

Speaking of getting out – what is the last think Keith said in his Vlog?

“I’m out of here.”

And that is what he does in season 4.

There was another conversation Keith had with a team mate concerning leaving the team and that’s Pidge in season 1. He tells her that she can’t leave because they’d be unable to form Voltron without her. When the black lion accepts Shiro, Keith considers that he is no longer vital for the team (which is not true btw, because being a team is not only about this) and he leaves. So I can imagine that this whole thing was planned since the very beginning. 

Further I think Keith has good reasons to do so. His team (especially Allura, Coran and Hunk) as well as their allies have acted prejudiced against Galra many times in the past. The whole team laugh at him when he suggested that the Galra might be “made from the same cosmic dust” as everybody else in the universe. See my post on “Galra Keith”.

I would feel like leaving too to be honest.

Keith has mentioned at several occasions that he does not like the way his team treats Galra as lesser than other people.

S4ep01 takes that to a whole new extreme when contrasting the way team Voltron’s contribution to “the war effort” and that of Keith’s Blades team. While Voltron is putting on a show, the Blades are lured into a trap that costs at least Keith’s fellow blade Regris his life. And though this is not comfortable to watch it is extremely well done in my opinion. Because it leads us to slowly question our “heroes” approach, without being too on the nose with it. We feel uneasy and I think that is the whole purpose.

The creators of VLD are very aware how things might affect their audience’s emotions and they play with it. Let me give you an example:

In the much frowned upon episode 4 of season 4 they had say Pidge this line:

And this is exactly how I felt about this episode too, before I realized it was satire.  I think they were pretty aware that a lot of fans would react the way they did to season 4, especially this episode. I mean, having a character say out loud what the audience might feel in this very moment… that’s pretty incredible.

If you didn’t like season 4 that’s totally fine, but please don’t bully other people for still enjoying it.

So, anyhow! Thanks for reading!

Feels Like Falling --- Saeran X MC

He tried—dear God, he tried—but he could never avoid her. She was everywhere; in the kitchen reading at the table, in the dining room tapping on her laptop, in the bathroom brushing her teeth. And she was always so sickeningly nice; asking him how he was; if his food was okay; if he was enjoying his book. He always responded with silence, even when Saeyoung kicked him under the table, but ever since that day in the living room she didn’t seem to mind. It was maddening.

Author’s Note: This is still an un-betaed, angsty dabble in an unrequited (mostly) Saeran/MC relationship post-Saeyoung’s route. This chapter is related to Come Crashing (though future chapters may not be), and is rated M for language only.

Genre: Angst, with hints at romance. Larger hints this time. You know, kinda.

Chapter 1: Come Crashing

Chapter 2: Feels Like Falling

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Jeon Jungkook | The stars above

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x reader

Word count: 800

Genre: angst

Warnings: mentions of violence/abuse, mentions of alcohol

The day had started poorly and when the sun went off to bed the situation had not improved. Jungkook hadn’t come home after the argument you had had earlier during the day about his friends being a bad influence on him. “You don’t know what you’re talking about. You don’t know me at all!” No matter how much he was going to insult you, call you names and act like you were always in the wrong you still stayed with him. You had no other place to go anyway. He was the one who convinced you to move to Seoul. He was the one who convinced you to move in with him. No matter how much he hurt you, you were going to stay and make sure he didn’t completely destroy himself.

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if i can’t see the robbers, the robbers can’t see me, yes?

“When my family and I first watched Mickey Mouse’s The Three Musketeers, my parents joked that the Beagle Boys reminded them of my brother, sister, and I, because we were mischievous and always getting into trouble together. At the time, that comparison irked me, but after rewatching the film years later, I feel an odd sort of connection to the trio now. They remind me of how close my siblings and I used to be before we drifted apart.”

anonymous asked:

carolcarolcarol!! it’s been so long and i hope studying has been going well 💕 BOY do i have a story for you! i just got back from a trip with my brothers and came back to an apartment full of mouse poo covering every surface imaginable lollll. i never thought adulting would involve me picking rodent doodoo off my sheets ;-; pls help why is this happening why couldn’t they be cute lil bunnies instead this is TOO MUCH drama for me (◡﹏◡✿) 🥖 ok ily bye 🥖

hello angel!! thank u, i think/hope(???) it’s going well but fkgjlsdfjg WHO KNOWS. anyway AAAH NOOOO rip my dude that’s awful :(( have u called ur landlord?? they should send someone over to sort out ur rat problem!! i hope it gets resolved soon :((


Myst was not having a great day. Burnt waffles for breakfast, Oni rejected his dinner and now his apartment smelled like mouse, and he’d run out of concealer to at least make his face decent amongst the acne outbreak that came up after like… A day of forgetting to wash off the previous makeup. One night he didn’t wash, and now he had acne! Perfect! And nothing to cover it up.

He went to the store in a bad mood, only a bit of mascara and lip gloss to at least make himself okay. He immediately shuffled to the makeup aisle, looking through to find his favorite brand. Reaching out to grasp it, he felt fingers touch his own, and he pulled away with a pout. “Hey… Hands off, I need that.”

Fic: Problems and Solutions

anon prompted: Au where Kurt and Blaine are college/uni professors (from their late 20s to 30s) and Kurt made it clear he doesn’t do work romance but Blaine still flirts and does romantic gestures, basically does everything possible to get him on a date(literally everything) and one day Kurt gives in and realizes it’s the best decision he’s ever made

Tweaked the ending a little, but they still end up together, of course. ~1600 words, PG, fluff. Oh, and the song they sing midway through is Lay All Your Love On Me from Mamma Mia!

Kurt had only one rule at his job (outside of the school-mandated policies, of course): No Workplace Romance. He had seen too many colleagues get burned by mismatching expectations or the inability to leave personal problems at the door when they started teaching, and he was not going to follow in their footsteps if he had anything to say about it. For one, they all had terrible taste in footwear - too many orthopedic shoes for such a showy (no pun intended) department.

He was highly tempted to reconsider that rule when Blaine Anderson began working at Tisch, however. How was he expected to resist a gorgeous, charming, kind man who was blatantly interested in him? It was like karma wanted to get the chance to kick his ass.

Kurt stuck to his guns, though, and told Blaine firmly but politely that he wasn’t interested in workplace dating, and Blaine had been surprisingly respectful. He’d backed off immediately, leaving them to form a cordial working relationship. They weren’t best friends, but they hadn’t let Kurt’s rejection turn them into enemies, either - they were somewhere in the gray area between coworkers and actual friends, genuinely interested in talking to each other but too afraid of crossing the line to really let loose and spend any time together outside of lunchtimes and school functions.

At least until Flirty Blaine decided to make a comeback.

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