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the Glamourista Apartment

Perfect for a social media maven, fashionista, or beauty guru… only the best will do!  Built for 18 Culpepper House, this apartment may be small but it packs a lot of style.

For more pics - living room & kitchen, bedroom & bathroom.

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simplyombre29  asked:

I'm 14 and I love to decorate my room and I wish to be an interior designer, but I've been wanting to give my room a full on makeover because I've had the same furniture since I was 3 and my mom wont let me paint my walls at all or get new furniture, so what can I do to make my room more cozy and mature without spending a lot of money?

Hi! That’s great that you want to be an interior designer, this is the perfect opportunity to practice!

The picture below shows an example of a cozy bedroom, I’ve added links on where to buy the products as an example.


1. Get new bedding. A cheap place you can try is H&M home, you can browse through what they have and get it delivered to your house. Just make sure it matches your wall colour/furniture. I personally like really plain bedding and then I add colour and patterns using cushions, pillows and throws.

2. This picture doesn’t show a good example of the effect of pillows and cushions, but they add a lot more cozyness to a room. You can get cushions pretty much anywhere e.g. local home store, H&M home, Zara Home, Target, etc. Depends which country you’re in.

3. Fairy lights and other cozy lighting! I have so many different types of lighting in my room and it makes it so relaxing and cozy in the evening. You can get these cheaply online e.g. Amazon. Also getting a bedside lamp with variable brightness is a good idea. Oh I almost forgot, candles are wonderful for a cozy vibe.

4. Art and pictures. For a more mature-looking room,  it looks really nice if you frame them. You can get cheap frames from IKEA.

5. Accents and accessories: depending on the colour of your room, you could have a gold or silver accent them going on, it makes your room look really elegant and stylish, which can make it seem more mature. So you can try having a thin gold frame on your picture frames (you can DIY them with spray paint as well), and you can have little gold dishes for your jewellery for example.

6. Rugs! Get a nice fluffy cozy rug e.g. IKEA does really nice affordable ones here.

I hope these tips help you! xo

anonymous asked:

Jeremy and Alvarez are bffs and Jean and Laila are bffs and when Alvarez decides she wants to propose to Laila she gets Jean to take Laila out while Jeremy helps al set up something super fuckin cute. Laila cries when al proposes.

Yeeeessssss OMG yes!

Jean and Laila are totally bffs and even when they graduate they keep going out on these super lovely lil arty lunch dates whenever Jean has the time off from training with his new team (so like quite frequently because these people are sane and have lives outside their professional sport)

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DIY Apartment Makeover Parts 1 & 2: backsplash & entryway!

With my wedding just 3 weeks away I am so excited to finally start sharing some pieces of my home life! I’m putting all my DIY/ crafting/ wedding/ honeymooning posts on my new page here- there isn’t much on it yet but I’ll be adding to it throughout the summer as David and I piece together our home! Here is what we’ve done so far:


I (and soon we) live in a school apartment at the boarding school where I teach so it’s hard to do any true “renovation.” Still, the day my contract was renewed for next year I was so happy I knew I wanted to do something to make my home homier so I found Smart Tiles. They’re made of plastic and stick on the wall but (supposedly) peel off with the heat of a blow dryer without hurting the wall. They come in sheets and you can use a razor to cut them to perfectly fit your space. They’re honestly more expensive than I was planning but once I started the project I couldn’t stop haha.

Here’s what my kitchen looked like before:

I painted the kitchen sign (it was originally black), it was about $8 from Homegoods (I LOVE that store!). The racks of spices on the wall are from Williams Sonoma. I love their spices and when you buy 6 you get a free rack so I got what I wanted and now I just refill the jars from the bulk section of Whole Foods haha.

Here’s my kitchen now:

All that I changed was the backsplash and the placement of a few counter top items. We’re planning to get a kitchen island to go where I was standing taking this picture haha. The 16 inches of workable counter space is okay for me but if David and I are going to cook together (which we are!) we’ll need the extra cutting space. Oh and my awesome cutting block (that you all see in lots of my pictures) is only $10 from Ikea!

When we did this reno we also overhauled the pantry, check that out here!


This makeover was one I dreamed about for weeks so when I finally found the right mirror piece I was ecstatic. The mirror is from Pottery Barn, originally it was $260 but I found it on sale for just $102 (still a lot but for what I got a steal!), one quick call to David to make sure he liked it and it was on it’s way to us!

Here’s what my entryway looked like before:

That big box is the mirror haha. The driftwood in the corner is 5 feet high and a really sentimental piece to me. Last year David and I found it on the beach in Maine. Being the loving boyfriend he is he agreed to carry it home for me as long as I promised it would always have a prominent place in our home haha! I’ll show you where it ends up when I figure that out haha.

Here’s what my entryway looks like now:

I already had the tall skinny Ikea bookcases ($45 each) so we lined them up along the wall to make a faux library wall. Then I found these awesome half baskets and hung them on the side so I would finally finally have a place for produce. Thankfully our kitten Joey hasn’t shown much interest in sitting in them yet! haha! We have a TON of books to load onto the shelves and we’re still working on unpacking David’s stuff. I’m sure we’ll get more knick-knacks on our Disney honeymoon to add character to them too. :)


The next big items on our reno list are the kitchen island, moving/ reorganizing our coffee/tea bar, setting up a study space for both of us, and (considering my very small loveseat coach, probably the event I’m most looking forward to) the installation of a big sectional couch we can both actually fit on!

On the wedding front I have my hair trial on Monday so I’ll post pictures of that and more details as the big day gets closer. I hope you all enjoyed this short tour, are inspired to do a little non-permanent DIY decorating, and stay tuned for more snippets of my almost-married life! :)


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