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Relationship headcanons for shindou, aizawa, and todoroki ^^ thank you for taking your time to do this request!

Shindou You

  • Secretly likes it when you greet him with your small hands covering his eyes, leaning down and whispering “guess who?” into the whirl of his ear with a bright smile plastered on your face. He always takes a moment to humorously wonder who it could be, before guessing that it’s you. Once he had guessed correctly, he loves that you’d place a firm kiss on his cheek before coming to his line of vision. 
  • There are times where you will find Shindou looking over at you out of the blue, and has this enormous goofy smile on his face and casually tells you that he loves you. He laughs very affectionately when your cheeks start to color a crimson hue and ask him where that came from, but he tells you that it just felt right to say it and that you make him happy in a way that no one else can, and he loves you for that.
  • Shindou seems to really enjoy affections that come in many different forms. Whether it’s big or small, somewhere public or behind closed doors. He always finds himself enjoying your friendly initiative to link your arms around his, pressing his soft lips to your utterly kissable cheeks, indulging you to a warm standing embrace upon first meeting, and holding each other closely like it’s his last night on Earth under the covers together. He enjoys it all very much and honestly can’t get enough of it.

Aizawa Shouta

  • Prefers to have dates in the comfort of his apartment with your favorite takeout place and a movie playing behind the scenes while you both cuddle underneath a warm blanket and feed each other the things in your meal that the other person likes. Aizawa doesn’t have anything against going out for dates, but he feels the most comfortable when it’s just the two of you and there’s no one else around to interrupt his casual night in.
  • Sunny mornings with a rich aroma of fresh coffee brewing in a pot and the scrumptious smell of pancakes, eggs, and bacon filling the air of his apartment are one of his favorite things to wake up to. Although he appreciates you getting up early in the morning to cook him breakfast, he tells you that you don’t have to go through the trouble of doing it so often. While you’re cooking you’ll also find yourself being wrapped in his arms when you least expect it as well.
  • Aizawa doesn’t think that you’re awake when he gets in bed most nights after he’s done with his hero job, but every single night when he lays down beside you, he kisses you on the shoulder and tucks the covers around you to ensure that you’ll keep warm throughout the night. And it’s the little things that he does that makes you feel a tingly sensation in your stomach and makes you fall deeper in love with him.

Todoroki Shouto

  • Todoroki always thinks you become this adorable lump of sleepy in the morning or after taking nap, always murmuring to give you five more minutes as you’d roll over to curl into a ball and pull the blanket over your head. He thinks you’re just too cute for words that he can’t help but sometimes observe your sleeping countenance until the very moment you wake from your sweet slumber.
  • Before you both started dating, there were a couple of times where you would catch Todoroki looking at you with such adoration in his eyes but he always immediately looks away just before you notice him to avoid being caught, but you had always known that he was watching you from your peripheral vision. Now that you’re together, you’d catch him looking at you and smiling sometimes, and it makes your heart melt because it’s a smile that’s reserved only for you.
  • Not the best at accepting compliments or knows what to say afterward except an awkward thank you, but he always looks absolutely thrilled when you give it to him. He also tends to wear the same shirt/jacket on date nights that you had previously mentioned it suits him just to impress you, and he becomes genuinely heartbroken if a shirt you said looks really handsome gets stained or damaged.

Sherlock the BBC show crime drama based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is the highly successful TV starring Benedict Cunberbatch and Martin Freeman at Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.

The cinematic style of this TV show have push the envelop in film making specially for editing. I been following this show for quite a while and I’m amazed how the manipulate time in space in order to represents visually how Sherlock mind works.

In season 4, recently aired on PBS and BBC. Sherlock became a drug addict after several events in episode 1. He still able to work is mindset to uncover mysteries but his relationship with time and space are totally distorted. The scene that I picked is groundbreaking, represents how you can portray a character (Sherlock) in one location (Baker Street) but his mind seems to be in another location (Street). He is analyzing a case which is taking place in a conference room, but part of this events are taking place at the same street where Sherlock mind is.

The Aha! moment is when a driver pulls his car in front of Sherlock is talking to him, making sure if he is alright, but in reality is Wiggins a drug friend of Sherlock. Suddenly Wiggins tells him that he is not on the street he is at Baker Street. The show have Sherlock on the street and a curtain falls behind him with the wallpaper of Sherlock apartment.

This scene was a great effort between director, writer and editor. The results pays off.

These Are My Confessions

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Pairing: DeanxReader
Word count: 843
Warnings: Angst

Part 2 of Dean’s Soul Mate


Seeing the person that means the world to you break down kills you. I’ve faced Lucifer. I’ve gone against dickbag angels. I’ve been torn to shreds by hell hounds, shot, stabbed, punched, kicked, and who knows what else. Nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to the fear and pain of being the reason your soul mate breaks down.

I should probably start with happier times, right, Sammy? Many you were there for, but you weren’t behind the scenes.

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what was ur reaction when jimin pulling jin's legs apart in absolute awe on the Run behind-the-scenes video?

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((i think it was something like this… i still wondered why jimin did that thooo not that im complain ing and its like fucking 2 am r n hi i was doodling a jinmi n comice  ok but yeas i lov me som jinmin))

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sometimes I wonder if you're a tinhat because it's just easier/more appealing (not being rude, just a thought I had).

are you kidding? you think it’s easy? there is nothing easy, and it’s not usually a lot of fun to be a tinhat, believe me. 

believing the marriages were real and that jared and jensen were just regular straight dudes happy in them was easy. not having to worry about why certain things seem to be happening, where the other one is and how long they’ve been apart, what is going on behind the scenes to put that dead look in jared’s eyes again, if either of them is suffering because of all the secrets they’re keeping, that’s easy. not having to feel like you’ve been punched in the fucking gut when you see ridiculous lies like jensen saying “i loved watching you fall in love with your wife” to jared at a con while jared sat there completely blank-faced and barely reacting in a gifset that floats across your dash. shit like that.

if you think it’s easy, you have no idea how much i worry over them. every single day. you have no idea how it feels to see the strain on their faces when they’re having to lie but would rather do anything but. seriously, don’t come at me with “it’s easier.” you have no fucking clue.

and is it appealing? of course it is. but that’s not why i’m a hat. that’s why i shipped them in the first place. i’m sure you’re a j2 shipper. you’re doing THAT for the appeal of it. i’m a hat because i couldn’t help it anymore. because that was the only real option, when it came right down to it. becoming a tinhat was a relief; i didn’t feel alone in what i’d been feeling since i joined the fandom. it was puzzle pieces slotting into place in a way they never did before, not even close.

so you can stop wondering. it’s rarely ‘fun,’ never easy, and it’s not about the appeal. thanks.

my love is strong (i know yours is too)

by strong

Outside, the sky is a light grey that reminds him of the days where snow falls thick and coats the world in a thick layer of vanilla icing. He wants to believe that those days are coming soon, but with the unseasonably high temperatures, his heart refuses to let the hope dig its way too far into him. The garden is a forest of scraggly bushes, knee-high grass, and violet buds that Louis can appreciate but not name. Soon enough, he finds himself craving a shot of nicotine. Normally he avoids smoking when he’s here, especially in the house, but, since he’s alone, he swings the door open and lays back, plucking at the strings as he hums around a cigarette. He blows the smoke outside, watching it curl until it becomes too thin and disappears with the clouds.

“If you don’t post this photo, I’m going to,” a voice echoes in the hollow space. When it reaches Louis’ ears, he nearly drops the cigarette into the guitar. His wide eyes catch on the phone Harry lowers and tucks into his pocket, then follow Harry’s movements until he’s pressed right against Louis’ back. Suddenly it feels as though they’ve never been apart. “Hi. Can I have a hit?”

aka a behind-the-scenes look at louis’ recent harry-esque post on insta

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kandreil--what would happen if one were to be endlessly scrutinized for something that they did, you know, being celebrities and all. like, specifically with kevin's drinking problem. what if he's caught in columbia HELLA drunk and the press won't let him hear the end of it? how would neil and andrew respond/ support him? I LOVE YOUR WRITING SO MUCH BY THE WAY F U CK

Thank you so much sunshine!

The foxes had had a cult following for awhile, especially after Kevin had joined the team. It was nothing, however, compared to their explosion in popularity after they won the championships. Overnight, they became a team to be reckoned with. No one had gone from the bottom straight to the top the way they had. It came with a lot of fame, often unwanted.

Gone were the days of freedom. It often felt like every moment there was a camera being shoved in their face. Some of them handled it better than others. The upperclassmen handled the cameras with grace. Everyone knew better than to let Andrew or Neil anywhere near them. Kevin, outwardly handled it like the celebrity he had been raised to be.

But behind the scenes, Kevin was falling apart. He tried hard to keep his mask in place, even around the foxes, but if anyone looked close enough, the cracks were obvious to see. Despite his speech and the bravery he’d shown after the game, Riko’s death had taken its toll. He was drinking more, paying less attention. He was a mess and no one knew what to do.

It all came to a head one Monday morning, when someone leaked photos and videos of Kevin in Columbia. He was wasted out of his mind, blackout drunk. The video showed him and some frat guy in a tussle, more posturing than anything. The pictures showed him passed out on a bench outside the club, and then the monsters hauling him to the car. 

The press was having a field day. All of the sports channels were covering the “downfall” of Exy’s golden boy. Kevin flipped aimlessly between the channels. Most of the channels were focusing on how he was a bad example for the millions of children and young exy players who looked up to him. Others were saying how his sloppy antics were a disgrace to the sport, and even to the team that raised him. More than one person lamented his downfall since joining the foxes. There wasn’t a single person on his side. 

He chucked the remote across the room and stalked towards the kitchen, practically ripping the door to the liquor stash off. The problem being, it was empty. 

“Looking for this?” Andrew asked from the doorway to their bedroom, swinging the bottle back and forth.

“Give it to me Andrew,” Kevin growled.

“If you seriously think I’m letting you get drunk right now, you’re stupider than you look,” Andrew retorted. 

Kevin glared at him but said nothing.

“That’s what I thought. Now put one of your shitty history documentaries on while I get the ice cream.” Andrew shoved past Kevin, who for once did as he was told without arguing. 

Neil arrived home from class to find Kevin and Andrew watching a documentary about the civil war. Andrew had his feet in Kevin’s lap, and the pair was passing the tub of ice cream back and forth. He was shocked at Kevin but wisely said nothing. He dropped his back in their bedroom and toed off his shoes before joining his boys on the couch. 

He settled on the other side of Kevin, leaning up against him.

“Are there a lot of them outside?” Kevin asked, poorly masking the dread in his voice.

Neil shrugged. “Some. I could go tell them off if you want,” he offered. Kevin looked at him in horror,

“Then don’t ask about it again. Now pass the ice cream.”

bts really deserved that award though.
not only do they consistently and without break give us new quality music to feast on, think about how much content we have on a regular basis. for God’s sake they literally have a separate YouTube channel apart from their official content to post behind the scenes, special clips, and vlogs. not to mention their active twitter which give us glimpses into their personalities and their daily lives. if that isn’t a true attempt at interacting and socializing with their fans, what is? bangtan rlly deserved That and more

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Do you have an opinion on why Posey and Davis have this years-long mutual masturbation session going on, to the exclusion and detriment of literally every other character/actor on the show? (Okay, maybe not Shelley/Malia.) Do you think they have something on each other, or they're sleeping together, or what?

I’m not going to speculate on anything happening behind the scenes apart from  politics. 

Personally I think that when TP came out with his “weird, bizarre” rant against Sterek, that put Jeff in an incredibly awkward position. Imagine that you’ve been courting the Sterek fandom for a while, building them up, encouraging fanworks and fanart, and suddenly you get the call that your lead actor has said that. 

You have two choices. You either back him, or you announce that he’s wrong. 

There’s not good solution here. You’re either pissing off a huge chunk of your fanbase, or you’re pissing off your lead actor. Publicly. 

So Jeff made a choice to back Posey, and shut down Sterek. And now, to save pride, he has to take every opportunity to talk Posey up (the way he once did Sterek) and pretend it was all his intention from the start. Jeff won’t admit he made a mistake, so this is the hill he’s chosen to die on… it’s the hill that Posey dragged him onto.  

Or I could be totally wrong! We’re not going to know the truth for a while, if at all. 

Switched II

‘In situations like this                                    there was never a happy ending,

                                      at least not for you’

Featuring: Jungkook (BTS), Jimin (BTS)
Genre: Angst
Word Count 1.7k


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A/N: Sorry for the wait. I feel like shit, my computer broke, and I didn’t edit. I’ll try to edit later.

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Have you ever seen the behind the scenes of the ghost of you? Gerard calling out for Mikey and then crying makes me cry

I literally cannot focus on anything in the behind the scenes apart from frank talking about getting water on his balls.

Alfie and his HTGAWM castmates teasing him about HP
  • Jack Falahee: The funniest thing is that I found the other day in Wes’ apartment [set], on the bookshelf there’s a Harry Potter: Behind the Scenes production book — and Alfred didn’t even know! I pointed it out to him and he was like, ‘Oh my god this is so embarrassing.’ You leaf through it and there’s little Alfred sitting at Gryffindor’s table! He requested that it be removed because it was just destroying his entire world.
  • Katie Findlay: The best part about Alfie being in Harry Potter is that when he does things I like, I get to say, ‘10 points for Gryffindor!’ I also do it to Alfie when he does things that bother me and I want to embarrass him. Or I make comments about his quaffle control. That shuts him up.

I’m honestly really sad we never got to find out more about Lady Margolotta’s backstory though? I mean, from the way she talks about it and how she’s implied to be an older more distinguished vampire compared to the other Black Ribboners, I’m certain she was around during the Evil Emperor’s reign. But what was she doing?

We could have aloof, distant Margolotta, who sits in her castle in Bonk, safe and unaffected on the outskirts of Uberwald, watching and keeping her own hands clean, never takes a side but who sees the country tearing itself apart, and, ever patient, she smiles and waits.

We could have behind-the-scenes Margolotta, who sees the senseless violence and disapproves of the waste, its not clean, its not efficient. A letter here, a murder there, and the whole house of cards begins to crumble. She reads the correspondence from her agents by the light of the Emperor’s castle burning to the ground, and she smiles and waits.

We could have calculating Margolotta, a member of the Emperor’s court, who’ll kiss you on the cheek as she stabs you through the heart, who goes along for the ride and the power trip, but when she notices the cracks in the foundation she drops it like a hot coal. Who let the mob into the castle? They scream as they drown in fire and blood and holy water. Margolotta laughs as she tucks the key back into her corset and walks out into the night. And she smiles and waits.

We could have battle-blooded Margolotta, who revels in the violence and glory but is ambitious and thirsty for power and more intelligent than she’ll ever show. A dangerous combination for an underling. She kills the Emperor with her own hands and takes his empire for her own simply because she can. However, unlike him, she does know when to cut her losses. When the country rises against the Empire she slips away into the shadows, comes up with a new plan, and smiles and waits.

Or we could have Margolotta who, fifty years later, hears them speak of the Evil Emperor, how terrible he was, how could one man cause such senseless violence and bloodshed. And she laughs and laughs and laughs. She looks out at the ashes of her razed empire, and she smiles and waits.