apartment adventure


So there was a single, solitary kiwi on our counter in the kitchen.

And I decided to make fun of my roommate for it, because who buys one, single, solitary kiwi? So I asked her that.

Roommate: I didn’t buy a kiwi.

Me: This isn’t your kiwi?

Roommate: No?

Me: But this isn’t my kiwi.

Roommate: That kiwi was there when I got home.

Me: I don’t even eat kiwi!

As you can see, it’s a real kiwi. Here it is, on my counter, giving away nothing.

But I was still confused as to where it came from. Did one of us accidentally buy a kiwi at the store? 

So I looked up the Kiwiny company to figure out which stores it’s sold at, to see which one of us might have bought it, since we tend to use different grocery stores.

Kiwiny doesn’t have American retailers.

There is literally no reason for this kiwi to be in my kitchen.


lots of people have been asking me if I ever figured out where the kiwi came from. So to provide an update on the magical kiwi … one day I took a nap and had a dream about those creepy spiders that hide in bananas and I thought like oh my god this kiwi is gonna be full of spiders. So I woke up and promptly put the kiwi in a ziploc bag. To contain the dream spiders.

The kiwi sat on the counter for a few days, then got moved to the top of the fridge to get it out of the way. It sat there for a couple weeks. It never appeared to go bad? I did eventually throw it out, just because I was confused about it and neither of us were ever going to eat the kiwi.

Never found out why the kiwi was in my kitchen. I guess we’ll never know.


Kiwiny is following me on twitter now.

took a break with reading earlier by drawing BABES WITH ARMS aka HOTTEST COUSINS EVER iwa and goto <3

today was good. i saw three dogs at work and someone came by with free samples from some new place that’s opening called Poke and gave me a coupon for 20% off my first purchase. i have no idea what the sample was but it was tofu and spicy and rlly good

i tried to go after work with my mom but they had a sign that said they were out of everything. except then an employee ran over and made me a free sample that was also Very Good

and then my mom noticed a candy store across the street that’s the same chain i went to as a kid - it used to be called powell’s, but now it’s retro sweets - and it was basically exactly like i remembered??? like, arranged differently, but they had willy wonka and the chocolate factory playing on a loop in the back and a row of theater seats and big baskets full of candy and even!! the candy pills we used to get!!! i literally almost started crying i was so excited

the street where i’m working, i’m gonna call it b street, reminds me of one of the towns i grew up in. except in that town i was in a school that made me miserable, and now i’m happy. i have a job i enjoy, i’ve made some wonderful friends in the taz server i run, i’m writing again…..i’m gonna see hamilton in less than a week!! i get to see rere in april!!!

i still have issues and shit but i feel like i’m getting better about recognizing them and dealing with them. i’m finally gaining independence without my mom dragging me back. i feel like….i’m finally a Real Adult, and it’s so exciting.