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Tagged by @misssophiachase whom i just misspelled as misshophia and now i can’t stop saying it. Thank you, even if i’m now lisping your tumblr name.

1. Chloe Dancer / Crown of Thorns - Mother love bone (holy blast from the past, i used to play this on piano in my angst-ridden teenage years)

2. 715 Creeks - Bon Iver (the live version of this kills me)

3. Should Have Known Better - Sufjan Stevens (top 3 concerts ever)

4. Are You Satisfied? - Marina and The Diamonds (she’s fun)

5. Ritual Union - Little Dragons (i’m oddly addicted to this song)

6. Gimme Sympathy - Metric (metric is like…almost there, but never enough)

7. A Thread Cut with a Carving Knife - Stars (decent song)

8. New Skin - Torres (love her)

9. Futures - Jimmy Eat World (one of my all time fave bands)

10. Wave - Beck (look i like slow string filled music and this is just incredible)

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