Character Tropes: Carl Grimes Edition

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Top 5 Thorin Oakenshield quotes?

This is a tough one. I’m going to go with quotes from the film, apart from one. The last quote, which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, is better from the book. 

1) He looks more like a grocer than a burglar. 

2) Loyalty, honour, a willing heart. I can ask no more than that. (Got to have that one in!)

3) It’s a ruse. (The way he says ruse in this scene sends shivers through me. So damn hot!!!)

4) You talk to me as if I were some lowly Dwarf lord. As if I were still Thorin….Oakenshield. (The way his voice breaks just kills me in this bit) 

5) If more people valued food and song and cheer above hoarded gold, the world would be a merrier place. (The book quote is much better than the film version. I love this quote because I think it really shows our world and life today; people value money and material possessions above being happy.) 


Some speedpaints I’ve done within the past few days in between other stuff! Each of them took around 1 hour, and they’re all based on my own photographs (apart from the last one that is a friend’s dog so the original photo belongs to her).

I’ve set myself a challenge to do some form/shadow/light practice as I think I tend to focus too much on detail normally. These are really helpful and fun to do! I’m trying to do at least one every day.

I’m also not using the colour picker or any layer effects and only painting on maximum of 2 layers. Feels kinda like I was painting with actual paints the way I’ve been doing these.

It’s really interesting trying to see exactly what black fur looks like and how many colours there actually are even in one or two-colour animal :D

Things I want from the upcoming episodes re: the ambush/the Kimball-Doyle character development situation:

  • Doyle joins the group providing reinforcements to Kimball’s team (this means letting go of his cowardice enough to put himself in actual danger for the sake of his co-leader)
  • Doyle steps in out of nowhere to stop Locus from killing Kimball (this introduces him to the scene in a cool way, while also making it clear that no he is not petty enough to want Kimball to die I can’t believe someone actually suggested that)
  • At some point, Kimball and Doyle are fighting either back-to-back or side-by-side. Doyle is freaking out because I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING while Kimball is badass and cool and collected because this is battle and battle is something she can do very well (Kimball gets to be a badass, Doyle isn’t suddenly a badass just because he overcame his cowardice, the scene is funny, the generals are on level ground with each other while working together for a change)
  • At some point in this, Kimball saves Doyle from being killed suddenly (returning the favor from earlier: now each of them has saved the other. It’s symbolic and avoids the implication that one needs the other to save them because both need the other to save them. I don’t know how to articulate this better, I hope it’s coming through clearly.)
  • Finally (and this is the one that is most important to me), Doyle puts a bullet through the center of Locus’s brain and gets to be the one to end him, which is only fair because Locus spent years lying to him and of all the people in the cast who deserve to kill Locus, Doyle is at the top of that list I don’t care how much he lied to Wash I don’t care that he beat him up Doyle trusted him for years, he gave him acres of freedom and leniency and trusted his advice and his judgment and Locus betrayed that trust and deliberately got Doyle’s people- the people he willingly took responsibility for- killed if anyone deserves to put a bullet through Locus’s head it’s Doyle fIGHT ME)

What all this basically boils down to (apart from the last one) is that it gives Kimball and Doyle a chance to be put on even footing as leaders, as well as a chance to have them actually working together, hopefully pushing them to the point of being able to work together better later, when they both survive the war and go on to be co-leaders of Chorus shut up I can dream

Second Season Wishlist #1

Alec coming back from Magnus’s apartment being the last one to arrive and start preparing for a mission….and when he walks in to the weapons room everyone stops talking and looks at him….and Jace starts rubbing his eyebrow ,trying to signal Alec , like when you try to subtly tell a friend that they have an eyelash or something on their face….and Alec sees him and is like “What?”
and Jace gives that bro smile, like the one from the wedding “You have glitter on your eyebrow.” and Alec wipes at his eyebrow and looks at his glittery fingers and smiles and is completely unapologetic….


Went to see Area 11 in Edinburgh last night and they were awesome. We arrived early to interview them but they were running late so we just watched them sound check and then do they show. They were amazing as expected. Afterwards we hung around with them while they packed up and they eventually took us back to their van because they were kicked out of the venue. Parv was pretty much the nicest human ever and was apologising throughout the whole event for keeping us waiting. We got a 20 minute interview and filmed every song in full apart from the last one which got a few seconds missed in the middle. We’re gonna release all of the raw footage next week along with the interview. ( I look tired and deranged in the photo but it’s the only one I got in their tour van)