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Carmilla AU
└ Painting Over by queergirltakeover

Carmilla Karnstein, world famous painter, meets Laura Hollis, a local reporter, at a gallery opening. Her life, and her art, has never been bright, but Laura starts to bring out another side of her.

Character Tropes: Carl Grimes Edition

rucas + tropes (part 1)


Blair Waldorf in every episode
→1x04.Bad News Blair.“You take everything from me! Nate, my mom! You can’t even help it, it’s who you are. I just thought maybe this time it would be different. I should’ve known I’d be wrong.”

Be Careful

Fandom: Twilight

Word count: 1359

Characters: Jacob x reader, the whole pack

Warnings: Werewolves behaving like children, fighting and violence

Summary: You get caught in the middle of one of the pack’s arguments.

You could hear them arguing all the way up Sam’s driveway. Paul’s voice was especially loud above the other, and you stopped to listen to him as you reached the door.

“I’m just saying, that’s a load of crap! I could take any of you in a fight!”

You sighed, irritated. The pack had been fighting over this for at least a week now, and it was starting to get on your last nerve. No one apart from them really cared about who would beat who if it came to a fight.

Then it was Jacob’s voice, and you could almost hear his grin. “Whatever you wanna believe, Lahote.” Someone, you assumed it was Paul, gave a low growl in response.

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Some speedpaints I’ve done within the past few days in between other stuff! Each of them took around 1 hour, and they’re all based on my own photographs (apart from the last one that is a friend’s dog so the original photo belongs to her).

I’ve set myself a challenge to do some form/shadow/light practice as I think I tend to focus too much on detail normally. These are really helpful and fun to do! I’m trying to do at least one every day.

I’m also not using the colour picker or any layer effects and only painting on maximum of 2 layers. Feels kinda like I was painting with actual paints the way I’ve been doing these.

It’s really interesting trying to see exactly what black fur looks like and how many colours there actually are even in one or two-colour animal :D

arent we falling apart
fine china
inches from the floor
crying out one last time
before shattering.

in slow motion
we fight the crash
you can pick up the pieces
but you can’t put them back
we cast ourselves into darkness
under the mushroom cloud
of our own detonation
we were an unsplitable atom
now there’s nothing left but
the line of dust at the edge of the pan
refusing to be swept away

—  seanyenorth

Can someone do a Harrison/Cisco gifset with the phrase “Bitch, don’t kill my Vibe”. 

Get it?!

I crack myself up. 

Olive Skin, Race and Ethnicity

Anonymous asked: White writer here, so please tell me if anything about this question is offensive or worded strangely: Does olive skin tone = POC? Like, I have a character with Greek/Spanish heritage and a character from Italy who both have noticeably olive skin tones, but Greek, Spanish, and Italian people are often (or at least from what I’ve seen) considered to be white. Would it be wrong for these characters to be written as considering themselves POC?

Your characters’ heritage isn’t their race, it’s their ethnicity. If they have olive skin they could be a POC, but otherwise, olive skin does not mean POC. It’s a bit difficult as a topic, since you can have black people and white people with the same skin tone. Race is about more than skin, and can also be noted by facial features, etc. Why is this? Because race is a social construct, not a scientific one (apart from racist science from the last centuries). 

Furthermore, the understanding of race and skin tone is different in Europe. Greek, Spanish and Italian people are still “white” in Europe. Racism has played out a little different over here. 

As to if they’d see themselves as POC, I can’t really say. You’d have to ask Greek, Spanish and Italian people about how skin tone and race play out over there. 

~Mod Alice

As for using olive skin tone as a descriptor for a PoC, I don’t think it’s offense or worded strangely. The only thing is that you may want to supplement it with more information of their ethnicity since apparently not even olive skin tone is readily interpreted as a person of color (see the Hunger Games).

But I mean… brown! Olives!

~Mod Colette

starsinthespringsky  asked:

Has anyone asked about Aruani? :( I wish not, if someone already asked for them could you do Eremika? Or could you do both. ^_^v peace. :)

No one has, actually! I did eremika (I tagged you!) and it’s right here. Thank you for asking and sorry for taking so long!

who cooks normally?

I don’t see either of these two cooking. Armin can’t make anything without burning/breaking a few things and Annie just doesn’t care for it. Annie brings take out home to keep him from burning their place down and they spend their afternoons in bed with too many Chinese food boxes and watching documentaries that Armin huffs at—did that guy really just say that? Obviously that woman is lying. That isn’t possible. Armin asks her what she’d do in that situation and she just shrugs and says ‘I dunno, I’d probably beat the confession out of them or something’ and Armin stares at her for a really long time and probably like makes out with her then and there. They get tired of take out after a while though and probably take some cooking classes together and Annie mostly goes because she gets really flustered seeing Armin in a little apron

how often do they fight?

Annie’s the more irritable one and she probably gets a little annoyed when Armin spends too much time at work or she wakes up at three a.m. because Armin has the light on to read or type something up he just remembered. Annie likes staying home, likes being alone, and Armin thrives on traveling and she scowls at him the entire time they’re at the airport and they’re in flight because people. He’s usually the one who tries his best to learn a language before they travel to a new country and when he does forget how to properly ask something she steps in and he’s never surprised to find that she picks up languages just as quickly as he does.

what do they do when they’re away from each other?

Armin tries not to dwell on it too much. He stays up all night reading and turns to show her something he’d never known before—but she isn’t there and suddenly there’s a hollow in his stomach. He misses the way she’d just take the book or his laptop away from him and force him onto his stomach and get all the knots out of his neck and back and her massages are one of the most fantastic things he’s ever felt. She tries to be gentle but Armin bruises easily and she looks guilty when she sees them all over him—but he likes them, likes touching them and eyeing his reflection in the mirror and remembering how her hands felt on him.

Annie holes herself up or goes to hang out with Reiner and Bertl—she likes sparring with them and they hit the gym together. She tries not to take her frustration out on them but probably ends up doing it anyway. She misses the way Armin talked all the time though, everything seems so quiet and she’s never quite felt the silence the way she does now. She wonders if he’s staying up all night reading or hunched over his laptop and her hands remember how soft his skin felt when she’d unknot him.

nicknames for each other?

Yeah, no.

who is more likely to pay for dinner?

Annie. She doesn’t like when people pay for her or try to and Armin tried to pay a few times but at seeing how stubborn she was about it he gave in. (She’ll let him pay every once in a while and he always squeezes her hand and thanks her)

who steals the covers at night?

Armin. He’s cold, he’s always cold, he hates getting out of the shower and getting out of bed and at night he grabs like five blankets and piles on the pillows and Annie just raises a brow at it and is just—you could crank up the heater, you know? Annie curls up into a ball when she sleeps—and Armin always tucks her against him and sleeps with his mouth pressed to the nape of her neck and his hand over her heart.

what would they get each other for gifts?

Annie hates it but she really tries because Armin. She even shows up on Eren’s doorstep and interrogates him and scares the shit out of him—but she just wants to know what she should get him? One day she recalls that Bertolt works at a lofty museum and she gets him to let her and Armin in when they’ve closed. There’s a restricted library that Armin’s always wanted to get into—and when she actually pulls him in he can’t quite breathe properly because these books have always been out of his reach. They make a little picnic there and stay up the entire night and when they leave Armin may or may not have stolen a book or two and he casually remarks how he’s going to pass them down to their children and Annie—graceful, strong Annie—actually misses a step and Armin catches her and blushes brightly

Armin is really romantic. He loves bringing her flowers and taking her on midnight trips to cabins by the lake where they’re isolated and surrounded by wilderness and Annie actually cracks a smile more than usual—because thank friggin’ god there’s no people—and she shows Armin how to fish and set traps and make a fire and she actually ends up dragging him all around the woods and he’s half dead from exhaustion but he keeps trudging because he’s never seen her so alive

who remembers things?

I feel like they’re both pretty forgetful. Two weeks pass when they both realize they forgot their own anniversary or something and they just kind of find it amusing. If anyone takes more note of it it’s Armin, though, and he never forgets her birthdays.

who cusses more?

Annie. Armin always chides Annie when she curses in public.

what would they do if the other one was hurt?

Annie wouldn’t hesitate at breaking a few people if it meant protecting Armin and she’d do it with him on her back the entire time. She’s been hurt quite a few times herself so she’d know how to wrap him up and treat him and it’s the gentlest she’s ever touched him.

Armin is a little frightening when he’s pushed to his limits and hurting Annie is definitely pushing past them. Annie doesn’t like seeing him stoop to that level and afterwards he’s so shaken and clumsy trying to wrap up her wounds he just ends up tangling them and curses himself for his uselessness and she grabs his hands and tells him she’s okay, she’s fine, and she ends up comforting him instead.

who kissed who first?

Annie kissed Armin. I like to think Armin was probably talking her ears off about something she could care less about and she grabbed his collar and kissed him—both because she’d been wanting to and to get him to be quiet for a minute and it’s actually pretty useful in getting him to stop talking and she uses this tactic quite a bit. I also like to think maybe she kissed him after a fight or while sparring or something—he’s determined to learn how to protect himself and she’s teaching him how to. He gets a little frustrated about half an hour into it and she’s got him pinned on the ground and keeps telling him to figure out how to break free and he just can’t and the next thing they know their mouths are fused together and Annie’s on top of him for an entirely different reason.

who made the first move?

Annie. Armin knew it was coming but even so he wasn’t prepared at all.

who started the relationship?

Annie. They spent the night at her place more often than not but they did have separate apartments and Armin’s wasn’t very nice. She never liked how he constantly ran out of hot water and how creepy his neighbors looked so one night they’re still in bed and he’s threading his fingers through her hair and half asleep and she just tells him why don’t you just stay here?? permanently?? it’d be easier or w/e and he lifts his head and pushes her hair away from her face to get a better look and he smiles because she’s blushing and kisses her and tells her he’d love to. 

He keeps smiling and she shoves the book back at his face because now he’s actually laughing and she mutters something about kicking him out before he even moves in.