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Toxic Covens

Many witches choose to become apart of a coven at one point or another. Unfortunately, many witches come into contact with covens that foster toxic practices and relationships between members. The following are a few warning signs that a coven may be toxic.

1. New members are belittled and treated as inferior to established members.

If you join a coven and are silenced, treated as a novice (if you are not one), ordered to perform menial tasks for other members, and/or given fewer rights within the group you should carefully consider whether this coven will help you grow as a Witch or if it will hinder your education and personal practice.

2. Coven leaders demand unreasonable amounts of time dedicated to the coven.

Coven leaders can make or break the health of a coven. If a coven leader demands that a Witch be available to them at all times or deliberately violates a Witch’s agreed upon participation commitment that may be a sign that the coven and its leader are too demanding of its members. There is always a time commitment associated with being a member of a coven, however members should not be required to live their lives around the coven’s needs. Covens should strive to be a supportive and mutually beneficial spiritual group, and that includes respecting members’ other commitments.

3. The coven limits the type of witchcraft that members can practice.

Some covens are specialized, and that is perfectly okay. However, if a coven tries to regulate or dictate the type of Magick that its members practice and study on their own time it could be a red flag. The benefits of being in a coven rarely outweigh the hindrance of having one’s practice limited by others.

4. Coven leaders place more importance on serving them than on practicing your craft.

The majority of problems that Witches encounter when joining a new coven usually have to do with the intentions and goals of the coven leader(s). Unfortunately, some Witches start covens or choose to lead covens to benefit their ego more than to benefit their fellow Witches. You may be able to spot a leader like this if you notice that they focus on their own practice during lessons or coven time rather than on the development of their coven members and/or insist on being treated in an exceptional manner.

5. The coven limits your social contact outside of your practice.

If the rules of a coven prevent a Witch from interacting with their family, friends, co-workers, or acquaintances in the way that they normally would then that coven should be joined with caution. Healthy social interactions outside of one’s practice  is important to mental and emotional well being and a coven should not interfere with the social lives of its members.

Zhang Yixing

He is cute.

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He is sexy.

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He is a dork.

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He can dance. 

He can sing.

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He can rap.

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He’s a meme.

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He can play guitar.

And piano.

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And the hulusi (cucurbit flute.)

And the violin ????

He can compose.

Examples: promise, monodrama (co-composed)

And write songs.

He wrote a book.



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His smile.

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His eyes.

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His hands.

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There are many more things to be mentioned but I’ll be here forever. He’s such a genuinely nice person and I can’t understand how anyone could ever dislike him.

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Part Two

Maybe its like you said before, all of us being cracked open. Like each of us starts out as a watertight vessel. And then things happen - these people leave us, or don’t love us, or don’t get us, or we don’t get them, and we lose and fail and hurt one another. And the vessel starts to crack in places. And I mean, yeah once the vessel cracks open, the end becomes inevitable. Once it starts to rain inside the Osprey, it will never be remodeled. But there is all this time between when the cracks start to open up and when we finally fall apart. And its only that time that we see one another, because we see out of ourselves through our cracks and into others through theirs. When did we see each other face to face? Not until you saw into my cracks and I saw into yours. Before that we were just looking at ideas of each other, like looking at your window shade, but never seeing inside. But once the vessel cracks, the light can get in. The light can get out.
—  John Green, Paper Towns.
on Big Deal Moments in Discworld

Guards! Guards! has one of the first Big Deal Discworld moments for me, and I’m not very good at articulating what that means.

The moment I’m thinking of is the dragon’s speech to Wonse – “we were supposed to be cruel, cunning, heartless and terrible. But…we never burned and tortured and ripped one another apart and called it morality.” That’s a passage that always makes me stop and reread it a couple of times. And it’s a small moment – it’s the only time we hear the dragon speak at all, and it’s a speech that has no bearing on the rest of the story. It could have been taken out of the book entirely and nothing would feel like it was missing. But the fact that it’s there is a Big Deal moment. The great big monstrous antagonist’s judgment of humanity is unavoidable in its accuracy.

And the Discworld series is full of moments like that. Sometimes it’s just one line, sometimes it’s a full scene, and most of the book is so full of shenanigans coming so quickly one after another that you don’t always see the Big Deal moments coming. We think of Pratchett as a humor/satire writer and yes, the books are hilarious, but in between the jokes are these Big Deal moments that casually rearrange our perspective and stick with us even after we think we’ve forgotten.

Then there are the other Big Deal Moments, that are Emotional Meteorite Strike Moments (e.g. the phrase “that is not my cow” can now instantly put me in the fetal position) but I’m having a hard enough time describing this one as it is so I’ll probably go on a tirade about those ‘round about that One Part in Feet of Clay. (You know the one.)

Me, an old woman sitting in a rocking chair on my front porch: True love? Yes, I remember true love. Two people who fell so deeply in love that they didn’t know what to do with themselves. Inseparable, they were, never apart for a moment. They loved one another so desperately it hurt to watch, so deeply that one could not go a moment without the other. Oh they played it off, didn’t want to admit what they were feeling, some say a greater being was keeping them apart, but I knew. I knew… *sighs* Fucking Star Trek

I want to talk to people.

Yes part of this site is about rping with one another, and making sure that our muses talk to one another and potentially grow closer (or try to rip one another apart, but some of us want that too). But I do not want to just have the rp and nothing else. To be able to talk to one another and talk theoretical about our muses, or talk about ships. 

Hell, being able to talk about anything at all helps. Some of us just like to talk to one another, while others of us genuinely feel like people don’t like us when there is general silence. We want to form relationships, and for some of us starting interactions is hard enough that trying to find the courage to talk to someone OOC separately is nearly impossible to find.

This is an open invitation to come and talk to us. Make people feel welcome. RPing is more fun with other people anyways.

Heated Kisses

This short one-shot was inspired by this picture drawn by Hiro Mashima. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Summary: A bad date and a poker game later, Lucy finds herself in the arms of a fiery dragon slayer. Will their passion get the better of them? Or will they end up challenging each other because they’re two stubborn wizards?

Rated T: Foul language and some suggestive themes.

Pairing: Natsu/Lucy

Genre: Humor/Romance

Word Count: 2,237

Read on FF.net or AO3

Lucy opened the door to her apartment. She was mentally exhausted. Yet another one of her dates went awful. There wasn’t exactly anything wrong with him like the others, he just didn’t catch her interest. None of them seemed to be able to do that…

After a long soak in her bath she was feeling a little more refreshed, but she still couldn’t shake the thought that she would never find the right guy. It didn’t make sense to her. She’d been trying to date for the better part of six months now, and never had she made it past the first date.

She’d shared a few kisses with them, but that was it. It never made it past a rare goodnight kiss at the door, then she would never see them again. She didn’t think it was fair to waste her time or theirs. She didn’t want to say she was one of those people who believed that they should feel fireworks explode when they have their first kiss, but she couldn’t deny that her bar was set pretty high. So far no guy had made her knees weak or made her see stars.

Lucy sighed, wondering if she was just not meant to be with someone. In nothing but a towel, she strolled over to her closet, her feet barely lifting from the floor as she walked. She pulled out a simple tank top and white mini skirt, knowing they would be comfy since the weather had started to warm up. She didn’t think she’d be leaving her home again today anyway, so there was no point in worrying about her wardrobe.

Lucy was about to walk over to her desk to start writing, but a loud and cheery voice startled her.

“Hey Lucy!”

Said girl flinched, letting out an ‘eep’ as she whirled around to see the pink haired fire dragon slayer sitting on her living room floor. “Natsu! What the hell are you doing here?!”

Natsu raised a brow. “I came to hang out with you!” He said as if it were obvious, because to him, it was. He always loved spending time with her. “I didn’t see you at the guild this morning.”

“That’s because I was out on a date,” Lucy turned, not catching the way Natsu’s eye twitched when she said ‘date’. “Where’s Happy? I swear if he’s raiding my fridge again I’ll-”

“Happy’s not here,” Natsu answered, his tone a little dejected.

Lucy easily picked up on his mood change. “What’s wrong with you?” She asked, forgetting she was in nothing but a towel.

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Sun, Mercury, & Venus

Due to their close proximity to one another, these three are never far apart in the birth chart. Therefore, there are common themes that these combinations may share.

Sun: at my core, I am ______/Mercury: when I talk, I am ______/Venus: around others, I am ______

Aries: independent/enthusiastic/dominating

Taurus: secure/succinct/supportive

Gemini: intellectual/witty/adaptable

Cancer: nurturing/soft-spoken/understanding

Virgo: perfectionistic/analytical/self-sacrificing

Leo: self-serving/expressive/exciting

Libra: balanced/yielding/submissive

Scorpio: powerful/intriguing/magnetic

Sagittarius: expansive/broad/charismatic

Capricorn: ambitious/authoritative/motivating

Aquarius: eccentric/logical/detached

Pisces: fantastical/imprecise/admiring

the worst roommate

Group/Member: GOT7 // Jaebum

Genre: SMUT

Word Count: 2.804

Prompt: Dialogue w/ Jaebum 47
“You know, when this is over, we should really have angry sex.” 

Summary: You were sure that one day you were going to kill your roommate.

Masterlist // AU Prompt List // Dialogue Prompt List // Rules

Until recently you truly had considered yourself a nice person. You rarely let your temper get the better of you, and when you were angry about something it was always more on the passive aggressive side, never one to raise your voice at people or yell. However, that had all changed once you’d met your roommate. The entire situation had started off bad from the get go. You’d never wanted a roommate, knew that roommates were always bad news, and had heard plenty of bad things. Unfortunately for you, it was your only option at this point. You just couldn’t afford your apartment on your own anymore, and finding another one and paying for the coast of moving would just put you under even more, so you’d done the only possible thing in that situation…you found a roommate.

Actually, your friend had found you the roommate. She’d told you that she knew a guy who was also looking for a place to stay. He had a solid job and wouldn’t have any problems paying rent. You’d been reluctant to letting a guy come and live with you, but in the end had decided that if your friend trusted him, it was better than finding a complete stranger. You’d been gone out of town the weekend that he moved in, leaving your friend with the key you’d gotten for him, and trusting her to help with everything and show him where he’d be staying.

Immediately after coming home from your trip you’d been faced with your first dispute with your new roommate, Im Jaebum.

Upon unlocking the door to your apartment and opening it, you’d been greeted with a whole lot of nakedness, and a lot more of Jaebum than you needed to see. “Jesus Christ,” you spat, covering your face and turning away, the dark haired male simply raising his eye brows, continuing to spoon eat the yogurt he was holding.

“Um, hello?” you said, struggling to set your bag down and shrug your coat off while avoiding looking at Jaebum.

“Sup, you must be [Y/N], I’m Jaebum,” daring to sneak a quick glance, your jaw dropped at his outstretched hand. Was this guy seriously standing in front of you butt naked and expecting you to shake his hand like it was nothing. “Umm, do you mind putting some clothes on before we exchange pleasantries, and is that my yogurt you’re eating?” you said, you tone clearly displaying the irritation you were feeling. Jaebum rolling his eyes lightly, pulling back his hand and heading towards the hallway that lead to your rooms.

“I really don’t think it’s that big of a deal, I mean we are roommates now,” he called before stopping and turning around again causing you to let out a huff as you simply turned away from him. “And yeah, sorry I’ll buy another one. You have good taste,” he said raising the yogurt cup in a salute despite you having your back turned to him. Biting your tongue as hard as you could you didn’t dare look back up until you knew that he was for sure gone. Feeling more than a little flustered you immediately pulled out your phone, sending your friend a text asking her what the hell kind of person she had let move into your home.

As the weeks went by things didn’t mellow out the way you had been hoping. You wished you had just gotten a roommate that kept to themselves, that minded their own business and who you really didn’t see that much. Thankfully the nudity had been reduced to just him walking around his underwear. Still not your favorite option but a lot better than having to look at him naked every single day. The irritating part too was that he was wasn’t bad looking. You’d be less angry if he wasn’t somebody you were attracted to but the thing was…he was one hundred percent your type. From his dark hair, to his piercings, the muscular build, and especially the eyes. More than once Jaebum had caught your eyes on him, deciding to use it to his advantage, making you more flustered by doing things such as bending over hear you in his underwear, or winking at you when he caught you looking. All of which successfully irritated you and ended with you storming out.

It wasn’t just the fact that Jaebum had a thing for being nude though. He was quite loud, constantly playing his music late at night, or talking loudly on the phone with friends. And don’t even get you started on when he did invite friends over. It was like they were all loud, raised by a pack of wolves you’d thought. Then of course the fact that Jaebum did not clean up after himself. There were always dishes in the sick after he’d been finished making something, or you would find a piece of his clothing laying on the hallway floor. The worst was probably the bathroom though; how could one guy make such a damn mess in the bathroom?

Of course, this led to many arguments, not afraid to confront him, because in the end you had gotten this apartment first. This had been your home for over a year and the fact that he was coming in here and making a mess and not respecting your space was pissing you off. His habits were seriously overshadowing his looks at this point. Your friend always saying she had done you a favor by having Jaebum move in with you. “You would have never talked to such an attractive guy like him had it not been for me.” She’d said one night while talking to her on the phone. “Yeah well, he may be attractive but I feel like I’m taking care of a teenager.”

That weekend you’d made plans to go and visit family, and while it stressed you out to leave the apartment to him, you knew that you needed the break.

“If you burn the building down I’ll kill you.”

“But what if I burn up with the building?” he’d said back with a smirk.

“I’ll resurrect you and kill you again…slowly.”

“Dang girl…you’re so feisty.” Your jaw had clenched hard at this, head shaking at him before picking up your bags and slamming the door.

Thankfully you had managed to completely forget about Jaebum or what could possibly going on in your apartment. Family time, it turned out, was exactly what you needed. Your mom made all of your favorite meals, your dad told all of the funniest stories, and even your siblings were more tolerable than Jaebum, yelling and shrieking when you kept pulling them in for kisses and hugs.

When Sunday came around and you were ready to come home, you felt more relaxed than you had in months. Your mood had lightened, and you were starting to feel like the old you again. Maybe you were just being too hard on Jaebum. In all honesty, he was annoying, but he wasn’t the worst roommate in the world. You were sure that there were a lot worse things he could do, and on the train ride back home you had decided that it wasn’t too late to try and get to know you roommate. You just needed to give him a chance, and maybe the two of you could actually be good friends after all.

The moment you’d unlocked your car however and made your way into the room you realized something…you were going to kill Im Jaebum.

“Jaebum!!!” you screamed at the top of your lungs, throwing your bags hard on the ground and whipped your jacket hard onto the ground. “You asshole!!”

All around you, your apartment had been trashed. There bottles everywhere as well as red solo cups. Chips and an assortment of other snacks and foods were clearly ground into the carpet. Somebody had managed to knock over one of your stands, the broken near laying not too far away. Breaths coming out in infuriated pants, you took tentative steps towards the kitchen, immediately feeling your blood boil when you saw the utter destruction that had become of it. Pizza boxes all over the table, some on the floor, even more beer bottles in here as well as more than a few broken dishes.

“Hey, I was planning on getting up and cleaning soon.” The moment you heard the voice you spun on your heel, Jaebum taking a step back when he saw the look on your face. “You trashed my apartment,” you said in probably the most menacing voice he had ever heard in his entire life.

“Our apartment,” he said meekly, regretting the words as soon as they’d left his mouth. Within a flash you were across the room, arms straight out as you shoved him hard. You found it funny that despite every single other time the two of you had fought, despite every other encounter you had he was dressed this time, hair a mess because he had clearly just woken up from your yelling.

“This is my apartment! It has always been my apartment! You’re lucky that I even let you live here!” you yell, shoving him again. “If it weren’t for the stupid price I would have kicked you out after the first week!”

Up until this point you two had fought plenty of times…well you had yelled and he’d replied with sarcastic remarks, but never before had you lost your temper like this. Jaebum raised his eyebrows as he watched you come forwards again, this time grabbing a hold of your wrists before you could shove him again. “I’ll clean it up [Y/N], I swear! I’m sorry, I’ll pay for everything that was broken,” he said, just wanting to get you to calm down.

“Would you let me go?!” you yelled, not even close to calming down as you writhed and twisted in his grip, trying anything to get his iron steel of a grip to loosen.  Jaebum didn’t let go however, watching the way you huffed and groaned, knowing that it was a shit time to be the sarcastic asshole that he knew he was, but god you were hot when you were like this. Your hair was getting pulled from your ponytail, little strands getting in your face, and the way you were moving around, your t-shirt had been pulled to the side, a large portion of your bra exposed to him.

“You know, when this is over, we should really have angry sex,” he said, his eyes searing into yours as he finally let you go, causing you to stumbled back a few steps, your eyes growing twice in size as you looked back at him, a mix of shock and anger taking over your face. Licking his bottom lip the two of you stayed just like that, doing nothing but starting until suddenly you were coming at him again, your hands grabbing the front of your shirt and yanking him forward hard, your lips smashing together…hard. It was like you were transferring all your anger, all your pure distaste for his man into that kiss. Jaebum thought he could taste blood, and whether it was his or yours he wasn’t sure, but god damn this was hot. His hands immediately launched forward, grabbing the hem of your shirt and yanking it off, separating your lips.

“I still hate you,” you hissed, ripping open the button-down shirt he’d been wearing, buttons flying around you as you exposed his chest. “I hate that you walk around naked all the time when I’m trying to concentrate,” you said, feeling him pull you back in for another hard kiss, his hands fumbling with the button of your jeans, your hands immediately yanking them down and tripping out of them.

“I hate how god damn messy you are,” another kiss, this time his pants being yanked down. “I hate your friends,” your braw disappeared this time, “I hate that you act like a stupid teenager,” his boxers were gone, your panties flung. Before you could continue your list Jaebum had wrapped an arm around your lower back and lifted you up, your legs wrapped around his as he made his way towards his bedroom, slamming your back into the wall, not watching where he was going while desperately working on your lips. Letting out a yelp you immediately dug your nails into his back, triggering a hiss from him as his eyes opened and looked into yours. The look of anger that you’d been shooting at him was still there but he was at least glad to see that it was now mixed with pure pleasure and want, partially registering the wet feel of your care that was pressed against his abs.

“You hurry up and get to the bedroom?” you hissed, making him laugh, a smirk overtaking him as he kissed you hard again, this time being more careful with where he was going. The moment that he’d thrown you down on the bed he’d moved to his night stand, pulling out the condom and slipping it on as quickly as he could. Before he could move on top of you, you had grabbed him, forcing him onto the bed so that he was sitting up, his back against the wall, you crawling into his lap and not even wasting any time as you sat on top of him, sinking down the entirety of his length. Letting out low groans of pleasure you immediately started moving, not even giving him a moment to catch up as you moved up and down as fast as you possibly could, your anger still fueling ever single action you made.

“You…broke…my favorite lamp,” You seethed at him between pants. “There’s a hole…this size of…your big…oh fuck…. the size of your…big fucking head…in my kitchen wall,” you managed to get out as Jaebum finally got on your level, one hand grabbing onto your hip while the other cupped your breast and he began to thrust up long and hard into you.

“I said I’d fix it for fuck sake,” he said, biting his lip hard as he took control of the pace completely and began lifting you on his own and then slamming you back down as hard as he possibly could. The position that you two ere in allowed him to get as deep as you possibly could, your angry being phased out for the time being as your mind went fuzzy, unable to concentrate on anything except for the feel of him as he hit the same spot repeatedly, relentlessly, giving you now time to breath. Your entire chest was turning a deep flush of red, your head falling back as small gasps left your mouth, unable to produce any other noise. Jaebum panted himself as he leaned forward and sucked hard on each of your breasts, glorifying in the pure roughness of the sex.

You squeezed, his bit, you scratched, and he hold on tighter. There would be marks all over the both of you, signs the roughness that had ensued in his bed. It didn’t take long before you felt your core take on that familiar coil feeling. It was like you were a rubber band that was being twisted and soon enough you were going to snap. Letting out a strangled noise that was somewhere between a scream and moan you completely lost it, cuming harder than you had in your entire life. Little bursts of black shot across your vision as Jaebum didn’t let up on his thrusts, gritting his teeth hard as he came a few more thrusts after you, your entire body on fire from over stimulation. Falling to the side, both of you lay in bed, facing one another but unable to say anything as you both desperately tried to catch your breath.

Finally, after minutes of nothing but panting and little moans that kept coming out like aftershocks, you felt like you could move. Pulling yourself off him, you rolled so that you were sitting on the side of his bed and reached down on the ground, grabbing one of his t-shirts, pulling it on before standing up.

“Where are you going?” he asked, still slightly breathless.

Turning back and looking at him, you only smirked at him. “I’m going to be my room to sleep…you’re going to clean the entire apartment.” You said simply as you walked to his door and opened it, turning one last time to looked at his stunned face. “Have fun,” you said simply before closing the door behind you, leaving a completely stunned and for the first time, silent Jaebum behind on his bed. “God damn she’s a force to be reckoned with,” he said, a smirk permanently on his lips.  

What happens when your ships... (Part 2)
  • …spend a whole morning in bed
  • …go sightseeing in another country
  • …stay up too late watching old movies
  • …get caught making out despite “not being together”
  • …take a ballroom dance class together
  • …build a blanket fort
  • …meet in college
  • …go to and get lost in IKEA 
  • …get in a water fight
  • …realize they’ve fallen for each other
  • …try speaking each other’s native language
  • …go on an undercover mission together
  • …run into each other at a bar
  • …protect each other
  • …sing karaoke together
  • …get lost while hiking
  • …decorate their first house/apartment
  • …go on a double date with another one of your ships
  • …find out each other’s darkest secret
  • …forget their own wedding anniversary
  • …watch their child graduating high school 
and the world is born anew.

A/N: So basically I was writing a whole thing about this headcanon (started it shortly before i even posted the headcanon) but then @sasusake also had to grow inspired and write her own little thing about it and it was so PERFECT that I couldn’t write that part over. I wanted to just write my own little thing to relate to her own. AND HERE WE ARE. So the first scene is entirely me, but that second one is entirely @sasusake. :’) HAPPY HOLIDAYs GUYS.

Rated K.



It wasn’t something he ever thought he would care about.

New Years. The time of cheer and celebration, of well-wishes and new starts, where families long grown apart came together to love and cherish one another in the spirit of a new beginning.

A time that did not belong to a teenage, orphaned boy brimming with rage, consumed by the darkness of his past and set out on the path of revenge.

Sasuke had never cared about the holidays. Even when Team Seven had made themselves a second family, for the brief moment he’d allowed them to be, the time of New Years had never quite brought him any meaning. They’d only reminded him of a past he could never have again, one that always had his throat tightening up: his mother’s gentle smile flashing through Sakura’s soft, sun-bright grin as she handed him his end-of-year present, Itachi’s kind chuckle resonating within Naruto’s bright laughter as he stuck their homemade shimekazari to the entrance of their sensei’s household, the touch of his father’s hand fused with Kakashi’s as he ruffled his hair while they watched the first sunrise of a new period.

This was the first year since the massacre of his clan where the season had ever brought him a sense of peace.

Oof,” Sakura exclaimed, as she moved to sit at his side. Her hand cupped the positively gorgeous swell of her belly, and she smiled, rubbing softly. “She sure is getting heavier to carry these days,” she said, throwing him a teasing glance.

The sight of those crinkling eyes almost had him smiling, too. The pregnancy really made her glow, today, he couldn’t help but to think. His wife was so beautiful like this.

“You all right?” he asked, shifting his lone hand over her own to cradle the weight of their child. He felt his eyes soften as his wife giggled and leaned against his bad shoulder, the prettiest grin to her lips.

“Oh, I’m perfect. Everything’s absolutely perfect.”

His mouth tugged at the corner a little, thumb caressing the skin of her hand. Chest warm, he leaned over and pressed a kiss to her hair. “Hm. Good,” he murmured, contented with himself.

(this was the life he never imagined he could have, filled with so much bliss and hope and love—something that seemed so unattainable, once.)

Thin fingers reached to intertwine with his own, still pressing lovingly to her rounded stomach, and he sighed, long and quiet. His eyes slipped closed with the serenity of the moment.

“It’s almost midnight,” Sakura murmured, then, her smile transparent in her voice. He let his eyes flutter open once more just to see it. “The fireworks will start soon, won’t they? Maybe we should start heading out there.”

Humming, Sasuke merely nodded, before letting his gaze fall to her ankles, observing how puffy they were. “Can you walk there by yourself?” he asked, honest in his query. After all, they had walked quite the distance today.

His wife, however, seemed quite surprised instead, brows shooting up high. Then, as she noticed where his eyes were set, she burst into laughter. “I’m fine, I swear! Anata, if you worry about me now, I wonder how intolerable you’ll be when we’ll be trying to last for the first sunrise.”

Sasuke made a small huff in response, lips quirking lightly again, before moving his hand swiftly to tap two fingers to her forehead. “Just trying to make sure my wife is comfortable, that’s all,” he said, his tone bordering on playful.

Sakura only smiled wider at that, green eyes gleaming so devotedly at him. It made his heart skip a beat, sometimes, when he saw how deeply this woman really loved him.

(—and how happy he made her.)

“Come on,” he mumbled, letting his fingers fall away softly. Pushing himself to his feet, he turned to face her once more, and extended a hand. “Let’s get going.”

Shaking her head at him, his wife simply grinned and accepted his offered help, allowing him pull her safely to her feet as she cupped the swell of her stomach and patted it gently, breathing out another soft exclamation at the weight. Sasuke found himself smiling faintly at the sight, reaching for the thick blanket he’d kept near the makeshift bench for precisely this moment, throwing it over his bad shoulder as he touched his hand to Sakura’s back and started their trek towards the sloped hill overlooking the small village.

“Hey, Sasuke-kun,” his wife called as they finally settled on the grass, wrapped in a wholesome warmth and watching the town scintillating with life.


“When the fireworks are done,” she started, smiling softly—but never looking away from the gleaming lights, “we’ll be heading out to that temple we saw coming in, right? To offer our prayers and wishes for the new year?”

His features softened. He moved to press his lips to her hair lingeringly. “If you’re not too tired…” he murmured.

She turned at him then, and smiled near blindingly, her green, green eyes a thousand times more lovely than the twinkling view below them.

(gods, he hoped their child would end up with eyes as beautiful as hers.)

“Of course I’m not too tired. We took a nap this afternoon just to keep up with the tradition like everyone else, remember?”

“Right,” he said, smiling faintly once more. “We’ll head there after the fireworks, then.”

As if on cue, the sound of one taking off tore through the air, capturing their attentions; with wonderment, their gazes shifted towards the dark sky, catching the path of a shimmering trail, before it disappeared for a split moment and exploded in glittery embers, making Sakura gasp. She leaned against him in her delight, one hand drifting lovingly over her pregnant belly, while the other sought out his own. Sasuke couldn’t help but to sigh at this, lacing their fingers together as the show of colorful sparkling bursts continued, commemorating the start of something new.



The sunrise slowly greets them, in beautiful shades of orange and pink that spill across the sky, awakening the world to a new year. What residual warmth it lends to the chilly air reminds Sasuke that, in just a few months, he’ll get to feel the breath of his child for the first time. This year, his clan will begin anew. He wonders, fondly, if the child’s hair will be as pink as its mother’s; as pink as the light that breaks through the scattered white clouds; as pink as the lips smiling sweetly at him.

“What are you thinking about, Sasuke-kun?”

He looks down at her belly, visible just beneath her cloak, and imagines their child to be warm and safe – and happy? He hopes so. Sakura makes him feel happy, and warm, and safe.

(She keeps him safe from his demons. Safe from himself.)

“I’m grateful,” he says. He rests his hand on her belly and watches her eyes wrinkle with joy and her cheeks blossom. She glows – more than the rising sun, more than the bursting sky, she glows with life – and he counts his blessings one by one; the image forever branded into his memory.

“Hmm… You’re taking a picture.” Sakura holds one hand up to his face, runs it across his chin. Her thumb traces the edge of his lips just as he leans in for a kiss, two smiles becoming one. Their child flutters against his palm; flutters inside his chest, inside his very soul, this product of their love and ode to his salvation.

He promises, before the sun and the mountains and the temples, before the sky and the trees and the clouds; he promises he’ll always protect them, and cherish the feelings connected in their hearts.

ما أجمل الحلم مع إنسان تحبه .. وما أسوأ أن يحقق كل منا حلمه بعيداً عن الآخر. -فاروق جويدة How beautiful it is to dream with the person you love….. And how awful it is that you fulfill your dreams apart from one another ..

The Finale Push (Gabriel Reyes)

Pairing: Pre!Fall!Gabriel Reyes X Fem!Reader
Words: 2340
Warning(s): Body horror, Main Character Death, angst
A/N: So i apologize for going a bit too dark and angst filled. It was an experiment on how well I can right things like this. I hope you may have enjoyed?? 

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Four billion years from now, our galaxy, the Milky Way, will collide with our large neighbor, Andromeda. The galaxies as we know them will not survive.

Currently, Andromeda and the Milky Way are about 2.5 million light-years apart. Fueled by gravity, the two galaxies are hurtling toward one another at 402,000 kilometers per hour. But even at that speed, they won’t meet for another four billion years. Then, the two galaxies will collide head-on and fly through one another. For eons, the pair will continue to come together and fly apart, scrambling stars and redrawing constellations until eventually, after a billion or so years have passed, the two galaxies will merge.

Then, the solar system will have a new cosmic address, with newly formed stars, planets, and solar system’s, all within a giant elliptical galaxy, formed by the collision and merger of the Milky Way and Andromeda, and life will begin again.

I Miss You, Daddy.

  Summary: Phil has to go away for a few days. Dan misses him in his absence and sends Phil a video of him teasing himself. When Phil gets back home, he has a surprise in store for Dan. 

Author’s note: So @ninallthatjazz gave me the idea for this fic and I’ve had about 80 heart attacks because I love it so much tbh… There’s a link to a video in the fic, which is obviously nsfw fyi. Interactive porn adventure. We did that. (2k words ayyy) I know it’s been a while since I posted, sorry about that! I have like 40 crises a week and they aren’t always conductive to fic writing yaknow? 

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It was curious to think that the sky was the same for everybody. And the people under the sky were also very much the same—everywhere, all over the world, hundreds or thousands of millions of people just like this, people ignorant of one another’s existence, held apart by walls of hatred and lies, and yet almost exactly the same—people who had never learned to think but were storing up in their hearts and bellies and muscles the power that would one day overturn the world.
—  George Orwell, 1984
Banter I think Should Have Taken Place

Cullen: So …

Alistair: So.

Cullen: Sooooo …

Alistair: Buttons? 

Cullen: *dumbfounded* What?

Alistair: Buttons.

Cullen: Right. Anyway … So you and her … you’re still together?

Alistair: Her? Her who? There’s a lot of “hers” in this world. 

Cullen: *sighs over loud* 

Alistair: *rolls eyes* Yes, we’re still together.

Cullen: How is she–that is–I mean … is she well? 

Alistair: I take it you mean aside from this whole, “torn sky, hearing the Calling, being apart from one another, and an old wannabe God corrupting the Wardens and turning them into demons,” thing?  

Cullen: Um … Yes, aside from that.

Alistair: She’s great! 

Cullen: *sighs* How does she put up with you?

Alistair: I know, right? It’s a mystery to me as well. But I thank the Maker every day that she does.  

Fearful Love Part 7

Jared x Reader

Word Count: 1,292

Warnings: language, hints at being in an abusive relationship

Summary: Months after everything that happened, are you positive that you’re 100% yourself again? 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

*Gif is not mine*

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