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Appropriating Latinx Magical Realism: A Twitter Thread

Mel from Books on Wings began this discussion by tweeting: “Apart from all the mess that is MS’ new book, I’ve always been hesitant about non-latinx people writing magical realism. It’s prominently a Latin American genre and she took inspiration from Isabel Allende and García Márquez. But why would we need her voice and story?”

I studied magical realism and the fantastic in college, and wrote my senior thesis on it, so I decided to jump in, because this has often bothered me as well. So here it is: You can write magical realism without appropriating Latin-American stories or Latinx magical realism. It’s easy. Here’s why. 

Magical Realism as a genre was founded by Gabriel García Márquez. One Hundred Years of Solitude and The House of the Spirits are two examples of the genre. This genre is largely a reaction against colonialism and Western realism. The idea is that mythology and spirituality are not as separate from the ‘real world’ in non-Western storytelling traditions. Here’s a way of explaining this: when I was a kid, my parents and grandparents told me a lot of stories about our history that are exaggerated, added-to, mythologized a little bit, etc. If I told a family history, I would tell those stories instead of finding the real ones, because these stories actually explain my family better. It’s an argument that it’s actually sort of more real if you include those tales rather than the ‘historically correct ones.’ You can pull inspiration from this genre successfully without appropriating it. For example, Jeffrey Eugenides in Middlesex uses the same sort of family/historical epic framework, dotted with magical realism, to tell his story. 

Magical realism is used in the literature of many cultures, from Balkan to Japanese to African-American novels and stories. It’s often used to project an anti-Western outlook, but with postmodernism, many Western writers began to utilize it as well. But outside of Latin America, magical realism is a mode, not a genre. It is a literary tool to enhance your story and give it depth, or mystery. It’s used, just for example, by The Master and Margarita, Ulysses, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, Lincoln in the Bardo, the short stories of Shirley Jackson and Angela Carter. Would you put those all into the same genre? No, me neither. That’s because these all use magical realism but don’t try to appropriate the genre of magical realism, which is a Latin American genre. They use it as a mode to create a certain feeling, experience, and depth for the reader, but are not directly using the styles of Marquez.

That’s my problem with Maggie Stiefvater’s new novel. There is no reason why you need to appropriate Latinx stories or tropes from the genre of magical realism in order to write a novel that has magical realism in it. As Mel added, non-Latinx people can use it as a mode—but there’s no reason to take Latinx stories away. I agree. Do you want to write a novel with magical realism in it? Great—so do I, in fact. But why do you need to write a Latin American story to do so? The answer is that you really don’t. 

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can you do me the biggest favor and like just explain the bears shortly because i haven't got the time to read through your whole tag and i am so freaking confused ??

Get ready for a long post ahead.


This is a massive topic, and it involves a lot more than just 2 bears in rainbow gear, so I am doing my best in placing you back in the time and show you the atmosphere and the happening with the band. I am trying to explain it without making a monster post. EDIT: I failed.

I have a tag /tagged/rbb-history where it is explained that a rainbow bear wearing a cute hairband with a bow on it was thrown on stage in Manchester during the WWA tour. Then a few (?) shows later it appeared in full bondage gear, we called it rainbow bondage bear (later RBB) and the bear kept appearing at the shows. 

Then it accompanied the band to the US leg of the WWA tour, and we saw the bear for a few shows, even surrounded by policemen (I think it was in Philly). 

They created a twitter account for the bear, advertised the name under the bear, asked for a follow, I think Josh was the fourth follower. It was a mystery who was behind it. Josh was the primary suspect, he tweeted he is not involved with it, then Ant their sound engineer (?) also tweeted he is not taking care of the bears. We then enjoyed the frequent photos they posted on said twitter account. There was drinking, watching Judy Garland movies, being hungover, more drinking, he had quite the life. 

Important to mention that the band had a palm tree (Eric) as a mascot as well, this tree also had a twitter account and was involved in massive drinking. 

I think about three days passed and the RBB twitter was gone. People said it was because of the drinking but the funny thing is that the palm tree could stay and if I remember correctly that account is still happily alive, but not posting anymore pictures.

All in all, the twitter disappeared, the bear did too. We were outraged, Rainbow Direction got attacked, member of RD posted their seats in one of the asks and for the entire show their concert experience was destroyed by a security guard and Magee/Griffith’s death stares, the LGBTQIA+ members of the fandom felt unsafe, as their team was so homophobic that they are pressed by a rainbow stuffed bear, and as a reaction we started to see rainbows everywhere, Niall went to the NASA with a rainbow cap and got pictured with everyone and their grandma, Anne, Jay, Gemma, even Julian posted/liked/favorited something related to rainbows, Liam wore a shirt at one of the shows which was the album cover of their opening act, and it had rainbows, the acts individually would be taken as coincidences, but looking at the big picture it was quite deliberate.

We mourned the bear, there was some attempt as a pink pony appeared, but we kept getting the reports from concert goers that confirmed RBB was nowhere to be seen.

A few shows later though it appeared, no longer in bondage gear, and that was the show where Harry deliberately sang the line “At first I was afraid, I was petrified” instead of “Happy birthday”.

So the big gay war was massively happening, we had THAT week in August, and soon we understood that THAT show was the last when we saw RBB during WWA.

OTRA started with Josh posting a picture about RBB, in total Freddie Mercury gear, we even started calling him Teddy Mercury, and the world was a nice place again. The bear kept appearing at shows, frequently changing outfits, wearing tutus, and t-shirts with My favorite color is rainbow written on it, the CSI part of the fandom even found these gears at build a bear pages on the web.

The bear only missed the Japan shows, and we understood later that probably because it was an Arena, and they did not find a place to put it.

Then RBB introduced SBB to the fandom during the EU leg of OTRA, and soon they started to put these mood stickers, and there was a very visible attempt to distinguish and make RBB as Harry, and SBB as Louis. 

A couple of examples: RBB: banana, microphone with green, froyo, green mood sticker. Louis: skateboard, baby bottle, blue mood sticker, McDonald’s..

There were also some framed pictures associated with the bears, and those were all closeted celebrities who in some way were forced to hide their true selves, their sexuality/ forced to have a grueling schedule and some even went to the court or was dragged to court. We found a ton of links to the X factor, and Simon Cowell himself. Those researches soon made clear that there is a bts war between the boys and Simon, which was already clear by the smear campaign started by Simon and co.

RBB/SBB missed a few shows, and these occurrences can be linked to massive attacks (Babygate announcement, Attitude article, someone with fake baby bump appearing at shows,.. etc). As crazy as it sounds the bears became message bearers, and they gave a ton of hints, soon the boys themselves started rebel like crazy against Simon. Beats interview: complaints about being tired and overworked, then at the Apple Music Festival shading the merch like a pro, Harry shading the record label execs that they are bored, then some massive Simon shades at the London concerts: Niall’s Not Anymore Simon, Liam wearing a Simon mask during Little White Lies and Harry putting a stuffed animal under his tshirt symbolizing a pregnant belly during Little White Lies.

The bears disappeared later, and then came back after a massive rainbow countdown on their newly created twitter account, they made their first text post a few minutes after midnight on Nov 1st, and we were blessed with some pictures there. One even had Louis on it, which I cannot believe is a coincidence, those boys really made sure not to give hints, so it was deliberate, since then they are being a bit more careful. I think the message was received that Louis is definitely behind the bears with Harry, so there is no need to out them every single time. Both of them tweeted even a minute apart from RBB, and it is undeniable that HL are involved with the bears.

The bears travel to LA, and now to Mexico with them, and keep us updated almost every day now. They frequently change icons and headers.

The bears are amazing at dragging, see Kimmel’s attempt at mocking the fandom with a potato, the boys posted a pic where they made sure we understand they are on our side, not letting a showman mock their fans.



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Unfortunately it's impossible to get impartial reporting. Maybe it is possible, but people don't see it as such. People complained about the Jamie EW cover (sorry, but the first part of Voyager is Jamie heavy), even before seeing that amazing pic of Claire inside, when last season everyone was complaining about too much Frank in half an episode. I also saw a lot of complaints about these last Claire/Frank pictures (Lynette gave the exclusive on one of them). So... I mean... it's a vicious cycle.

Sorry to write a 2nd message. Unfortunately Jamie’s role has been a bit washed in the show, and in season 2 it made a bit of sense, since it was more of a Claire drive book, her actions, her story etc. But I have a feeling some fans will have issues with promo every time. That’s very frustrating as well. And it’s not about actor vs. actor, which is silly to begin with, and I personally don’t care about them outside of Outlander.

- Promo isn’t rocket science. It is/should be an easy thing to manage with minimal effort - a tweet here or there, in time and on point, or an article giving actual teases, or interviews that don’t consist entirely of fan Qs. As a reporter whose outlet has been given exclusive access, has visited set, interviewed cast members and honestly speaking, what has she reported? What honest-to-God promo has taken place in the past few days (apart from self promotion, and Sam only tweeting - which is not his fault!)? Why bother telling people you are going down there, then turn around and say you can’t show us anything, coz “Spoilers” of a 20yr old book? Why say anything at all, in that case? Go quietly down there, do your job, and then tease actual legit teases when the time comes. I’d rather the info be given whenever it can be given, instead of having whatever TF we’ve had. It’s silly and unnecessary, and probs nothing we’ll get to see till 2weeks before the premiere, if not halfway through the season.

People will complain, people always complain - sometimes it’s justified, other times borne out of frustration, other times it’s plain old unnecessary. But in this case, now, I think it’s absolutely justified (and honestly 8 times out of 10, in the world of nonexistent Outlander promo, it’s justified). Promo is meant to entice, excite, tease, feature the lead actress and her co-star, their journeys, introduce new cast members, keeping fans engaged and/or bring in new ones. 

How hard is it for Starz to acknowledge their lead actress’ achievements and milestones in real time? How hard would it be for Lynette to have alternating tidbit tweets about the leads/show? How hard would it be for entertainment news outlets to see Sam’s strength as a actor instead of how buff he is? 

For ALL of us, Outlander is not our first ever show/fandom, nor will it be our last. We’ve watched shows come and go, with vary budgets/size of fanbases and their respective promo campaigns season in, season out - and by far - for me - Outlander has some of the worst SM promo campaigns. It’s poor. Focus is skewed, complacent and otherwise inconsistent.

Everyone’s opinion is valid, yet I think a lot of us have past the point of “oh, lets just enjoy whatever it is they give us!” to “can we please get anything competent?” 

Sorry this got longer than I intended lol, but asking for balanced, professional coverage, isn’t complaining. Shouldn’t that be expected of all promo - from any show?

The Problems with Malec

I decided to make a post solely about the problems Magnus and Alec have in the show that makes them not work as well as they could. Why? Not because I love complaining, but because it’s so important everyone is aware of what is going on. And sadly, what is going on simply isn’t all roses and justified. So let me explain what it is that is making this couple and these two characters not come to their full potential: 

1. Lack of storyline

Both Magnus and Alec are currently suffering from a “What the hell do we do with these characters”. Unlike the core three, there isn’t much book material to go on. Which means the team behind shadowhunters has to come up with a storyline themselves, and apparently that is really hard to do. 
Or well, I should say, it’s hard to do properly. 

Alec doesn’t really have a storyline of his own this season. Almost everything he does is playing second fidel to someone else’s storyline. He’s either attached to Jace’s his storyline, to Izzy’s storyline or even to Luke’s storyline. But he doesn’t have one of his own. Malec is not his own storyline. You could say him being the head of the Institute is his storyline, but he didn’t get the position as a result of his storyline, he didn’t even get it because he had earned it. And with his new position he hasn’t done anything that didn’t have ties to other things. It’s been connected to Luke’s storyline in which he tried to kill Valentine, and sabotaging Sebastian’s plan. The new role also restricts Alec as a character from having his own storyline or even being involved in other people their storyline. Even Matthew admitted to this. For Alec’s well being as a developing character he shouldn’t be a head for long. Not that he is doing a good job at it, since for the sake of “equality” he spents his nights with Magnus at his home. Which is totally in character, and totally normal to do when you have just been appointed. 

Originally posted by of-mice-and-men-19

Magnus has his own storyline one would argue. He is dealing with his past and trying to find some sort of balance between being a warlock and dating Alec. 
But how much have we seen from that storyline that was actually good storytelling. Everything we saw in S2A was always in connection to someone else and now in S2B Simon his heartbreak get the priority of good proper screentime over a character with severe childhood traumas. In what universe does that even make sense? Yes Simon his heartbreak is understandable, but why introduce such a heavy topic as childhood trauma only to treat it like a secondary issue with a screentime of less than 8 minutes combined with flashback scenes and the “i’m fine moments”. 
Though mind you this is not the first time the show has taken a very serious topic only to treat it with the least amount of care in the world, remember Alec’s suicide attempt and the promise we would get back to that since it’s so important. I haven’t seen it anywhere, have you? 

2. Lack of screentime

If you’re not a malec fan or simply don’t care enough about them to want equality for them, the go to comment is; “this show is not about Malec”. Granted you got me there. But that doesn’t justify the lack of screentime. Now Todd has planned himself in the corner that tough choices have to be made:

They only have so much minutes bla bla bla, BULLSHIT. Todd simply has different priorities. Every ep in S2B has started with “My name Clary Fray”- 

Let’s be real, that is atleast a good minute of airtime that gets spend on shit the episode doesn’t need. Not to even mention the unneccessary scenes, such as Jace making out with Kaelie in the bed half naked (precious golden scene? Sure Jan).
He can’t say he believes screentime should go to Clary, Simon and Jace even if the episode could easily miss the scene since it adds nothing, so the answer is even golden scenes have to be cut. Don’t get mad please, it’s a hard job….
Ehum NO, it really really isn’t. It’s about pacing, which sucks in this show, it’s about priorities which in this show don’t focus on Magnus, Alec, Luke or the rest. It’s about not adding more characters to an all ready full show. 
They make the weirdest choices when it comes to malec, the scenes are short even when the moments are important, because everything else is apparently more important, hey not my words anymore, they are officially Todd’s now.  

3. The equality issue

I guess this is more personal. As a proud member of the lgbtq community, to me equality is absolute. I know what shows look like that give it to their viewers and thus i know Shadowhunters isn’t one of these shows. Arguments like “but they have more than in the bookserie, so stop talking”, are annoying as hell and not even correct. (Which you can read here)
Arguments like “this isn’t the malec show” are fucking rude. Equality has nothing to do with turning Shadowhunters into the Malec show. If you believe this to be case, then you are not an ally and are (sub)conciously homophobic. Some lgbtq+ people even believe this to be true and honey, sorry to tell you but that is some internalised homophobia you’ve got going on there. 
Equality simply means an equal treatment. Not give them 50% of the show’s time and Clace the other 50% cause well, there is also Izzy, Simon, Luke and Maia. This is not about some weird ass division of time. It’s about the Quality of the time they getting and the imbalance compared to the heterosexual pairings. 

The fade into black from 2x07 was homophobic as fuck. Malec not getting their first time shown, no intimate scenes. No real, well-written conversations. All of that adds up to this unequal treatment the couple gets, I’m not counting the stray scene they actual do right like the balcony scene in 1x06.
Why does Magnus love Alec? I don’t know. Why do I not know this? Because the show never bothered to explain it to me, to show it to me. Why does Alec love Magnus? I don’t know. Because he was the first guy to notice him, but surely there is more to it. I’m just not sure what that more is. Why? They don’t bother to show me. 
It is these small things that make the show fail epicly when it comes to Malec. 
Most of the fandom is happy when they get one minute, because we have successfully been brainwashed into thinking that is what this couple deserves and that this is what we should be grateful for. 
Everyone is over the moon with the morning scene in 2x15 in spite of the body language that shows discomfort, in spite of the OOC behaviour of Alec; this is not something the new head of the institute should do and definitely Alec, sorry. They are catering to you, with the bare minimum because well, you will accept it, praise it, maybe complain but hey we’ll watch again next week, cause TODD keeps making promises it will be better. Will it though? No really? Cause if you keep watching, you keep defending the show, you keep having a whiplash from going between “OMG I CAN’T EVEN” to “WHAT IS THIS SHIT”  why do they have to change how they treat Malec. Equality is a serious issue, but an issue this show doesn’t take seriously. And apart from a tweet, nothing indicates this will change in the future.

4. Lies from TPTB

If there is one thing I’m not fond of it’s lying Showrunners and boy does Todd have a track record in that. Just have a look at the first round of interviews they did. Remember how they agreed with the fandom that Malec went too fast in S1, that they needed to pull it back, because why the hell did they even like each other…… Well here we are Ep 15 and they’ve had sex and we’ve had an I love you, three even. If anything the new showrunners are going even faster. Much of what they promised to do with Malec, flew out of the window somehow the moment they started writing. Why? God knows why, I guess. Some people think they want to establish the couple as fast a possible, so as little as possible screentime has to be spent on them and they can still say, but hey look at this couple and the progressiveness, they are the OTP of this show, never will they break up. Stop complaining about the screentime and just appreciate that they are still together and going strong, here have another I love you, now shut up. I’m not part of that team, but I also don’t see enough evidence suggesting they are completely off. In fact the willingness of the team to have Malec adopt Madzie actually proves these fans might have a point.

If only the lies had stopped there, but then there was the MalecMania. Oh Boy was the fandom hyped and with good reasons and Oh Boy was it a big let down to the point the fandom roared with anger. Then he promised he would work on it, this was during the filming of 2x13/2x14. Not all scripts had been written yet and they definitely weren’t filmed yet.

So why is he tweeting that he’s working on it now not three weeks ago. Don’t you mean you worked on it, keep a look out for this improvement? That is what you promised in the first place. But now this promise seems to have been moved to S3. And when S3A doesn’t deliver will he move the promise to S3B? He is a master at baiting the fans with Malec and for some reason the fans seem to not comprehend that they are being baited. So he can problably move it forever and nobody would object, cause he promises too change people! Give the show the benefit of the doubt….
Okay? But seriously for how long?!
And how many lies does he have to tell before he loose his credibility. Mind you a lot of tweets ended up being deleted from his timeline as well, things spoken without thought and no intention to realise these comments.

What needs to change in my opinion?

First of All, Malec needs to take a step back. Breath, take things slow. Realise they know very little about each other and that they are going way too fast.

Alec needs to give his position to someone else, I love Alec as the head of institute, but I don’t want him to be restricted by it. He can always earn it fairly around S7. I personally think Alec would prefer that too. That he is the head of the institute or hell even inquistitor because he was chosen to be by his people, not by Jace because the latter isn’t one for following the rules. Show us just how special and good Alec is, don’t have others tell us. Cause you haven’t shown Alec to be a great leader, you’ve shown the exact opposite before appointing him this position. Even Alec has his doubts, which he really shouldn’t have if he was sure of his position. 

Magnus needs a different role. Whatever he is currently, it’s not working as it give the character very little meat and no connection to the rest of the characters, thus isolating him. Especially if his current problems/storylines are treated as secondary. The show needs to address serious issues with the gentle care they deserve instead of using them for drama plotdevices. Alec’s suicide was a big thing, but thrown aside just as easily. Magnus his traumas are also pushed aside somewhat for storylines that require less screentime and care but are given double of it. Even Izzy who tried to kill her brother hasn’t really dealt with what drove her. The show touches on a lot of things with the other characters only to never really expand on it, for the sake of drama. And it needs to stop doing that. 

The show needs to start showing things instead of telling me things. I don’t want to hear Izzy went to meetings, I want to see her there, so I can hear why she felt the need to take Yin Fen and I can see her struggle.The same goes for Alec and Magnus, a lot is told but never shown. I’m tired of hearing about it, I want to see it. If I have to see every single thing about Clary, Simon and Jace, why can I not see these important moments from the other main characters. Especially if they are so linked to the storylines they are suppossedly telling us. 

The last comment also would increase the quality of their storylines, and thus create a more equal feel to it. But Equality needs to happen. For a show that won the Glaad award, it saddens me to say, they did not deserve it. Compared to their competition the show underdelivers and I think the show should become one worthy of that award. 

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HIIIIIIII! Do you know any youtube au? I'm dying to find some! Thanks anyway 💙

Here You Go:

From Eight Until Late, I Think About You by supernope [ 1/1 | English | 35,227 ] *

After finding out that his University of Brighton roommate has a YouTube channel, Harry starts up his own channel, on which he posts videos of himself doing weekly challenges. He strikes up a friendship with Louis, a popular youtuber in London, that starts in the comments on their videos and progresses to texting, skyping, and talking about each other in their own videos far too often. They fall for each other long-distance, but put off meeting face-to-face as long as possible, too nervous that they’ll screw it all up. Involves a bunch of YouTube challenges (AKA excuses for Harry to get naked), some awkward snapchat mishaps, and a whole lot of pining.

Kiss Me On The Mouth And Set Me Free by suspendrs [ 1/1 | English | 17,335 ] *

Or, Louis is a gamer and Harry is a beauty guru, and VidCon is a good place to fall in love.

Married For A Week!? by gravitycentred [ 1/1 | English | 20,424 ] *

Hi guys :) You might recognize Harry from one or two of my old videos .. I was tagged in the Married for a week challenge so I asked him to be my husband ! We had to live together for a week and take each other out on a couple romantic dates and that, check out the video to see how it went :) Give it a like if you enjoyed and maybe subscribe if you haven’t already. Love you all - Louis x

Kiss Me With Adventure (’Till I Forget My Name) by summer_rose [ 8/8 | English | 31,910 ]

Based on the prompt: Harry’s the biggest indie star in the music industry and just as his first world tour starts his makeup artist leaves. Harry’s team is frantically searching for a new one but they can’t seem to get a hold of one Harry actually likes?? Cue Harry, alone in his apartment a week before tour, he sees a tweet from a fan saying that “this is my favorite youtuber!! blah blah”, Harry clicks it and there’s youtuber!Louis who //conveniently// is also a beauty guru. Harry thinks he’s cute n stuff but he also wants him on his team and all that.

If It’s Meant To Be, It Will Happen by tessalane [ 1/1 | English | 28,268 ] 

Or Louis had a crush on Harry since forever, but Harry has been mean to him ever since. Things change when Louis’ mum dies and Harry graduates and Louis starts a Youtube channel.

I hope these are okay! - Happy Reading! :)

The Art of Relaxation.

Lafayette stood at the entrance to Alexander’s tent, watching the other man as he scribbled something on a piece of slightly crumpled parchment. The sun was dipping low beneath the trees and tent tops of Valley Forge. The few birds that remained over the winter were tweeting, their songs echoing through the woodland. Apart from them and the distant shouts of men, the only other thing Lafayette could hear were the sounds of Alexander’s quill as it scratched across the page. He shifted slightly from foot to foot, anxiously fiddling with some hair that had escaped his ponytail.

“Alexander? Mon ami?” He said, keeping his voice hushed so as not to startle his friend. He walked into the cluttered tent slowly as though he were approaching a frightened animal.

“Lafayette, how can I help?” Alexander didn’t look up from the thing he was writing.

“I had my uniform refitted and repaired today, though I think there may be a hem loose at the back. I tired looking at it in a mirror but I can’t find it, would you help?”

“Ah, I’m a little busy right now, perhaps Laurens could?” Alexander had not once looked over at Lafayette, he felt his stomach drop with disappointment.

“John is riding to Gates’ camp; he will not return till tomorrow. Had you not noticed?” Disappointment turned into concern as Lafayette took in his friend’s state properly.

“What do you mean? John doesn’t leave until tomorrow.”

“Alexander, mon ami, when was the last time you left your tent?”

“The eighteenth, I went to deliver The General some letters. Laf, I’m sorry but I really do have to get these done.” Alexander waved his hand to try and shoo Lafayette out of the tent.

“Alexander, it’s the twentieth today, you’ve not left your tent for two days. No wonder Washington asked me if you were ill. You must relax, the letters do not need to be done this instance-”

“No, Laf-”

“Non, laisse-moi prendre soin de toi.”

He took Alexander’s hand and turned him around, his hands moved to Alex’s shoulders; they rested there as though they had belonged there forever. He guided Alex to the small camp bed, taking off Alexander’s coat and waistcoat as they went. Lafayette took the tie out of Alex’s hair, letting the curls spring loose down his back.

“Lie down, rest; let me take care of you, Alexander.”

He stood back as Alex lay down on his front, his arms crossed under his head. His face was turned towards Lafayette, his eyes drifted closed; his lips were cracked open and his breathing slowed. Lafayette allowed his eyes to drift down the curved lines of Alexander’s body. Alex’s shirt hung loose around waist and shoulders, it dipped low at the back of his neck. The shirt had come untucked from his breeches, something Lafayette did nothing to combat. Instead he looked around the tent for candles, the sun having moved below the horizon and the night having moved in around them.

Lafayette stripped out of his coat and left it on John’s unused bed. Before he moved to Alex, he straddled the smaller man, and ran his hands over Alexander’s body. At last he could feel the hard lines and sinewy muscle under his fingers.

“Laf, you don’t-”

“Je souhaite, mon ami,” he said, leaning forward to whisper the words in Alexander’s ear.



He massaged the knotted muscles with deft fingers, feeling Alex’s muscles give way to relaxation. He could hear Alex relaxing, hear his breathing slow and deepen; every now and then, he could hear a sigh of contentment.

“Relax, Alexander,” he said, after he could feel the other tensing.

“No, Lafayette, you don’t understand- I can’t-”

“Alexander-” he didn’t finish before Alex turned and shoved him off.


“Alex, please,” Lafayette said, stumbling backwards, tears threatening to spill.

“Lafayette, it’s not right. I’m not- I can’t-”

“Let me show you. It’s alright, let me show you,” Lafayette said, bringing Alex towards him, tangling his fingers in the others hair.

Alex’s hand came to rest on his chest, the other on his hip. Lafayette leant down and brought their mouths together, lips meeting, warm; like coming home. Their noses brushed, and their breaths mingled together. They split, only when their lungs started to burn.

“Okay?” Lafayette asked.

“Bien,” Alex said, gasping slightly for breath. He looked up at Lafayette, his eyes searching his face; gleaming from the light of the candles.


Lafayette awoke to birdsong, and the sun creeping in through the gap in the tent flaps. He looked down to see Alexander curled under his chin.

“Alexander, I have to go, Washington will wonder where I’ve gone.”

“Stay, it is early yet,” Alexander mumbled.

“And I still need to wash and dress,” Lafayette chuckled.

“I s'pose,” Alexander said, moving to let him go.

The morning was chilly, so they got dressed hurriedly. They could hear the rest of the camp getting ready. After they dressed, Lafayette drew Alexander close to him, his hands low on Alex’s waist.

“Careful, Lafayette, wouldn’t want to ruin your new uniform,” Alexander smiled.

“So considerate,” Lafayette chuckled, before leaning down and kissing Alex.

A/N: so I wrote this because @halpdevon and @lozeyart made me trash for this ship. (The last few sentences are based of one of Ollie’s drawings). I hope this is ok… lemme know if you guys want me to delete it.

me: nah i’m not getting my hopes up for a scrabble proposal

marlene: *likes two spoby scrabble proposal request tweets posted three minutes apart from each other on the same day, likes another scrabble proposal tweet while taking a short break from writing freaking 720, drops “limerence. i looked up.” weeks later, likes another scrabble proposal tweet months after they wrapped the show*

my hopes: *reluctantly and suspiciously go up*

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what is blatant?

that’s my opinion but i think the tweet thanking the author (apart from being promo for the interview etc) like everything they put in the article is amazing and beautiful while the fans are not very happy about a lot of parts of the interviews is a blatant way to “”””manipulate”””” the perception. there is no way they are not reading the discourse at the moment especially since fans are discussing the journalist twisting the words and assuming things he didn’t say. with “”Harry”” (that’s the intern but anyway) tweeting he was happy with how it came out and thanking the author it sounds like they are saying ‘seee?? harry is happy and loves the journalist !!! believe everything it’s written !!!! this is HIM™!!!!’. 

Yoongi's drunk (?) tweets from his apartment while BTS is at SBS

“I want to be on stage too”

“Feelings when watching the performance : Bangtan’s performance is well done”



“Whuoooooooo (running away)”


“I love you BTS (giggles)”

“This is a gibberish party”

“Today’s bangtan will be uploaded in a while right”

“Please anticipate my acrylic stand”

“Ah the acrylic stand is in Jin hyungs right hand”

“Let’s wash a cherry tomato chopchopchop”

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I really think its saying a lot that louis has been MIA since coachella even when harry had another big tv appearance, AND with radio silence on his part apart from that weird but cute tweet last night. I was genuinely sure that he'd pop up this weekend, like totally convinced we'd get pap pics or something, and I was so surprised when we didn't. so I think its a good sign. I don't wanna get lulled into a false hope but I'm hoping very hard that this is the penultimate week of babygate.

Yessssss! I’m sooo glad he’s still MIA, it’s a blessing. I’m hoping this means good things are finally coming for him and that he’ll be free very soon to just be Louis and to work on his stuff 

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the relationship meme with harry please! im dying for some of my goblin bae

  • Their ringtones for each other

You have Money Ain’t a Thang – Jay-Z ft. T-Pain for him, because you’re clearly hilarious. (You also have Ms Parker by Young Money as Gwen’s ringtone, and honestly, how do you even have friends?)

He changes it pretty regularly, as you’re quite fickle with your music tastes, and he always ends up liking the songs you play in the apartment, dragging him to his feet to dance as you twirl around the living room with a glass of wine in your hand. Right now it’s Sidekick by Walk The Moon.

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I feel really sorry for M. Not only her mom doesn't bother looking after her but she seems like the kind of parent who constantly criticizes her kid and never shows real affection. Why would she need a reason to buy her daughter a gift?! She's only a 4yo and they're very rich and they just spent another weekend away form her.. I'd say a little toy will be much appreciated and won't magically turn her into a spoiled brat like pants.

Exactly. You don’t need a reason to get your kid a new toy. 

My niece gets a present from her dad every single day, their place is overflowing with toys.. and they’re not even rich. Her mom usually buys the toy, hides it, then discretely gives them it to her dad to surprise her. 

I think the main reason that he tweeted that, apart from the obvious, is because he has no chill. He bought his daughter a UNICORN. You know who else is referred to as a unicorn in the fandom? (and not just by us, even Echo calls her a unicorn).

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I agree when you say they don't owe us anything - so true. I think they are just trying to have a quiet relationship tbh - I don't think they want anyone to know. One of the biggest signs for me is the pretty much total lack of communication. All of the other guys have communicated in some way, but not Louis and Harry (apart from the bday tweet) there is a very distinct and obvious avoidence of each other in every way possible. It speaks volumes IMO.

I agree. It’s one of the things I’ve come to realize recently. They care a great deal about keeping their work lives and personal lives separate, which is really healthy and awesome!

fadewithfury replied to your post: Did David already say something about 13 actually?

He was also at the duck tales panel, maybe it was that one?

i watched that one too but didn’t hear anything, and i think radio times mentioned it on the call of duty day. bit weird. i saw one tweet that corroborated it but apart from that can’t find anything. 

Ever since 5sos started touring with 1D, groupies have been a huge topic. It was almost like once 5sos had power and “fame”, they use it to their advantage to get as much action as they please. Now, before anyone says, “Where is your proof there are groupies?” and “So what 5sos have groupies- everyone does!” take a step back. Take yourself out of the equation as a “fan” of 5sos, and look at this situation with a different outlook. If you want proof, there are hundreds of twitter accounts dedicated to exposing 5sos groupies, with lists of all of the girls and many pictures. We do not need to post all of the “proof” on here because 1) that would take days to gather it all up and 2) it’s been talked about enough. We will be posting a few pictures we think suit this argument, but if we were to post ALL of the pictures- I don’t even believe tumblr would allow us to post the amount that there are. And if you are one of those fans who say they do not have groupies and they only love one another, you are either 12, immature, or in complete denial. You are delusional and I pity you. It is something you have to come to terms with if you want to be a fan of theirs, especially since they have conjured up so many groupies in the last year and a half. It’s a topic that can’t be dismissed. Whether it be Calum blowing off taking pictures with a few fans to get into a car with 3 girls (will discuss below), or Ashton hooking up with 2 girls in one night- it happens. And it is a sad sight. For a band to take so much advantage of their “fame” at such an early time just goes to show that it is one of their main concerns- sexual relations. There are COUNTLESS examples I could use to not only prove that groupies are a HUGE priority for 5sos, but also show you how they really are. They are not “teenage boys” because real teenagers do not have groupies and do not go to this extent to have sex everywhere they go. Yes, teen males have hormones and yes they have sex with lots of girls, but this is different. This is a case where this band has a fan base 100% FULL of young girls and teenage girls. They are not only looking up to them, but have put them on the highest of pedastals for what they think boys should be. If I had a daughter, I would never in a million years want her to be with a guy like this. This is disrespectful to women on so many levels. Having girls lined up for each city or country they are in; sometimes going back to the same groupies, or using them up and disposing them to move onto the next best thing. It’s distasteful. It’s unprofessional. It’s something that could ultimately ruin their “careers”. They do seem to cover it up whenever fans find out about a new groupie by tweeting them “We love you” or “You’re all beautiful.” They know how to please their fans- by telling them what they want to hear. And so many of you are so blind to their looks that you will forgive their disrespecting actions just because you think they love you. In April, a groupie tweeted that she had gotten free last minute tickets while many of their fans waited outside of the venue for hours received nothing. The fan base found out about this betrayal, which lead to 5sos finding out. They then take to their 5sos twitter account and tweet that they are “giving out” free tickets to fans even though all of the fans “already have tickets”. Michael also made sure to say he was being “generous”. Complete damage control to please their fans and to make them think that they are the sweetest guys in the world. False. Keep in mind that these tweets were about 15 days apart from one another.

Next I would like to discuss Calum blowing off fans to get what he wants. Last month, Calum was seen outdoors with three females by fans waiting quietly and patiently for pictures. Not saying he needs to take pictures with them, but he completely ignored them like they were not there. Why? Because his intentions are to have sex with these girls that were by his side instead of taking a few pictures with fans who have nothing to offer him. I can promise you that if there were 30+ fans waiting for Calum, he would of stopped for them. Not because he would want to, but because it would look bad if he didn’t. More people means more tweets on twitter about how he was rude and ignored them. But since there were a few waiting, he didn’t care if they’d say anything. Clearly, he had one thing in mind. Who knows if all three girls are for him, or for the other band mates, but it just goes to show who is higher on their list of importance. Fans or groupies? You decide. 

Now, I don’t have a story about this picture of Luke, but I knew there would be fans thinking that Luke must be the only pure one. That is not the case. He, just like all the rest of them, has his fair share of girls. Just thought I would provide a picture of him with a groupie. Keep in mind many pictures get deleted because of the girls getting too much hate or 5sos telling them too, so you might not find many of Luke. Doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen.  

Here is another prime example of 5sos doing damage control. When a picture surfaces of Michael sleeping in bed with 2 girls surrounding him, 5sos took it upon themselves to handle the situation with immaturity. They recreate the picture with Michael, which leads their fans to say “5SOS are so funny!” and my favorite “5sos: 1 Groupies: 0.” No, 5sos didn’t win that round. They got caught, and the only way they could try to cover it up was by making fun of and humiliating the girls. Now, I don’t feel bad for these girls because they know what they’re getting into, but I’m sure 5sos fans found their twitters and attacked them. Immaturity at its finest.

(The picture with the watermark is the only one left after the original had been deleted. We know they are not our pictures).

The last one I would like to discuss is the recent sexual ventures of Ashton. Here we see him getting close with two different girls. Later we found out that these girls- although we can’t see their faces- are known groupies. Does no one have respect for themselves? Ashton getting with two girls at the same club at the same night? These pictures basically speak for themselves. I can promise the 12 year old fans that he is not singing his lyrics in her ear or telling her about how many bandanas he has. 

I hope you all get something from this post. If anything, the fans need to understand that their main priority- maybe below the music- is what they get from girls. Their groupies exist, and they are a huge part of their last two years as a band. Yes, all celebrities have groupies, but none have had this many- especially in such a short amount of time. There are 70+ pictures we could have used for this post, but we don’t have the time or the energy.  5sos fans need to understand that this is what they do. Regardless of what their fans WANT to believe, saying they don’t have groupies is not the truth. Fans who say “they’re just teenage boys” doesn’t mean anything. Teenage boys do not have groupies- and just because they are teenagers, doesn’t mean they have to be like every other teenage boy. They use their fame to get what they want because of their “status”. It seems like they are trying to get with as many girls as they can in this short amount of time before they become irrelevant to these girls who think it’s awesome hooking up with someone who has money or fame status. 5sos like their groupies more than their fans. Their fans might buy their album, but the groupies give them much more. They put on a fake smile for the fans when their real smile is with the attractive girls that could give them something later that night. Once you take them off the high pedestal you have placed them upon, it will hurt you a lot less when they fall. 

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I don't think ashley bullied chloe at all, apart from the 'selling your body' tweet , I actually I think what she said is pretty true. Chloe HASN'T been dancing that much and doesn't deserve to win over a kid that LOVES to dance and trains their ass off, not someone who is more interested in in other things (being famous, acting and youtube ect.)

Personally, I found what she said to be extremely rude. Like imagine how she would feel if brynn was in chloe’s situation, and all roles were reversed.
But to each their own i guess.

tbh i am a huge brynn stan and if the roles were reversed christi wouldve been dead however i dont think ashlee meant to make chloe bad but to prove a point but i agree w/u and kelly~kate