apart from that they would be freaking m a g i c

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Can I request scenarios where MC is hit by a car while on date with RFA, V and Saeran? But not like the car kills her, more like she will have something broken or she will be bleeding

ooh stressed-ness from our lovely characters, yay!~ thank you anon for requesting this!! I shall try my best~

The cut is under Yoosung’s, just for length.




- it was a cute shopping date

- you both had gone out to buy stuff for your shared apartment and just chill with each other because you were both so busy

- you were walking through the parking lot

- and suddenly pain

- a dumb ass driver swerved the corner too quickly, crashing into you.


- Yoosung rushed to your side

- he was freaking out - there was so much blood

- he didn’t even think to go off at the guy, but did remember the number plate, just in case.

- the ambulance was called and you were rushed to hospital

- he didn’t stop pacing, even after the rest of the RFA showed up. He didn’t even think about hospital expenses but was majorly glad when Jumin offered to pay

- he was only worried about you - oh god please don’t be dead

- almost pushed the doctor out of the way when they said he could see you.

- rushed to your side and kissed you over and over before apologising for something that wasn’t his fault

- so happy you were alive and only had a broken leg

- when you got home he wouldn’t let you walk around or go grocery shopping because everything is dangerous MC, your crutches could get cau-

- shhhhhhhhh

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Hope you guys enjoy this. I really love David, he’s a bean!

WARNING(s): Foul language, sexual situations



“Come on guys! Look at those beautiful stars!” Everyone except Max looked up at the sky. The children were aw-ing and oo-ing. Daivd was right, the stars were absolutely gorgeous this night! You were pretty upset Gwen couldn’t be here. She got sick and had to go home for the week. Your eyes went from the night sky to Max.

“Max, why aren’t you looking?” You scooted a bit closer to Max which resulted in him just scooting further away from you. David snapped his attention to you as you sighed deeply in slight frustration.

“Oh don’t mind Max, Y/N. He’ll come around” David plopped himself right next to you, his guitar in hand. The sound of the faint crackling of the fire was pleasant along with the soothing cricket chirps. You gave a small smile to David and then looked at the children around you. Neil was looking closely in the sky to find some sort of constellation, Nikki was playing around with some of the other kids, and Max… Oh! He was looking at the stars!

“Told you!” David gave you a slight bump with his elbow. You laughed and rubbed your arm. It didn’t hurt, you just felt the need to. Your heart thumped loudly as David scooched even closer to you. Yes, you had a small crush, scratch that, a huge crush on David. He was just an adorable human being who need protecting. Too bad he probably didn’t like you back. He most likely thought of you as a friend. Yeah.. Was David a virgin? Hehe, one of your random thoughts..

Your eyes shot open in alarm at the sound of David clapping his hands together. Were you taking a nap or something?

“Alright campers, time to get ready for bed! I’ll be checking up on all of you later” Everyone groaned, except Neil. Neil wanted to go to bed. The kids walked to their cabins, chattering and giggling.

“Don’t worry about checking up on them, I’ll be more than glad to do that” You had the slightest blush on your cheeks. Hopefully it wasn’t visible to David.

“Oh no! I’ll be more than glad to check up on the kids” You nodded and headed to the cabin where you, Gwen, and David shared. It wasn’t too cramped. Two bunk-beds and a bathroom. Your body sunk into the stiff mattress and with a deep sigh, you tossed to your side.

“I hate you David, for making me feel these emotions towards you..” You nuzzled into your pillow. If this was like one of those fanfictions you read, David should be looking at you wide eyed by the door. Hesitantly, you turned your body around and luckily saw nobody. Though you were a 21 year old, you did hate the feeling of being alone in a cabin late at night. Every horror movie that took place in the woods had that one girl being stabbed, chainsawed, or beat to death.

You hoped David would come back soon.

To kill some time, you decided to read the rule book of Camp Campbell. It was the only option besides masturbating. *Snort*.

Page after page, rule after rule you still weren’t sleepy and David still wasn’t here.

“What the hell is taking him so long?” Your tone clearly showed you were worried. Having enough of anxiety eating you up, you stood up and walked to the door. To your surprise and liking, David was there! Quickly, you ran back to your bunk and covered your face with the rule book. David’s footsteps were heard.

“Reading the good ol’ rule book, huh? One of my favorites!” David said while picking up some of his clean pajamas to change into. You eyed him from behind your book, peeking out a bit. He headed to the bathroom to go change. Damn it! You wanted him to change in front of you!

You heard the sound of a zipper. He was taking his shorts off. The thought of David in his underwear with his shirt rolled up, panting, made heat grow between your legs.

“Shit” You muttered to yourself quietly. David was humming to himself. Unaware that you were having a horny attack outside the freaking door (Yes I did just said horny attack). All the strength you had left in you was being wasted on trying to not just barge through that door right now and suck his- Wow, wow! Calm down..

David walked out in some pajama pants and t-shirt. Gosh I know they’re just pajamas but he looked hella hot in them..

“Well Y/N, it’s time to get to bed. Sleep is one of the most important things for you” David reached over to the lamp and turned it off. The cabin was dark and the sound of ruffling of bed sheets was heard. The heat between your legs only grew at the small grunt David made when trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in.

You couldn’t just go at it right there! That’s off the list. Maybe you could just.. NO! You can’t do that.. What if he rejects you? Oh god that would be SO awkward!

‘Should I take the risk?’ You mentally asked yourself. Yeah, you were going to do this! Goodbye friendship with David.

You turned your body and saw David laying in his bed, softly snoring. He looked so pure and sweet. Quietly, you rolled out of your bed and sneaked towards his. David’s back was against the mattress and the front of his body was exposed to you. His head was tilted to the side and his mouth was slightly ajar. You straddled him, your crotch accidentally rubbing against his. David grunted and struggled to move. Your body on top of him was making it hard for him.

You had the evil idea to lift his shirt up. He wasn’t ripped but he had a small set of abs. You found him perfect. David shivered at the sudden contact of his bare skin and the cold air. Wow, you can’t believe he hasn’t woken up yet. You dipped your head down and kissed his stomach.

David giggled, his eyes fluttering open to see you kissing his bare stomach.

“What?! Y-Y/N! What are you doing!” David sat up, a heavy blushed printed on his cheeks. You were still straddling him which made the situating even more awkward. Fuck it.

“Please just let this happen David..” Your lips continued to peck at his soft stomach until you were kissing right above his pajama bottoms. David wriggled around.

“Do you want me to stop?” You said while looking up at the green-eyed man.

“I-I don’t know! Part of me says no but another part says yes. Thi-” You cut David off by kissing his forehead.

“Have you ever done anything like this?” David drooped his head in embarrassment.

“N-no, I haven’t..” You gently grabbed David’s head and lifted it up so his beautiful green orbs could meet with your E/C ones.

“It’s okay. Don’t be embarrassed, David. I’ll take care of you” You gave David a sweet kiss. He returned the kiss and leaned in to deepen it. Slowly, you climbed onto David so his back would be against the mattress once again. Your hands combed through his reddish-brown locks that you always wanted to touch.

“Mmph..” David muffled into the kiss. This earned a small laugh from you. Being a bit brave, you decided to take things a bit higher and began kissing David’s neck. David’s breath hitched. His own hands were playing with his shirt, lifting it up just enough for you to see his stomach and a bit of his chest. You moved from his neck and down back to his stomach.

David giggled just like before.

“Ticklish?” You asked, David nodded shyly.

“Cute~” You gave the spot right above his belly button and good kiss. One of your fingers tugged at David’s snug PJ bottoms. Your eyes shifted to his direction, as if asking for permission. David gave you a hesitant nod. His shirt went back in normal place, covering all his upper body now. The male counselor’s breath was getting heavier and heavier as your pulled his bottoms down until they were off.

You continued to kiss down his body. Your lips caressing the tent in his boxers.

“G-ahah!” David bucked his hips upward. You gave him an amused looked.

“If you don’t want me to be embarrassed please stop giving me those looks!” His chest rose up and down quickly.

“Alright Davey~ But only because you said please..” You pulled your bottoms off and discarded them to the corner of David’s bed. David’s blush somehow got even darker when he saw you in your panties.

“W-what are you going to do?” He asked, trying his hardest to sound sexy.

“This” You simply answer. You ground your hips into his.

“Mm-ah! Y-you feel so-mph!” Your lips muffled David’s words. The both of you were having a heated make-out session while your hips ground into each other. You couldn’t help but moan into the kiss. The feeling of David’s hard-on against your clothed entrance felt amazing and you could tell David felt the same way by the way his eyes were shut tight.

“Enjoying yourself?” David nodded and whimpered.

“You really are making me wet David.. Those noises you make are so cute and so hot” You said in between kisses. Each time pulling apart a new string of saliva appearing. You were going to dirty talked the shit out of this poor boy.

“I can’t wait to feel you inside me” You ground harder but slower at the same time.

“I want you to plunge deep inside m-me” Now you were going at a deadly slow pace.

“And then I want you to release deep inside me” And then.. you stopped. You got off of David’s lap. He was confused. You teasingly slid your panties off with your legs spread open for David’s view. Your hot core was displayed all for David. It glistened in the moonlight that was peeking through the window. David gulped thickly.

“Y-you can touch..” You blushed. David nodded and gave your opening a slight touch with his finger.

“Ahh..” You moaned quietly. David breathed in and rubbed his thumb over your bud. You could feel him shake from how nervous he was.

“Don’t be so worried David, you’re doing ama-aH!-z-zing” You gasped in the middle of your sentence because David pushed a bit too hard on your core. You decided this wasn’t going to work so you instructed David to take his underwear off.

“W-why?” He was afraid. Afraid you would want to stop if you didn’t like how it looked.

“Please David” You whined. He paused for a while but nodded. O H. SWEET MOTHER TERESA HE- I mean, David shouldn’t have been so worried. He was perfect fine! In fact, he was more than fine. He wasn’t that thick but he made up in length. This is where it got a bit awkward for you.

“Uh.. r-rub it against m-me” David was taken a bit back.

“O-okay Y/N” He grabbed his member and set it on your heat. He slowly began to rub it in between your folds. David moaned loudly. You got his cock wet from all the juices that were dripping from your entrance. David rubbed harder and harder.

“Y/N you feel so wet. I can’t believe I made y-you like this” You got a hold of David’s cock, making him whimper.

“Put it in” You stated. David got excited and roughly plunged into you. You arched your back until it hurt.

“Oh god! David!” You moaned out a bit too loud.

“Y-Y/N, quiet down. We don’t want the kids to hear..” David still hasn’t moved even though he was fighting the urge not to just begin tearing you apart. You grabbed David’s shirt and violently pulled him towards you.

“I want you to do whatever David. Just let me cum” David blushed darkly at your stern words, but he understood. David felt your tight, slick walls get even tighter every time he moved into you.

“Y/N.. Y/N..Y/N!” David moaned your name. Oh god was it hot!

“David you’re doing such a good job! Please keep going!” David rammed into you. His hips met with yours as his love muscle tightly squeezed in and out of you. He was loosing his mind. The pleasure was all to great. You could tell David was getting close. He was whining loudly and his thrusts were getting hard and slow. Every thrust made your body scoot up from how hard they were.

“Oh my fucking god!” David moaned out loudly following along with him shooting his seed while inside of you. You shortly released right after. David pulled out of you, some of his cum dripping out of you as he did.

“That was-” You cut him off.



“-My first time..” He blushed pink and turned to you to give you a quick peck on the cheek.

“And I got to do it with the person I love the most” Your heart melted at David’s kind words.

“Aw, David I-”


fucking M a X.


oh my god Im cringing ;;
SVT College AU  -  Seokmin

Originally posted by tahyunge

summary: ^^^^^^^^^^^ this gif. that’s it. that’s all the summary you need for college DK. 

genre: comedic fluff

a/n: thank you to the anon who requested!! help put my kid he needs help as in 

wake him up wake him up inside (he can’t wake up) wake him up inside 


also this is gonna be a series hell fuckin yeeeEAAAHHHHHHHHH


-let’s get this show on the road then ok 

-lee seokmin

-leap sockman

-is currently screaming at 3 AM


-there’s a cockroach in the bathroom

-how it got there? 

-ask joshua

-or seungkwan 


-seokmin is in college!

-he’s sharing a dorm with seungkwan and joshua!

-he’s doing music!


-he’s still screaming about the cockroach!

-him screaming at 3 AM isn’t rare

-he normally screams

-whale noise

-he has a very lovely singing voice

-like the god of singing 

-oh hi orpheus you thought that the super powers thing was over try again bitch 

-so other than him screaming at 3 AM people don’t mind just as long as they’re blessed with his singing talents in the morning

-he would just sit on the balcony 

-balconies?! where is this college i wanna go–

-yeah so he would sit on the balcony and just sing

-and everyone’s day would be 100% better

-”hey why are you so happy this morning??”

-”oh in our apartments we have this dude who sings every morning….he’s got the voice of an angel”


-our lovely seokmin is a very sociable person

-there’s not one person in his class that doesn’t enjoy his presence

-and he likes everyone 

-so it’s very hard to hate this kid


-well….it’s true

-even you didn’t mind him

-and you haven’t even met him yet!

-yes you’re in the same college and you’re taking guitar

-no seriously you can take guitar as a course

-and you’re living in the same building as seokmin and soonyoung and seungkwan

-one morning you’re jus minding your own business on the green

-trying to play your guitar

-without the chords or the strings fucking up god damn that was the worst

-but all of a sudden the strings were ok!


-so you started playing one of the songs you’re learning for the talent showcase 

-you and talent go hand in hand

-but audiences

-large ones

-the whole college

-oh no 

-shyness and stage fright consumed your life from the very start

-well shit

-anyways you started to play chasing cars by snow patrol

-that song reminds me of mingyu ily tol ass 

-anyways seokmin heard you from his balcony 

-which was easy because he was on the first floor

-and he just started to sing along like??????

-you hear his voice and you’re just taken back 

-h o w    d o e s    a    m a n    h a v e     s u c h    a n     a n g e l i c    v o i c e 

-you smile to him after you finished and he smiles back and inside your heart is fluttering but you don’t really know why but you did know that he be looking adorable like wtf 

-he was so cute to you


-hey cupid we got another lost cause help ‘em out will ya?


-you get back inside and he’s just there at the door

-”you’re really good at guitar.”

-”w-whoa thank you….i could say the same thing about your singing!! it’s so lovely.”

-”i’m seokmin, and your name is…?”

-”oh i’m y/n. nice to meet you seokmin.”

-and that’s where it started

-you two became singing and guitar buddies after that

-any day you had free was spent with him just singing and playing the guitar

-and making memes out of soonyoung for your ict class too

-ah the good life

-but….there was one overbearing thing still there


-the talent showcase

-you had no problem performing in front of seokmin 

-because you kind of expected him to say things like

-”holy shit that was crazy cool!!”


-”that finger work was just amazing!!”

-not in that way how many times do i have to say this woooooow

-anyways it was nice an all 

-but you were anxious about performing 

-and you were more focused on practicing

-so unfortunately rain checks came in a plenty for seokmin from you

-”hey can we go and sing outside today??”

-”i’m sorry seok i have to practice…maybe another time?”

-”yea…sure…don’t worry”


-yeah he was kind of worried about you practicing a whole bunch

-so one day he just came round to yours

-sat you down 

-and asked what the fuck was going on

-”it’s….the talent showcase”

-”oh i’m in that too!”

-”really? that’s great and all….but i’m scared of performing and stuff in front of people…my teacher said not to take part….but i have to prove something to him…”

-”ok first of all you’re stressing yourself out over this second of all you gotta put the guitar down…just for today? we can watch a movie or something….just to clear your mind alright?”

-”ok……which movie?”

-”i have shrek….or the bee movie…”


-”ask soonyoung”


-so you two chose to watch shrek and it was great an all

-but it was kind o flate

-and you get hella tired

-so you just..

-fell asleep on him

-he didn’t look like he cared

-but ooooooh boy was his heart racing like mad


-if you weren’t asleep you could hear his heart beating for you and make a song up on your guitar for him to confess but that would be the cheesy way out

-ok we gotta make this cute as heck

-every other day after that you practiced 

-and you were getting the hang of it

-of course seokmin was there on the sidelines cheering you on and checking on you like the #1 supportive crush he is cause he cares for you a lot

-so the day came sooner than you could say

-ulgo sipji nYEAC NYEAC

-and you were just backstage 

-but you wore the prettiest dress

-it was black and had a large bunch embroidered roses embellished on it on the skirt part and it was so beautiful

-your roommate did your hair and makeup too and she did a really good job 

-you’re just waiting to go on

-and you’re also lowkey freaking out because oh my god there’s a LOT of people out there 

-oh jeuss sihfdhdsfjhdsf

-but then

-you hear his voice

-seokmin’s honey angel voice to calm your nerves

-it wasn’t the practicing that you needed

-you just needed seokmin to be there just to say good luck or to even sing to calm your nerves

-but…you were actually on the verge of tears

-because his voice was so soft and he was amazing

-there was one more person in front 

-and just as they went on

-seokmin came off

-”you were amazing seokmin….”

-”thank you y/n…you ready?”

-”i guess….i feel numb from the head down so let’s fuck shit up”

-”that’s my girl”




-either he was quoting fifth harmony

-or he actually meant it

-the awkward silence that just erupted between you was cut short due to the person coming off stage

-who knew that comedy could be an actual college course

-and there you were

-standing on the side of the stage 

-ready to have yourself a good time

-but to also climb into a hole and die 

-but most of all you were calm 

-you didn’t care if you fucked it up

-you gave it your best 

-that’s all that would matter in the end

-ah…but there’s one more thing

-”y/n good luck and knock them dead!”

-”or revive them from when you knocked them dead…because they were still dead when the comedian was on”

-he wasn’t very good to say the least

-out of the blue….just out of thin air

-he took the little flower that was clipped onto his shirt

-and just pinned in your hair

-you nodded and gave him a smile before entering the war zone

-”hi….i’m y/n and i’m dedicating these two songs to someone really close to me i hope you all enjoy!!”

-guess who you dedicated those two songs to??????

-that’s right!

-it was seokmin!

-but while you said the opening you looked to him and he knew straight away 


-everything became so clear to him now

-the two songs?

-can’t help falling in love and all of me

-cheesy yes 

-but he loved them so much

-and the crowd did too!! wow!!

-you did an amazing job! 

-and not once did you back down!

-you got backstage 

-but you couldn’t find seokmin anywhere



-he’s right behind you!

-you turn around and you just have the biggest smile on your face

-and bam

-he just

-picks you up and spins around and hugs you

-he’s so proud of you

-from not being able to do it due to self doubt

-to actually making a crowd happy and cheer for you!!

-”y/n you did so well! i’m so happy for you!”

-”thank you seokmin.”

-”also…thank you for that little shoutout thing you did out there. it was really cute and special just like you”

-ok now your heart waS EXPLODING


-it was about to get even louder

-after the ending

-he walked you back you your dorm

-and all the way back 

-he would not let go of your hand

-at all

-your hand was superglued to his

-and he had gorilla glue 

-he had no intention of letting you go without a little something something

-uhuh here we go now

-you were just about to open your door and say goodnight bUT THENNNNN

-”so…uh….y/n….don’t leave just yet…i have something i want to ask you…”

-he said that just as he leaned in 



-boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom 

-out of just pure reaction and instinct

-you lean in too and just kiss him


-his lips were soft

-like a silk pillow 


-really soft

-it was a light kiss


-but it was so sweet 

-like wow 

-he was a little taken back but eventually kissed back 


-he’s been waiting to do that for ages 

-any minute now this boy was going to give you a heart attack


-”w-wait to what? to being my–”

“to being your everything. goodnight seokmin.”

-and that’s the story of how seokmin got you to be his girlfriend

-this is also the story of how you single handedly stole his heart

-yeah this is the metropolitan police force please give this young man his heart back he needs it to live to keep on loving you pleASE GIVE IT BACK


-”y/n? you’re smiling like a lunatic”

-”what happened? seokmin took you back here and he asked you to be his but you kissed him and said yes anyways?”





Cuddly Sweaters

And so continues my terrible habit of linking all of my one-shots together. Not necessary, but you can read Let’s Get Down to Business before this, as it kind of flows from that. This stems from not only ElRoy’s imagine, but also a conversation I had with Katie (imadeangirl-butimsamcurious) a little while back.

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Inspiration: ElRoy’s marvelous imagine. She’s just the worst enabler ever. I hate her :D
Words: 1,246
Summary: Y/N loves Dean’s cuddly sweater.
Warnings: Some swearing, implied nudity, and implied smut (whoa, I’m not confident enough to post the shitty smut I’ve actually written yet)

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@delightfullydifferentobject ✗ from here ✗

Bruce was already out on patrol, getting a call as he was midway through putting an end to one of Riddlers latest games. “S this really isn’t the best…” He always referred to her as S if he was taking her call while he was on patrol, didn’t want to say her name aloud while working. The moment he heard the tone of her voice though his priorities immediately changed. “What’s wrong? Are you hurt? Has someone hurt you?” His questions were quick and it was clear his concern for her was great,so much so that he hadn’t even noticed how hard his grip around the throat of Riddler had become, knocking the question mark wearing freak out in an instant. “I’m on my way.” He replied before hanging up the call, tying up Riddler and his goons and he was off.

He rushed through the rooftops of Gotham city towards Selina’s apartment, dodging the satellite dishes, clothing lines, ventilation shafts and all the other litter atop the buildings. He moved with focus and purpose, the only thing that mattered was getting to Selina’s place. Soon enough he was there, climbing in through one of her windows, the window that led to her living room area. “Selina? Where are you?” He called out, the slight fear in his voice was evident. He found her in the bedroom and let out a sigh as he didn’t see any wounds, but saw the tears as clear as day. “Hey… What’s wrong?” He asked gently as he moved into the room, removing his mask as he did.  

It wasn’t apart of any P L A N of Selina’s. It would N E V E R even crossed her mind. At least not seriously. Sure, she had fantasized about having that kind of life with Bruce, but they were both so embedded in their lives in Gotham. It wasn’t S A F E to bring up children in that pit of C R I M E. She’d given up major thievery a while back, often staging small, low-scale heists just to get Bruce’s attention, after a fight. But for the most part, Selina stuck to assisting when she could, but ultimately settled on a J O B. She worked at the downtown gallery, curating–one of her D R E A M S

Babies were not a part of any dream that involved living in Gotham.

Selina shot up from her spot and launched herself at him, the sobs returning in greater S T R E N G T H. Wrapping her arms around him, she burrowed her face against his neck (well, what she could–that armor was T O U G H) and wept. “You’re going to H A T E me. I mean, I don’t care–but obviously I do. I mean–it’s my F A U L T. It has to be. I…I…I must’ve forgotten a pill or something or maybe this is just a C R U E L joke but holy shit we have a problem and I don’t know how to make it B E T T E R.” Tears fell freely from her cheeks, and she glanced over at the clock. F U C K. 7:59 quickly ticked to 8:00 and she dropped from her grasp on Bruce. With bare feet slapping the ground of her apartment, she thrust her head into the toilet in her bathroom and spewed chicken noodle soup and ginger-ale, sputtering and coughing the whole time.

@starstxff from ( x )

It had been around a week since Castor had made an appearance at his apartment, but it took all by five seconds after that he wanted to ask him out on a date. He had never quite asked anyone out, but he knew he wanted Castor to be his, and the only way to start that is to start dating him. He blurted it out during school while they were walking to class together and the laugh that came from him made Keung immediately blush. He should of asked him more romantically, but now, standing outside his grandparent’s building, he knew that he had made the right decision. He had been freaking out all day on what to do for their date. What to wear, where to go, what should they do? They had hung out a lot so he knew he had to do something a little special. So he did a bit by bit plan of what they would do. Dinner, Dessert, and then walk at sunset along the Hudson River Bay. That’s how it was going to role out in his head. He inhaled deeply when his phone buzzed telling him that his date was coming down and a smile drew on his face when he saw him. His heart always fell into his stomach when he saw him, and this was no different.

“Hey,” he spoke as he grabbed the other’s hand, leaning in to kiss his lips almost instinctively. “I’ve got a perfect date planned and if you like it, maybe you’ll get lucky tonight.” He winked at him as he pulled him toward their first stop, a fancy restaurant.

     to be honest,  after  he  and  keung had their—at the risk of sounding like a over-
     zealous teen—M A G I C A L night together,  castor wasn’t sure how to proceed.
     he had figured out what dating entailed,  knew  what went into a relationship but
     hadn’t exactly practiced this part because  these things were harder to shed and
     cut off cleanly compared to the one night stands that he had been having.

     so for the time being, he had made  prolonged eye contact with keung at school,
     thought about holding his hand,  considered  kissing him but never did anything.
     then—almost out of nowhere, keung asked  him  to start dating him. it had been
     so unexpected that he couldn’t help but  laugh.  once he was done getting all of
     nerves out though he had, of course, said  yes.  he hadn’t known what the other
     had in mind, but he looked forward to it.

     so he had tried to take it easy—dressed better than  he  usually  did ( somehow )
     and as soon as  keung  texted  him,  returned  it  almost  immediately  to let him 
     know he was on the way down.  he grabbed his keys, his wallet, shouted some-
     thing at his grandparents to  let  them  know  that  he  was  out—though he was
     sure they’d be surprised or asleep by the time he got back—and  took  the  ele-
     vator down. 

     as soon as he sees keung,  a  smile  leaps  onto  his lips and doesn’t even think
     twice about the kiss either. the only thing he  had wished was that the kiss last-
     ed longer but he was looking forward to what his plans were for the day.

   “ i hope that’s not a maybe, ”  he  teases  softly  before  keung  pulls  away  and
     walks him toward their first stop. “ it’s not very nice to make false promises. ”


So I’ve been considering using a new arrangement site (maybe AM or EM). But during my consideration I remembered that there would be a fairly long list of things that I needed to do before I could create an account and start spamming away. So I figured I’d compile a list of the most basic steps that need to be taken. I realize that a lot of this is common sense, but hopefully there is something in it that will serve you well.

Most Importantly is Safety- you need to protect your physical safety, your personal safety, and your privacy safety. E.g not getting raped and killed, not letting psychos know where you live, not giving your date of birth and social security number to strangers. If you cannot check off everything then you need to take steps to correct it. I wouldn’t consider this a “how to sugar checklist”, it’s more of “non negotiable ways to be safe and from there be successful”.

And with that I present you with Did You Check List

a) Did you buy pepper spray/ mace/ taser/ key chain knife- ▢
NOW go to Amazon and spend the twenty bucks or whatever. I implore you. This is the most crucial step. Imagine being tied up in the trunk of a car remembering that you read this, “shit I really should have spent the couple of dollars that would probably have prevented this.” I do not want that to happen to anyone. PLEASE do it today. I don’t want anyone to be walking to their car at night with a group of men following and menacing and you think, “should of ordered some pepper spray.” DO IT NOW

b) (Did) Are you of legal age- ▢
In the USA it’s 18. I suggest being of drinking age but you’re probably not going to listen.

c) Did you create a fake name- ▢
Never use your real name.

d) Did you create a new email with your fake name in it- ▢
This is free. Do not use it as the email for any social media accounts that you may have because someone may be able to find the ‘real you’ that way. They may also be able to find your family.

e) Did you create a new phone number- ▢
Google voice is free and efficient. TextMe is a free app in the USA. Do not use this number for anything else. Do not link this number with you social media accounts. You don’t really have to purchase a second phone but it would be great if you could afford to.

f) Did you take new photos-▢
I’m serious, do it. Do not use the new photos for anything else. I don’t care if you have a great photo on Facebook that you want to use: do not use it. People can save your photos and do reverse image searches that will find the photo anywhere that it is used.

g) Did you crop or blur out the face in your new photos- ▢
And make sure that there’s nothing identifiable in the background like your university sweatshirt. Some people choose to leave their face in the photos, personally I would recommend against this. Anyone could screen shot your profile with the photo of your face in it and use it as blackmail against you. It has happened. On the other hand some people argue that showing your entire face gets better results. It’s up to you. But I choose safety over results.

h) Did you choose the right type of photos- ▢
A picture speaks 1,000 words. People will look at your photo before reading your “about me” section. Raunchy photos will attract raunchy people. Your photos are representative of you and people will treat you based on what they perceive from your photos. Presenting yourself as mature and wise will help to scare off bad intentioned people.

i) Did you get a banking account that is entirely in your name- ▢
If you’re too young to open an account by yourself then you are to young for this, stop reading and go to bed.

j) Did you get a PayPal/Google Wallet/ Chase Quick Pay- ▢
If you already have one then get a new one. Create it using your fake name and email. If you have an old one and choose to use it- there will be a chance whoever sends you money can see your real name. This has happened to me. Don’t give people you do not trust your routing information.

k) Did you tell a trusted person-▢
Where you’re going to be, who you’re with, any identifying and contact information of the person you’re with. What time you will check in. A key phrase if things start going sour. It’s okay if you don’t have anyone that you can tell. You can set up a tumblr queue, a post to be released at a certain time with information like “hey my name is X and if you’re reading this it’s because I didn’t delete the queue. There’s a chance I’m hurt bc I couldn’t get to a computer. I’m with Z, this is his information. This is my family’s information.”

L) Did you download a safety app-▢
Do it, they’re free. Find a couple that suit your needs.

m) Did you get as much personal information as possible- ▢
I know some people get close to a blood type in information. This is not always possible and can sometimes scare good people away. It would freak me out if someone asked for my university or work numbers. But you should have more than a conversation asking to meet at a bar.

n) Did you do your research- ▢
Using the personal information you have. If someone sent you a face photo and claims to be the CEO of McDonalds, you can easily Google that position and see if the name and photo match. Unfortunately, it can be trickier than that. But use your sleuthing skills! Google the phone number, the email, the name. And just like someone can reverse image search your photo, you can do that too. There have been and are dangerous, convicted sex offenders and accused rapists.

o) Did you agree to meet in a public place- ▢
Duh duh duh. Do I even have to say this? You’re not getting picked up or dropped off at your house, apartment or dorm. You’re not getting in a car with a stranger, I don’t care if he’s trying to lure you in with money or candy. Don’t get in. Seriously, that’s 101. Don’t take candy from strangers. The oldest trick in the book but people still manage to fall for it. Don’t get lured into a hotel room or house for the promise of candy (money).

anonymous asked:

What were the specific moments when Farkle and Maya were emotionally adopted by Corpanga?


  • Okay so Cory gets emotionally attached to Maya fairly quickly
  • Mostly because he’s the designated Play Date Chaperone so he sees her all the time but also because he’s like!!!! My daughter has a friend clearly she’s great!!!! And then of course once he gets to know her a little better he thinks she’s adorable/funny/feels bad for her because of her parents situation
  • And we know Kermit didn’t officially leave until she was like 7?? So they had already known her for a little over a year at that point. So after Kermit takes off Cory’s just like “…Fuck I’m the only male role model in this kid’s life aren’t I?”
  • In fact he was!
  • And he took some childhood development classes and all when he was studying for his degree so like. He knows she needs a positive role model omfg
  • So he just made himself more available so to speak, you know, like when an aunt or uncle or older sibling tends to “step up” to help if a child’s parent dies
  • And for the looooongest time Mini Maya thought he was just acting like he cared out of sheer pity so she’d fight with him all the time to see if he’d give up on her. That’s why in the pilot episode she was so positive Cory was going to make Riley stop hanging out with her, she thought she finally pushed it too far. But after he didn’t is when she realized he actually cares about her and started warming up a lot more.
  • With Topanga it was just the more and more she got to know her she lowkey fell in parent love you feel
  • There was also a part of her that identified her with Shawn (because tbh I think Topanga’s head is shoved up BMW Assumptions’ ass farther than any other character in the show, but that’s a rant for a different day lol)
  • Also Topanga still hasn’t entirely worked everything out with her own father really, and since she was getting the story from Maya’s pov, she probably had a lot of problems with Katy in the earlier years and that’s why she’s always aggressively in mom-mode for Maya
  • Also on a very lowkey subconscious level, perfectionist fix-everything Topanga sees a little girl who keeps referring to herself as broken? I’m just saying
  • But yes so with Maya neither of them really had a moment where they were like ‘oh shit we just emotionally adopted a child’ like it was a very gradual thing that felt natural and they can’t really pinpoint.
  • F a r k l e
  • Okay so the second they found out Farkle was the spawn of Minkus and Jennifer Basset they were like y i k e s
  • There was a lot of conflicting emotions in that first playdate right after the kids had first met lol
  • But the kids are already too close and too adorable it’s too late for either couple to do anything without Romeo and Juliet-ing their children omfg
  • But anyway, Farkle starts spending a lot of time at the Matthews’ place, mostly because that’s just the apartment the kids prefer to hang out/have sleepovers in, but even when they wanna go somewhere, Cory’s the only one who’s job let’s him have weekends and summers off so it just makes more sense
  • Both Cory and Topanga are very polite to Farkle, because the kid is completely adorable and delightful but they’re lowkey waiting for him to show signs of being crazy like his mother lol
  • Okay so it’s summer time, the kids are 7, Topanga’s super fucking pregnant but refusing to take time off from work because she’s stubborn. Jen scheduled a vacation in the Hamptons with her friends unknowingly at the same time Stuart had to rush off to Australia for a business deal. So they’re completely desperate and the Matthews agree to watch Farkle like a week and a half.
  • So both his parents jet off and Cory’s only had these three kids for a few hours before they start up with the “we’re BOOOORRRRED” stuff, and Cory knows if they whine anymore they will wake up/set off his hormonal time bomb of a wife and he doesn’t want these little kids to die, so he decides to take them to the park lmao
  • And there weren’t really any good ‘playgrounds’ by their apartment at the time but there was a normal park and Riley had skates, Maya had a skateboard and Farkle had a bike so he figured they could keep themselves entertained right
  • Poor Cory he really tried omfg he triple checks everyone’s padding and helmets and orders them to only stay where he can see them from the bench and made Maya promise to not cause trouble or try to instigate races and made them all swear to not talk to strangers like he does the whole spiel
  • But then he sits down on the bench and takes out a book because he really needs to be getting work done to plan out his syllabus and lesson plan for September
  • The SECOND they’re out of ear shot obviously Maya starts trying to talk Farkle into racing her omfg
  • She starts off with ‘only losers ride bikes’ and goes from there and poor little Farkle is just like…stop,
  • But she won’t and instead of stopping her, Riley is just in full ‘But daddy told us NOT to race!!!’ mode even though everyone knows she’s gonna take off the second Maya does. So this leaves Farkle alone to defend his and his bikes honor but he’s not exactly the best with confrontation lmao
  • So she eventually wears him down because she goes ‘Aren’t you a scientist? Don’t you wanna PROVE your bike is better and faster than my board or Rileys skates???’, and Farkle is just immediately like…it is ON.
  • remember that their seven
  • So anyway peer pressure wins out so now Riley’s game for this too lol and they agree where they’re going to race to and CORY’S GLANCING UP EVERY NOW AND THEN BUT STILL VERY ENGROSSED IN HIS WORK so the three of them take off!!!!!
  • I t s  B a d
  • Riley was actually in the lead but Farkle was in fact kicking Maya’s ass but then he just. Crashes his fucking bike
  • He hit something on the path that made the bike jump, he goes over the fucking handle bears, hits the ground with all his momentum, and rolls very hard off the path and down the little hill, into a tree, where his bike then lands on top of him t h i s  c h i l d
  • What a dramatic way to die,
  • So once he snaps out of the immediate breathless shock obviously he’s crying because everything hurts and he’s literally a baby
  • The girls are f r e a k i n g the fuck out and Cory heard him yell when the bike first hit something so he saw this whole thing and runs over omfg
  • Cory is in a PANIC which isn’t reassuring the girls at all because they’re positive Farkle is gonna die omfg
  • So now Cory’s got three sobbing children and one bleeding that might have broken bones f u c k omfg he’s trying to get the girls to quiet down and check to make sure he can safely move Farkle at the same time it’s a mess
  • Okay so Cory is actually pretty good with first aid so after looking him over he’s pretty sure he can get him cleaned up back at the apartment and would only have to take him to the hospital if he shows any signs of a concussion
  • So he picks Farkle up and this poor kid is still sobbing omfg and he makes Maya get his bike so she can walk it back to the apartment. Riley keeps her skates on and grabs onto one of Farkle’s hands so she can easily move at the same speed as her father the whole walk and ask him a million questions all boiling down to ‘is Farkle gonna die???’
  • “Riley why are you so morbid oh my God don’t say that in front of him he’ll be fine”
  • But Cory’s got two panicked crying girls, one bloody kid sobbing into his shoulder and he’s basically internalizing the fact that he’s also a mess rn omfg he’s doing the whole ‘he got hurt on MY WATCH’ thing and Farkle’s clearly in pain Cory is weak and his heart is breaking omfg
  • So they get in the apartment building and Cory tells the girls to run to Mrs. Svorski’s apartment to borrow her first aid kit in case he’s missing anything
  • And he heads up to the apartment without them and Topanga is deadass just coming out to leave for work and she’s FLIPPING SHIT when she sees them because who expects to open their door to see their husband covered in the blood and tears of an injured child like
  • So Cory’s just trying to calm Farkle down because he’s still a bit hysterical and Topanga’s in worried mother mode like omfg this angel child doesn’t deserve this @God why you doing this
  • But Topanga’s now running late for work so Cory convinces her he’s got in covered and the girls run in right when she’s leaving
  • So Cory sits him at the table and gets him all cleaned up (with the still very worried Good Little Nurses Riley and Maya hand him things) and Farkle does eventually calm down a little omfg
  • He had SO MANY cuts and bruises omfg but luckily nothing seemed broken or needed stiches. His glasses were completely shattered and since he was still there for the week Cory had to dig up his pair and hope the prescription was close enough (and they were way too big so he had to tie a string around the ends for if they fell off his face o m f g)
  • So he’s finally done but everyone’s still lowkey crying this was a very emotionally taxing event omfg so Cory just put some kiddie movie on and they all crash on the couch omfg.
  • He’s still holding Farkle omfg after a while when the kid officially calms down he starts feeling really embarrassed about his reaction and everything (bc you know how boys can get) and he said something like “Mr. Matthews you can let go of me now” and Cory’s just like “yEAH NO IM NOT READY TO DO THAT YET” “OKAY
  • Because now Cory’s letting on how freaked out the whole thing had him so that makes Farkle feel a little better omfg
  • Like listen bring this event up to present day Cory and he might still tear up while the kids laugh at him omfg
  • But anyway Topanga gets home a few hours later and all the kids are asleep on the couch as Cory is very intensely staring off into space and when he realizes she’s there he points to her huge baby bump and he’s just like “…We have four kids now.”
  • “Cory, oh my God.”
  • And Topanga knows there’s no shaking him and as she gets to know Farkle a little better over the week he’s staying with them she’s just like…oh no now I’m getting attached too f u c k
  • However, she doesn’t fully commit and get completely emotionally attached until 5th grade when Farkle tells them about how his parents fight all the time then she’s READY AND EMBRACING THIS omfg she knew she always had good reason for hating Jennifer Basset
  • So yeah basically if you ask Cory and Topanga how many kids they have while they’re distracted, they’ll tell you 4 omg
  • losers
preference #5: all of me by john legend


what would i do without your smart mouth? drawing me in and you kicking me out

You stomped into your apartment, slamming the door behind you. You made your way to the kitchen, stumbling a little due to the drinks you had. “Are you fucking kidding me, Y/N?” Michael exclaimed before opening the door and slamming it behind him, following you. “Weird, that’s exactly what I was thinking!” you snapped, turning around, jumping a bit when you saw how close he was, only inches away from you. You could see the annoyance in his eyes. “Oh? Is that why you decided to go psycho-girlfriend on me for no reason?” he retorted, tilting his head condescendingly at you. “Fuck you, Michael!” you growled, pushing him away by his chest. He only took a couple steps backward but that was enough for you to walk out of the kitchen, kicking your heels off on the way. You pulled at the tight dress you were wearing, heading to the bedroom to change when Michael stood in front of the door. “What the hell is your problem?” he asked. “What’s my problem?” you repeated, tapping your chin. “Well, let’s see, I have a boyfriend who spends most of his time playing video games and being with his friends, but when he actually does spend time with me, he flirts with other girls!” He laughed dryly. “You are so crazy!” he concluded. “I wasn’t ‘flirting with other girls’, I was getting our drinks- like you asked me to!” “Wow, so not only are you a jackass, but you a liar too. Aren’t I lucky?” you asked sarcastically. He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. He reached behind him and opened the door before moving aside. “Just change and go to sleep,” he told you, his voice tight as he tried to keep his calm. “You’re drunk. We’ll talk about this tomorrow.” You scoffed, walking into the bedroom and pulling your dress off. You grabbed a random shirt off the ground - which turned out to be one of Michael’s - and you pulled it on. “Sure you won’t be too busy talking to that bartender?” you grumbled, throwing the blankets back. “Oh my God,” he mumbled, rubbing his face. As you climbed into bed, he grabbed his pillow and a blanket from the closet. “Where are you going?” you called. He poked his head in the door. “I’m sleeping on the couch, so you don’t murder me in my sleep,” he replied. You glared. “Why don’t you just go sleep at that bartender’s house?” you snapped. He narrowed his eyes at you. “Maybe I will,” he responded, shutting the door. You heard footsteps and then the front door open and then slam, causing you to jump. You rolled your eyes, laying down and closing your eyes, trying to sleep. It only took you about five minutes before you sighed, throwing the blanket off of you and grabbing your keys, making your way to the front door. As soon as you stepped out, you looked down to find Michael sitting against the wall, his head in his hands. He looked up when he heard you. You chewed on your lip, thinking of the right words. Finally, you held out your hand. “Come on,” you instructed. “It’s fine, I’ll just go to Luke’s tonight and let you cool off,” he responded, pushing himself off of the ground. You grabbed his wrist before he could leave. “Please, Michael,” you whispered. “I’m sorry I freaked out and that I have a smart mouth and say stupid things, but I just- I don’t know, I saw you talking and laughing with that bartender and… I don’t know, I just don’t want to lose you because you found someone better.” He paused for a moment before turning around, releasing his wrist from your grip to hold tilt your head up and press his lips against yours. You didn’t hesitate to respond, moving your lips against his eagerly. He pulled away first, resting his forehead against yours before exhaling. “Yes, you do have a smart mouth and say stupid things,” he started. “But you’re not going to lose me because there is no one better. Besides, what would I do without your smart mouth?” You chuckled, pecking his lips one more time. “Come on, let’s go to bed.”


got my head spinning, no kidding, i can’t pin you down, what’s going on in that beautiful mind?

You and Luke laid in bed, each of you trying to catch your breath. You had your head on his chest, drawing lazy shapes on his chest while he ran his fingers through your hair. He’d only gotten back from LA a few hours ago and finally got around to visiting you, after his family. But after he took you out to lunch, he dropped a bombshell on you: he has to leave for LA again in a few weeks and stay for two months. Though he came up with a solution so you two don’t have to go through the goodbyes and missing each other again; he asked you to come with him. It caught you off guard and you told him you’d think about it and once you got to your house, you got occupied with other things. But now it was all you could think about. You wanted to go with him so bad but you knew you’d miss your family and friends. Sure, you probably had earned enough time off of work, so that wouldn’t be a problem, but you’d never even been out of the country. You’d never been on a plane and you hadn’t decided whether or not it was a good, rational idea. All you were sure of is that you absolutely hate being away from Luke for so long. “What’s going on in that beautiful mind of yours?” Luke whispered against your hair, pressing a kiss on the  top of your head. You grinned at his words, feeling your cheeks heat up. Even after all this time, he still had that effect on you. You lifted your head, flattening your hand on his chest before resting your chin on it, staring at him. “How much I love you,” you told him cheekily. He laughed, leaning his head against the headboard as he stared at you through tired eyes. “Sure you were, baby,” he replied. You winked at him before resting your cheek on your hand instead. “Y/N?” he asked after a few moments of silence. “Hm?” you hummed, your eyes fluttering closed. “Have you thought about what I asked? Earlier?” he asked hesitantly. You sighed, sitting up fully. You reached over the side of the bed, grabbing Luke’s discarded Nirvana shirt and pulling it over your head before facing him. “I have, it’s just-” You pursed your lips, thinking of the right words. “What if I decide to go and something bad happens while we’re out there?” “What do you mean, something bad?” he asked, sitting up against the headboard. “I mean,” you started, grabbing his hands and playing with his fingers, focusing your attention on that rather than his eyes. “What if we get in some huge argument and break up? Or you get sick of me being there and break up with me? Or what if you meet someone else and-” “Y/N,” he interrupted. “Sorry,” you apologized, glancing up at his face. “But we can’t tell the future, Luke. What if we break up - for whatever reason - and I’m just stuck out there, you having to deal with me until I can catch a flight back?” He laughed, pulling his hand away from you before leaning over to grab your hips and lift you so that you were straddling his hips. “Baby, you worry too much,” he told you, kissing your nose. “I’m serious!” you insisted, laughing. “I know, that’s why it’s funny,” he replied. “Look, I know we can’t tell the future. But I do know I love you and I don’t plan on letting go of that - ever.” “You don’t kn-” “Y/N, stop,” he commanded. “If you choose to come with us to LA, I promise you I will make it an amazing experience. Just trust me.” You bit your lips, processing his words. “Okay,” you finally decided. “Okay?” he echoed, a growing smile on his lips. You couldn’t help but smile too, nodding. He broke out in a smile, his dimple deep. He pulled your face down, crashing your lips against yours. You responded, feeling his fingers creep beneath the shirt you were wearing. “Round two?” he mumbled against your lips. You giggled. “Let’s go.”


how many time do i have to tell you? even when you’re crying, you’re beautiful too

You and Ashton were laying on the couch, cuddled up and watching the Notebook. He had one arm resting on your waist, the other holding his head up while you had both hands folded beneath your head, focused on the movie. It was something you’d seen a million times but each time it made you cry just as much as the first time. Ashton had seen it plenty of times and didn’t mind it, but he was just getting sick of watching it so much. And as this was the first proper time you two had spent together since he got back from tour a week ago, he’d much rather be doing something else - anything else. He shifted as the movie came to an end, the credits rolling. “You still awake?” he murmured in your ear, reaching for the remote to turn the movie off. You only hummed in response, sitting up and facing away from him, hurriedly wiping the tears away from your eyes. “Are you crying, Y/N?” Ashton asked with a hint of humor in his voice. “Fuck off,” you told him, chuckling when your voice cracked. He laughed, scooting himself to sit behind you with his legs on either side of yours. He wrapped his arms tightly around your waist and rested his head on your shoulder. “Aw, baby, are you okay?” he cooed teasingly. You laughed, turning your head to look at him. “Sorry, this probably wasn’t how you wanted to spend time with me - watching the Notebook and seeing me cry for the billionth time,” you replied. He laughed, kissing your cheek. “Even though there are a few other things I’d much prefer to do with you, I don’t mind,” he explained, causing you to smack his arm lightly. “You’re adorable to watch this movie with.” You scoffed. “I’m sure,” you responded sarcastically. “Not only do I get way too into it, but I ugly cry. It must be a blast.” “That’s not true,” he argue. “How many times do I have to tell you? Even when you’re crying, you’re beautiful.” You rolled your eyes, smiling as you turned around slightly in his grip to face him. “You must think you’re charming, don’t you?” you asked him. He gave you a dimpled smile. “Maybe, but I know I’m truthful,” he told you cheekily. You laughed, pressing your lips to his. “I love you,” you mumbled against his lips. “Not as much as I love you,” he countered, deepening the kiss.


you’re my downfall, you’re my muse; my worst distraction, my rhythm and blues

“Y/N,” Calum whined loudly from the bedroom. You were in the kitchen, making yourself a snack. “What?” you asked. “Come here!” he called. You finished making your sandwich before walking back to your shared bedroom, finding Calum sitting on the bed with his bass in lap and notebook papers sprawled out around him. You leaned against the door frame, taking a bite of your sandwich. “Hm?” you asked. He looked up at you, pouting. “I can’t think of anything,” he complained. “You’ve only been trying for about half an hour, baby,” you pointed out. “Not to mention, you don't have to get a song done tonight.” “I know that but I have the inspiration to write, I just.. can’t,” he explained. “Anything I can do to help?” you offered. He moved the papers around, clearing a spot on the bed before patting the spot beside him. “Stay in here?” he asked. “Cal, you told me last time that I always distract you whenever you’re trying to write,” you reminded him. “I’m not going to stay with you so you can blame your lack of focus on me later.” He widened his eyes, his pout growing, “But please, Y/N?” he asked. You sighed. “Fine,” you said, walking over and taking a seat in the open spot. He immediately leaned over and stole your sandwich, shoving the rest of it in his mouth at once. You gave him a look, which he only returned with an innocent stare. “What?” he asked through a mouthful of food. You shook your head. “You’re gross,” you muttered, picking up the papers and flicking through them. Most were filled with odd lyrics and words scribbled out, but one paper had the first verse, a chorus and the first line to the second verse. “That’s where I’m stuck,” he informed you, noticing you reading through. “Aw, this is such a cute song!” you complimented, a smile on your face. It amazed you how your boyfriend seemed to have an amazing way with words - on paper, at least. He gave a a cheeky smile. “What can I say? I’ve got a great muse,” he responded, winking at you. You rolled your eyes, not able to fight your smile from growing or your cheeks from darkening. “Alright, Mr. Corny,” you said. “How about you just take a break? We can watch a movie or something.” He set the guitar aside, placing all the papers beside it. “See? This is what I meant. You always distract me so much,” he complained, walking out of the room. “I’m not forcing you to do anything!” you argued, following him. “The boys won’t know that if I don’t finish this song and blame it on you,” he pointed out, plopping down onto the couch. “So, what movie?”


yes i am very aware calum’s sucks but i’ve had the other three done for like two days now but i got stuck on his and yeah pls don’t hate me

He Cheats - Jack Gilinsky

• by the way , i in no way shape or form know of Jack cheating on anyone. i personally don’t think he ever would, but this is for your enjoyment. thank you. - grace

Jack didn’t text you all day and you were starting to get a bit worried about him. He would normally just text you here and there to see how your day was going. This trend of him not texting to and frankly not even talking to you much has become a pattern. You thought maybe something was worry, or that maybe he was just tired and you were overthinking shit again but you wanted to help.

You had to work late at your job as a graphic designer working on new prints for your company. You came home and immediately took off you heels that killed your feet. You took off your jacket as well and just as you were about to walk into the kitchen , you looked on the ground and noticed that there was a pair of heels that didn’t look familiar to you. You didn’t remember owning a pair of hot pink high heels. Your stomach dropped trying to think off everything it couldn’t be.

‘Maybe Jack just invited a friend off or something.’

'Come on y/n that’s ridiculous.’

You battles with yourself until you finally felt the strength to go and find Jack. You walked up to you bedroom and noticed the door was slightly opened. You dreaded opening the door already knowing what was inside that god forsaken room. There was brisk moment of silence before you opened the door. What laid in front you made you stop dead in your tracks. Jack lay on the bed shirtless and next to him laid a girl….with nothing on.

You put your hand over your mouth to stifle a cry but you let out a tiny cry that woke Jack. When he looked up and saw you standing there with wide eyes, his mouth dropped open and looked at his side and when he saw what you were so petrified about he immediately jumped up from where he was laying and ran to your side.

“Y/n baby listen it didn’t mean -”

“YOU FUCKING BITCH.” You yelled and thrusted your hands at his chest. “YOU NEVER FUCKING LOVED ME.”

“Please baby.” He said panicking, pulling you into a tight hug. You pushed your hands up against his chest and repetitively hit his chest to get him off of you.

“YOU NEVER FUCKING LOVE ME, YOU NEVER DID.” You screamed and cried. He eventually let you go. The girl in his bed had slipped past you , probably in the hurry to get out.

You didn’t really blame her though. She probably had no idea that you and Jack were even a thing. You ran away past Jack and ran into your closet you pulled you suitcase out from into your closet. The same suitcase you took to Magcon when Jack took you. It was the best time of your life. You continued to cry and started to hyperventilate trying to get all your things. You threw clothes and shoes and toiletries in your bag. Jack walked in and started at the suitcase and then back at you.

“Y-y/n what are y-you doing?!” He said starting to panic. You didn’t answer and continued to cry and breathe heavily.

“N-no baby please. I-it was a mistake babe.” He said pulled things out of your suitcase. You pushed his hands away and pulled the things back into your suitcase.

“I hope she was worth it.” You said silently trying to sound confident but your voice cracking at the sheet thoughts of him having sex with another girl.

You looked Jack straight in his eyes as a tear fell from his brown eyes and landed on his shirtless body. The sight of Jack crying just made you want to jump into his arms and hold him but you were so heartbroken and disgusted with him that you held back.

“I really hope she was.” You saying letting more tears fall as you pushed past him and went into the foyer of his apartment. You grabbed your heels, keys, and phone.

“Baby, please.” Jack said breaking down into tears as he realized what was happening.

“Bye Jack.” You said, voice cracking. You walked out into the cold winter night. You opened your trunk and threw all your shit inside. You walked up the drivers seat and drove off watching a mess of a Jack standing in your driveway.

You panicked. You didn’t know where to go. You decided to call your twin brother Nash. You knew he would let you stay over but you were hesitant. You didn’t want Nash to get mad at Jack and then start to fight because of you. Magcon basically feel apart after the tour and you didn’t want any bickering between the guys. You knew that all the other guys would kick his ass along with Nash because they were super overprotective of you.

You had no where to go so you made the call.

“Hello?” Nash answered.

“Nash. I need a place to say.” You said stifling and crying.

“Y/n , what’s wrong?! What happened? Come over now.” He asked panicking.

“I-I’ll tell you when I get there.”

When you got to Nash’s house he shared with the boys, you knocked on the door and Nash immediately answered it. He saw you in a crying mess , pulled you into the house and engulfed you in a hug as you sobbed into his chest. The boys must have heard your loud ass crying, so Cameron, Matt, Hayes, and Aaron came downstairs asking what happened. When they saw Nash holding you they all freaked out and ran over to you.

“Y/n come sit down and explain everything.” He said with a concerned look in his eyes. You sat down and took of your coat. Matt took your coat and hung it up. “T-thanks M-Matt.” You stuttered still crying. Aaron came and sat next to you and pulled you on his lap. You continued you cry remembering the events of the night.

“I-I was working l-late and I came h-home and there were s-shoes and I w-walked into the bedroom and Jack he…” You stopped and whimpered. Everyone looked at each other in horror.

“Y/n what the fuck did he do.” Nash said getting anger by the minutes. You hesitated.

“H-he had a g-girl in the bed and they were n-naked.” You stopped for a minutes and everyone gasped. “J-Jack. He c-cheated…on me.” You said trying to catch your breath. Aaron pulled you into this chest and you cried even harder as all the boys come over and rubbed your back as Aaron cooed in your ear telling you everything was going to be okay.

“I’m going to fucking kill him.” Nash said standing up and grabbing his coat.

“NASH STOP.” You said and your voice cracked as you yelled that. “Please Nash no!” You pleaded.


“BECAUSE I DONT WANT TO BE KNOWN AS THE SLUT THAT CAUSED THE MAGCON BOYS TO HATE EACH OTHER NASH! ITS ONE THING HAVENT YOUR HEARTBROKEN AND THE LAST THING I NEED IS MY BROTHER BEATING MY EX UP!” I said running off to my room that I had there. I could hear the boys fighting about what to do in the living area.


In that moment I knew love hurt. Love killed. Even when you think your bulletproof the person that made you that way kills you.