apart from that it was reasonably good

Anders: No wonder they call this the Dragon Age. The bloody things are everywhere.

Anders this is literally the first place where we’ve run into any dragons, other than Flemeth and you weren’t even there. Although I guess to be fair that’s just this game.

Speculated dialogue from right before the Bone Pit boss dragon fight:

[everyone peering from behind a boulder or something]
Hawke: Well, that miner wasn’t wrong, that is a pretty huge dragon. So… has any of you actually fought one before, by any chance?
Fenris: No.
Merrill: Like I just said, never even seen one. Apart from Asha'bellanar.
Anders: Yes.
Anders: …What? I’m a Grey Warden. You seem to keep forgetting that even though it’s the reason you sought me out in the first place. The Archdemons are dragons.
Hawke: I thought you weren’t recruited until after the Archdemon was defeated.
Anders: Well, yes. But. I’ve still fought a dragon, with the Hero of Ferelden.
Hawke: That’s good then! Any tips?
Anders: Uhh… pretty much both ends and also the sides bite, so have fun with that, Fenris, Hawke. Also their breath does spirit damage, no wait the Commander said it might but it was lightning, no actually the normal ones probably just breathe fire? And may or may not turn into a bunch of energy orbs mid-battle?
Anders: Look, I don’t even know. The one we fought was actually a dragon ghost made out of lightning. …I’d love to be able to say that’s the weirdest thing I saw while traveling with her.

I just had a long discussion with my parents about how basically and given Discworld book would be a better thing to read in school than Lord of The Flies.

Reason number one: all of the same lessons are taught.

In LoTF, the reader is supposed to learn about mob mentality, oppression, and general prejudice, yes? Thud! is a good example of all of this. You’ve got two different groups of people fighting because Reasons, and the main character coming to terms with his own subconscious racism. What a damn good thing to teach high schoolers!

Reason number two: none of them are nearly so depressing.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I can not think of a single Terry Pratchett book that ends on a bad note. Not one. LoTF was painful for me to read, because all of the characters were making horrible, murderous decisions because… plot??? Boys will be boys?? The base instincts of humanity?? I am the author and everyone else sucks??? 

Reason number three: they are fun to read!

This kind of goes along with the last one, but the fact that Pratchett combines relatable characters and a good sense of humor with real world scenarios (going back to Thud! with the internalized racism) makes the books a joy to read! I have, out of the six books I’ve had to read for school, been indifferent or even hated four of them. I didn’t want to read any of them! I read two books a week for three frippin years! And I didn’t want to read the books they chose! I, just. 

In conclusion: LoTF sucks, Thud! would be a much better choice.

I'm problematic-camren for a reason 😅

From Camren selfies to two feet apart poses.

From Camren hashtags on their IG to “so annoying omg”

From “my pink princess” and “it feels good to be reunited” captions to “Can you at least not tag me in this shit?”

From “I’m the father” and “coz you’re my baby” to “delusionsss!!” and “separately single”

From long & sweet birthday greetings to “Have a good one 🎈” and “Thank youu! ☺️”

From heartfelt “I love you’s” and “I miss you’s” to “Bravo” and “thank youu!”

From “something in us knew, and something in us will always know” to “not following on IG”

From “Lolo and Camzzi” to complete strangers.

And yet we still ship Camren.

Coz one day, there might be another Camren selfie with that caption “it feels good to be reunited again. #camren 🌚”

In my dreams. Lmao!

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The Consequences AU

Imagine an AU where there is a very, very good reason why Ladybug and Chat Noir can’t reveal their identities.

The reason being? Whenever their identities are revealed- one half of the couple dies.

It happens time and time again. No matter the story, no matter how much they try to prevent it- whenever a Ladybug/Chat reveal themselves one of them will inevitably die. Even if it’s an accident, the curse doesn’t have a fine print.

Imagine Adrien torn apart with the knowledge that he can never truly be with the woman he loves because he’d risk losing her- and he knows the pain of losing someone.

Imagine Ladybug, hiding her pain behind a mask of professionalism- to the point where Chat thinks she doesn’t care about him. He doesn’t know that she wants to know him too, wants to be his friend, wants to know who her partner is even more now she knows she never can.

Imagine the effect this would have on them as partners.

Imagine Gabriel finding out (a la Jackaday) that Chat Noir is his son.

But instead of hiding the fact that he knows- he confronts his son. In a blind panic, he hurries towards Adrien, clutches him by the shoulders.

Adrien is unnerved, confused, he’s never seen his father look so panicked before.

Imagine Gabriel desperately asking his son if he’s revealed his identity to Ladybug yet, and Adrien’s shock at his father knowing his identity.

“How- how do you know about that Father?”

Imagine Gabriel, going from terrified, to relieved, to resigned in the kind of haunted way which shakes Adrien to his very core. 

Imagine Gabriel leading Adrien to his safe, where the unused Peacock Miraculous lies alongside a photograph of Adrien’s mother. 

“Ladybug and Chat Noir aren’t the only ones at risk from this curse,” he says, “your mother and I learnt this the hard way.”


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In all honesty, it should have been Team War Machine and not Team Iron Man, because Rhodey’s reasons in supporting the Accords were developed from a logical and well-thought out standpoint. It held more weight in the argument and he is the only one who actively stands up to Steve and counters him with firm ‘you are wrong’ sentiments. Yes, pitting Tony against Steve is a good recipe for drama but looking at it closely, you’d see that the only person, apart from Vision, who could take a stand against Team Cap with unshakable reasons and absolutely no doubts about them is James Rupert Rhodes.

puppy love.

1,951 words | fluff; warnings: none.
brand new neighbors au + kim taehyung

a/n: i was struck with random inspiration about meeting taehyung and defending a puppy so please enjoy this nice little fluff since i’ve been MIA for so damn long.

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There are moments in your life where you’ve questioned your life decisions, and perhaps one of them to be plainly specific, is the fact that you’ve jumped on a complete stranger’s back over a dog.

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You know, Midorima was probably always regarded as the weird kid in school. The one that had funny hair and wore glasses and always brought strange things with him from home and was really smart. Then, he joined Teiko, and met some friends. Specifically Akashi. As the team gradually became petty and was being torn apart, he maintained his dignity. Continued practicing. Played an honest game. Akashi changed, everyone drifted, and he was alone again. But still unapologetically himself. Then he meets Takao. A kid arguably as weird as he is, who loves basketball for what it is and knows he’s not as good as Midorima, but that’s okay, they’ll practice together and become stronger as a team. He genuinely wants to be Midorima’s friend, for whatever reason. Midorima finally has a friend.

I know I reblog a lot of Arc-V but I’ve never said why it’s my favorite or why I’m so deeply invested in it.

I’ve liked Yugioh most of my life but the only series I got truly invested in was 5ds (I like gx don’t get me wrong but I was only there for the characters not the plot and I’ve never finished dm and I’m currently working on Zexal) and once Zexal started I started losing interest in the franchise (for reason I’ll explain below).

But then Arc-V aired and I was a apart of the fandom during the first twenty eps or so and I just remember all the hype around the series and for good reasons too.

For one we actually got to see the birth of a new summoning method and while we made to wait until 140 to explain why it happened I don’t think any other series explained how their summoning method appeared. If 5ds takes place around 30 from dm how did they transition from fusion to synchro? And then synchro to xyz?

Speaking of summoning methods I LOVE that we get all of them this series, one of the things that turned me off to Zexal was my love for synchro summoning and how it wasn’t there anymore but now they’re all here??? And some duelist can use multiple summoning methods??? Like god bless.

Back to what I saying about being in the fandom in the early eps, some of the theories that the fandom came up with were insane. Yuto is Yuya from the future, Yuzu is Shuns sister, Sora came from another world (that we got one right haha). And the guessing never stopped because I follow a blog that kept up with the series and all these crazy theories kept coming because they kept up at the edge of our seats and made us question and guess until episode 126 and 127. We were guessing since episode 7 about what the heck is going on. 120 EPISODES OF GUESSING. And looking back you can see all this goddamn foreshadowing like holy shit why didn’t I see this shit coming.

BRINGING BACK OLD CHARACTERS FROM OTHER SERIES GOD BLESS. Seeing Jack, Crow, and Asuka appear on the show is what got me to catch up with the series (so yea their propaganda did work). But also they did so much for the show. Like they helped expand upon each dimension and give more life to them without having to make all new characters. And at the same time they’re different characters??? Like they give you enough background information on each character to know they’re different from the earlier versions of themselves so old and new fans like them. I love this so much and I’m sad no future series will probably do this and will have to wait for another special event to happen for past characters to interact but it will most likely only be the protags.

THE DUELS. OH GOD I LOVE THESE DUELS. Another thing that turned me off the Yugioh was how each duel would be like 1-2 eps maybe even three and they would just stand there. Standing and shouting about card games (another reason why 5ds was my fav before Arc-V). But now they ride their monsters and jump and run in amazing fields or go back to card games on motorcycles. Duels are always moving and engaging and this series made me look forward to duels instead of skipping them.

The greatest thing this show has done for me is that it makes me happy and smile. Like unless the show is trying to make us suffer I’m smiling at it. It’s cute yet serious and plays this out amazingly (i.e. Jack v Yuya, Yuzu v Enjoy Guy, Serena v Yugo). All those duels either gave us great character growth, had an important underlying meaning, or great stakes, but they were happy, pretty, engaging duels and if I make a list of top 10 fav duels throughout the entire franchise I guarantee you at least half the list would be duels from Arc V. Anyway if I’m ever feeling down I just go watch this series cause wow it’s so happy and a shounen that’s not trying to be edgy.

And Yuya??? He’s such an amazing protag god I love my tomato child. His struggles and how he overcame them and actually kept the lessons he learned throughout the series. He’s my favorite protag in this franchise and in my 10 fav protags of all time. I’ll miss this boy so much but I’m glad he’s finally going to get to rest and be with his girlfriend.

There’s a lot of other things I love about Arc-V (better treatment of females, breaking usual roles of characters i.e. Reira being an amazing duelist who can fend for himself, Gonzengaka not being the butt of the jokes and being more than just “as a man” archetype, Reiji being an actual goal/rival and not being beaten within the first 20 episodes, ACTUAL LIVING PARENTS THAT ARE DECENT AND LOVE THEIR KIDS, etc) but I could go on all day. Yea it has its flaws but long series always do and I hope Vrains takes all the good stuff from Arc-V and expands upon them and fixes the bad stuff.

Anyway I love Arc-V and I’m so glad it exists.

i have no excuse other than: happy holidays!!

  • baze and chirrut would absolutely live in this tiny, boxy apartment because chirrut has an aesthetic to maintain and for some reason baze loves him too much to protest
    • read: baze is allowed to have his two cats in the apartment and that’s all he cares about
    • besides just being able to live with chirrut of course
  • anyway, these two space dads invite their several adopted children over for a holiday dinner (just holiday because they all celebrate something different this time of year) and the little apartment is so bright and a little cramped but that’s the best part
    • cassian and jyn bring stuffing and potato salad with them
      • cassian also brings his cat K along because for some reason that annoying fluff ball actually gets along with baze’s cats???
    • bodhi brings baklava from the bakery he works at
  • baze is a really good cook so of course he goes all out and makes way too much food and chirrut knows baze is going to do this but he doesn’t stop him
    • it’s because they take the excess food down to the shelter three blocks away with the kids when they’re done eating
  • when they finish dinner and delivering the food, they all sit around the mini fireplace with mugs of tea and cocoa and just talk and enjoy the company
    • K and baze’s cats sleep near the hearth and cassian still doesn’t understand how that asshole cat is so calm because he’s literally always getting into trouble at home
  • jyn and bodhi would insist that everyone open their gifts while they’re sitting around because “we all celebrate something different so just fuck it and open the damn present”
    • there are a lot of gag gifts including neon rainbow tie-dye boxers for chirrut because “he’ll never know” and baze tells chirrut through laughter that they’re just red
    • chirrut knows he’s being lied to but plays along anyway
      • he wears them to bed because it makes baze laugh
  • the kids all end up spending the night in space dads’ living room so they can have a holiday breakfast in the morning
  • just…rogue family modern!au where they’re all fucking aLIVE AND OKAY
Happiness In Strange Places

Pairing: Leo x Y/n
Genre: Fluff/Slight angst?
Nanny!Reader x SingleParent!Leo

Happiness can be found in the strangest places.
For instance, finding those last few stray fries at the bottom of the bag, accomplishing that childhood ambition that you always swore you’d complete, or simply managing to get out of the bed.

For Y/n it was babysitting Noah Valdez. Noah is this energetic kid with brown curly locks that bounced about as he ran through the messy apartment, his high-pitched laughter piercing the calm silence.  

There was nothing you loved more than taking care of the unpredictable four-year-old every day from 8 a.m to 8 p.m. His father was a hard-working man that spent every chance he could loving his son to the fullest.

His name was Leo Valdez and he was an old friend from your favorite camp in the world– Camp Half-Blood. You two were very close back in the days of your camper days almost never separating from the other without a good reason. Then one day he confessed he was in love with the minor goddess Calypso he had met on the island of Ogygia and just… left. He left you here to deal with your feelings you’d never be able to admit.

You shake your head quickly, trying to rid yourself of the hurt you felt in your teenage years. You set your glass of water down on the marble bar of the small kitchen, placing the cup in the sink with all the other dishes you plan to wash later. With a sigh, you sit down on one of the old wooden stools and hold your face in your hands, Why did I take up this job in the first place? I mean, I love Noah like he’s my own but… I guess I never could say no to that man. You think with a small smile, remembering how much joy Leo’s smile brought to your life– no matter how dreadful or hard things were for you. He was the epitome of the sunlight you feel on a nice summer day, or when you’re waking up in tranquility the next morning and the sunbeams trickling through the curtains letting you know it’s morning.

A cry of pain coming from the living room ripped you out of your thoughts. Standing up immediately and rushing to the source of the sound worriedly, “Noah?” You called out only, “Are you hurt?”

A whimper responded back weakly, “Yeah.”

You step into the living room to see Noah sitting down on the floor holding his head in his hands. You kneel down next to him and pull the sniffling boy into your arms, brushing down his hair with your hands while inspecting the obvious red mark on his forehead.

“Are you alright? What happened?” You ask softly as you glanced at your surroundings. You noticed that the furniture was lined up in some sort of pathway, but the chair nearest to Noah had been overturned as if it had been knocked over. Noah sniffled as he explained, “I-I was playing the floor is lava and I f-fell.”

You sighed audibly and kissed the top of his head lovingly, “Noah… You know you’re only supposed to play that when your dad or myself is around.”

A sound of the door clicking closed and the shuffling of shoes being taken off told you that Leo was home, “Only supposed to play what?”

At hearing his father’s voice the young boy perked up instantly, “Daddy?” Leo rounded the corner that leads into the living room, his chocolate brown eyes sparkling with happiness at the sight of his son– although unbeknownst to you, he was also smiling at the sight of you.

Noah leaped out your lap with joy, chanting, “You’re home! You’re home!”
Leo chuckled and bent down to embrace his hyperactive son, picking him up at the same time so he could spin him around.

You grinned at the display of affection Leo was showing towards his mini-me that was his son. Times like this often made you wish that you had confessed your feelings before Leo left; before you lost all contact with him– the boy that got away. What would have happened if you had confessed? Would Noah be yours and Leos son?

For the second time today you were snapped back to reality.
Leo stood in front of you with a concerned look on his face, rubbing your arm up and down as he coaxed you out of your thoughts, “Y/n… Hey, knucklehead, are you listening? Hellooo”
You let a small smile slip onto your lips at the view of his scrunched up face, he used to make that face all the time while he was working.  He shook you just a bit to see if you respond to him in any way.

“Yeah, yeah. Um, what is it?” You asked hastily and biting your lip out of habit. Leo glances down at your lip for a second too long before he answers, “I was asking if you wanted to hang out today but you kinda spaced out,” He lets out a short giggle, “You used to do that all the time when we were teenagers.” His comment took you by surprise. You were shocked he even retained that knowledge after all these years– how long has it been?

“Did I?” You spoke with a smile, “I can’t believe you remember that.”

Leo scratched the back of his neck and tilted his head slightly;–something that you always found adorable– “Well duh… I could never forget how many times you spaced out while I talked about my machines while we hung out in your cabin.”

You inwardly cringed at your past self’s actions, the reason you zoned out so much while he spoke specifically about his machines was because you were in awe of his passion. It brought you endless amounts of happiness to see his dark eyes brighten in excitement and joy when he spoke of his creations. You couldn’t help but daydream of the dorky smile he kept on his tanned face, or even the way he teasingly puckered his lips at you when he tickled you.

Noah reached up and grabbed your hand as he rubbed his eyes sleepily, “Y/n I’m tired.”

You bent down to pick the exhausted boy who usually bounced with energy and cuddled him in your arms, “Alright, let’s get you washed up and into your PJ’s.” You stole a quick glance at Leo before turning out of the living room to head towards the bathroom.

“Okay,” Leo huffed, leaping over the couch to sit rather close to you, “Little man is asleep. So… ”

You wrung your hands together nervously, “So? Is there something you wanted to talk about?”

Leo bit his lip in thought, something that made your heart swell with the desire to kiss his pink lips just once at least. Gods, what’s the matter with you Y/n?

“Yeah, I’m-… I’m sorry I left you for so many years. I’m so stupid to even think just because we were best friends when we were younger I could ask you to babysit my kid.”

You shook your head slightly in disagreement, “You aren’t stupid, I’m glad you asked me. Otherwise, I would have never met Noah… or seen you again.” You mumbled the last part under your breath.

Leo did not utter another word, unable to tell whether or not to feel guilty that you believed he wouldn’t come find you. He’d always come back to you, he promised that years ago when he had that near death experience in his bedroom when his hover tool rack malfunctioned and exploded right near his face. He’d never forget the look on your delicate features when you walked in to see him applying band-aids onto the rather large gash on his left cheek, the way you rushed over to him and held his good cheek in your hand as you examined him. He’d promised to be more careful with his work ever since then, never wanting to leave you alone in this world.

But he did.
He left without so much as a goodbye to you, but what was he supposed to say? ‘Oh, I’m leaving you and everyone else so I can elope with my freakin’ goddess girlfriend.’ Yeah, I don’t think that’s something you’d want to hear.

“Leo…” He heard you murmur shyly, catching his attention and making him look over, “I’ve been meaning to tell you this ever since we were teenagers.”

He waited anxiously for you to finish, urging you with frantic nods of his head and a quiet, “Go on.”

Your eyes shut tightly as you spoke as you pretended you were back in your apartment, in front of the mirror rehearsing this for the millionth time. Letting out an audible sigh you finished, “I’m in love with you.”

Leo stared blankly at your cringing figure, your nervous face now buried in your hands while you listened for his reaction. How was he supposed to respond? I mean he had a crush on you back in your camper days, did he still like you? He quietly mulled over the thought before he answered, afraid he might regret his decision either way. Although while he did this, he was unaware of how much torment it brought you, you thought you’d ruined everything.

Warm tears pricked at the corner of your eyes, “I’m sorry… Just forget I said anything at all.”

Leo looked up at your now standing figure, panicked brown eyes showing waves of concern.

“I’ll… I’m just gonna go. Thanks for hanging out with me, though.”

His warm and calloused hand entrapped your soft and reasonably small hand in his own, “Wait!” His mouth moved on its own and –he guessed– his mind was made up.

I think I love you too.”

((Part 2 maybe?))

What did I do

Short Imagines because im a sad gay right now. Its gonna be a Newt ignores you to protect you imagine

Newt POV

I rush pass y/n to leave the apartment. I glance and see a sad look on their face. It pains me to look, I want to turn around. I want to go up and hug them. Say im sorry. But i keep walking. 

“Its for their own good” I murmur to myself. 

I stay out the whole day, getting things for my creatures and spending some time in Central park. When night falls, I make my way back to the apartment. I’m greeted with a glare from Jacob. Y/N and Jacob are great friends. Of course Jacob would be cross with me. Queenie pulls me aside with an even more cross look. 

“Mr. Scamander you better have an excellent reason for why you have been making y/n so upset” I ponder for a moment. Letting my thoughts tell queenie. Her face softens. 

“Oh honey…Im sure you don’t have to worry about that" 

"I dont know queenie” She’s about to answer when Tina and Y/n walk in. 

I see Y/n’s eyes are puffy. Guilt washes over me and I look away. Queenie goes over to talk to Tina leaving me and Y/n alone. Tension fills the room. 

“Newt. why do you hate me, what did I do?”. Their voice cracks as they speak. 

“Nothing.” My voice wavers and y/n gives me a look. 

“Clearly I did something Newt, you haven’t spoken to me in a month. We were so close, We talked about everything. Why, what did I do” Desperation fills their voice. 

“Its nothing, Tell Queenie and Tina im going down in my case” I start walking to the bedroom when y/n’s voice rings out 



“Newt…T-these creatures, they dont scare me. I want to stay and help you I want-” y/n starts. 

“Your not the right person for this job y/n.” I say harshly. 

“Newt your dont mean that, Right?” Y/n’s heart is breaking. I can feel it. but im doing this to protect them. 

“I do, I-I work better alone.” I pause as silence fills the room again. Its a painful silence. 

“I’m leaving.” I say almost a whisper 

“Im sorry. Im going back to London tomorrow. I was going to say something tonight.” I turn to Jacob, Tina, and Queenie who were watching at the door. 

“Im sorry i didnt say something sooner. I believe its best I stay somewhere else tonight. I’ve had a wonderful time here but I think its best for me to go now. Goodbye.”
The tears are coming from my eyes lessen and I grab my things, Say a goodbye to everyone. and walk out the door. Away from New York, Away from my friends. Away from Y/N.

What did i do to make them stop talking to me. I thought they cared. They talked me out of dying once and I talked them out of dying too. I love her…What did I do

Care Giver Pt 17 by Y.Black & Dscurve


It’s been four months and my relationship with Kelvin was thriving despite Marissa living in his apartment. He rarely went there and instead had halfway moved in with me! I was so hot the day we found out she was pregnant! But the patient I had scheduled for surgery wanted to talk to me before I operated. She told me if there was someone in my life that I loved, to take the time to love them on their level and not try to change them because complete each other if they are good fit. It shouldn’t be a fight. For some reason those words sank into my heart and cleared all the anger from my body. I knew I loved Kelvin. I knew he loved me. Though things weren’t falling in line like we wanted, we remained constant. Honestly my life was more of a thrill after meeting Kelvin than ever before! So when he showed up at my house that night, I had already picked up dinner and had on a black fishnet teddy with black stiletto heels! I was ready to serve him! With Helen already waiting in the bedroom, she was a nice dessert!

   So fast forward four months and as Marissa grew bigger and bigger, my suspicions about her pregnancy dissipated. I only saw her when I drove Kelvin to get something’s from his apartment. I honestly think he’s going to give her the place and just move in with me. With only 2 more months on the lease, he really needed to tell her! If she had any plans of getting Kelvin back that shit was a wrap. Helen was doing great at her new job and now was thinking about applying for a position that had just opened up! She asked if I’d come by and help her freshen up on some medical procedures when I got off of work. So, I stopped to pick up some pizza on my way. I knocked on her door and glanced over at Kelvin’s place… well soon to be Marissa’s. Kelvin was helping David move some of Ashley’s bigger pieces of furniture into storage so he wouldn’t be anywhere near here. I was tempted to pop up on Marissa but she might answer the door with an assault rifle! I chuckle to myself as I knocked again. I only wished Kelvin would catch a hint from David and solidifying things with me! I was glad for Ashley that she and David were moving things along so fast! Yet I was a little jealous that Kelvin was dragging his feet about moving in fully. I glared at his door imagining Marissa next door sitting on the couch eating ice cream. Helen said a few times she thought she’d seen Paul’s car leaving the complex. Maybe he had a new woman here, but he was leaving her alone so she didn’t care. He crashed at her house the night Marissa moved in. Apparently after drinking a few beers he wanted to wait for her to come home to talk and passed out in his car. The next morning they did talk only to end things formally.

The pizza was hot in my hand so I knocked again. Just as I was about to knock a fourth time Helen opened the door. Her hair was wet and curly; I could smell vanilla and jasmine as I entered the apartment. “Sorry I was in the shower. Let me throw something on, drinks are in the fridge. I watch her as she unwraps the towel from her waist and her voluptuous ass jiggles down the hall. “Focus…. Focus…” I say to myself as I placed the pizza on the table. Kelvin and I agreed not to fuck her alone. I dispersed a few pieces onto plates and grabbed some soda and sat down. I kept my eyes down as Helen entered the kitchen yet I could definitely smell her sensual aroma. She chattered on about the position and the details of the job and I nodded every now focusing on my food. Her sheer lavender dress was no less distracting than the towel wrapped loosely around her body earlier! Yet eventually as she stayed fixated on the task I did as well and before I knew it two hours had passed! We were deep into reviewing when the temperature in the room was too much from the fireplace so I removed my sweater. I had a low cut pink camisole on with my black leggings. “What kind of bra is that?” Helen asked pulling down the front of my camisole to see the lace ensemble beneath. I laughed pulling it down fully so she could see the zebra design. “It’s so sexy!” she says tracing the lace trim across my breasts. I look at her as her eyes stay glued on the bra; she runs the tips of her fingertips across the lace. “Umm… it’s a balconette from Vicky’s.” She nods slightly and looks into my eyes. She’s dangerously close and honestly I’m trying hard to behave! I look away and scoot back slightly not wanting to engage in her without Kelvin. “Is it a set?” I look at her and my guard lowers again since I’ve become so comfortable with her over the months I quickly answer. “Yea, a thong.” Without her asking I voluntarily stand up and pull down my leggings to my thighs so she can see the zebra print thong and turn to the side to show off the lace trim across my hips down the crack of my ass. As I turn back to face her I gasp as her soft delicate lips press against my skin right on the V of my hip! Her teeth graze my skin and I moan as she sucks on my flesh and slides her tongue tracing my V down to my pussy mound! “Fuuucckk…” I moan putting a hand on  her hair as she kisses my pussy mound, pulling down my thong. I relinquish everything as she pulls my thong and leggings off, her soft lips cover my clit!

    “Helen….” I scream as she sucks on it, slipping a finger inside my pussy. “Fuuuuucck…” I moan again as I stagger on my feet. She holds my thighs to steady me as her tongue slides up and down my pussy lips, my head begins to throb. “We… we …. Shouldn’t….” I moan but as her tongue slides past my pussy lips I moan gripping her hair, parting my thighs as her tongue strokes my pussy! “O fuck Helen!” I moan falling back on the sofa. Her tongue strokes feel amazing as she holds my legs, pinning them back against the sofa I moan as her tongue darts in and out of my pussy! Faster and faster she tongue fucks me as my pussy attempts to clasp around her tongue she teases me by sucking on my clit! “Helen…..” I moan practically begging for her to push me over the edge. She rolls her tongue over my clit and I moan groping my breasts through my bra. Then she stops and stands stripping quickly but I’m a little pissed that’s she stopped but I quickly remove my camisole and bra as she steps to me and takes hold of right breast and covers it with my mouth! “OOOOO Janay!” she moans as her knees buckle. She straddles me on the couch as I tag team from one breast to the other, rolling my tongue around her nipples, sucking on them, loving her moans as she grinds on my fingertips. I’m playfully torturing her clit unaware of Kelvin as he quietly slips in through the door.

   I pivot and lay of the couch as her breasts press against mine, again we kiss. Her fingers in my hair as I grabbed palms full of her ass, our clits rubbing against each other as our pussy juices wet the couch. “Oooo Helen…. Fuck….” We continue kissing and grinding our clits together as Kelvin makes his way further into the room sitting down enjoying the scene! My heart is racing as my pussy begs for more and Helen must sense it because she leans back onto the other side of the sofa, turns her body so that she’s scissored between my legs, grabs my thigh and grinds her pussy against mine! “FUCK!” I yell as the sensation of her pussy lips rubbing against mine is more than I can handle as I grip the back of the sofa biting into the leather! Her nails sink into the back of my thigh as she grips the side of the couch moaning as she looks into Kelvin’s eyes. I’m still oblivious to his presence as I moan louder the sound of our wet pussies grinding fills the room! “Damn Janay….. cum on this pussy… fuck…” My head is spinning as our hips fall in sync we grind harder and faster until finally we scream! “OOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo…… AAAAAAAAAAhhhhh…..”  The sweat from our bodies coat the couch as our bodies vibrates from the climax! We continue grinding as she raises her leg; I do the same turning onto my back, grinding against her pussy in a new position now! Her wet pussy lips rub against my clit as mine does hers and within minutes we are screaming again as we squirt soaking each other down in ecstasy!  We lie there panting for moment until Kelvin clears his throat and says, “I hope ya’ll still have enough energy for me.”


I swear on everything this pregnant pussy is the best. I heard dudes talk about it but, see I never experienced it. It was living up to all the hype and then some. How the hell was Kelvin able to pull away from all this good shit was beyond me. I was having a hard enough time just trying to pull out of the pussy let alone walk away from it. Four or so months in now of late night, even midday rendezvous and I was still a little excited about it all. I felt like I was getting back at Kelvin, by fucking his baby mom’s in his house, on his couch, hell we even fucked in his bed a time or two. I made sure to steer clear of Helen’s shady ass too. There were a few close calls where I remember passing her as I left out. Thankfully though each time I was in the car and on the road already.

Marissa: Hey baby

Paul: Hey sugar

Marissa: Am I going to see you tonight?

Paul: What time?

Marissa: Now

Paul: Well open up

My plan was already to pull up on her. I was in need and I knew she was always Little Ceaser’s; you know Hot N’ Ready. She opened the door in a little black lace number. Her little pudge was so sexy to me. I gripped her ass tight as I stepped in and we embraced. I started kissing on her neck as she pulled me deeper into the house. I kicked the door shut behind me as the passion was on the rise. My lips found her breast, and began to suckle lightly. “Ooh ooh, baby they are really sensitive.” Marissa warned me. “I’m sorry baby.” I backed off and kissed lightly. I forgot the hormonal changes in her body made her nipples super sensitive. “Baby, I get so excited around you, I forgot they’ve been really tender lately.” I kissed her neck. “Paul its ok no need to apologize. Just let me suck that dick. My mouth has been craving your thickness and warmth.” She looked me square in my eyes and pushed me back on to the couch. Instant stiffness ensued. I think she had my belt off before my ass was on the sofa. She attacked my dick with a goal in mind. She wanted my nut in the back of her throat.  That shit was sloppy from the onslaught. I’m talking spit running down my shaft, up under my balls. Mercy me imma have to fight to hold this nut back. But by God if she isn’t pulling it from my clutches. I knew she could hear the changes in my voice. She gave zero fucks as she began massaging my balls, while bobbing on my shit. She paused only to put my hand on her head. Fuck me, this shit was about to be over in an instant. My legs locked and entire body followed suit. My dick throbbed as nut spewed into her mouth. The sheer pleasure on her face as my body gave into her desires was blissful. Only a tad bit of my nectar missed its mark. Her index finger made sure it found its way home. Watching her work was magic. Still breathing hard “I love you” I muttered.  Marissa looked at me with an uncertain stair. Hell I myself was confused by my own words.


Nearly 6 months into our group thing and I was still going strong. Still so much fire and desire still burning strong. Janay had every right to bounce after Marissa dropped that bomb on us in the parking lot. Despite the timeline being off and me being damn near certain I couldn’t have fathered her “child”, I didn’t put up a fight or state my claim. I knew when the shit hit the fan, my truth would prevail. To be honest I wouldn’t have blamed her after everything we had been thru in the last 13 months. Shit had been crazy almost from the minute we met. I was grateful she stayed. As well I was grateful for Helen, she played a major role as to why we were all still here. These women were the apple of my eye and simply amazing. It was so good that we were all here for one another.

Walking in with 2 dozen roses for them, to stumble in on a peep show was just fine. We had an agreement. Nobody would get it poppin’ without us all being present. But how could I be bothered walking in on these two beauties. Even better I can call them both mine. I really am surprised they’ve been able to stave off each other this long. Or maybe this the first time I caught them. Who knows?  The eye contact that Helen I shared as she devoured Janay was overly intense. She was consuming Nay yet visually fucking me. A part of me wanted to surprise Janay by quietly sliding my dick in her mouth in between moans. But Helen wouldn’t let me go, she continued to stare me down. I imagined my dick between both pussies getting stroked; their lips folding on my stiffness and them moaning in each other’s ear. I knew I’d erupt on both mounds. Fuck I need them. I clear my throat and let my presence further be known. I made my way over leaving the roses on the coffee table. I freed my dick, already laced with precum. Janay wasted no time lapping me up; then sharing with Helen. Janay moved to my balls as Helen worked mid shaft to head like a real pro. They had switched I don’t know how many times before Helen was bent over in front of me and I was sliding my dick in, nice and slow. The grip on her pussy was to die for. As I pulled out she was coming with me. With each stroke the creamier she got. Janay was biting my neck telling me how much she missed me. She was talking that talk. I instructed her to go suck on that clit while I stroked this good pussy. Like my good girl she didn’t hesitate. Helen lost it just as soon as Nay disappeared under us. I felt Janay’s tongue stroking my shaft every time I went back in. I wanted to stop, but it was feeling too good. I wanted some of Janay’s good pussy but my body couldn’t stop. I was on the verge of emptying my seed in Helen. Her pussy was clenching on me again for a third time as she was climaxing yet again. I couldn’t handle anymore. From the eye contact, to the neck bites and daddy talk in my ear; now to fucking and being licked and Helen cumming on me. I pulled out and shot my load all on her red ass. My head was fucking spinning.


Oh my gawd, this…. This was everything. I really had no idea what this would be when I snuck over to Kelvin’s place. I was only scratching an itch, so to speak.  But fuck, this was as amazing as something from a dream. Yes there was drama, but we handled that shit and to be honest I am still not sure I believe that bitch that has moved into Kelvin’s place. I can’t wait until that lease is up. My lease would be right behind his. By then we’d be 8 months strong and I think we’d be good with just two residences, hell maybe even 1. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy. I only hope they feel a quarter of what I’m feeling. “That was so good yall” I was still out of breath. I kissed her, she kissed him, and the he kissed me. “I love yall.” I was in such a blissful paradise my emotions spilled out of me. Really I didn’t even care. This was real and raw. I was all in for this thing.


The final technical challenge for the final episode of the final season of The Great British Bake Off was Mary’s Victoria sandwich. However they didn’t actually get given the recipe on the show, they just got given the ingredients and told to make one… so in the spirit of the challenge I did the same thing and didn’t follow her method either (although mostly just because I didn’t like how she does it).

I’m pretty happy with it! Texture and taste are great, and apart from the rough edges in places - it stuck a bit to the cake tin for some reason - the appearance is really good too. I love the buttercream mounds in the middle; if GBBO has taught me anything it’s not to shy away from using the piping bag, cos it’s worth it even though it’s a pain to clean afterwards.

The faults were I didn’t make my own jam and the not-very-good cake edge, so for this final week I will award myself 4 majestic Mary Berrys and 1 haughty Paul Hollywood.

Also Paul has always been the negative person in this for me but the show wouldn’t have been the same without him and I wouldn’t want to watch it if he wasn’t there. I think he would be happy to see I’ve done all the challenges, so I’m going to add a secret, rare smiling Paul:


I don’t know if anyone’s posted about this already, but I’m just gonna go ahead and submit it for discussion.

So this is a still from The Final Problem, where we get a chance to see Sherlock’s blackboard as the boys are rebuilding the apartment after the whole explosion incident.

The drawings on the board are in reference to one of the short Sherlock stories by good ol’ ACD called, “The Adventure of the Dancing Men”.

The story is about a dude, Hilton Cubitt, who’s married to this American chick, Elsie Patrick, who has this crazy nefarious past full of “very disagreeable associations” and tells Cubitt never to ask her about it, and because he’s a solid dude, he promises not to. That is until Elsie starts getting these weird letters from America with pictures of these little dancing men on them, and Cubitt freaks out and goes to Sherlock for help. Holmes figures out the cipher and translates the final message which says, “Elsie, prepare to meet thy God.” Sherlock runs to Cubitt’s manor and finds that he’s been shot in the heart and killed. Elsie has been shot in the head, but is still alive. The police initially think that the incident was Elsie’s attempt at a murder suicide, but Sherlock does his thing and convinces them that something else happened. He writes a note in the code and has a stable boy take it to a local farm, where a man named Abe Slaney is staying. A few minutes later, Slaney shows up, having thought that the message was from Elsie, and is forced to tell the real story of what happened. Slaney is Elsie’s former fiancé, and came to England to win her back. Cubitt caught him trying to climb in the window and shot at him. Slaney fired back, killing Cubitt. Slaney fled, and Elsie shot herself, though she does recover eventually.

With that in mind, the code on the blackboard in the picture translates to: “Am here Abe Slaney”, which in the original story is one of Elsie’s first notes to Abe in their correspondence.

Here’s what I make of it: Elsie’s life has several parallels to Mary’s. They both have dark pasts that they hide from their husbands. The police originally thought that Elsie was the villain who shot her husband, but discovered that she wasn’t evil after all. In the same way that Elsie shot herself as a means of protecting her husband, Mary threw herself in front of a bullet to protect Sherlock. And I can’t help but notice that John is the one looking at the blackboard in the still, like he’s the one the message is meant for. I’m wondering if this is maybe the writer’s way of hinting that Mary might still be alive?

Just some things I noticed! I’d love to hear any theories anyone else might have!

No but pretty much everyone has a love interest apart from certain ones for obvious reasons but someone who doesn’t have a love interest and is long overdue one… Raven! And who does she have the best chemistry with and is getting closer by the minute to?…. Luna!

Ugh seriously… How amazing would it be to see those two strong women together? And Luna would be SO good for Raven… Not to mention it would be the least problematic relationship on the entire show, the healthiest and one that everyone could get behind.

All aboard the Sea Mechanic ship! I’m already in deep and there’s no going back now. I look forward to seeing how this particular relationship develops!

On Economic Disparities: Cause, Effect, and Race

For as long as I can remember, I’ve heard white people say the reason blacks are economically worse off than whites is because “they are lazy” or some other negative stereotype.  If pressed to explain why they believe this, they will point to impoverished, urban areas, high unemployment rates and higher use of social safety net programs by blacks than whites.  If these are the criteria for being “lazy,” there are a lot of lazy white people where I grew up.  White people who would never, ever label themselves as “lazy” and would be incensed if anyone were to call them such, but who are unemployed, live in rundown, falling apart homes, and survive only because they receive subsidies from the government every month.  Even though they meet their own criteria for “lazy,” they don’t think of themselves as lazy because to them, there are good reasons, causes for their situations: “I got laid off and there are no other jobs around.”  “I hurt my back in 2008 and haven’t been able to work full-time since.”  “There just aren’t any good paying jobs around anymore.”  The reasons they give for their economic situations never include, “I’m lazy” and almost always include some external, out of their control cause for their situation.  But, when it comes to minorities, especially blacks, their economic situation is viewed by whites to be completely in their control, “all they have to do is get a damn job.”  For blacks, their economic situations are always self-chosen.  Except they aren’t. 

The average white household’s wealth is $142,000.  The average Hispanic household’s wealth is $13,700 and the average black household’s is $11,000.  This income disparity between whites and minorities is not the result of whites being better, harder workers or minorities being “lazy.”  This wealth gap is the result of decades of public and private policies intentionally geared to make sure minorities are not treated equally, especially economically.  There are specific causes that have led to the effect of the average white household having nineteen times as much wealth as the average black household. 

It is fairly easy to connect the dots to show how and why this wealth gap was created and maintained.  For most Americans, their wealth is in the value of their home.  Most people don’t have $142,000 in the bank or in stocks.  The average savings account balance is barely over $4,000.  Less than half of Americans have money in stocks, including 401Ks.  More people own cats than own stocks.  For the average American, their wealth is directly related and tied to the value of their home.  This is why when the mortgage crisis hit in 2008 it impact was so devastating. It wasn’t like when the dot-com bubble burst in 2000 where those affected were a small percentage of people who owned tech stocks. Because the financial crisis of 2008 was tied to mortgages, it impacted millions of homeowners who saw their largest asset drop significantly in value overnight.  Because wealth is so connected to home ownership for most people, it is easy to see how and why the gap between whites and blacks is so wide.

In order to understand why the average white household has more wealth in their homes than black households, you can go back to the various Homestead Acts of the late 1800s, but a look at more recent policies will do.  All you need to do is go back to the late 40s and early 50s to see how government and private sector policies greatly helped one group of people build wealth while intentionally excluding the other.  Directly after World War II, there was a massive home construction boom.  In part, this was the result of the GI Bill.  Benefits of the GI Bill included low-cost mortgages, low-interest loans to start a business, cash payments of tuition and living expenses to attend university, high school or vocational education, as well as one year of unemployment compensation. By 1956, 2.2 million Americans had used the GI Bill to attend college and another 5.6 million used it for some kind of training program.   Besides almost no global competition, the GI Bill is regarded as the main factor in creating what would become the largest middle class in the world by the mid-1950s.  A middle class that was exclusively white.  

While the GI Bill did not specifically discriminate against blacks, it was administered and overseen by whites and rarely given to black veterans.  By 1946 of the 100,000 black veterans who applied for the GI Bill to attend college, only 20,000 were granted.  Of the 67,000 low-cost mortgages administered under the GI Bill, only 100 went to blacks.  Because of the all-white American Legion and VFW’s strong ties to the VA, blacks were largely excluded from the benefits available to white veterans.  To make matters worse, banks and mortgage companies refused to lend to blacks making the GI Bill a worthless benefit to them.

This intentional exclusion from the GI Bill and its benefits had and continues to have effects on the wealth gap between whites and blacks.  Because of the government’s and bank’s direct involvement in helping white veterans get better educated, they were able to get better-paying jobs.  Because white veterans were able to purchase affordable housing, they were able to not only save but build wealth over time.  While opportunities for white households were being created and nurtured, opportunities for black households didn’t exist.  This was/is especially true for housing.

Levittown, New York is a good example of how whites were able to build wealth through the GI Bill and racial discrimination.  Levittown is a suburb on Long Island that was built specifically to fill the need for housing after WWII and to take advantage of the mortgage benefits offered to veterans through the GI Bill and FHA.  Levittown was a planned community built between 1947-1951 by William Levitt, considered the father of modern suburbia.  By 1951, Levitt and Sons built over 17,000 homes in Levittown and the surrounding areas.  None of these homes sold to blacks.  In fact, Levittown had racially restrictive deeds that prevented anyone from selling their home to minorities.  If a black family who couldn’t get a loan from a bank or help from the FHA had cash, they weren’t allowed to purchase a home in Levittown.  This didn’t happen just in Levittown but in thousands of subdivisions around the country.  

While white families were building wealth in their homes in subdivisions like Levittown, blacks were forced to rent in very specific, often rundown areas.  While whites were using the GI Bill to college and technical degrees which opened up opportunities for good paying jobs, blacks were excluded from these keeping their economic status stagnant and low.  While whites increased their earnings potential and saw their homes rise in value, increasing the local tax base, this allowed for better schools for their children to be built.  Because blacks were forced to rent often in run-down areas, they were at mercy of local and state policies that didn’t care about improving the educational opportunities for their children.  Even though Brown v Board of Education was decided in 1956, areas like Levittown did not integrate.  As late as 1960, no blacks lived in Levittown and even today, some sixty-eight years after the first home was built there, less than 1% of its residents are black. 

How did this segregation effect economic disparities?  In the late 40s, early 50s, if you were white, you could move into places like Levittown with assistance from the government.  This assistance not only allowed you to own your own home and build wealth as its value appreciated over time, but it kept your costs down.  With government help, white families in Levittown spent $60 a month on their mortgage while homeowners in other areas who were not able to take advantage of FHA or VA help paid $75 a month for a similar home.  That is 20% less each month homeowners in Levittown had to spend on their mortgages.  If you were a black family who was lucky enough to get a mortgage on a home, not only did you pay more the same home, you often paid a lot more because the interest rate was much higher.   For a black family, this meant there was less money to save or invest.

Fast forward a couple of generations and you can see why the average white household has nineteen times more wealth than the average black household.  Those homes in Levittown and in white suburbs across the country increased in value.  A home that cost $7,990 in 1950 is now worth $300,000+ in Levittown.  If your parents or grandparents bought a home in Levittown in the early 50s, their worth increased by roughly three hundred thousand dollars if they still own their home.  Even if they sold their home anytime between 1980 and 2007, they still made a lot of money.  The policies and opportunities that allowed them to invest in a home, something black families of their generation were unable to do greatly increased their wealth.  When you add the policies and opportunities whites received to get better educated, it is easy to see how and why their wealth is nineteen times greater than blacks. 

There were additional advantages to being able to own your own home that helped increase the wealth gap between whites and blacks.  Because whites were able to purchase homes, they were able to leverage the value of their homes if they needed.  If you purchased a home in 1950 for $8000 and by the time your children are getting ready to attend college, the value of your home increased significantly and if you didn’t have the money to pay tuition, you could leverage the increased value of your home by taking out a second mortgage and use that money to invest or pay for your children’s education.  Since they were forced to either rent or own homes in areas that didn’t appreciate in value like homes in white neighborhoods, black families didn’t have an asset to leverage. Because of the direct, intentional assistance by the government to their parents, white children in places like Levittown grew up with a distinct economic advantage black children didn’t have.  With this advantage, they were able to get better educations, better jobs, purchase their own homes and pass this advantage to their children. 

If you want to know why the average white household has $142,000 of wealth and the average black household only $11,000, home ownership is one of the main reasons.  It isn’t because whites are smarter or harder workers.  It isn’t because blacks are “lazy.”  It is because whites were intentionally aided by the government.  It is because whites got a lot of assistance and subsidies along the way to help them build a strong financial base.  It is because blacks were intentionally excluded from almost all of the programs that helped whites build their wealth.  This is the reason why there is a huge wealth gap between whites and blacks.  There are direct causes, causes outside of black families’ control that are the reasons behind their lack of economic success, lower test scores, higher unemployment, etc.  It is not because of personal choices.  It is not because of lack of moral fiber.  It is not because of a poor work ethic.  It is because the system was and in many ways still is designed to limit their opportunities to succeed.  

Even though it is now illegal to discriminate when it comes to housing, education, and employment, it still happens on a large scale. Leading up to the financial crisis, minority borrowers were often charged much higher interest rates.  This means their costs were higher and they had to purchase a less expensive home than a white person with similar credit scores/income.  If a black family’s income allows them to afford a $200,000 home but because of a higher interest rate they have to settle on one that costs $150,000, the long-term impact is significant.  Take two families, one white, one black.  They both make the same income, but because lenders charge the black family a higher interest rate, they can’t afford the same home.  The white family buys a home worth $200,000.  The black family buys one for $150,000.  Even if they live in the very same neighborhood and their homes appreciate in value equally, ten years down the road the white family has increased their wealth a good margin over the black family, even though they both earn the same income.  After 10 years at 5% appreciation a year, the white family’s home will be worth $325,000 and the black family’s will be worth $244,000.  Two identical incomes, two very different outcomes.  Go back to when black people couldn’t even purchase homes in white neighborhoods and the difference is $325,000 to $0.  This is why the wealth disparity between whites and blacks is so large.

Even though it is illegal to discriminate, have racially restrictive deeds, redline…policies still exist that make it more difficult for blacks to purchase homes.  One of the ways this is done is through credit scoring.  Because of starting from an economic disadvantage, many minorities have lower credit scores than whites.  This isn’t because of their lack of responsibility, but rather their lower starting point.  If a white family gets into financial difficulty, say one of the parents loses their job, if they have a home with equity, they can tap into it and use it to pay their bills while another job is found.  If their oldest needs braces, they can use the value of their home to help make the payments and on time.  Black families, on average, do not have this safety net so when difficult financial times occur, they often get behind on payments which negatively affects their credit.  Financial institutions know this and use it to their advantage to charge higher rates for the people who are most vulnerable.  

I witness first hand how credit scores were used to harm those who could least afford it.  When I worked at an insurance agency, we did a lot of marketing to very specific areas in Detroit.  Areas where the people kept up their homes and had been living there for many years.  Areas that didn’t have a lot of damage claims.  These areas were predominately black. When we ran an estimate on someone who lived in these area’s auto or home insurance, the determining factor in how much they paid, if they hadn’t had prior claims, was their credit score.  Someone who had never made an insurance claim in thirty years could pay significantly higher premiums if their credit score wasn’t high enough.  Insurance is something you have to pay for or you don’t get it.  It shouldn’t matter what your credit score is.  If you fail to make a payment, it is canceled.  Why would you charge someone more for a six-month policy if they have a lower credit score?  The answer is because they can.  When insurance companies could no longer charge higher rates based on neighborhoods or zip codes; redlining, they came up with a way to charge higher rates to the very same people; credit scoring. This is how racism survives after an avenue for it is shut down.  It morphs into a new policy that accomplishes pretty much the same as the one that was stopped.  The racist views and policies that prevented black families from places like Levittown to purchase homes and create wealth still exist and still have the same effect, they have just taken on new forms.

Add mass incarceration policies targeting blacks and it is easy to see the financial repercussions all of these have had on the economic outcomes for black families.

When someone tells me the reasons white households have nineteen times more wealth than black households is because whites work harder and blacks are lazy or whites care more about education than blacks or whites made better choices, I am certain they don’t know what they are talking about.  They don’t understand the history of home ownership in America.  They don’t understand the causes of the wealth disparities between whites and blacks, they only focus on the effects.  The causes are fairly obvious.  They aren’t difficult to grasp.  But, in order to understand the causes, white people have to admit they have specifically benefited from government and private policies at the expense of minorities.  They have to admit black people are not poor because they choose to be poor, but because we, as a country, have intentionally made and continue to keep them poor.  White Americans have to admit they are the cause of the economic effects on black families.  White America doesn’t want to do this.  They don’t want to admit they are often the problem when it comes to the struggles and situations minorities face each and every day.  Instead, they come up with bullshit reasons why blacks are inferior because it is easier to blame someone else for your actions than look into the mirror.  Easier, but outright immoral.  To be the cause of someone’s struggles, someone’s difficulties and blame them for their situation is seriously fucked up.

Contact sheet featuring rare shots of a 25-year old Jaÿ-Z, as photographed in his first official press-shoot by Jamil GS in Battery Park City, Downtown Manhattan, in the Summer of 1995.

“This is when it all began for the chief, and for me also. I think this was my second record industry gig. I remember it was low budget. I didn’t know who Jaÿ-Z was at the time, nor did anyone really in the world outside of Brooklyn, but my friend Patrick Moxy at PayDay Records/Empire Management had a good ear for amazing talent and contacted me to shoot what would become the first professional press shots for Jay. This was gearing up to the release of Reasonable Doubt.

A few of Jay’s friends from when he used to dribble down in VA came to pick me up from my Avenue A apartment in his Lexus. This was the same Lexus from the ‘Dead Presidents’ video. I remember him saying, damn there’s a lot of freaks around here, and there was. That was back when Alphabet City was still funky. We drove to swoop Jay from his new condo off Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn and then headed to downtown Brooklyn next to the Riverside Cafe. It was a mixture of sexy logistics and wanting to catch some iconic New York shit.

Being that Jay lived in downtown BK, I decided to go to the waterfront by the river cafe on Water Street where we could also get a hint of the NY downtown skyline. Later we crossed the bridge to Wall Street and Battery Park City. The idea was to shoot him surrounded by all symbols of material wealth like the Twin Towers and luxury yachts. 

 I was impressed by the fact that Jay had brought a custom-made vanity plate [that was] made from cardboard. We used some gaffer tape and stuck it on top of the existing plate. He had also brought some bottles of Cristal that he placed by the windshield inside the car. This was pretty clear symbolism and Jay knew exactly what kind of image he wanted, even back then.

I was inspired by the album cover of Donald Byrd’s A New Perspective, and shot this with a Hasselblad 553, using a 40mm lens. I shot using Kodak Tri-x 400 film.”

Zevran the Seducer

It’s canon that he’s good at it. His primary roles in his trio with Taliesin and Rinna were seduction and poison making. What (apart from being good looking) contributes to someone being skilled at seduction? The way they make you feel.

Imagine he needs to seduce someone for some reason. Not necessarily to kill him or her, maybe just to provide a distraction while some shenanigans are occurring elsewhere.

He catches their eye because he’s trying to. He looks at them, fixating on what he likes about them. Focusing on their beauty, letting himself indulge in them; the shape of them, the nuances of their body language, their femininity/masculinity. The “object of his affection” is going to see Zevran in that place of enjoyment. He lets himself be seen in his enjoyment, which is actually very vulnerable which is literally so sexy I would literally fucking die.

Anyway, he basically makes his intent clear, flirting via his enjoyment, so before he even speaks with them the groundwork is already set.

  • He knows how to enjoy a person.

  • He knows how to express his enjoyment.

  • He’s into it, because this particular quality of contact outside of his work life is scarce (getting simple pleasures when one can.)

  • It’s safe for him to indulge when it’s all a fantasy/just a job.

  • His language of love is touch.

  • He’s a beautiful man with a somewhat androgynous appearance, so he can play on his masculinity or femininity depending on what he senses his ‘object of desire’ might prefer.

  • He’s an open enough individual to do that ^

That’s not to say Crows didn’t totally get down. I imagine sex for Crows is a lot like… sleeping. A basic need. I HC they probably gave each other handys on the regular. How I came to this conclusion is Zevran’s relationship to Taliesin who he had known like, for who knows how long. Given they were purchased at the same time, they could have been raised by the same whores in the same brothel. Basically, sex is SO no big deal that Zevran becomes lovers with someone he had grown up with, whereas it might be more common for one to have a more fraternal relationship with that person. Now that I’m thinking about it, how god damn long had Zevran been lovers with Taliesin? Good god, like, he kills Taliesin… I can’t do this right now. That’s a whole other post. God damn.

My point is, seduction was part of his job, however, his enjoyment was real. From the moment he laid eyes on the person up until the job was done, Zevran was free to express stuff he enjoyed expressing; doting, touching, kissing, receiving, etc.

Bonus: I HC his being skilled at seduction gives him a sense of what it’s like to love someone or be loved, which not only points to that he is perfectly capable of loving, but also indicates a willingness and a desire to. He is so primed for your Warden. *dies*

The Other One: Part 6

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Part 10

Getting off the plane, a tonne of things hit you at once. What job were you going to have next? You were fired from your previous one, the reason being lack of attendance. At least you still had your apartment, you were able to keep up with the rent, with the money that your parents gave you. You were going to miss them. It did you good going home, seeing your family, healing. You now felt like a new person, stronger. It gave you time to come to terms with everything that occurred.

You walk towards your apartment complex and notice a sign saying ‘got7 fan meeting’, outside the hotel across the street. You bundle your stuff inside and into the elevator. You enter your pin and walk into your apartment. You expected the apartment to be in the state that you left it, clothes on the couch. And you expected to be overwhelmed with the smell of bad food, but it was tidy and it smelt nice, homely. You drag your bags into your bedroom and lay down on your made bed. You didn’t accidentally hire a maid did you?

Jaebum held hands with a fan and gave the best fan service he could, but he was distracted, you weren’t back yet. It had been 2 months, since he had seen you, talked to you. At first he was worried sick because you just disappeared without a trace. But then he came to the realisation that you went home. And he thought you should have some space. He checked if you were back every opportunity he had, sneaking out in the middle of the night. Sometimes he would just sit there, just to feel your presence and reminisce about what you once had. It has also been months since he had spoken to Jinyoung, besides music shows, the two had no interactions whatsoever. It wasn’t long until the other members noticed. The two offered no explanation, after while the other members and management just accepted that the two drifted apart.

Jaebum gets up.

“I’m gonna go to the bathroom.” He says to the manager.

The manager offers to go with him.

“It’s okay. I’ll be back soon, I just think I ate something weird.”

He walks out of the door and jogs towards the front door.

He takes the short journey up to your apartment.

You take a bite out of your sandwich as you settle down on your couch. You hear the beep of someone entering your pin. You grab your blanket and sandwich and hide in your bedroom.

Jaebum enters the apartment, he takes a seat on your couch. You quietly take a peek through the space in your door. It was Jaebum. Why was he here? Was he the one that cleaned your apartment? You were slightly touched that he still came to see if you were back. But you couldn’t forget everything that happened. A part of you wanted to go out and say hey, you missed him. But you also wanted to keep your distance.

Jaebum sighs and stands up. You watch intently as he grabs a piece of paper and jots down a note. He places the note next to a pile of notes on the kitchen counter. How come you didn’t notice them? You fall into the door, causing it to slam shut.

Jaebum turns around.

“Hello?” He yells.

You hold your breath and stand still.

“Must just be a breeze.” He mutters to himself before leaving.

You take a deep breath and walk out of the bedroom, still clutching on to your sandwich. You put it down and pick up the notes.  You flick through the pages, they said things like ‘I miss you’ or ‘I’m sorry’. There was one that affected you deeply. It read:

‘I am truly sorry that I hurt you like this. It was wrong of me, someone like you deserves the best. I gave you the worst, I failed as a boyfriend, a friend and as a man. I know you have probably gone home and I don’t know when you’ll be back. Or if you’ll be back. I wanted you to know that I love you and I will forever love you, nothing you could do or say could effect that. If you shouted at me, cussed me out, I would still love you. I deserve everything that comes to me. If you do end up reading this, please let me know you’re back. You don’t have to continue contacting me. I just need to know you’re okay, and that you were able to heal. Once I know that I might be able to live my life.

 Love Jaebum xoxo.’

You clutch the letter, contemplating whether you going to contact him. Your thoughts are interrupted when the pin is entered in your door once again. You sprint into the bedroom once again.