apart from that i'm pretty pleased

who should you fight - monsta x edition
  • Shownu - who wins: Shownu
  • I have to ask - why would you do this to yourself? You were walking into failure. Not even God will fight Shownu. And you want to try? Not only will Shownu win, worst of all, he'll sit you down after it and say "I'm not angry I'm just disappointed". Now you've upset your dad. Great going.
  • Kihyun - who wins: Kihyun
  • Listen, I get where you're coming from. You probably think you could take him on? He's so adorable and small and aww look at those cheeks and that smol face. WRONG. You would be a fool. Do not forget that Kihyun is a Scorpio. He is a contained bubble of untapped rage. Kihyun will mercilessly tear you apart, physically and verbally, and probably make soup afterwards for everyone else while your bitch ass walks home broken.
  • Minhyuk - who wins: you
  • Please fight Minhyuk. He's fucking ridiculous. This pretty fuckboy will take a selfie mid-fight and just wants to stir up drama so he'll have it coming and needs to meet you in the pit. You'll win and he'll take a selfie afterward because he has no shame. That's just another reason to fight him honestly. No man has a right to look that beautiful after a fight.
  • Wonho - who wins: Wonho
  • I can't see why you'd want to fight Wonho but if you want to you will lose miserably. Have you Seen his muscles??? Do not be fooled by his pretty face, and his sunshine personality. He is ALL Muscle. He will Destroy you and be serving some #looks while he does it. This is just a gym exercise for him. If you must fight him I wish you luck.
  • Hyungwon - who wins: you
  • Not only can you fight Hyungwon easily but you'll win. He's so tall you could probably knock him over like a particularly attractive domino. But why would you do that? What did he do to you? He was probably sleeping and you just decided to throw down? What a hollow victory. What are you trying to prove?? What did he do wrong you monster?
  • Jooheon - who wins: tie
  • It would be an even match (as long as you don't involve his thighs in which case, good luck). On your side you have the element of surprise, on Jooheon's side he has the advantage of.....being able to roll yarn really fast. Either way it'll be exciting.
  • I.M - who wins: tie
  • I mean, my first question is why though. Why would you fight him what has Changkyun done wrong??? Was he TOO cute??? Were his raps TOO good??? Did he make a bad pun??? Wait if it's the last reason, you DEFINITELY have to beat his ass. It has to happen. Either way, it'll be a close match. Fair warning though, if you win against him, you'll have to fight all the other members afterwards who will not hesitate to protect their beloved maknae.

isabellancrazy  asked:

Hey there Squiggs! Big fan of your blog, and I love the advice you give on the animation business and what someone aspiring should do to be apart of it! I've been wondering though, since I do have a concept for my own animated show, which studio you would recommend I pitch it to? A weird question, but I've been pretty stuck on this for a while. Thanks!

Oh, gosh.

Pitching is a whole different animal, one that I don’t actually have much advice on, aside from… please, please do not pitch your show to the people giving you tours of studios.  Please do not pitch your show to the first person from a studio you meet.  There are people who receive pitches as their jobs, and there are MANY people who just kinda jump at the chance to talk to the first studio member they can, when that’s… not really appropriate.

THAT ASIDE.  What I do know is that there REALLY IS a formalized pitching process, and it typically favors folks who have some degree of experience in the field in advance.  Think of it this way: somebody comes up to you, assuring you they’ve got the PERFECT THING for your business… but even if the idea sounds promising, you don’t see anything on their record that would indicate they actually know what they’re doing.  Would you take the pitch?

I don’t mean to sound discouraging – rather, I ENCOURAGE you to enter the field and be willing to start from the bottom, so that you can work your way up to where people will be listening to your pitches with rapt attention.  You really don’t just enter the industry as a storyboard artist, for instance – usually you gotta have some experience doing the animation first, and even then it’s more common to be hired first as an inbetweener before you get to the keyframing position.  Not all studios have this kind of hierarchy, of course, and plenty of them have a lot of grey area, but it’s helpful to think of it as a scalable ladder.

And when you do get the chances to show your stuff, by God, SHOW IT.  You WILL impress people.

As for WHO to pitch to… each studio is always looking for something different.  Believe it or not, sometimes they have very specific slots that they’re looking to fill with a promising new show.  CN might be looking for “a show with cute animal main characters,” Disney XD might be looking for “a slice of life comedy,” or so on and so forth.  And the thing is, these things will change over time.  One year you might get NO bites on your pitch, but that’s not because nobody likes it – it’s because nobody is LOOKING for that kind of thing right now.  Next year, it might be that one of the studios is looking for EXACTLY what you’re offering.

Unfortunately I don’t know which direction to point you in right at this moment, since I’m not really in that department.  But see if you can do some of your own research, and find out more about the specifics of the pitching process.  It can only help.

So stuff is still going down real hard over here in Venezuela

If by any chances i disappear, either they cut us off from the outside world by messing with the internet/phone lines, or some bad shit happened around my town

that being the worst case scenario, which i hope doesn’t happen

I’ll remain holed up in my house with my depression while everything blows apart, please hope with me that this will be the grand finale to this shitshow of a government

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omg my first request, of course angst lol can I have some hc about Law and Zoro dealing with a s/o who's too small and thin like me, and how would they comfort them bc omg they're around really pretty women, and ok, i'm not self confident, sorry :c thank you sweetie!!!!!! if you don't feel comfortable with that, just ignore it please!!! (I love your blog, It's already one of my favourite <3)

Hopefully I did alright with this. If there is anything wrong, please let me know!!


  • Law is very good at taking care of a very petite s/o. He is a bit of a worry wart sometimes coming from a doctor’s perspective and somewhat frequent check ups
  • For the most part he doesn’t openly treat you any differently apart from being softer, and more aware of any times you are struggling to reach things/do things. He’ll definitely help you out (with some mild teasing) but he mostly lets you be your own person
  • He probably won’t realise you’re self-conscious at first. When he hears about it he might dismiss it until he knows its true. When he does really its true, you will be treated like royalty.
  • He wil probably roll his eyes when he hears your compare yourself to others before telling you that you are the most beautiful person he’s ever seen. And he is completely serious about it. He truly believes you are the prettiest, more than any other person. 
  • In public, it’s all soft caresses and quiet murmuring of how beautiful you are and how much he loves you. In private with just the two of you, he practically worships your body, trailing hands, placing kisses and telling you every little thing he loves about you and your body.
  • Law is very big on body worship- verbally and physically
  • He doesn’t smother you though, he respects your space and doesn’t usually take the first step. But as soon as you need him and as soon as you seek him out for comfort he would be right by your side.


  • Zoro is a bit more forgetful, sometimes not realising that not everyone is as strong and big as he is, especially
  • He absolutely adores you. One of Zoro’s favourite things is picking you up and hugging you, your body completely supported by him or having you curled up in his lap for nap time.
  • Sometimes he might put something of yours too high or give you something that you aren’t able to manage by accident. When he realises, he is very apologetic. He wouldn’t verbally say he’s sorry but he would make sure to fix his mistake for the next time 
  • He really tries to be more aware but sometimes has to be reminded by others, but this is mostly because he knows what a strong and amazing person you are that he forgets that you are actually very petite
  • He understands you being self conscious, knowing that many people experience similar feelings, although he doesn’t really understand why. But he tries, he really does try.
  • He isn’t very good with his words, but he gives comfort through physical affection-kisses, hugs, gentle squeezing of your waist and hands.
  • When he notices you becoming self conscious, he would gently grasp your chin and make you look at him, face to face. He would give you a breathtaking smile and a gentle kiss until he knows you are smiling again
  • He honestly thinks you are gorgeous, and in private, he would tell you how amazing he thinks you are, stumbling with every couple words (his blushing cheeks are adorable)

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I'm pretty sure Yuri's grandpa views of Otabek would go from ``What are your intentions with my grandson´´ to ``Please marry my grandson, you have my blessing´´ in a short period XD

One afternoon.

Because apart from being a genuine sweetheart, Otabek is just that smooth.


Min Yoongi tripped and fell in his apartment on the 20th, injuring his ear on a door. He was taken to a plastic surgeon who said he will not be able to participate in any activities for the rest of the year while he is recovering.

Please send Yoongi your full support as he is recovering from this accident!

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Help when I'm drawing I keep making the faces too tall and when I try and make them shorter it just doesn't happen??? Either that or it makes the faces too damn wide and that makes they eyes waaaay too far apart which was a mistake of mine for a long time. And my drawing is improving but I don't know what to draw anymore like, everything I draw is stiff if I'm not re drawing an old art from a while ago and those are pretty stiff themselves please help me cus ur so good

im not a professional but this is how i make my faces! theres a special trick too with the guidelines in this video here! so that way you can “age” your characters (im not very good at explaining but im sure the video will help you) just practice and im sure you’ll get it! 

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Hey Matty! I was reading The Predator and I tried to imagine what Oliver would be like when he's in love (your kind of love) with Felicity. I can usually imagine it pretty well with stories but I'm completely lost here. Would he be soft and gentle? Or hard and rough? Could you please answer if it's not spoilery? Thank you!

That’s a great question, anon. 

Oliver in The Predator is a very enigmatic man. We only know of him what he’s explicitly told Felicity, apart from what is public knowledge. He’s an enigma and that won’t change because he’s in love.

If you ever expect this Oliver to be mushy, don’t. He is who he is, and mush definitely isn’t on the list. 

He’ll always be the quiet, intense asshole who honors women that she’ll fall in love with. He’ll always be rough around the edges but fake a smoothness not many can detect. He won’t hold her hand or hug her in public, not only because men with reputation in that world do not do that but more importantly because this Oliver is very, very private. He’s so private he doesn’t allow Amara (a woman he trusts as much as he’s capable of trusting someone) inside his bedroom. Airing his emotions out for everyone to see is just not him. 

That being said, he won’t not be affectionate in public either. He’s the guy who’ll hold the back of her neck and rub his thumb on her cheek while she talks. He’s the guy who’ll sit beside her with only his arms spread over the back of the couch, not touching her but making it completely clear to anyone watching that she’s his. He’ll enjoy when she puts her hand on his thigh to ward off other women because he’s hers too. Sometimes he’d look at her with affection that only she would understand, sometimes with heat that everyone would. 

His moments of softness would only come when only she would witness it. 

For everyone else, he’ll always be the hard, unbreakable, formidable Predator. Maybe not because he wants to be, but because their world does not allow for those privileges. Would he always be rough? No. Would he always be soft? No. 

He’ll just be the man she falls in love with. 


My current roommate is moving out and I desperately need a new roommate for May 1st!
To be clear, we would be sharing a bedroom (it’s pretty big, with 2 closets and a bunk bed)
390/month, bus and train only steps away from the apartment, LGBTQAA Friendly, and we have a very friendly kitty.
I’d prefer friends, friends of friends, or even acquaintances, but if you are intrested please message me!

**preferably looking for a non-male identifying roomie