apart from going to the orchestra

emitoshiba-deactivated20140904 asked:

is backstreet back? will it be alright?

backstreet’s whack they haven’t had a hit since 99 & i don’t know if i’ll ever be alright again

Oldish photo, but ya know. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!! I had the greatest day. We got a 1 for state orchestra aka slayed. My friend got me zayn earrings and a “world’s best boss” mug. I also got some absolutely wonderful gifts from my amazing family! I ate some dinner at Bob Evans and everything was fantastic. I am so lucky to have the friends and family that I have. Last year was incredible and I’m going to make this year even better. Graduation, college, an apartment. This is going to be a huge year, but I’m ready for it. So happy 18th birthday to me!