apart from being handsome and talented

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Martin anon from benenguinsophiebatch here. In cw his role was pretty limited but even then he just looks like John Watson in a suit. It's the same old persona of irritable grumpy guy, same old trick. I was so impressed by his performance in Sherlock, especially the emotional scenes in trf and teh. But the more I see in his other roles, I realize it's just the exact same tricks. Ben's different roles are so distinct. (1/2)

(I was waiting for the second part? but welll…)

Hi! First of all, I pretty much agree with what @beneguinsophiebatch​ answered to your ask…

Yeah, I know what you mean, I just meant that in CW (and I was trying to be a bit indulgent there) he looked like someone of authority with the suit and all, in the BP trailer he looks like we are used to see him.

I’m not a MF fan either, nothing personal, I’m not a fan of many people lol, however I can recognized his talent, but I can’t compare him (and anyone) with Benedict because he (and anyone) will always lose.

Benedict disappears in every rol, you can’t see him as Sherlock, as Doctor Strange, as Richard III, as Khan! You don’t see Ben, you see those different people. Apart from the beautiful human being, and handsome man he is, his talent just… overwhelms me.

And I ended up talking about Ben! Ok, that’s my life! lol

Thanks nonny!