apart from being handsome and talented

“Do you really think I could ever replace you?” + Jinyoung

“Hey man, can I get uhhhhh…102 with Jinyoung from gatsebeun 😂🙏”

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— thanks for the ask anon <3 im soft af for jinyoung so this turned out kind of long (?) anywayyy i hope you like ❤️—

You leaned against the wall of the JYP practice room, watching your boyfriend speak so lovingly to a girl group trainee. Maybe you were exaggerating, but it seemed that way to you: lovingly. His cute smile was directed towards her, the both of them talking about who knows what. Your eyes stung from the salty tears in them, for what seemed like the millionth time. Jinyoung and the trainee have been talking a lot lately; it made you wonder why it was only her and him. Why didn’t she talk with Mark or Youngjae or Yugyeom? Or anyone other than your devilishly handsome boyfriend? They weren’t related, you knew that. Whatever the case was, it made you mad. Your blood boiled, words of anger being yelled in your mind. The trainee, Soojung, leaned over and grabbed Jinyoung’s hand. You expected him to retract it but he just smiled and kept on talking. I can’t deal with this anymore. You grabbed your bag and got up, walking over to the exit. “Hey Y/N where are you-” You slam the door shut, Jinyoung’s words being cut off. The tears that were pricking at your eyes now fell freely, soft sniffles coming from you. You fortunately didn’t bump into anyone, so no one questioned your state of being. Entering your apartment, you go into your room and fall onto your bed. You were nothing compared to Soojung. She was beautiful and talented, perfect for Jinyoung- while you were just there. You always thought about how lucky you were to be with someone like Jinyoung. He was handsome, skilled in many things and somehow he felt attraction towards you. There was insecurities hidden in the back of your mind, but ever since Soojung and Jinyoung began hanging out, they slowly rose back up.

The next morning you woke up, still wearing what you were yesterday. You must’ve fallen asleep without even realizing it. Rubbing your eyes, you get up and trudge to the kitchen. Jinyoung wasn’t around like he usually would be. Normally you’d complain but right now you were thankful he wasn’t here. You didn’t want to face him right now. You made yourself a bagel and settled on your couch. There wasn’t anything interesting on, so you sat there, thinking to yourself. The morning light shone through the transparent curtains, the soft sound of rain tapping the window being heard. There were many things happening around you, a lot of noise but you paid no mind to it. The thoughts in your head were the loudest noise in the room. Your attention drifted away from your mind and to the door, the knob turning. The door opened and in came in a damp haired Jinyoung holding Soojung by her shoulders, who was just as soaked. The rain must’ve gotten them. Which means they must’ve been together when it started raining. “Hey Y/N.” Soojung greets, sending you a smile. You wanted to grab her by the neck and yell at her face, to tell her that Jinyoung was yours. But you stay civil and plaster on the most convincing fake smile you could muster, and send it towards her. “Hi.” Your voice was soft and high pitched, Jinyoung would damn well know that your voice was fake. His brown eyes look into your own hues, a worried look on his face as he runs a hand through his wet hair. If Soojung weren’t here you’d be all over him, you loved the sight of Jinyoung like this. With a wet shirt, making it see through and with wet hair, his forehead on full display.

“Jinyoung and I were out together when it started to rain. We were near your building so we quickly rushed into it.” Soojung explains. You nod, still having that fake smile on. “Hey are you okay? You stormed off last night.” Hearing your boyfriend’s deep voice calmed you a bit, but not enough. You turn to him and shrug. “I was tired, Soojung was keeping you company anyways so I just left.” Jinyoung could tell you had an attitude, his eyebrows furrowed towards you. “You could’ve told me and I would’ve willingly taken you back home.” You sigh softly and shake your head. “Didn’t want to intrude on the moment. You guys can go ahead and dry up or whatever, I’ll be in my room.” Jinyoung watches you get up, walking away from him. He was confused on why you were acting like this. What did you mean you “didn’t want to intrude on the moment?” He knew something was bothering you though, that was for sure. When you enter your room you lock the door and do a replay of last night’s actions. Soojung and Jinyoung bantered behind your door, their voices a bit muffled. You grab your phone and turn it on, staring at your lock screen. It was a cute picture, Jinyoung smiling with his eyes closed and your lips against his cheek. A smile tugged on your lips, thinking about how cute he was. There was a knock on your door, followed with Jinyoung’s voice. “Babe? Can you open the door?” Biting your lip, you walk over to your door and open it, letting Jinyoung in. His arms wrap around your waist, holding you lovingly. His plush lips press a kiss to your neck before he makes eye contact with you. “Is everything alright?” he asks you, a soft smile on his lips. You smile a bit yourself and nod. “I’m fine.” You raise yourself up with your toes, pecking his lips for a few good seconds. “Soojung left.” he whispers. “Yeah?” He nods and you give him a tight smile.

“Are you jealous because I’ve been hanging out with her a lot lately?” So now he realizes? You sigh and twirl his hair in your finger, “no, I said I was fine.” Jinyoung raised an eyebrow at you. “Are you sure? You did that thing you always do when you don’t like people. You spoke differently and put on that ugly smile. It wasn’t your actual smile, that smile is more beautiful than your fake one. I’m sorry if I hurt you by being around her.” Jinyoung taps his fingers on your hip, looking at you with an adoring stare. You still hadn’t answered him, the both of you quiet. “I wouldn’t call it jealousy, Jinyoung. It’s more worry or fear. I have this attractive boyfriend and he starts hanging out with a girl more beautiful than me, I’m obviously going to worry. What ticked me off was the way she grabbed your hand out of nowhere. I expected you to remove your hand but..you didn’t. It hurt, it made me think that you liked her hand in yours. I thought Soojung was going to take on the role of me.” Jinyoung chuckles, his forehead leaning on yours. “Do you really think I could ever replace you?” You tilt your head and nod slightly. “Y/N, no I would never. You mean too much to me. Don’t ever think someone is prettier than you because you’re the most beautiful creature I’ve laid eyes upon.” You bite back a smile. Jinyoung lifts you up slightly and sets you on your bed. He takes a seat next to you, grabbing your head and setting it on his shoulder. “Soojung’s a trainee, JYP asked if I could give her vocal lessons and teach her how to show emotion through dance. I agreed since I kind of had to. All of us were handed trainee’s, babe.” You dig your head into his neck, laughing shyly. “You mean a lot to me, the thought of some other girl taking you from me hurt.” Jinyoung laughs softly and ruffles your hair. “I appreciate the gesture. It would’ve been better if you fought her. That’d be entertaining.” You roll your eyes playfully and shove his shoulder. “You’re hard to please, you know that?” Jinyoung nods. “I’m well aware.” You smile, sighing at him. You loved him either way.


Ernest Miller, 22 year old murder victim of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer

Ernest Miller was described by those who knew him as a handsome young man who enjoyed fitness and was a very talented dancer. On September 3rd 1990 Ernest Miller met Jeffrey Dahmer in a Milwaukee business district.

Miller and Dahmer began talking and Miller accepted an invitation to Dahmer’s apartment under the pretense of being paid $50 to pose for nude photos. Miller accepted a drink from Dahmer once there which contained two sleeping pills. Once he was asleep Dahmer took a knife and cut Miller’s throat. Dahmer then photographed Miller’s body as he bled to death.

Dahmer dissolved Miller’s flesh with acid, bleached Miller’s skeleton and stored it in the wardrobe in his apartment. Dahmer also preserved Miller’s biceps, storing them in his freezer for later ingestion.

Ernest Miller was Jeffrey Dahmer’s eighth murder victim. Had he not been murdered by Dahmer at age 22, Ernest Miller would be 49 today. Dahmer ultimately murdered 17 people before being apprehended. Jeffrey Dahmer was convicted in 1992 and subsequently murdered in prison on November 20th 1994.

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Martin anon from benenguinsophiebatch here. In cw his role was pretty limited but even then he just looks like John Watson in a suit. It's the same old persona of irritable grumpy guy, same old trick. I was so impressed by his performance in Sherlock, especially the emotional scenes in trf and teh. But the more I see in his other roles, I realize it's just the exact same tricks. Ben's different roles are so distinct. (1/2)

(I was waiting for the second part? but welll…)

Hi! First of all, I pretty much agree with what @beneguinsophiebatch​ answered to your ask…

Yeah, I know what you mean, I just meant that in CW (and I was trying to be a bit indulgent there) he looked like someone of authority with the suit and all, in the BP trailer he looks like we are used to see him.

I’m not a MF fan either, nothing personal, I’m not a fan of many people lol, however I can recognized his talent, but I can’t compare him (and anyone) with Benedict because he (and anyone) will always lose.

Benedict disappears in every rol, you can’t see him as Sherlock, as Doctor Strange, as Richard III, as Khan! You don’t see Ben, you see those different people. Apart from the beautiful human being, and handsome man he is, his talent just… overwhelms me.

And I ended up talking about Ben! Ok, that’s my life! lol

Thanks nonny!