Last Dance-Kihyun

Group: Monsta X

Pairing:Kihyun x Reader

Genre:Fluffy duffy

Where could he possibly be? He was supposed to be here by six o’clock. It was past nine,now. You huffed as you tightened your grip on the sofa’s pillow,consumed by your thoughts. Was he alright? Why was he so late? You have tried calling him but he wouldn’t answer. ‘The user is not available. Please leave a voicemail after the sound. Beep.’ You have grown tired of that stupid notification. None of the members was answering as well.

How could he be late at a day like this? Tomorrow,he was flying away for their tour, which aparrently was going to last for months. He promised that you would spend the night together, yet he was nowhere to be found. 

You made yourself comfortable on the couch, your head resting on the sofa’s stony arm. Kihyun would always scold you for laying your head on it, you wouldn’t listen to him though, so he would force you to place your head on his lap. But he wasn’t here now.

You extened your tiny arm to grab the controller, once you have gotten  a good grip on it, your lean index finger pressed the operation button. The television’s screen lightened up,blinding you. Your favorite K-drama was playing. To kill time,you decided to watch it, not that you had something else to do. The episode was going on,but you felt your eyelids getting heavy. You tried to keep them open, you wanted so badly to see him. You really did try, but sleep conquered your delicate figure.

‘Y/N, aren’t you tired yet? We’ve been dancing for over an hour!’ Kihyun exclaimed,laying on the ground. Sweat was dripping down his puffy cheeks. His pink hair was a complete mess,strands of them flying here and there, the back of his hand resting on his wet forehead. But still in such a state he looked so damn good, like a demi-God. You stood over him, your hands on your waist, and landed on his stomach,causing a groan escape his mouth. 

‘One last dance! I promise it’ll be the last!’ you trailed your hands,from his firm core to his chest,his muscles tightening under your touch,making him gulp down. He tilted his head to the right, so he could get a better view of you. 

Your long hair had stuck in your face, you were literally out of breath, he could feel your chest moving up and down on his stomach, your full breasts coming into view. Your mouth was slightly open, helping you provide more oxygen, your almond-shaped eyes so intimidating. Man,were you beautiful. How could he say no?

He quickly sat up. After placing a quick yet so warm and tender kiss on your lips, he pulled you along. The song playing was Big Bang’s latest hit ‘Last Dance’. You both giggled at the coincidence. He pressed his slim body against yours, his hands sliding down your core, to reach their one and only destination, your waist. You bit your lower lip at his action and looked down where his hands where placed. You admired the beautiful scene. His tiny, yet larger than yours,hands fitted perfectly on your sides. Like they were meant to be. You smiled,then turned to your head to look at him. He had a dazzling smile plastered on his gorgeous face. He moved his shoulders,commanding you to place your arms on them. You did so. 

Once you have made yourself comfortable in his arms, which ended with your palms pressed against his chest and your head resting on the crook of his neck, you started moving gracefully along the music. His steady heartbeat was calming you down. You felt so peaceful, so at ease. You were going to miss him so much. You had to let him go so many times in the past, you should have gotten used to it, still everytime was just like the first one.Tears overflowed your eyes, streams of them strolling down your face,soaking his white shirt..

 ‘Y/N,Y/N?’ a melodic yet familiar voice echoed in your ears,snapping you back to reality. You slowly opened your eyes, only to see Kihyun’s worried face shoved into yours. ‘Are you alright? What happened?’ He sounded so concerned, that your plan of being mad at him,completely slipped your mind.  His thumbs reached for your eyes, wiping the hot liquid, burning them. 

‘I’m so sorry,darling. We were so caught up in our final practise, I didn’t notice that time was flying by!’ He looked so sad, his bright smile has vanished, his eyebrows were drown together, transforming him into a lost puppy. You didn’t form a single word,though. You just stared at him, letting him boil on his own water for a while. 

He puffed out his cheeks’ Say something’ he sighed. 

‘You are so lucky, I have such a vivid imagination’ you smiled at the thought of your dream. His expression was priceless. He looked so confused. He ran a hand through his hair, frustration washing over his body. 

‘What do you mean?’

‘You heard me.’ you giggled, ruffling his soft tangled pink hair.

‘Explain yourself,miss’ he says in a pleading tone. ‘Aah, how many times have I told you not to place your head on the couche’s am? Your head hurts and you start talking nosense,like now.’ He lifts your head up,before plopping himself down the sofa. You smile as you feel the material of his jeans under your head.

‘Still, I’m not telling you’ you smirk evily. 

‘Oh really? We’ll see that miss!’ He cracks his fingers one by one before starting tickling you. A yelp escapes your lips. You try so hard to resist but it’s just impossible. After a strong fight you burst out laughing your yells and laughs filling the room.

‘Please Kihyunie stop!’you yell inbetween laughs.

‘Don’t Kihyunie me! You tell me or I’ll keep tickling you’ he smiles devilishly and goes hardcore on tickling you.

‘Fine,fine, now let me go’ you stare at him inoccently,your eyes wide open, reminding those of a dolls and your cheeks puffed up. He stops, but to his surprise, you pop up and start running around yelling ‘You have to catch me first!’. 

He shakes his head but anyway, starts running after you. Once he locks you into his arms, he starts placing soft kisses all over your face, mouthing everytime,

‘I love you’.

that cold sort of day when the sky is bleached bone and the ground is hard
and sound is harsh and you are angry
the sort of day where the fires of your past are smouldering deep in your marrow and
you remember how it felt to stand in the halls of the dead and dance and laugh, your eyes bright as the glinting waters of the styx. 
two weeks to go now. maybe three - this new calendar is tricky still. 
winter is weaving its web, silver and shining with frost
and you will hold hades’ hand again, when the moon is bright and the stars waltz high in the heavens. 
for six pomegranate seeds you fell in love with a man with eyes like flint and hands as soft as the peaches you pick for your mother
and for six months you can see him and hold him and talk to the long-distant dead about their battles and sins, and listen to 
songs from a time before souls could speak.

and for six months you and he are alone and apart
and your mother runs with you to the wheat-fields with your hands clasped in the summer sun and you are happy.
but deep in your marrow the embers are burning still, and your berry-bright blood sings for him with every second.
your love. your part-time loss.

—  you are not as patient as the dead, not now, not yet (i.r.l)