I miss you. The whole time I’m there, you best be with me.

Also, at some point we should road trip somewhere cool and get tattoos? I think that would be good.

Zack and I are possibly going to Portland next summer… where would we go? Somewhere ‘us’. New York? LA? Vegas?


I miss you, too. How long are you going to be in town?

Yes, we should. Beau and Lovely?

Hm… I have no idea. 

Btw, I am sorry for not answering when you called today. As to seeing each other, it will have to wait until David and I have internet in the apartment. I’m not home much at all, as you can imagine.


Don’t worry about it! I understand. I’m rarely home, and can only call on my breaks. Even with school out for the year (for me) I have almost no time. 

Beau and Lovely would be good! Though not on the lips. That hurt like a fucker and faded way too fast. 

Time to think of placement! and are we going with a font, eachother’s handwriting, the artist’s script, what? I’m down for pretty much anything.

I’m going to be in town for only a few days. The 23rd- 26th, I think. Possibly a little longer beforehand, but the Fall Out Boy concert is on the 26th in MN, and we’re leaving from that airport. 

If you could get time off from work, that’d be awesome, but I get it if you can’t. 

I just miss you so fucking much!