Apache Dropout: “Teenager”

Another great discovery while slacking off at work on a Sunday!

Check out their tunes on the FMA website!!!


After a three-week absence, we’re back with another hour of quality tuneage from noisemakers old and new. For once, let’s start the brief recap with the old-timers. Pere Ubu (pictured), Bill Direen & The Bilders, The Dicks, VacuumThe Creation, The Screamers and the Nig-Heist, anyone? There’s a set of “soft sounds for gentle people” (sorta) in the middle, bookended by new stuff from The Proper Ornaments and Cold Beat. There is other new material from The Nots, Apache Dropout, The Coolies and Dark Matter. In short, there is much to like.

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VACUUM - Kicks
THE CREATION - Midway Down
WURLD SERIES - What Would You Do?
THE NOTS - Modern
THE NIG-HEIST - The Last Generation
THE GIRLS AT DAWN - Come Here To Die
FAT TULIPS - Nostalgia
COLD BEAT - Out of Time
DARK MATTER - Dark Matter
THE COOLIES - Mothers in Mantis
PERE UBU - Cloud 149
THE SCREAMERS - Vertigo (Let’s Go)
VIRGIN PRUNES - Twenty Tens (I’ve Been Smoking All Night)
THE LEWD - American Wino
THE DICKS - Lifetime Problems
45 GRAVE - Black Cross

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Review: Apache Dropout - S/T

By Sonam Parikh

Apache Dropout’s new self-titled release begins with a mottled, guttural scream and continues with the sublime strumming of a guitar complimented by the vocalist’s wise and weary voice. Then the drums kick in; the melody is reminiscent of a sweet and simple garage tune. Give it approximately thirty-two seconds, and suddenly the guitars become something else altogether – the momentum of a simple garage song suddenly morphs into a twisted and mottled expedition into the minds of the insanely talented Apache Dropout. It’s not just some random magic, and it’s not just the first song off the album that is good. The band has figured out that special formula; they’ve achieved a musical equilibrium that gives a nod to psychedelic, classic, garage and bluesy rock without backing themselves into any musical corners, subsequently creating their own fuzzy, acid-washed sound. Besides the first track off the album “I’m So Glad”, “Teenager”, “Sam Phillips Rising,” and “Sylvia" are some winners off the album. Do yourself a favor and acquire this stuff of greatness right over here!

Apache Dropout - I’m So Glad

12-13-2011 Playlist

Fun show this morning. Jen joined me in the studio. Many good song. Many new song. Many fun happy. I dedicate this set to my brother Carlin who is currently recovering from a minor surgical operation. Bros, Hoes, and sweatclothes.

1. OBN IIIs - Communicated To Death
2. The Black Keys - Gold On The Ceiling
3. Bad Cop - Maniac
4. Apache Dropout - Radiation
5. The Jim Jones Revue - Burning Your House Down
6. Cloud Nothings - Stay Useless
7. Milk Maid - Girl
8. Spectrals - Get A Grip
9. Blouse - Videotapes
10. EMA - Anteroom
11. Sink Tapes - The Soul Is In The Kitchen
12. Royal Baths - Darling Divine
13. Bleached - Electric Chair
14. Bleeding Knees Club - Truth Or Dare
15. Shannon And The Clams - Waiting For you
16. JEFF The Brotherhood - Mind Ride
17. Mikal Cronin - Tide
18. Arctic Monkeys - Brainstorm
19. Hunx - Always Forever
20. Nada Surf - Waiting For Something
21. PAPA - Ain’t It So
22. Yuck - Get Away
23. Wendy Rene - After Laughter Comes Tears
24. Dirty Beaches - Lord Knows Best
25. Nurses - Trying To Reach You
26. Tobacco - Tape Eater
27. Trailer Trash Tracys - Engelhardt’s Arizona
28. Cheap Trick - Surrender (Live at Budokan)
29. Serenades - Oceans
30. The Antlers - Tongue Tied
31. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - What If We All Stopped Paying Taxes?

Nothing In My Hand
  • Nothing In My Hand
  • Apache Dropout
  • Apache Dropout

Artist: Apache Dropout
Track: Nothing In My Hand
Album: Apache Dropout
Label: Family Vineyard
Year: 2011

Lo-Fi psychedelic is now a thing. 

Apache Dropout takes a fuck everything DIY approach to creating music to wig out to, and the result is sketchy and dirty, yet compelling and intense… kind of like rendering you bathroom unusable by growing ‘shrooms in your bathtub.

Review: Apache Dropout - Radiation 7''

By Burgers Rana

Apache Dropout are, as many claim, the hardest working Midwest American garage outfit. With already a couple of releases from many reputable labels, (Trouble in Mind, Family Vineyard, Glory Hole, just to name a few) the latest single comes from New York label Mexican Summer. The already sold-out (probably still available at shows) Radiation 7” is a collection of three bubblegum psych gems.

Title track “Radiation” takes a page from A Place To Bury Strangers’ psych school of thought, but holds back on the fuzz and relies more on the groove, while “Born To Die” is a cowboy blues kaleidoscope affair with the vocals coming off as if it were recorded at a friend’s pool. “School Girl” is the standout party track gripping you by the prep school collar and tossing you around ‘til you are left wearing a Fun House tee, safety-pinned Levi’s, and beer-smeared Chucks.

Apache Dropout - School Girl by Mexican Summer

After the Space Age
  • After the Space Age
  • Apache Dropout
  • Heavy Window

There’s not nearly enough Apache Dropout on Tumblr. Their 2014 album is a meteoric piece of garage fuzz blues. We’re talking slashed-speaker fuzz draped over jangle-boogie, and solos that fall from the sky and crash into the ocean. Certainly another welcome Magnetic South release (sc: Thee Tsunamis and Thee Open Sex).