Bummed to have missed the AP28 party (always my favorite photo night out) a few weeks back but super excited to finally see the book in print. Delighted to have 3 images chosen: Celine, Brandon and a Swiss dam.

Chock a block with amazing imagery and with the usual beautiful treatment on the layout and design you might want to ad this one to the holiday stocking. Very reasonably priced too at $45.00 here

This is the first year I entered the American Photography competition and happy to say I was “chosen” by the judges. “Chosen” means that the image will appear on their website, forever, but not “selected” to be in the annually printed book. It’s aight, I’d like to be in the book but what ya gonna do, maybe next year. Atleast I don’t have to pay $50 to get into the party this year! Congrats to all the winners. There are some amazing images in there.