Another Alien Concept...

Upon reading all these “humans are weird” and “Earth is space Australia” posts, I had an idea.


Other social species on our planet typically join together to wash and clean each other in a group (apes picking bugs off of each other, cats grooming each other’s fur, etc.) But we humans tend to shower or bathe ourselves alone as soon as we are able to, and freak out when someone randomly comes into the room when we’re unclothed without warning.

Imagine aliens not having this sense of privacy, and they see each other unclothed all the time and are not bothered by it nor see it as an invasion of privacy. Imagine an alien walking into the quarters of their human co-officer and being bombarded by shouts of panic for them to get out and close the door, or they find the door to the washing room has been locked, or blocked, from the inside to prevent anyone else from coming in while the human is showering.

New species of orangutan discovered in Sumatra – and is already endangered
Scientists identify new species of great ape, Pongo tapanuliensis or Tapanuli orangutan, but fear its survival is already in doubt as habitat under threat
By Nicola Davis

A new species of great ape has been discovered, according to scientists studying a small population of orangutans in northern Sumatra.

Among the great apes – a group that also includes humans, gorillas, chimpanzees and bonobos – orangutans are our most distant relative. Since 2001, two distinct species have been recognised: the Bornean (Pongo pygmaeus) and Sumatran (Pongo abelii) orangutans. Now, it seems, there is a third.

“It is incredibly exciting to describe a new species of ape,” said Serge Wich, professor in primate biology at Liverpool John Moores University and a co-author of the research. Wich also noted that it was a shock to find such a distinct population given Sumatran orangutans are found just 100km away.

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Palutena’s Guidance for Big Boss

Pit: Whoa! Did Snake just have a really bad day?

Palutena: You could say that. This is Big Boss, the original Snake. When he was tricked into killing his mentor, The Boss, in the 1960’s, he grew disillusioned with his country, even as they called him the Greatest Soldier of the 20th century he could never forgive the various nations misuse of their soldiers. Eventually creating his own nation just for them: Outer Heaven. 

Pit: That’s rough. Doubt Big Boss’s, Boss’s took that well.

Virdi: Definitely not. To make sure they would never lose him, a Shadowy group of apes tired cloning him with… mixed results. The Snake, producing three we know is Solid Snake. The other two are is twin brother, Liquid, a maniac whose also a no-nothing know-it-all about genetics- 

Palutena: -And Solidus a rhapsodic radical, and the closest they got to a perfect clone. Unlike the other two he was raised by the Shadow group directly, they even made him president. Course like Liquid and Big Boss he turned on them too.  

Pit: A whole clan of Snakes. (Shiver) Wait, so ours isn’t perfect? Then why does ours come out on top all the time?

Palutena: Maybe because he was the only one not trying to be like Big Boss? It would make a sort of sense that the one that’s the most his own man would be able out perform he others stuck on repeat. 

Virdi: I think it’s because he’s the only one who isn’t a jerk! Karma has a way of balancing the scales where that’s concerned. 

Special To Me

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Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: First Peter Parker fic! It’s official, I have moved into the Marvel fandom. I’m more than happy to be writing a spoodermoon fic first because he has always been my most favourite superhero out of literally any universe. I based this on the Tom Holland spider-verse, only because it’s the most written one at the moment and it’s the whole rage with the new movie too, which shock horror, I still haven’t seen yet. I know - fake fan. I just don’t have the time or money to go to the cinema yet. Well anyway, lots of doubt and lots of anxiety with this fic but I really hope it’s ok. I must also credit the plot because I was so stuck with ideas and I found the plot as an imagine thing on google images of all places, so credit to whoever made the plot up. PS. if you want some good marvel fics to read, try any of @justabigassnerd because her stuff is incredible. Enjoy! Moose :)


“PETER PARKER!” You continued knocking loudly, becoming more and more frustrated as you stood outside of your boyfriend’s apartment, waiting for the door to finally open, “PETER COME ON!” 

“Shut it, lady, some of us are trying to enjoy the evening!” An angry neighbour from down the hallway called out from his own apartment. 

You stuck your tongue out at him before sighing from the embarrassment of how childish you felt, before going back to the incessant knocking on Peter’s door, “PETER I TEXTED YOU, YOU KNEW I WAS COMING!” 

“I know, I know, I’m so sorry, Y/N!” The door finally swung open, revealing a very sweaty Peter stood in front of you. 

“Why did it take you so long to open the door?” You groaned, stepping into his apartment and flinging your bag to the side. 

“I-I was on patrol while you were at study group. I got your text but I was on the other side of the city and then when you were banging on the door, I was trying to get out the suit and-“ 

“Pete, Pete! It’s okay” you laughed slightly, “I’m sorry, I didn’t realise you were going on patrol tonight” 

“Well, I wasn’t planning on it but I knew that I had some time left while you were at study group and so I just…bit the bullet and went out” he shrugged, “Speaking of, how was study group?” 

“Don’t ask” you collapsed face first on his bed, groaning at the relief of relaxation after the long day. 


“You know, you would never know that he was trying to get into Stanford…like the rest of the study group. Hence, the AP Stanford Study Group” 

“He doesn’t deserve to be in there,” Peter said. 

“He deserves it as much as anyone else in the world, Pete” 

“But he’s not been offered a scholarship placement, was he? Unlike someone else I know” he smiled, sitting down in his desk chair. 

“I haven’t been offered it, Pete. I’m just going for it. But so is MJ and Liz and Flash and-“ 

“Yeah, I get it, Y/N. A lot of people are going for it” he laughed, “I more meant that only one of you is going to get it and that one will be you” 

“To assume is to make an ass out of you and me,” you said into the pillow, feeling yourself fall deeper and deeper into a state of relaxation, almost asleep. 

“I hate you” he smirked, standing up and ruffling your hair playfully, “I’m just going to shower, get dressed and then we’ll head out, ok?” 

“Head out?” You finally rose from your plank position, looking up towards Peter, “Why would we go out?” 

Peter laughed loudly, crossing his arms as he looked down at you, “You’ve forgotten, haven’t you?” 

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BTS as things said in my AP Literature Group Chat

Jin: Please make sure to give page numbers before talking about the book I don’t want any spoilers.

Suga: I hope you all know that now I only trust 25% of this group chat

Rap Monster: But please remember that ink is expensive, thank you.

J-Hope: I don’t think I can do the homework I think I forgot to read fr

Jimin: Are they in our class? I would feel horrible if they were because I’ve never noticed…

V:  I know this a dumb thing to ask, but can anyone like write out a list of all the books we have read in high school…I can’t remember anything past last year.

Jungkook: Y’all didn’t let me finish my roast…I was just too slow

Study Group

I’m like a slut for text fics??? So here we are

TW: None!


Yee-Haw added DaveyJ, Racer, Alb, and Spot to the group

Yee-Haw changed group name to “AP Euro study group”

Yee-Haw: What’s up bitches

Spot has left the group

Racer: wow he left already?

Yee-Haw: god dammit

Yee-Haw added Spot to the group

Yee-Haw: Spot at least stay for like three minutes okay

Yee-Haw: anyway since alberts, mine, and races grades are like fs at this point

Yee-Haw: we decided to make a group chat so you guys can help us

Yee-Haw: Also, you dont have a choice

DaveyJ: I did not agree to this.

Yee-Haw: look into my eyes and ask me if i care

Alb: you guys are already spamming the group chat im

Spot: Neither dave or I agreed to this

DaveyJ has left the group


Yee-Haw added DaveyJ to the group

DaveyJ has left the group

Yee-Haw added DaveyJ to the group

DaveyJ has left the group


Yee-Haw added DaveyJ to the group

DaveyJ has left the group

Yee-Haw: god dAMMIT

Alb: Just leave it alone Jack

Alb: I bet he doesn’t want us copying him all the time

Alb: Shame

Spot: yeah I’m probably gonna leave this chat too

Spot: So good luck you three

Racer: sPOT NO


Racer: Please ill do anything if you stay

Spot: Then perish.

Spot has left the group

Alb: omg


Yee-Haw: thats it

Yee-Haw: this was a mistake

Yee-Haw: this chat will be deleted

Alb: welp there goes our grade

Racer: goodbye world

Racer: tell my wife i loved her

Alb: Race you’re gay

Yee-Haw has deleted the group


Anyway that was really shit but I wanted to write something so here we are

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Aesthetics: Edgelord Sebastian pretending to be annoyed by his friends

I just realized that the trio all have issues with their dads (Sam’s being in the army and coming back a stranger, Sebastian (probably) going through his parents’ divorce and then living with his mom and Demetrius, and the possibility that Pierre isn’t Abigail’s biological father). Maybe that’s why Ape lumped this unlikely group of friends together? Who knows.

If anyone wants to know why I am angry with the American high school system, here’s a few reasons why.

First of all, there are very few actual levels of understanding. There are AP students, honors, regular, and below average. What no one seems to understand is the fact that we are people with strengths and weaknesses. For me, I excel in English-related classes. A timed essay? Done. Reading a book for class? Perfect. But you put me in a class with complex equations and I blank. I am AP level when it comes to English. But I am currently in a math class specifically for students who did not do well in math class last year. I am slightly below average, but not nearly as much as the other students in the class. But I wouldn’t fit in a regular math class. The American school system does not allow for comfortable learning within your capabilities.

We are not full human beings in their eyes. We are delinquents, children who need to follow orders. Today my government teacher informed my class that, as American public high school students, we have less rights when it comes to personal search and seizure than the average citizen. All that a teacher or administrator has to do is look at a student and assume they are carrying marijuana or cigarettes, and they can take your property, dig through it. Police officers cannot do this to a suspicious looking individual at a gas station. Yet we have our rights invaded on the daily. Humans have a tendency to evolve into how we are treated–look at the Stanford Prison Experiment. The American school system treats us as stupid, rule-breaking daredevils. So this is what we have become.

All that matters to this system is results. It does not matter if you break down to get there, or how many times you’ve cried from stress, or which friends tell you how much hope they’ve lost. Because the school needs funding, right? And good test scores to get that. And the ‘beat with homework, add pressure and false reassurance, then shake well’ method to get that.

I pass a group of AP students joking about killing themselves. I wonder for a split second if any of them would actually try. My friends have plastered smiles on as they ask me what my GPA is, pretending it is friendly conversation. I try not to notice their disappointment in themselves when they tell me their GPA in hushed voices. These, after all, are the numbers that determine how deep in debt we will be in twenty years.

It shouldn’t be like this, but everyone asks: 'well, how will we reverse this’? It must be impossible. I don’t know if it is or not. Generational pessimism (read: realism) tells me it will never happen. I want to be hopeful, but my faith in the public school system crumbled a long, long time ago.

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Possibly a dumb question but I we know that dinosaurs evolved to become birds, but did ALL dinosaurs become birds? Are their any known exceptions to this rule?

Nope! One specific line of dinosaurs (the group closely related to dromaeosaur and troodont “raptors”) evolved into birds; all other groups died out leaving no descendants. It’s like how not all mammals evolved into humans, just one specific group of apes did. Think of other dinosaurs as birds’ cousins!

Pokémon Go saved my life in my dream last night

It was so weird. It was kinda a mix of zombie apocalypse and alien invasion in which the aliens unleashed the virus that created zombies to thin out our population to make conquering the planet easier.

Only thing is these were only exchange of fluids to pass along the sickness zombies so no one exactly rose from the dead if they just happened to die and humans, the aliens found, were a bit more resourceful than anticipated. Sure a lot of the cities and packed communities were desemated across the globe and a bunch of people died but that still left a hell of a lot of people to take care of. And with the weather the way it was the zombies that were left simply rotted themselves out.

So to take care of the rest of us the aliens turned back on our communications systems in a devious plot to pinpoint the users exact location when trying to contact their loved ones and other survivors in a series of drone strikes. Except for whatever reason Pokémon Go wasn’t on their radar at all.

So cue me, a miraculous survivor who’s phone suddenly starts working again and the first fucking thing I do is log on to Pokémon Go instead of try and call my family. Whom at this point let’s be real were probably already dead so fuck it. Since zombies weren’t really a problem anymore I just wonder off alone for a bit to go to a nearby pokestop. Meanwhile everybody else in my group is coming to the horrifying conclusion that the aliens are tracking our phones and dispose of them. Eventually they spot me on my phone a little ways away, a drone flying above us, and they’re like “oh shit she’s fucking dead” except it just mosies on past.

Obviously they just think it’s a fluke, or a glitch to their system. They don’t trust my phone being on and make me hang back. Essentially I’m just sitting around taking down gyms and catching them all to my heart’s content as they wait for a drone to track me. Except it doesn’t happen.

Eventually I’m let back into the group and they’re like “maybe it’s her phone make?” Because all these losers had Samsung and I’m the only one that had an I-phone. Point is they let me keep it since it obviously didn’t pose a threat and I suddenly become very useful since technically Pokémon Go has a map of the roads and pokestops are landmarks of civilization which means possible shelter and other survivors.

At this point almost everybody had been wiped out due to the phone drones and we haven’t seen another group of people in months. My group is disheartened and then there’s me still taking down gyms and leveling up like crazy to try and cope when suddenly one of my Pokémon gets knocked out of a gym. At first I’m fucking pissed until I realize “holy shit that’s a person!”

So my group goes ape shit and we’re determined to track down these fuckers. We’re on the hunt for this ‘Todmandod42’ and I’m encouraged to keep playing and writing down the locations of every gym I conquered and what Pokémon was where so we can plot a course to find them based on when I got knocked out of the gyms.

It takes a long time and a lot of back and forth, between myself and ‘Todmandod42’ but eventually we find each other and the dude is like “I’ve never been more happy in my life to meet you in person Kirkinfleffer” in a kind of loving way and it’s ridiculous becuase I reply in an equally loving manner “I feel the same way Todmandod42”. We are forever our handles to one another, there’s a solidarity to them now. Even the third person we found “pussydestroyer69” gives us hope whenever he takes down our Gyms.

And from there we get everybody new phones so they can download the app while someone sacrifices another phone to distract the drones. Each group is mostly one team (groups will have an equal number of red, blue, and yellow so we can share gyms and be updated at the same time when we’ve been knocked out) and we’ve all written down each others handles so we can track down new people and keep tabs on each other’s movements. Eventually enough humans are brought together to somehow combat the alien menace who’s third attempt at human aniliation are robots I guess. To which I’m pretty sure we defeated by running windows 95 and Doom on them along with spamming them with memes at which point the Aliens fucked off becuase our planet wasn’t worth the agrivation.

So yeah I helped save the human race all becuase I never gave up on Pokémon Go and meme culture.

Everybody is equally exasperated by it as they are pleased becuase now a fucking video game and a bunch of memes will go down in history for this shit. “Pussydestroyer69” is gonna be listed as a top General in the fight against the alien menace with a statue and everything for our grandkids to write reports on one day and they can’t do anything to change that.

It was glorious.

Planet of the Apes timeline, abbreviated
  • Planet of the Apes (1968): Astronauts on the Icarus spaceship go off-course and crash-land on a strange planet where there are earthlike species but the local apes have overthrown the humans. People here live as mute beasts while the apes have developed speech and live in cities, quoting the Lawgiver and his Sacred Scrolls to justify their mastery over humanity. Eventually, the last surviving astronaut discovers the remains of the Statue of Liberty, indicating that he’s really landed in earth’s own future.
  • Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970): Another astronaut team gets sent out to search for the missing Icarus crew, and they also end up on future-earth. In addition to apes, they encounter mutated humans living underground and worshiping a nuclear bomb. That bomb goes off, destroying the entire world.
  • No, really.
  • The final shot of the movie is literally a blank screen with an ominous voiceover saying, “In one of the countless billions of galaxies in the universe lies a medium-sized star, and one of its satellites, a green and insignificant planet, is now dead.”
  • There are still another 6 movies (and counting!) that would later get made in this franchise. Buckle up.
  • Escape from the Planet of the Apes (1971): It’s revealed that several of the apes have been able to use the human astronauts’ technology to build a space shuttle and escape the planet shortly before its destruction, but in blasting away they are sucked into a wormhole and arrive in earth’s past, soon after the Icarus was lost. There they are reluctant to tell humanity what they know about their own history / these humans’ future: that apes will become slaves after a plague wipes out most other lifeforms, and eventually they will learn to speak and rebel against their cruel human masters. But eventually the fact comes out that humans in the future are under ape rule, and people understandably panic, being wrongfully convinced that these particular talking apes are the true originators of that future domination. The members of the ape delegation are all shot and killed – this isn’t a happy franchise – but the newborn chimpanzee killed with them was actually a zoo chimp swapped out in secret. The final descendant of the planet of the apes, now being raised secretly in a traveling zoo, has survived.
  • Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972): In the years since Escape, a lot has changed. The young ape Caesar has grown up, and also that whole plague thing happened and apes are being kept as slaves. There are some indications that this is happening a lot quicker than Caesar’s parents remembered from their histories, perhaps fueled by the public’s newfound fear of apes. Caesar, able to speak since birth, leads an armed ape rebellion to overthrow humanity and also starts teaching other apes to speak.
  • Battle for the Planet of the Apes (1973): Ape leader Caesar tries to work out a peace between his people and the decimated human race, amid elements from both sides who want to utterly destroy one another. He’s ultimately successful, and centuries in the future the Lawgiver preaches tolerance to a mixed group of ape and human children. In other words, Caesar and his parents really did create a new timeline, and this planet of the apes is not necessarily going to lead to the situation that the Icarus astronauts found. Some people argue that there’s still enough time between Battle and the time of the original movie for the peace to break and the Lawgiver’s teachings to be corrupted, though.
  • Planet of the Apes (1974): This is a live-action TV show of dubious canonical status. It’s about another group of modern earth astronauts crash-landing on the planet of the apes centuries before the Icarus. Humans can still speak in the society they find, but they’re subservient to apes, which means it’s probably a prequel to the original movie timeline and not a sequel to Battle.
  • Return to the Planet of the Apes (1975-1976): This is an animated cartoon show that is completely non-canonical. The version of the planet of the apes represented here is basically just modern earth but with apes instead of people, and it in no way fits in with any other part of this timeline. The cartoon also featured modern earth astronauts crash-landing on the planet of the apes, because that’s kind of our whole thing, apparently.
  • Planet of the Apes (2001): This is a non-canonical remake of the first film, using the ending from the original 1963 French novel La Planète des Singes. It doesn’t fit in with this timeline either.
  • Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011): Surprisingly, this film and its direct sequels do fit in with the originally-established movie timelines. They’re prequels to the first movie, basically. This movie shows an ape named Caesar (no relation) undergoing biomedical experimentation, which causes him to grow in intelligence and develop the ability to speak. He uses these abilities to lead an ape rebellion to escape human captivity. TV screens in the background of the movie mention the missing spaceship Icarus, and the movie ends with a plague beginning to spread across the world. A lot of people consider this a soft remake of Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, but it’s more properly the beginning of the original series timeline.
  • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014): Ten years after Rise, this new Caesar rules his people, who are largely trying to live in peace apart from humanity. Nevertheless, he finds that there are elements on both sides who seem determined to go to war with one another. This movie borrows a lot from Battle, but it’s nevertheless another original timeline prequel, bringing us one step further along the path from the modern earth of the beginning of Rise to the ape society that the Icarus crew found in the original movie.
  • War for the Planet of the Apes (2017): I haven’t seen this movie yet! It comes out next week and I am super-excited to see what new territory it carves out. I’m personally hoping we get to see some setup to the mutants from Beneath, but a Lawgiver appearance would also be really cool. Another movie has already been greenlit to follow this one, so presumably we’re not going to get all the way up to the Icarus era quite yet.
Chapter 175: Lord of the Bugs

Feel free to copy and paste my summaries to other sites as long as you give me credit.  Please keep in mind when copying and pasting that I may continue to correct errors and tweak details after it is posted.

Pg 1: Kaneki looks at the defeated Furuta slumped against a wall. Furuta repeats a few lines from a children’s song, “Kagome, Kagome/The bird in the cage/When, oh when will it come out?”

Pg 2: Furuta addresses Kaneki as Associate Special Class and asks if he ever thinks that it was all in vain.

Pg 3: The scene changes to investigators fighting the Owl. They notice that it stopped moving and shout orders to surround it and inject it with RC suppressors. Investigators shout that only the Black Hats are left. Another investigator asks for their positions. An investigator looks at a monitor and notices a number of additional new hostiles approaching the battlefield. The man shouts that they are coming in the direction opposite of the black hats. The hostiles appear to be members of the Black Dog and Ape groups.

Pg 4: The Black Dog and Apes storm the investigators. The ghouls begin to contort and the investigators notice that something is wrong.

Pg 5: Kaiko stands behind Irimi and Koma, the leaders of the Black Dogs and the Apes respectively. He appears to control them as if they are puppets. He says that Kanou was a gem of a man and his hands made these twisted quinques. The quinques appear to speak and Tsukiyama and Nishio are disgusted and upset to see them.

Pg 6: The scene changes to Matsuri explaining to Marude that they are an autonomous humanoid quinque that have a remote activation mechanism and are able to make use of the original ghoul’s physical capabilities. He says that he saw some preliminary testing of the concept in Germany but didn’t see it going anywhere. The scene changes to Kaiko saying that the CCG is the corpse of the Washuu and such a thing is better off crumbling from the earth. He says that Marude had realized how the Washuu family was procuring its food and he shadowed Yoshitoki on the ship to make sure.

Pg 7: Kaiko says that the Washuu were eating dead investigators. He says that they were tasked with pilfering bodies from public cemeteries and yet now they hold the power. He tells them that he will create an order that is the most convenient for them as the Washuu once did. He jumps and cuts off many investigators heads with a new quinque.

Pg 8: Ui asks if the quinque is another part of the Owl. Ui and Hirako put their weapons up to block the incoming attacks from Irimi and Koma. They are knocked backwards by the impact. The two rush towards them to attack again.

Pg 9: Mougan jumps in front of Ui and Hirako and blocks Koma and Irimi’s attack with his quinque. Mougan looks back at the two and says that they are forever. The scene changes to Juuzou approaching Kaiko wearing his Arata armor. The two clash.

Pg 10: Juuzou looks down to see that his armor is damaged. Kaiko lifts hs arms and strikes again. Juuzou thinks that his armor won’t last much longer. Keijin jumps in to block Kaiko’s next attack. He shouts to his squad mates to jump in and help and they all surround Kaiko.

Pg 11: Kaiko begins attacking Juuzou’s squad, injuring them all while calling them impotent. Kaiko prepares to attack Juuzou but Mutsuki runs in to block his attack.

Pg 12: Mutsuki blocks the strike and the rest of the Quinx squad arrives. They say that they will protect Juuzou and his squad.

Pg 13: The Quinx members begin inflicting a barrage of attacks on Kaiko. Kaiko procures projectiles from his quinque and fires at them, knocking all of them back. Kaiko says that in the darkest chambers of the CCG his blade has gorged itself on blood and he doesn’t even need to exert himself to slaughter them. Kaiko suddenly turns and blocks the kagune attack from several ghouls.

Pg 14: Yomo, Tsukiyama, and Nishio stand before Kaiko. Yomo tells him to stop toying with his friends from Anteiku. Kaiko begins fighting them all simultaneously while saying that every last one of them is a pigeon of Kuzen’s (Yoshimura). The Owl is shown with Eto’s headless body hanging from it. Her head begins to regenerate.

Pg 15: The Owl moves, surprising the investigators that are on top of it. The Owl appears behind Kaiko and lashes out against him, breaking his quinque. Kaiko turns to look at what attacked him.

Pg 16: Eto smiles, showing Kaiko her middle finger. Marude says that there is no way that unchanged relics like Kaiko would be able to establish an order because it needs to benefit everyone in order to hold power. He says that it’s pulled in all directions at once, balanced on a fundamentally impossible idea, and that’s why the balance has been lost. Naki suddenly appears from above. He lands and slaughters several Black Hat members with his kagune.

Pg 17: Naki orders his White Suit members to go wild (note that Naki appears to be missing his left arm). Kaiko acts surprised to see him, saying that Furuta didn’t report that the White Suits would be there.

Imagine what this situation would look like...

…to a more intelligent and advanced alien race. It’d be like us finding a group of apes in the wild who literally just started to kidnap a bunch of animals and doing all kinds of fucked up shit with them like making them pregnant then drinking the milk and eating the baby, and putting other animals in little enclosures so apes could visit and stare at them. Ugh why are humans such creeps? I am embarrassed and want to publicly apologize to any aliens currently monitoring us. 

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hey! I'm a new studyblr and I was wondering if you had any tips on gaining new followers? Thanks in advance! :)

hello hello!! so @studyb00ks and @studyingisbaeblog both asked me the same question, and now i can finally go in depth about it!

1. introduce yourself 
when i first started out i made a lowkey kind of serious intro post!! basically it’s just a post stating your name, subjects, school year, honestly whatever you want tbh~ but if you tag/mention your favorite studyblrs then there’s a 99.9% chance they’ll reblog it. this gives you more exposure to the community and also helps other people with similar interests look at your blog!

2. post original content
 original content is important but not exactly necessary when running a studyblr! here’s the guide by @elkstudies​ i used that first helped me out with taking photos. but original content is nice to have :’) and it doesn’t have to be just photos, it can literally be like tips & tricks that help you study, a masterpost of everything that got you through ap bio, etc. the possibilities are honestly endless when it comes to studyblrs. 

3. tag your content
this right here is what helped me get to where i am today LOL when you tag studyblrs in your content, there is a 90% chance they will reblog/queue from you. for example, my tag is #jiyeonstudies and i check it at least once every 2-3 days and queue everything from it~ usually studyblrs will have their tag in their description, but if you can’t find it then it doesn’t hurt to ask them :) (also if you decide to start tracking your own tag make sure it’s a tag nobody uses LOL)

4. find a theme
this one isn’t really a big deal but themes are always fun to decorate/mess around with and personally i don’t really like the options tumblr gives you :// but themes can really express who you are (minimalistic theme for minimalistic people, pink theme for people who like pink, ya know) theme-hunter has a ton of options that you can go through and find whatever tickles your fancy~

5. join networks/study groups
there’s literally a network for everything from like kpop to various animes to ap calc networks/study groups. joining these is another good way to meet studyblrs with similar interests with you~ ( @julstudies & @rhubarbstudies run a network called the homework help network and you will literally find any subject there)

6. comment on people’s posts 
if you think somebody’s handwriting is gorgeous or their studyspace is pretty or their lettering is amazing then tell them!! literally the studyblr community is here to support each other so nobody’s gonna think you’re weird for complimenting them~ plus 90% chance if you compliment them u will make a new friend

so tl;dr: be yourself, tag your content, and don’t be a dick

here are some more guides to help out new studyblrs if you want more tips/tricks :’) (guaranteed to work bc i used them)
elkstudies’ guide studyign’s guide theorganisedstudent’s guide obsidianstudy’s guide

ive accidentally found irls two (2) times on this site.. the 1st time was when a mutual rbed some taz art (i think its taz idk anything about it) & i thought oh shit that looks familiar & it was bc i passed it on the AP art exhibition wall every day on my way to class. like i checked out their blogs props to them 4 being a good artist & showing their work 2 the world but i was like h i KNOW u

the 2nd time was when i was looking thru the ap s*minar tag & found some quote abt paperpile being sexey (paperpile is like.. a website where u cite papers) & was like hold on i fucking said that. thats literally me. turns out one of the ppl from my ap sem task 1 group documented a lot of their process which included shit me & my teammates said. i blocked them

Orang Gadang: The Indonesian Bigfoot 

Indonesia is Southeast Asian nation made up of a cluster of islands south of Thailand and north of Australia. Like many nations, its people report ape-men who roam their forests. The Orang Gadang is reported to be 7 to 12 foot tall bipedal ape who is covered in dark hair. Most sightings occur at night which lead many to believe it is a nocturnal animal. The creature has been spotted for centuries but not always alone. Multiple have been spotted traveling together which suggests a breeding population. The creatures are said to let out bloodcurdling screams, and its presence brings silence to the forests animals. The animal leaves behind the common Bigfoot characteristic of large footprints. It also has been known to throw rocks which is a common ape behavior. A group of these animals was even blamed for an ape attack on a teenage boy. 

Indonesia is also home to other primates. Many species of monkeys and even Orangutans live among the forests. With other primates living on the islands, it could be easy to misidentify an Orang Gadang. Perhaps the Orang Gadang is nothing more than monkeys and Orangutans that the people mistake for a completely different species. Or perhaps the Orang Gadang is a species of ape that remains to be discovered. The answer lies within the forests of Indonesia, waiting to be found.

Unexpected Visitors - rp w/ pookyhorse

Amric sits on a ridge: He had been taking a quick survey. As he scans the desert he notices movement in the distance, a large group of animals. He looks through his binoculars.

Amric almost jumps: a group of apes that he doesn’t recognise is headed toward the Apes’ settlement. He takes account of their number and pacing, then stows his binoculars and runs toward the village.

Several minutes later he reaches the village and heads straight for the king’s house. After he enters, he gives a quick salute to the king.

“Cornelius, this is urgent. A group of unrecognized apes is headed towards our village from the south. They seem to number around twenty. At their current pace, they may be here within the hour.”