In AP Environmental we were given an organism to look up to decide if it was a specialist or a generalist and I got the Orchid-Mantis and it is by far the most beautiful insect I have ever seen. It basically looks like an orchid and it thrives in orchids. Plus the shade of pink is gorgeous! Even though I HATE INSECTS I would definitely not mind seeing this one everyday! (Also it is a Specialist because it only lives in like tropical areas.)

The AP exams, explained


Environmental Science







Computer Science  




Physics C: Mechanics

Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism

United States Government and Politics


Human Geography


Art History

United States History

European History


Music Theory


Comparative Government and Politics 

World History


In conclusion, to anyone who is suffering through the AP exams:

(Gifs not mine)

AP Exam Tips


  • Take a ton of practice tests to see what you remember and see what you got wrong
  • Study what you got wrong (look at your notes, crash course videos, online study guides, etc.) (I’m too tired right now to link study materials for you all, sorry, but you can find them, they’re not that hard)
  • Take more practice tests to see if you finally absorbed that information
  • ****take different practice tests just so you don’t get the right answer because the question looked familiar, that helps no one and it just tests how well you remember that specific question, NOT the information
  • If you still got things wrong, study them
  • Take more practice tests
  • Once you’re thinking “oh yeah, I have a good grasp of this,” then go back at some of the questions that you did get right and see if you got them right by chance (like you just randomly picked the right answer and hoped that it was the right one, because chances are, you might not get lucky again on the actual exam)
  • Ways to test to see if you have a good grasp on information:
  • ****try and explain the information to someone (a friend who’s willing (for some reason), a pet, a stuffed animal, etc.) 
    ****weird method I use is a connection map: write down 2 terms, events, etc., then from one of those terms, write down things you can connect to it, explain the connections, and eventually tie it to the second term you put down. This works for exams like history and psych especially. An example (from AP Psych because that’s what I have to study) in which I connect groupthink to PTSD:
  • Groupthink is when we have a tendency to seek concurrence among group members, or form similar attitudes and beliefs based on the whole group. This often leads to people wanting to conform more to the group’s expectations (or what they think those expectations are) so that they are a part of the “in-group.” People often recognize social distance when they are part of an in-group and can distinguish themselves from an out-group, which leads to a whole lotta prejudice, or negative attitude(s) toward and individual based solely on one’s membership in a particular group. Prejudice often leads to violence against another group. Such violence is a major stressor on individuals who are being attacked. If the even is traumatic enough, a person may never really get over the event. A person could develop PTSD, a delayed stress reaction in which an individual involuntarily re-experiences emotional, cognitive, and behavioral aspects of past trauma in the form of flashbacks (common traumas that lead to this include: death, injury, natural disaster, rape, etc.).
  • Practice FRQs because those are more recall than recognition and will help your memory get used to recalling things (just bullet ideas, though, don’t waste your time with paragraphs because:
  •  a) some scorers really don’t care if your paragraphs are the epitome of good writing (e.g. AP Psych), 
  • b) some of them don’t even involve writing (e.g. AP Calculus), 
  • c) content is more important than fluff, and you can worry about your writing style later ) 
  • Study things you still don’t get
  • Take more practice tests
  • Repeat until you make practice tests your master (and eventually FRQs)
  • If you have to speak during your exam, practice speaking. Just get used to it and fine-tune your pronunciation (mainly advice for foreign languages)


  • If you are overextending yourself, stop studying and take a break, you don’t deserve to be so stressed.
  • Remember to eat, drink, etc.
  • Go to bed at a good time 
  • ****use this here thing to calculate when to go to bed based on when you’re supposed to wake up


  • On the morning of the test do whatever you can to make you feel better, even if it means:
  • ****wearing a lucky shirt or any other superstition that might help you
  • ****reminding yourself that this is just a test and that college board is evil
  • ****just saying good things about yourself like “damn I am the best-looking test-taker in this entire room!” or about the situation “hey I get to get out of class to do this!”
  • Because if you feel like you’re gonna do well, you’ll do better than if you think that you’re going to fail. 
  • Read every question because ap tests like to mess with you and give you confusingly worded questions. Do not be fooled, you are better than that.

AND AFTER THE TEST (if you can):

  • Celebrate with a milkshake or whatever (I did that for my AP Euro exam two years ago and it was probably the best decision ever, but you do whatever makes you happy)
  • Take a nap, naps are great (especially if you’re the type of person that gets REALLY tense during the actual exam and gets really tired afterwards no matter how challenging the test was)
  • Just do at least one nice thing for yourself if you can, even if it’s something small like looking at a cat video on youtube


  • Study, try not to overextend yourself as usual, and head to bed earlier
  • ****or calculate when you should go to bed again 
  • Use the same or similar methods depending on the importance and/or ease of the exam (like if one subject is really kicking your ass, study for that one over the one you’re pretty okay with)

Good luck!

To everyone taking an AP exam tomorrow:

Please remember that you are not a test score. While this is an important exam, one mistake won’t derail your future. It is going to be okay. Have confidence in yourself and know that you are prepared. You are going to be okay no matter what happens in that exam room. Don’t panic when you don’t know an answer. Move on to the next one. Come back if you have time. It is going to be okay. Good luck!

[09.05.16] more ap enviro notes haah..not ready for 3 quizzes tomorrow

{7/100 days of productivity}

Little AP test week things:

“Wait that’s today?”

“I don’t care all I’ve got is one mechanical pencil and I’m using it”

“I think I may have spelled my name wrong on the bubble sheet what do I do”

“I’m about to take a $92 nap”

“If I get tears on this will it still go through the machine”

*pulls handfulls of mints out of backpack* ok I’m ready lets go

“What’s this class called again?”

Guys, here’s a fun tip, if you really want to get ahead in your AP classes over the summer (even though I know most of you procrastinate in ridiculous amounts, like me) if you just google the name of your AP class, for example, AP Biology and click the APCentral/Collegeboard link it will take you to the “Professionals” or teachers page and there are course reviews and course guide PDFs on there that basically tell you everything in the course and it’s pretty great. 

AP Exam Packets & Resources Organized by Class

Click –> http://apbymichelle.tumblr.com/classes

AP Testing is less than 2 weeks away! Are you prepared? Here are packets, resources, sites, and things I’ve been collecting over the year for: Biology, Calculus, Environmental Science, Lang & Comp, US History, World History, Latin, Statistics, Psychology, Chemistry, Economics, Physics, Government. 

i took apes 2016, so i figured that making a post for it would be helpful for those of you taking ap environmental science this year :)

official college board page for ap env. science
official college board home page for ap env. science
old free response questions + scoring guides
course description
course overview

classes that will help you:
biology, physical science, algebra, earth science, human geography


  • start early. there’s a lot of content in apes to understand and review!
  • figure out the content of the course that you know beforehand and review those first. it’s easier to go over the stuff that you do know first. then, move on to the stuff that you don’t know.
  • it’s not impossible to self-study this course, but i would suggest taking the course in class.
  • practice the released official free response questions. it helps soooooo much.
  • keep up on current environmental issues + case studies (ex: flint, michigan)
  • practice your math skills. you’re not allowed to use a calculator, and there are problems where you’ll have to convert stuff, calculate doubling time, etc. 
  • i’d recommend getting an ap prep book to help you with your studying.

bozeman - ap environmental science
crash course - ecology
video on humans and energy
video on the global carbon cycle
video on the nitrogen cycle
video on ecology
video on chernobyl
video on climate change
edX ap env. science course (part 1: the living world)
edX ap env. science course (part 2: populations)
edX ap env. science course (part 3: pollution and resources)
edX ap env. science course (part 4: exam review)
apes exam review
comprehensive study guide for apes
aquatic biomes study guide
article on the tragedy of the commons
140 ways to go apes
important formulas
biogeochemical cycles
biogeochemical cycles 2
first semester exam review
a teacher’s website w/ tons of links
course-notes - ap env. science
5 steps to a 5 - 2010-11 pdf
free practice exam from barron’s
the habitable planet (online textbook w/ resources)
quizlet - apes exam review
quizlet - apes exam
quizlet - important laws
quizlet - review
quizlet - biomes

hope this helped and good luck! if you’d like to request a post, go here and if you’d like to see more helpful posts, go here!! thanks :)

Environmental Science Pick Up Lines

“Our love will last till the radioactive waste on Earth has decayed to a safe level.”

“You light up my life like an energy-efficient LED light bulb.”

“Girl, is your name methane? Cause you are makin’ my world hella hot.”

AP Testing
  • Good luck on your AP tests everyone! You've gotten this far, now you just have to pass the test. Please get a good night's rest and relax. I love you all, and no matter what you score I'm so proud of you.