why your grades aren’t the most important thing in the world

story time!

when i took calculus one, for the first semester i was super sick and in-and-out of the hospital and missed a lot of the foundation stuff, so pretty much all of the class went completely over my head. i didn’t understand it whatsoever. around february i has a 56% in the class, and luckily by may i was able to bring it up to 72%. did i do shitty on the final? yep. did i get the lowest class grade i’ve ever gotten in my life? yep. did it bring down my GPA by a bit? yep. do i still low-key despise math because of that class? yep. but you know what else? i can look back at that class and see all of the hard work that i put into it. i know that i studied my butt off for that class even though i didn’t want to do it and it felt pointless since i had missed so much of the class already. but since i know that i tried my best, i don’t even mind that i barely skated by in that class. because i’m damn proud of that final grade of 72% because it’s better than the 56% that i had for most of the class. 

so with finals and report cards coming up in the next few weeks, don’t fixate on that one number. because here’s the thing, if you focus only on getting a perfect grade in the class, you will get stressed and anxious and are more likely to procrastinate because it feels impossible. but if you focus on just trying your best and don’t think too much about getting a perfect grade, you will feel more at ease and the good grades will come as a result to that positive outlook. for example, instead of saying “ugh i only have a 70% in this class it’s going to be impossible to bring my grade up”, try saying “i have slacked off in this class, that’s fine, i just need to work my ass off to bring it up and then i will feel better about my grade.” it’s okay if you didn’t do as well as you’d hoped, everyone has that one class that just kicks your ass. so don’t fret. take a breath. you got this.