Hello world!!! I’m finally making a intro post here after lurking around for oh just 3 almost 4 months. and ready to get involved in this wonderful community! So, let’s get started with this intro!


  • My name is Kim (she/they)
  • I am a senior and I am 17 years old
  • I am a Ravenclaw and an INTP
  • I am very much sapphic (gay, I’m gay)
  • I am Latinx and bilingual (spanish and english)
  • Aspiring pediatrician

School Life

  • I have thus far taken 5 APs total
    • AP Euro, AP Lang, APUSH, AP Bio, and AP Calc AB
  • For my final year, I’ll be taking 2 APs
    • AP Lit and AP Calc BC (maybe AP Chem)
  • I am currently taking French
  • I am Commissioner of Academics for my school’s ASB
    • I’m also in Leadership
  • Clubs I’m in are CSF and Key Club
  • My favorite subjects are Math and Science even though I tend to score better in english and history tests for some reason


  • I absolutely love love love books (send me book recs!)
  • Running and I are best of friends
  • Musicals, museums, observatories, aquariums, etc. are my favorite places to go to
  • Graphic design and coding

Miscellaneous Facts About Me

  • I used to be a three season athlete: cross-country, basketball, track but issues with coaches and what was best for me caused me to leave all three
  • My mom taught me how to do algebra when I was 4 years old
  • Chocolates are my ultimate weakness
  • My Rick Riordan’s books are my favorite ones out there
  • Talk to me about deities from any culture and I’ll love you forever 

A Studyblr, Why?

Well, I struggled last semester in school because of personal issues and my mental health and I ended up with my worst grades I’ve ever gotten and just began to lose motivation for school. So, I made this studyblr to help me get that push I’ll sometimes need to keep going with school and pursuing my dreams. Also, in school, I’m the only one of my friends who takes school as seriously as I do so when I’m stressed over something about school and need help or something of the sorts, they’re not exactly the best for that.

Also, this studyblr community is so amazing and huge and has already inspired me to go ahead and learn new things. The studyblr community is so helpful (and that’s actually how I stumbled across it, I was looking for some history help) in a variety of different ways from academia, to life skills, to apps, to self care and I want to be able to participate in that.

What I Plan to Post Here

  • Study guides (they’ve saved me)
  • Notes
  • Book recs and summaries
  • Studyspo pictures
  • Masterposts on resources for school
  • Advice for high schoolers and any class you may need help in
  • Life updates and tips

Some Topnotch Peeps

@revisicn / @studybutch / @dophdintraining / @bonbonlanguage / @obsidianstudy / @julstudies / @idcstudies / @thegrangersapprentice / @learnign / @universi-tea / @juniorincollege / @studyquill / @emmastudies / @studylilium / @studyplants 

So I think that’s it for now! Hopefully I gave you guys I good idea of myself even though I may have missed some stuff . My inbox is always open for anything you want to ask and I’m always looking for some new people to follow and new friends! You can also find me on the @co2018 network and meet other seniors like me!

My lips haven’t stopped talking about you since you first kissed me. My eyes haven’t stopped looking in your direction since you first came into view. My hands haven’t stopped aching to be held by yours since you first touched me. And my heart hasn’t stopped beating to the sound of your name since you took up residence inside of it
—  April 25th 4:37pm
the signs as the ap english lang exam

Aries: writing the argumentative essay about donald trump

Taurus: when your mom’s a communist and you’re just a snail

Gemini: actual monetary currency

Cancer: the hedonistic treadmill

Leo: the “fake news” essay

Virgo: gandalf in the bowels of the minas tirith

Libra: bishop sheen and billy graham throwing rocks at you

Scorpio: colloquial

Sagittarius: et al

Capricorn: libraries are going extinct

Aquarius: artifice is the most essential skill

Pisces: “advanced capitalism”

Someone recently asked me “do you see yourself years down the road with the same girl you are with now?” Without hesitation I quickly responded with “fuck yes”. They asked me to explain how but I just smiled and shook my head. But all I could think of was how she talks about me like I put stars in the sky. How one kiss, one touch from her and I feel like I’m flying. It’s the way my body aches when hers is just a little too far away. It’s the way her presence is the only thing that seems to calm my entire soul. How her smile, her laugh could take any bad moment and turn it into something worth while. It’s how her beauty is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. The way she makes me feel can be compared to the way kids feel when they are told they are going to Disney. Full of butterflies, full of excitement, full of anticipation. That’s how loving her feels like. So when someone asks if I can see myself with her in the future I’ll just smile and nod because for the first time thinking about a future with someone doesn’t come across as terrifying to me. A future with her feels calm, it feels right. I’m not much of a believer of soul mates but I do believe that our souls were meant to cross paths for a reason and I’ll spend forever finding out why.
—  this love was worth the wait