Ch 4/? - Quid Pro Quo (Fae Tales AU - Ash/Gwyn)

Title: Quid Pro Quo - Chapter4

Rating: Explicit
Characters: Ash Glashtyn, Gwyn ap Nudd
Warnings/Tags: PWP (sort of), hurt/comfort, angst, anal sex, oral sex, marking, fingering, fluff, meeting in bars, one night stand (sort of), glamour play (mindplay), puppyplay (mild), BDSM elements (mild), brief homophobia, injury, broken bones, reference to domestic violence, massage, nightmares, supernatural healing.

Summary: Gwyn ap Nudd - War General to the Oak King of the Seelie fae - is in the human world to escape the pressures of the fae world; but it turns out Ash Glashtyn - Unseelie waterhorse - is looking for a place to drink and lands on Gwyn’s bar. Seriously, can Gwyn not get away from the fae for five seconds?

Quid Pro Quo - Chapter 4

In which Gwyn has been badly beaten by his father, and needs to find a place away from the fae realm to convalesce, and wants something familiar, but dearly doesn’t actually want Ash to stumble across him. So of course, Ash does.

anonymous asked:

I'm in AP Literature, do you have any masterposts/tips about how to figure out the tone of a writing?

I know of a masterpost aimed at AP classes that can be found here, though I’m not sure how much use it will be for what you’re looking for. 

I also found the following, but I haven’t thoroughly looked through them, so I’m not sure how good they are:

These are specifically about tone:

I hope this helps!