Some summary required.

Will Graham is a cute puppy who uses his empathy to understand killers’ behaviour. He shines with happiness and smiles.


He is approached by FBI Special Agent Jack Crawford, the master of good ideas, who needs help with an investigation about some missing girls.

Since the cute puppy isn’t mentally stable Jack opts for giving him a guide, a mentor, a psychic help: Doctor Hannibal Lecter, all smiles and pretty faces.

Also a cannibalistic serial killer.

But this will remain a mystery until the end of season two. Like… Will catches every serial killer in all the States but not the one under his nose.

You know why?

Because they are in love.


And we’re just getting started.


Hannibal - Homages / Influences from Kubrick and Bergman

  • 1.01 “Apéritif” - The Shining (1980)
  • 1.07 “Sorbet″ - The Shining (1980)
  • 3.02 “Primavera″ - The Shining (1980)
  • 2.10 “Naka-Choko“ - Persona (1966)
  • 1.12 “Relevés“ - Persona (1960)

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Things Hannibal and Will did offscreen - 01x01

I’m rewatching Hannibal and I felt the need to write down everything those two must have done offscreen, concerning or involving the other. I mean, go watch Apéritif and just think to:

1) Hannibal already having ideas about Will before meeting him, based on the rest of the conversation with Jack after Jack says “I need you to help me with a psychological profile”
2) Hannibal asking Jack for Will’s address after having spoken with him for like two minutes
3) Hannibal arranging the “field kabuki” crime scene in that particular way only to help Will understand more about Elise Nichols’ murder (and, maybe, to test his abilities as well!)
4) Hannibal wondering whether Will would have liked the breakfast he was cooking for him
5) Hannibal and Will arranging a time and a day when to go to Hobbs’ working place
5.1) Point 5) would imply the two of them exchanging phone numbers and then messages (or Hannibal giving Will a call) and Will asking Hannibal for his address in order to go picking him up
6) Some car conversation
7) Will noticing Hannibal’s smile while parking his car
8) Some other car conversation on the road to Hobbs’ house!!!
9) Will thinking or saying he needed to take some pills (and possibly asking Hannibal to hand him the pill bottle).


Hannibal - Homages / Influences / Visual parallels

  • 1.01 “Apéritif” - The mirror by Andrei Tarkovsky (1975)
  • 3.01 “Antipasto″ - The diary of a teenage girl by Marielle Heller (2015)
  • 3.10 “And the woman clothed in sun″ - Paris, Texas by Wim Wenders (1984)

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Hello everyone! My birthday is coming soon (February 18th), so I thought I’d share a little vocabulary list with birthday vocab in French

Un anniversaire - a birthday

C’est quand ton anniversaire ?* - When is your birthday?

Mon anniversaire est le… - My birthday is on…

→ Mon anniversaire est le 18 Février (dix-huit février)

Fêter (1er groupe) - to celebrate

Je fête mon anniversaire

Un gâteau d’anniversaire (pluriel : des gâteaux) - A birthday cake

Un gâteau au… - a […]-flavoured cake

→ Un gâteau au chocolat

Une bougie - A candle

Le glaçage - frosting/icing

Un bonbon - A sweet/candy

Des chips (féminin) - crisps

Un gâteau apéritif / apéro* - a cracker (so, salty)

Un cadeau d’anniversaire (pluriel : des cadeaux) - A birthday present

Une surprise - A surprise

Une fête d’anniversaire - A birthday party (usually used for children)

Une soirée d’anniversaire - A birthday party but in the evening/night (teenagers, young adults)

Une musique - A song (literally a music, but meaning a song)

Une chanson - A song

Danser (1er groupe) - to dance

→ On a dansé toute la soirée - We danced all night

S’amuser (1er groupe) - to have fun

→ On s’est vraiment amusé ! - We really had fun!

Un anniversaire surprise - A surprise birthday party

Un ballon de baudruche - A balloon

Un déguisement - A costume

* : informal language

Little random thoughts while rewatching Hannibal, 1x01 (”Apéritif”).

I think I actually fell in love with the character of Will Graham when I saw Winston’s rescue scene for the first time. His connection with dogs tells so much about him, about his inner kindness and goodness. That scene shows us the Will that lays under layers of nightmares, anxiety, solitude and haunting thoughts.


Apéritif and Savoureux.