ap mixtape

Music has been so good this summer...

Weight In Gold - Gallant, Weight In Gold

Everyday - A$AP Rockey, At.Long.Last.A$AP

IDFC - Blackbear, Dead (Acoustic Version) 

Indian Summer - Jai Wold, Indian Summer

Cardiac Arrest - Bad Suns, Language & Perspective

Where Ya At (Ft. Drake) - Future, DS2

Lean On - Major Lazer, Lean On (Remixes)

Omen (Ft. Sam Smith) - Disclosure, Omen (Radio Edit)

Right Hand - Drake, Right Hand

Tied Up - Casey Veggies, Tied Up

El Perdon - Nicky Jam

Hotline Bling - Drake, Hotline Bling

90210 - Blackbear, Dead Roses

Roses - The Chainsmokers, Roses

Revolution - Diplo, Unlike Pluto Remixes

Drama (Ft. Drake) - Roy Woods, EP

High on Love or Weed? - Nate Maloley imagine

1:35am read the clock on the wall, in the corner of Nate and Sammy’s apartment. Nate hit me up at around 12:40 and asked me if I could come thru to light one, so of course I accepted. I needed to get my mind off of shit, plus I haven’t been getting any sleep lately so I definitely needed that good ole Mary Jane. After Nate switched on A$AP Rocky’s most recent mixtape, he came over to where I was seated on the white leather couch and held his right hand out towards me. I took his hand and he pulled me up, then replaced himself where I had just sat and pulled me down onto his lap. No Nate and I aren’t dating, a couple or an “item”; in a way we’re friends with benefits because we kiss, we make out … a lot, and we’ve went even further but only one time when we were both in a vulnerable place. One thing I can say is that we are definitely best friends (since diapers), we grew up together back in Omaha. I shook my head of all those lingering thoughts, along with my feelings for Nate and continued passing the blunt back and forth between him and I. We didn’t stop smoking til the blunt had defused down to a bud and til the room wasn’t visible due to the clouds of smoke. I turned to look at Nate, whose head was thrown back over the couch staring up at the ceiling. He caught me looking and smiled that cute as fuck smile, showing off his white as bleach teeth along with his deep pair of dimples. I didn’t notice my mouth was slightly parted agape until he put his index finger under my chin and lifted it up, shutting my mouth close. We both laughed then I said “Yooo Skate … I’m hun-ngry as shiii-it”, he let out a muffled slow chuckle before saying “Me too lil mama, me too” I then asked curiously “Well what would you want to eat or much on?” He opened his mouth then paused before smirking at me, (oh dear lord) and saying “You, princess, I want to eat you” My eyes were now wide as they could get, suddenly we were both leaning in; I didn’t realize what we were doing until or lips were colliding together in perfect harmony. Nate deepened the kiss, then it was as if on cue he flipped us over so I was now laying beneath him. He looked down at me biting down on his bottom lip, looking at me up and down. I half smiled up at him as I slid my fingers through his soft yet messy hair before grabbing a hand full of it and pulling him down, connecting our lips together once again. After a long make out session, our clothes were surprising still on just very wrinkily from all the touching. I laid my head nuzzled into his neck before laying kiss in the crook of his neck, then I moved my head and bit down on his earlobe before asking “So does this mean you won’t be making me waffles? I’m still wuite hungry” he smiled at me before shaking his head at me and saying “I’ll make you some waffles babe” then placing a kiss on the top of my head before getting off of me and walking over to the kitchen. As he gathered all the ingredients to make us some waffles I jumped on his back, without hesitation he caught me and carried me around the kitchen as he continued on with making the waffles. Once they were on the stove I kissed his neck, then he sat me down on the cold white marble counter top and kissed from around my jawline down my sensative neck, which he started nibbling on.