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100 days of productivity: day one

august 2nd, 2017
even though today was one of the most emotionally exhausting days i’ve had in a while, i still managed to be productive. i revised some world history, physics, and microeconomics notes, got a start on my language and composition essay on station eleven by emily st. john mandel, and worked on microeconomics vocabulary and concepts.

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61/100 • so close to the weekend! I just have to nail tomorrow’s exam (here’s hoping), and then I’m going home and making a beeline for my bed. Thunderstorms are forecasted for the afternoon and I’m hoping for another big spring shower. 🌧🌧

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5/100 days of productivity

tonight, my friend and i made a spontaneous trip to the movies to see The Glass Castle. i read the book about 4 years ago and loved it, so i had really high hopes for the movie. it was spectacular! definitely recommend it.

tonight, i did some research on the solar eclipse that is going to be visible monday. since i am in the US, i will have access to the totalitarity. and the first assignment for AP BIO was the worksheet.

also, i continued working on my notes for my AP Gov Constitution quiz, and did a little worksheet for AP Micro (the yellow half sheet on my gov notes). i’d say i had a pretty productive day and quite a fun one as well!

AP Economics: The Beginning + Opportunity Costs

So, new addition to AP Everything: AP Econ! Notes will be posted about Micro first, and then Macro. Both tests are on the same day!

MAY 16. 21 DAYS LEFT. 

So almost a good month or so. Here’s the basics you have to know about econ in general.

  • Economics is a social science. Studies how resources are used, hopefully to their fullest potential (best best best use of them).
  • The goal is to be efficient and productive!

Differences between the two topics, macro and micro!


  • Individual units of the economy (meaning ppl, particular families, and firms)
  • how a tax affects a household (spend more, spend less)
  • whether or not to buy that cute t-shirt….
  • whether or not to eat that 4th, 5th, or 6th burger… 


  • problems with countries, nation as a whole
  • actions of the government… (taxes, public education)
  • blahblahblah. COMPLEX STUFF I TELL YOU. But we’ll work on it together in about 10 days. 

Also, between normative and positive economics. 

Normative Economics - based on the way someone believes it should be. Like, if I think we should all get socks a year from the government to survive the winter, it should be that way! (But that’s bogus.)

Positive Economics - based on scientific method, facts, logic, a discipline. This is what we’re going to learn about :< 

Think: Normal = logically, do the obvious, NORMAL thing to do. Logic… common sense. Yeah. 

Positive = happy people who are happy and want happy, awesome things :D 


  • resource - anything used to produce a good/service
  • good/service is consumed! Consume = buy
  • 3 kinds of resources: land, labor, capital
  • Land - all natural resources!
  • Labor - the human part of production. Hey, it’s not all machines! This includes teaching, lifting, and picking strawberries. Any human part!
  • Capital - productive equipment or machinery. Examples: printer, buildings, machines, blenders :)
  • Efficiency - using the resources to the best, best, bestest. aka, “fullest potential”.

There are major FRQ’s in both Macro and Micro for this topic: OPPORTUNITY COSTS. Don’t skip this. 

  • Opportunity cost - sacrifices to obtain something. Right now, you’re not facebook-ing or playing League of Legends. You are reading about Econ to get smarter. You’re sacrificing your fun time! 
  • CONCEPT: To produce more of one thing (call this good A), you have to give up more of another thing (good B). 
  • There are “production possibilities”. If you produce this much of good A, you can produce this much of good B. 
  • CONCEPT: The Law of Increasing Costs - the more of a product is produced, the higher the opportunity costs. In other words, the more you spend time reading these notes and posts, the more time you lose fb-ing or playing LOL. Geddit? K. 
  • This stuff shows up in the form of a table and a graph. “PPC” = Production Possibilities Curve

Here are the visuals and the equation. Learn these!

The 3rd grade math you must understand:

  • So, the opportunity cost of poop = 4/20 = 1/5 = 0.2 candies.
  • The opportunity cost of candy is the reciprocal = 20/4 = 5 poops.
  • Why? Because to make 4 poops, you sacrifice 20 candies. Or to make 20 candies, you sacrifice making 4 poops. 

Info about the graph:

  • The graph is the PPC, Production Possibilities Curve. It uses resources 100%! Full efficiency! WOO. Anywhere along this line is a possible way to produce the goods.
  • Inside the graph means… suckiness. Unemployment. Being stupid and not using full resources. 
  • Outside the graph is impossible. 
  • The graph can exapnd or shrink!!! 
  • amount of resources change

(1) a bad resource hit… trees burn down… less trees. Less wood… –> graph shrinks.

(2) a good… we discover a hidden forest in a wardrobe. (Narniaa~)

  • technology and productivity changes

(1) Black plague. People die. Less labor, less productivity –> graph shrinks. :(

(2) advancement in tech. –> graph expands!

(They ask you this in FRQ’s and MC (multiple choice). Don’t forget it.)

Pertaining to Opportunity Costs, there’s more. Usually the AP test will talk about 2 countries and their 2 individual PPC’s for the two same goods, say banana and apples. So you have to figure out opportunity costs for both countries. *Each has their own for the banana or apple.

  • Comparative Advantage = the country with the better opportunity cost. Like, Country A’s opportunity cost of bananas = 3 apples, but country B’s cost = 5 apples. Country A has the comparative advantage.
  • Absolute Advantage = the country with just more produced. If Country A produces only 7 bananas and Country B produces 2841708491 bananas, Country B has the absolute advantage!

Anyways, these countries may want to trade (if they both benefit) so that they both can expand their PPC’s + better their economy + be efficient. So the two will have terms of trade. (To be honest, this is figured out by common sense… Look at the numbers and figure out what would be best for both or just one country. Anyways, don’t fret. It’s just one point.) Going on, the country with the comparative advantage in bananas will EXPORT bananas, and the other country, assuming it has a comparative advantage in apples, will IMPORT bananas and EXPORT apples. Understand this import/export stuff! It’s related to comparative advantage, not absolute. 

Bolded words = key terms. 

Quick list: Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, normative economics, positive economics, resources, land, labor, capital, efficiency, opportunity cost, production possibilities curve, Law of Increasing Costs, terms of trade, import, export.

This stuff is really important. Understand this first!!! Till next time! 


The New Kid: Tom Holland

Word Count: 1.6k

Warning(s): I mean, I don’t think there is anything to warn you of so

Request: Can you write an image(or series)of Tom Holland? Cuz before they shot anything for the movie, Tom went to a high school in New York undercover. Everyone believed he was a new student and stuff. So the idea is that the reader is a socially awkward ball of anxiety(like myself) that’s crushing on the ‘new kid’, admiring him from afar, and trying to talk to him. requested by @nerkybowtie

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

A/N: I loved writing this and there will absolutely be a part two, maybe even a part three. I read so many articles about how this whole ordeal went down and everything that happened just so I could get the detail right lol. Enjoy!

Note: While Tom was undercover at the school, he went by Ben, so his name in this part will be Ben he was also 19 when he went to the school for three days so, he’s 19 here too.

Edit: Part II

Y/N was never a very social butterfly. She really liked to stick more to herself and that made it hard for her to make friends, or to trust people. At her school, Bronx School of Science, she didn’t have any close friends, and it had always been like that, even now as she was only a few months away from graduating and moving on to begin her life independently.

It was a particularly cold February day in New York as Y/N walked to school. With every inhale, the cold air refreshed her lungs and with every exhale, the air lingered visibly in the air before disappearing. Y/N’s days were fairly routine, flowing the same way every day, until he came and changed everything.

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2016 AP Score Distributions

AP Macroeconomics:  5: 16.1%; 4: 23.4%; 3: 16.2%; 2: 17.5%; 1: 26.8%.

AP Microeconomics: 5: 15.3%; 4: 27.3%; 3: 23%; 2: 14.4%; 1: 20%. 

AP Calculus AB: 5: 24.4%; 4: 17.4%; 3: 17.6%; 2: 9.7%; 1: 30.9%.

AP Calculus BC: 5: 48.4%; 4: 15.5%; 3: 17.6%; 2: 5.9%; 1: 12.6%.

AP Environmental Science: 5: 7.4%; 4: 23%; 3: 14.8%; 2: 26%; 1: 28.8%.

AP Human Geography: 5: 11.9%; 4: 20%; 3: 19.8%; 2: 19.2%; 1: 29.1%.

AP Chemistry: 5: 9.7%; 4: 15.1%; 3: 27.5%; 2: 25.3%; 1: 22.4%. 

AP Physics 1: 5: 4.3%; 4: 13.6%; 3: 21.3%; 2: 30.7%; 1: 30.1%.

AP Physics 2: 5: 8.5%; 4: 16.7%; 3: 34.3%; 2: 32.3%; 1: 8.2%.

AP Physics C: Mechanics: 5: 30.2%; 4: 27.4%; 3: 18.5%; 2: 13.9%; 1: 10%.

AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism: 5: 32%; 4: 22.6%; 3: 13.5%; 2: 19.3%; 1: 12.6%.

AP US Government & Politics: 5: 12.4%; 4: 13.5%; 3: 25%; 2: 24%; 1: 25.1%.

AP Comparative Government & Politics: 5: 20.6%; 4: 21.2%; 3: 20.4%; 2: 21.5%; 1: 16.3%.

AP World History: 5: 6.5%; 4: 15.5%; 3: 29.2%; 2: 28.9%; 1: 19.9%.

AP Studio Art Drawing portfolio: 5: 16.8%; 4: 27.2%: 3: 38.9%; 2: 14.7%; 1: 2.4%.

AP Studio Art 2D Design portfolio: 5: 14.3%; 4: 33%; 3: 35.1%; 2: 15.4%; 1: 2.2%.

AP Studio Art 3D Design portfolio: 5: 13.2%; 4: 25.8%; 3: 35.7%; 2: 22.3%; 1: 3%.

AP Chinese Language & Culture: 5: 62.1%; 4: 16.6%; 3: 14.7%; 2: 2.7%; 1: 3.9%.

AP Japanese Language and Culture: 5: 52.9%; 4: 7.1%; 3: 19.8%; 2: 6.2%; 1: 14%.

AP English Literature: 5: 7.4%; 4: 17.7%; 3: 29.5%; 2: 33.4%; 1: 12%.

AP Psychology: 5: 19%; 4: 26.1%; 3: 19.1%; 2: 14.2%; 1: 21.6%.

AP Statistics: 5: 13.9%; 4: 21.7%; 3: 24.7%; 2: 15.7%; 1: 24%.

AP US History: 5: 11.7%; 4: 17.9%; 3: 22.5%; 2: 23.4%; 1: 24.5%.

AP Seminar: 5: 6.6%; 4: 12.8%; 3: 53.7%; 2: 21.6%; 1: 5.3%.

AP Research:  5: 11.7%:  4: 16.3%;  3: 39.7%;  2: 30.7%.  1: 1.6%.

AP French Language and Culture: 5: 17.3%; 4: 26.5%; 3: 32.6%; 2: 18.7%; 1: 4.9%.

AP German Language and Culture:  5: 20.7%;  4: 22.3%;  3: 27.1%;  2: 20.9%;  1: 9%.

AP Italian Language and Culture:  5: 21.8%;  4: 18.9%;  3: 31%;  2: 20.2%;  1: 8.1%.

AP Spanish Language and Culture:  5: 28%;  4: 34.8%;  3: 26.9%;  2: 9.1%;  1: 1.2%.

AP English Language & Composition:  5: 10.6%;  4: 17.5%;  3: 27.2%;  2: 32.1%;  1: 12.6%.

AP Biology:  5: 6.3%;  4: 20.6%;  3: 33.6%;  2: 29.2%;  1: 10.3%

AP Latin:  5: 12.8%;  4: 20.7%;  3: 32.2%;  2: 23.1%;  1: 11.2%.

AP Spanish Literature:  5: 8.7%;  4: 24.3%;  3: 36.7%;  2: 22.6%;  1: 7.7%.

AP European History:  5: 7.9%;  4: 16.2%;  3: 29.5%;  2: 34.2%;  1: 12.2%.

AP Art History:  5: 11.1%;  4: 22.6%;  3: 27.7%;  2: 27.6%;  1: 11.0%.

AP Music Theory:  5: 18.1%;  4: 17.2%;  3: 24.2%;  2: 26%;  1: 14.5%.

AP Computer Science A:  5: 20.7%;  4: 20.4%;  3: 23.2%;  2: 12.5%;  1: 23.2%.

(All from @AP_Trevor on Twitter!

The New Kid II: Tom Holland

Word Count: 2k

Warning(s): I mean, no. I don’t think…

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

A/N: I really really liked how this turned out. I think it’s really cute

Part I:

The next day, Y/N woke up feeling very elated. She threw the throw off of her body with excitement and got ready for school. She collected her book bag from her desk and sprinted down the stairs for breakfast.

For the first time since Y/N had started high school, Y/N’s mom saw the joyful spirit in Y/N that had been hidden since her first day of Junior High, and it made her very happy.

“Morning, mom.” Y/N greeted as she placed a quick kiss on her mother’s cheek.

“My, you seem quite… chirpy today. Something happen yesterday at school, or going to happen? Is it a boy?” Y/N’s mother asked as she poured Y/N a glass of orange juice to drink with her eggs.

Y/N’s cheeks flushed as it was indeed, a boy. “Mother, I am eighteen years old. Do you think maybe it’s time to, you know, let go of my life?” Y/N joked with a grin.

“So it is a boy. What’s his name?” Y/N’s mother asked with a wide grin as she sat on the stool next to her daughter’s.

With a heavy sigh and an eye roll, Y/N gave in. “His name, is Ben. He started at the school just yesterday. He was originally supposed to shadow Arun but he was out sick and so Mr. Donald kinda forced me into it. I was upset about it at first because I had to be social and actually interact with this guy, and I sort of expected him to be just like all the jackasses that role in the crowd, but he turned out to be okay. He’s sweet, and really easy to talk to. He’s coming over today so I can tutor him in AP Microeconomics and basically help him catch up. I just find it kinda weird that he just showed up out of nowhere and just… joined the school. I hope to find out how soon.” Y/N rambled with a dreamy look.

“Well, it seems this boy has you all in your heart. I’m just glad to see you so happy. It’s been a while since you smiled this big.” Y/N’s mom said tenderly. “Now, finish your breakfast and hurry on to school.” She said as she stood up.

Y/N took her usual seat and tried desperately not to look eager as she glanced at the door. She squirmed in her seat and fiddled with the wires of her headphones. She was no longer paying any attention to the tunes playing as she waited for him. And then he walked in, seconds before the bell. She pulled her earbuds out and put them away with her phone.

“Cutting it thin by day two, are we?” Mr. Donald commented without looking up from his paper.

“My family isn’t well known for punctuality.” Ben chided before he walked to his seat at the desk next to Y/N’s. The class giggled and Y/N let out a breathy laugh as the teacher glared at him.

“Now that the bell has rung, we can start. Yesterday, we…” Y/N tuned out the voice of Mr. Donald as soon as he started talking.

“Hey.” Ben whispered to Y/N.

“Hi.” She whispered back as she gave him a small smile before she turned back towards her books. She expected him to turn around as well, but he didn’t. In fact, he just stared. He took in her beauty. Her Y/H/C hair, her smooth skin. She could feel his eyes practically burning a hole into the side of her head. She got skirmish in her seat and suddenly felt overheated. Her hand shot up and Mr. Donald answered.

“May I be excused, please?” She asked in a rushed voice. Mr. Donald nodded his head and with his permission, Y/N bolted out of the classroom and into the girls restroom. She stood in the mirror and stared at the person staring back at her. Her heart was beating unusually fast. What the hell was he doing to her?

Y/N had only known him for a few hours over twenty-four hours and her heart was already jumping in her chest just at the thought of him. This was so unusual to her. Her normally calm and quiet demeanor vaporized the minute he walked in. She took in a deep breath and released it before she walked out of the restroom and back to the classroom. She didn’t like the feeling of everyone staring at her as she walked back into the classroom, so she kept her head down as she walked to her seat.

As soon as Y/N was in her seat, Ben was already leaning over to whisper something to her.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“Y-yeah. Yeah I’m okay.” Y/N nodded her head.

“Okay, m’just checking. You rushed out of here pretty quick.” He offered Y/N a small smile.

“Was just running away from my responsibilities.” Y/N joked and Ben let out a snort. His hand came up to cover his mouth as he laughed, which caused Y/N to laugh as well. Mr. Donald turned away from the board to glare at the pair.

“If it’s something so humorous that you find it appropriate to laugh while I teach, then you won’t mind sharing it with the class.” The two shook their heads no and Mr. Donald got looked angrier than before.

“Then the two of you won’t mind sticking around for detention.” Y/N’s eyes met Ben’s as their laughter subsided. Ben waited until Mr. Donald had turned around again before he leaned in towards Y/N.

“Can I run from responsibilities with you.” Y/N’s hand flew to her mouth to cover her laughter.

By lunch, Ben had made Y/N laugh so hard, her stomach hurt. Feeling happier than usual, Y/N sat at her usual table alone with her tray of food. Ben had walked off and Y/N expected he had gone to sit with the group of people he had been with the previous day. So imagine the shock on Y/N’s face when Ben took the seat across from her at the table.

“Oh, I thought you were going to sit with them again.”

“Nah. You’re more fun.”

“Oh yeah, I’m absolutely thrilling. Don’t you see the long line of people just dying to hang out with me because I happen to be the epitome of fun?” Y/N joked.

“I’m just glad I got to cut the line.” Ben commented as he reached for a fry.

“Hey! Hands off my damn food.” Y/N said as she set her book down and squinted her eyes at him. Conversation flowed simply like that between them. Ben noticed Y/N opening up to him. She smiled more than she did the previous day, and she was a little more talkative too.

“Do you watch Marvel movies?” Ben asked casually.

“Like you wouldn’t believe. I keep hearing that the new Spider-Man movie was announced, but I don’t really keep up with social media or any of that, so I don’t know who it is. I mean I have social media accounts, but I don’t really go on them. Do you know the new Spider-Man is?” Y/N asked.

“Nope. M’not big on social media either.” Ben commented.

Oh, the irony.

And they continued on, asking each other questions to get to know one another better. Everything was smooth until Y/N asked a question that had been bothering her since the day before.

“Okay so I was wondering, how did you get into the school without taking the test? I know you’ve probably been asked already, but I’m curious.” Ben sighed.

“It’s… a little complicated.”

“Try me.” Y/N said simply. Ben looked at her wearily.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Okay, I’ll cut you a deal. I’ll tell you everything you want to know, later today at your place, only if you give me the rest of the fries.

“That complicated, huh? Well, my curiosity costs me once again.” Y/N sighed in an exaggerated manner as she pushed the fries towards him.

“Aw, sweet. I was gonna tell you anyway, but I guess the fries are a bonus.” Ben winked.

“You little…” Y/N’s jaw dropped.

Y/N held the image up to Ben. “Look, it’s you.” Y/N chuckled. Ben shook his head with a small smile before he put his head back in his arms. When detention finally ended, they walked out of the school and over to Y/N’s home full of chatter. 

“Hey mom, I’m home.” Y/N called as she removed her jacket.

“Woah.” Was all he said.

“A little over the top, I know.” Y/N answered as she walked towards the kitchen, Ben following closely behind.

“Mom, this is Ben. The shadowing student I told you about. 

“It’s nice to meet you, Ben.”

“Nice to meet you too, Mrs. Y/L/N.”

“You look oddly familiar, have we ever met before, Ben?” Y/N’s mom asked.

“No, I don’t think so…” Ben answered nervously.

“Okay well, we’ll be up in my room studying.” Y/N cut in.

“Leave the door open.” Y/N’s mom called after them. Y/N rolled her eyes.

Y/N set her book bag by her desk only to realize she’d need another chair. “Hold on, I’ll be back.” Y/N walked to her mother’s room and grabbed the rolling chair. She dragged it into her room and set it by her desk.

“Okay.” Y/N sighed as she took a seat on one of the chairs and hoisted her legs up on the desk. “So, before I start catching you up on the lovely subject of AP Microeconomics, you have to answer my question from earlier today.

“Shoot.” He answered as he took a seat in the rolly chair she’d brought for him.

“How’d you get into the school?”

“Oh, that’s a really really long story, but you have to promise me you won’t scream, or freak out or anything like that.”

“Uh, sure. Okay.”

He looked weary at first, but then gave in, and spilled all. “…so, that’s about it.”

“I have so so many questions for you. So… you’re really Tom Holland?” Y/N asked in shock. She felt stupid for having not put the pieces together. There was a reason why he looked so familiar. Tom laughed before nodding his head.

“Yep, that’s me.” He dropped the American accent, and out came his British one. Y/N damn near melted in her seat. There was no way he couldn’t get anymore attractive.

“And Marvel Studios, sent you to my school, so you could prepare yourself for the role of Peter Parker?” Y/N whisper shouted.

“Yeah. You’re not gonna… you know, freak out are you?” Tom asked.

“I mean, I feel like I’m going to explode. Is that why you asked me today at lunch if I knew who the new Spidey was?”

“Guilty as charged.”

“Okay okay, one last question. So how old are you really…”


“I’m freaking the hell out right now. I’m really sorry, I must be really annoying to you. Asking all these questions and stuff.”

“No, I actually find it kinda cute.” Tom answered. Y/N blushed a deep red.

“Tomorrow’s my last day, though.”

“At the school?” Y/N asked.

“Yeah.” Tom said in a disappointed voice.

“Oh.” Y/N said with equal disappointment. She was just beginning to get comfortable with him too.

“Okay, all right. I don’t want to leave here all sad.” Tom said as he stood up. “I have no idea what New York is like. Mind showing me around?”

“Anything to avoid that book.” Y/N pointed at the textbook as she stood up. They ran down the stairs.

“Hey, we’re all done studying. He’s new to town, so I’m gonna show him around. Goodbye, mother.” Y/N rushed out as she quickly pulled Tom behind her and out of the house.

“Won’t she get upset?”

“Yeah, but she trusts me.”

A/N: One final part and then it’s over :’( Also, I sincerely apologize for how long this took to write. I was fresh out of ideas and then one just miraculously came and that turned into multiple and then I was finally able to write the whole part plus figure out how to end the last part.

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there’s this concept in microecon called diseconomies of scale which basically says that a firm gets advantages by getting bigger but there’s a point at which it gets so big that it loses productivity, because of things like distant management and communication problems and worker alienation

and i realized this is really similar to how empires in world history get too big at a certain point and start to dissolve because of the difficulties of ruling such a large amount of territory and diverse peoples

anyway that’s a neat interdisciplinary thing to think about