ap literature exam

AP Literature Horoscopes

Aries: “his looks are my soul’s food”

Taurus: Lucetta, a likely lesbian

Gemini: an insignificant small bird trying to be significant

Cancer: a victim of Godfrey Gauntlet’s A1 chastisement

Leo: Mr. Pickle’s sword

Virgo: a beautiful woman unfortunately given the name Hetty

Libra: believes pugs are monkeys

Scorpio: will not share their air w anyone bc ppl lie when they say that music is universal 

Sagittarius: a nasty ass cord of maple decaying in the swamp woods that nonetheless is pretty thicc, considering it is a massive 4x4x8

Capricorn: an option for the third FRQ

Aquarius: desperately wishes that Babamukuru will take them away to transform their social standing

Pisces: is harassed by an insignificant small bird that thinks they want its feathers

For All of Us AP Students Out There

* You realize that the AP exams have begun this week.

* Every AP student in this world, realizes this too.

* You begin to freak out.

* Is this the end?

* Maybe getting 1’s and 2’s will happen after all….

* But, with enough hope and diligence, there is a way to reach that dream of 3 and up….

* You can hear every student’s hearts beat as one with yours.


* You are all filled with…

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