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'Catastrophic' decline in Eastern lowland gorilla blamed on mining for minerals used in mobile phones
The Eastern lowland gorilla, the world's greatest ape, has suffered a "catastrophic decline" in the restive Democratic Republic of Congo, blamed on mining for minerals used in mobile phones.

Scientists said the numbers in the wild have dwindled three quarters in 20 years, to just 3,800 from 17,000 before civil war first broke out in 1996, and fear that without rapid intervention, the majestic creatures could disappear altogether in the next five years.

Andrew Plumptre, of the Wildlife Conservation Society and the lead researcher on the gorilla count, said while they knew numbers had declined, the results came as a shock…


I thought I’d just share with you my AP Environment Science Grassland Biome Pamphlet. I thought I did a pretty awesome job with the organization and presentation. Much to my surprise, I found out I actually received an A in it so that’s pretty bomb. Let’s also applaud (or not if you dont want to) my project buddy and good friend Joey (@cuntology) for retrieving the biome info.  You may critique and despise it or love and admire it, that’s cool man whatevers I just wanted to share it with all of you… and also because it’s my blog and I post whatever I want lol